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Posted 2/28/08

Special: Shield Breaker
Marth charges up his sword and once fully charged or you let go of the button, does a mighty slash move
Side Special: Dancing Blade
A 4 hit combo that can go up to a 18 hit combo, all the attacks are different depending on the direction of the control stick
Up Special: Dolphin Slash
Jumps into the air quciky with a quick slash with his sword
Down Special: Counter
Like Lucario's Double Team, use it right before he gets hit, and if used correctly, he will do a counter attack that does the amount of damage you recieved + 110% more! (I'm serious another 110% more damage)
Final Smash: Critical Hit
A 95% chance of an instant KO, he does one quick swipe of his sword that sends the enemy flying
Posted 2/28/08

Special: Eruption
A charge sword attack, after he is done charging, he stabs the ground making a wall of fire appear around him, how bug ut us and how much damage it does depends on the charge. It does do Ike some damage to himself
Side Special: Quick Draw
Ike charges and after charging he leaps forward and slashes anyone he comes into contact with
Up Special: Aether
Like Kirby's Final Cutter, he throws his sword up and cathes then slams down on the ground with little shockwaves
Down Special: Counter
Like Lucario's Double Team and Marth's Counter, do it right before he is attacked and he will do a counter attack. (It does not do extra damage like Marth)
Final Smash: Great Aether
He slashes one foe up into the air, does a lot of combos on the enemy, then does a big explosion slam as the finale
Posted 2/28/08

Special: PK Flash
You charge and change the direction of the flash, once you let go of the charge it releases the stored energy in a bg flash
Side Special: PK Fire
Shoots a little missile of fire, once it hits an opponent it comes out to be a little pillar of fire
Up Special: PK Thunder
You control a electric projectile that will go in any direction you choose. You can zap yourself to get back onto the stage
Down Special: PSI Magnet
Like a refelctor, this does not reflect projectiles, instead it absorbs it and it heals Ness
Final Smash: PK Starstorm
A storm of fast moving comets come crashing down, its pretty hard to dodge
Posted 2/29/08

Special: PK Freeze
Like Ness' PK Flash, you charge this up and move it and when you release the button, any enemy close to the explosion will freeze
Side Special: PK Fire
Same as Ness' but this one has a little more explosion in it
Up Special: PK Thunder
Same as Ness' but the tail of this PK Thunder also does damage, so if you miss you can still do damage
Down Special: PSI Magnet
Same as Ness'
Final Smash: PK Starstorm
Like Ness' PK Starstorm, but Lucus' is a little slower but has a lot larger comet barage coming down (Ness fast and small, Lucas big and slow)
Posted 2/29/08
Mr. Game and Watch

Special: Chef
Just like in Melee, he flips his pan and bacon comes out, but this time its not just bacon, its all kind of foods
Side Special: Judgment
Depeding on the number you get is how pwerful the attack will be and what it will do, 1-9
1. Causes minimal damage, also hurts Game and Watch back
2. Slaps opponent and does slight damage
3. Works like the fan item
4. Does descent damage
5. Does descent damage and paralyzes the for for a bit
6. Does descent damage and hits the foe with fire
7. Makes food and does descent damage
8. Freezes and does descent damage to opponent
9. Causes massive damage and almost a one hit KO
Up Special: Fire
Game and Watch gets launched up from a trampoline, by his little firefighter buddys
Down Special: Oil Panic
While holding down special, Game and Watch will absorb any projectiles (Up to 3) then will release what you have stored up and launch an oil attack, how far it goes and how much damage it does depends on how many projectiles you absorbed
Final Smash: Octupus
Game and Watch transforms into the character from his first game, the Octupus, then you can move him back and forth and jump, while you strike opponents with your powerful tentacles
Posted 2/29/08

Special: Gernade
Snake throws a simple gernade forward, it has a little time before it blows, so it is possible for the opponent to pick it up and throw it
Side Special: Remote Missile
Snake launches a missile from a rocket launcher and while you hold the special button you can control if it goes forward or up or down, but this leaves Snake wide open
Up Special: Cypher
He grabs a hold of his Cypher Camera and flies upward, you can control to go up, down, left and right
Down Special: C4
Snake plants a C4 explosive in the ground, when you press down special again the bomb will detonate anything near it
Final Smash: Gernade Launcher
Snake jumps off the battlefield and hangs on the ladder of a copter, and shoots 2 rounds of 6 gernades, equalling 12 gernades. After all 12 rounds of gernades, he jumps back onto the battleground
Posted 2/29/08

Special: Homing Attack
He curls up into his ball form and bounces to the closest, hitting them, doing descent damage
Side Special: Spin Dash
Sonic spins into his ball and charges, then bounces forward striking an opponent, if you dont hit anyone you stay in your ball form and you can bounce again
Up Special: Spring Jump
A spring appears under Sonic and bounces him upward, if you do this on the ground the spring stays there for a short time, and other characters can use it. (You can use this while falling down, the spring will just fall down after you bounce)
Down Special: Spin Charge
Like his side special he curls up, then in this one you can keep charing this one, then move forward and backward, like Yoshi's Egg Roll, you cannot bounce up with this move
Final Smash: Super Sonic
You collect all 7 chaos emeralds in one move them go Super Sonic where you float among the stage and stike anyone you please, but be careful because after it happens, you will be paralyzer so you cant move until you touch land
Posted 3/23/08

Moonlight15 wrote:


Special: Toad
Stops projectiles, and if hit right at the perfect moment, will release poisonous spores onto opponents
Side Special: Peach Bomber
Opponent gets knocked back by an explosion
Up Special: Peach Parasol
She flys up with her umbrella and hits anyone nearby then floats down on her umbrella
Down Special: Vegatable
She plucks out a vegatable from the ground, and depending on the face it has, depends on how much damage it will do.
Final Smash: Peach Blossom
Puts all enemys to sleep and a lot of peaches come out of nowhere, each peach you can eat can restore 5% of damage

final smash also does around 40% damage to everyone!
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Posted 3/23/08
Long live Peach!!! She kicks ass!!!
Posted 3/23/08
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Posted 3/23/08
The same goes for Lucario
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Posted 3/23/08
Lucario's Special ability is the more damage he gains is the more he dishes out

Translation: The more damage Lucario has the more damaging his attacks are
Posted 3/23/08
no pain, no gain!
Posted 4/26/08
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