University rules and regs
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Posted 2/27/08 , edited 3/6/08
This is president commander-carter here

mission statement: I would like to formally welcome you to this place of learning. I and my staff would like you to have a fun and enlightening experience here at CR University. We are looking forward to your tenyear here.

these are the rules and regs that you have to fallow wile here.

1. no slandering of the staff or other students
2. come with an open mind and not a closed fist
3. no fighting if you do you will get a limit of three warnings and after that you are expelled (fired if you are part of the staff).
4. if you have any questions ask your teacher if they do not know then come to the student services department.
5. no profanity or sexual content allowed in the school

these rules are subject to change and must be fallow by all including staff.

teachers will set there own class times please ask them when your class will start.

To make things go smother please tell what class you want to be in the forum "What Class do you want to be in".

(staff if you have any rules that you might think are good please tell me and ill think about adding them. also because of all the forum we have please click on the show all forums to see all thats there.)
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