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Posted 2/28/08

Special: Palutena's Bow
Almost like Link's Hero bow, but a little better, after you charge it and release it, your able to control the bow to go upwards or not
Side Special: Angel Ring
Pit uses his bow and spins it, causing descent damage. Your able to move while holding side special
Up Special: Wings of Icarus
Uses his wings to go straight up, he cannot move left or right while going up, but after his energy runs out and you stop using it, you will start falling unless you know how to use it properly, then you can glide down
Down Special: Mirror Shield
He pulls out his mirror shild and it reflects any projectiles, but using this will leave Pit vanerable to attacks from behind and above
Final Smash: Palutena's Army
Pit calls on the goddess Palutena, while she stands in the background, her army chrages at all the enemys on the stage
Posted 2/28/08
Ice Climbers

Special: Ice Shot
They pull out theier hammers and hit a small chunk of ice in the direction they are facing.
Side Special: Squall Hammer
They spin and move back and forth while swinging thier hammers.
Up Special: Belay
They use each other to send themselves flying upward, if one of the Ice Climbers is gone they cannot perform this move
Down Special: Blizzard
They each turn a direction a blow icey coldness, they keep vlowing if you hold down special
Final Smash: Iceberg
A giant iceberg comes right in the middle of the stage, causing massive damage, and freezing (Pikimin and Olimar be warned, the ice will kill your Pikimin!)
Posted 2/28/08
Robot Operating Buddy (R.O.B.)

Special: Robo Beam
A simple laser is shot from his eyes, it has the ability to bounce off walls, also if you try using another one right after, the damage and disntance will be smaller
Side Special: Arm Rotor
He spins his arms like a helicopter, slightly lifting himself off the ground,your able to move back and forth while his amrs are spinning
Up Special: Robo Burner
The strongest of all the Up Special moves, it does not do damage, but it has the strength to take you from the bottom of the area where you are about to die and take you up back to the stage!
Down Special: Gyro
Like Link's bombs its a little stick of Dynamite that is thrown by charging it, if you do not hit somone, you can pick the same one up and try again, any character can pick it up
Final Smash: Diffusion Beam
Has R.O.B. flashing laser beams coming out of his eyes, while your able to attack and move around while the big beams are happening, the best technique for this is to push your foe to the end of the stage
Posted 2/28/08

Special: Inhale
Same as in Melee, he sucks up the closest enemy and copies his special move
Side Special: Hammer
He swings his might hammer in the direction he is facing
Up Special: Final Cutter
Kirby pulls out his sword, jumps into the air coming down with a poweerful slicing attack, but this time there is a bigger blue aftershock when he comes down
Down Special: Stone
Kirby turns into a stone, making invulnerable to all attack except for grabbing, he can turn into 1 of 5 stones
1. Normal bumpy pink rock
2. 100 ton dungbell
3. Spikeball
4. Twomp
5. Pink block
Final Smash: Cook Kirby
Tranforms into Cook Kirby where he sucks in all enemys, throws them into his pot, stirs them around a bit, then the enemys come out with massive damage and sent flying, also food comes out of the pot as well
Posted 2/28/08
Meta Knight

Special: Mach Tornado
Meta Knight starts spinning creating a tornado, while your able to move freely back and forth, you can suck up enemys into it causing descent damage
Side Special: Drill Rush
Lunges forward in a drill like manner until he makes contact with a enemy, then does a couple slashes, knocking them back
Up Special: Shuttle Loop
Jumps into the air and does a loop in the air, with his sowrd out doing damage to anyone around
Down Special: Dimensional Cape
Pulls his cape over himself, making his escape from projectiles, then for the short time you are invisble you can sneak up next to somone, because when you get your cape off you of he does a quick slash
Final Smash: Galaxia Darkness
He swings out his cape, and if he makes contact, the whole stage goes black, the enemy who was hit gets massive damage and knocked back, all the others get minor damage
Posted 2/28/08
King Dedede

Special: Inhale
Kind of like Kirby's inhale but you dont gain abilitys, you hold them for a bit until you spit them out, causing damage to the foe and to another one if you spit the enermy out to another one
Side Special: Waddle Dee Toss
He throws either a Waddle Dee a Waddle Doo or a Gordo by random each with its own effect
Waddle Dee: Descent damage then walks around on the stage for a little bit, other characters can throw them if they pick him up
Waddle Doo: When thrown does an electric attack that does more damage then a Waddle Dee, can be picked up again like Dee
Gordo: After being thrown onto the ground, it will start to float around the stage doing damage except to Dedede, this one does massive damage
Up Special: Super Dedede Jump
Jumps straight into the air, and comes crashing down with his hammer, may be cancelled if you press a button while he is jumping
Down Special: Jet Hammer
You can charge his hammer, and when you relase it comes with a swing with a jet engine on the back of it, does descent to massive damage depending on how long you charge it
Final Smash: Waddle Dee Army
He whisltes calling a stampede of mostly Waddle Dee's onto the stage with a Waddle Doo and a Gordo popping up every so often
Posted 2/28/08
Pikmin and Olimar

Special: Pikmin Pluck
Olimar plucks a Pikmin out of the ground and puts him in the back of the Pikmin line, each color Pikmin has its own power
Red: High Attack, Immune to Fire type of attacks, Attacks can utilise fire
Blue: Best used by throwing, Stronger then other Pikmin
Yellow: Large Attack Range, Is Thrown in Arches, Attacks can utilize electricity
Purple: Cannot be thrown far, Slow, Very Poweful, Slams into enemys
White: Fast, Causes poison when comes into contact with foe
Side Special: Pikmin Throw
Olimar thows the first Pikmin in line, if the Pikmin does not make contact with a foe, it wonders on the stage until somone picks it up and uses it, or Olimar uses his down special
Up Special: Pikmin Chain
The Pikmin make a chain diagnolly into the air, grabbing anything in the way, like opponents or the edge of a stage to live
Down Special: Pikmin Order
Calls all Pikmin nearby to come back, also scrambles up the order so you can save one for later
Final Smash: End of Day
Olimar and the Pikmin climb into his ship and fly off for the moment while monsters attack the rest of the characters, then they come back and thier ship blows up, knocking back anyone next to it. (Helpful Hint: The for foes there are brawling the more damage each monster does)
Posted 2/28/08
Fox McCloud

Special: Blaster
A rapid shooting blaster that does not affect the enemy at all but does descent damage
Side Special: Fox Illusion
Does minimal damage, sneds Fox straight forward to the left or right creating illusions
Up Special: Fire Fox
First after being charged, Fox flies in the direction of the control stick, does descent damage
Down Special: Reflector
The reflector sends back any projectile that hits it, doing 50% + the original damage it was going to do
Final Smash: Landmaster
Fox brings in the landmaster, its most powerful weapon is its blaster, it has the ability to roll, it also has the ability to hover but for a very short time
Posted 2/28/08
Falco Lombardi

Special: Blaster
Its slower than Fox's blaster but it does a lot more damage and it has the knock back ability
Side Special: Falco Phantasm
Just like Fox's Fox Illusion, it creates copies of himself while going forward at a fast rate, it goes a shorter distance than Fox
Up Special: Fire Bird
Exactly like Fox's
Down Special: Reflector
has the same effect of Fox's reflector but Falco has the ability to move his reflector off of himself and move it around to do small electrical damage to a foe, but Falco stands there while he is doing this so it leaves him wide open
Final Smash: Landmaster
Like Fox's landmaster it has its guna and spinning ability, but Falco's has a greater hovering ability, you can fly up and KO anyone without killing yourself as long as you dont go any higher after the enemy gets KO
Posted 2/28/08
Wolf O' Donnell

Special: Blaster
Wolf's blaster is a lot slower then Fox's and Falco's but it does a lot more damage then both
Side Special: Wolf Illusion
Same as Fox's and Falco's but instead of going in a straight direction, he goes striaght up in an angle
Up Special: Booster
This one does not have fire on it and its instant unlike Fox and Falco's where it has to charge, Wolf does a kick diagnolly into the air
Down Special: Reflector
Wolf's reflector is not moveable like Falco's and it does not do more damage like Fox's, but Wolf's reflector sends the projectile at a rate of 200% (Yes 200%!) faster then when it came to him
Final Smash: Wolfen Landmaster
Like Fox's landmaster moslty uses it's blaster, and Falco's moslty does its hovering, Wolf's landmaster specialty is the rolling, it does more damage then the other 2's, but its very slow and has a bad hovering like Fox's
Posted 2/28/08
Captain Falcon

Special: Falcon Punch
Slow powerful fiery punch, Captain Falcon's trademark move
Side Special: Raptor Boost
Lunges forward with a fiery uppercut
Up Special: Falcon Dive
A somersault in the air, and if he makes contact with a foe he explodes the opponent backward
Down Special: Falcon Kick
A fiery kick forward that does descent damage
Final Smash: Blue Falcon
Almost a guarteed KO, he drops all enemys on the F-Zero racetrack, jumps into his racer and smashes all of them
Posted 2/28/08

Special: Thunder Jolt
A small beam of electricity that travels on the field until it disappears or hits someone
Side Special: Skull Bash
Like Luigi's green missile move, you charge and after charging, he lunges forward with some electricity on him
Up Special: Quick Attack
Pikachu's up move sends him up to into the air doing minor damage if he makes contact, mostly used for to escape and get back on the stage
Down Special: Thunder
A massive thunder bolt comes down and slams into Pikachu hurting anyone next to him, also can hut anyone in mid-air
Final Smash: Volt Tackle
Transforms into a big electric ball that can fly all over the field, even through walls and the floor
Posted 2/28/08
Pokemon Trainer

Pokemon Trainer:
Down Special: Pokemon Change (Order) Squairtle --> Ivysaur --> Charizard, then back to Squirtle

Special: Water Gun
Shoots a nice stream of water
Side Special: Withdraw
Gets into his shell and spins while water comes out both ends, you can move back and forth while spinning
Up Special: Waterfall
Creates a ginat wall of water, while going up

Special: Bullet Seed
Shoots multiple rounds of seeds up into the air
Side Special: Razor Leaf
Sends rounds of sharp leafs directly forward
Up Special: Vine Whip
Sends his vines up into the air grabbing enemys and the edge of the stage

Special: Flamethrower
Like Bowser, he breathes fire
Side Special: Rock Smash
Picks up a rock and chucks it forward
Up Special: Fly
Flys up into the air and is able to slam down in a diagnol line to an opponent

Final Smash: Triple Finish
All pokemon come out and use thier most powerful moves in a stream of power
Squirtle: Hydro Pump
Ivysaur: Solar Beam
Charizard: Fire Blast
Posted 2/28/08

Special: Aura Sphere
Like his Melee counterpart, Mewtwo, he charges his Aura Sphere and releases it forward
Side Special: Force Palm
Lucario kneels and does a small pulse of blue energy in front of him
Up Special: Extremespeed
Like Pikachu's quick attack, he goes stright up at a great speed, doing some damage
Down Special: Double Team
Use it right when Lucario is about to be hit, he disappears and then re-appears behind the opponent and does a quick strike
Final Smash: Aura Strom
Jumps behind the stage and launches a big beam of Aura power, it only lasts for a short time
Posted 2/28/08

Special: Rollout
You press the special button, she starts spinning, once you press the button again she starts rolling off, in any direction
Side Special: Pound
Does a quick pounding jab forward, does moderate damage
Up Special: Sing
All enemys who come around her while she is singing, puts them to sleep
Down Special: Rest
She becomes an easy target if not used correctly, but can become powerful if used correctly. She does a single flash while going to sleep and can cause a KO, but added from Melee, now if they survive they will have a flower on thier head
Final Smash: Puff Up
Jigglypuff begins growing and covers almost the entire stage, once she grows to her limit she yells and begns shrinking back down, any oppnents trppaed by her while she was growing gets knocked back greatly when she yells
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