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(11-19-2007) New Feature - Chatrooms **READ THE RULES!
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16 / M / Tokyo-3
Posted 7/31/07 , edited 4/5/10
Click on the Chat tab (in between Forum and Upload)

Warning: BETA stage

You are expected to have read this entire document before entering the chatroom.


1) Respect the ops (operators) of the room.
NOTE: The (main) operators are thefinalword, Zeronite, mochacafe, Crossy, thenicooole, Bedlam, Scripted , Junglizm, as well as the moderators listed on the staff page (
They can kick you out from a room, ban you from a room, ban you from the site, and nuke your account. Both forum AND media moderators are chat room ops.
(Note: The following, if used excessively or inappropriately, can result in a kick or a ban)
(It is up to the mod in the room to determine what can be considered kick or ban-appropriate)

2) The chat is still PG-13--meaning no inappropriate topics, discussions, images, or links.

3) The main chatrooms (crunchyroll, anime, games, music, drama, fansubs, uploaders, mods,random) are to be ENGLISH-ONLY. If you wish to speak in another language, make your own chatroom (see below).

4) Do not type in all CAPSLOCK (unless occasionally for humor).

5) Refrain from typing something completely irrelevant (being random) when others are having a conversation.

6) NO FLAMING and/or aggressively cussing/swearing.

7) Type intelligibly. Refrain from extreme 1337, text-speak, or ghetto-talk.

8) DO NOT drag out words, punctuation marks, or add excessive emoticons.

9) Multiple lines of short words (or lines) such as 'blah,' 'hey,' 'hi,' 'u there?' 'lol,' 'haha,' 'what,' 'bye,' and 'bored' are not allowed. This can be considered spamming and will encourage others to spam as well.

10) No asking for email addresses, AIM screen names, MSN contacts, buddy requests, and phone numbers for people to join your group, etc. PMs, GBs, and buddy invitations exist for those purposes.

11) Be in the correct room. To discuss drama, go to the drama room; to discuss anime, go to the anime room, etc. This is similar to the forum, there are sections for specific subjects.

12) Roleplaying is not allowed in the main channels. If you wish to roleplay, you need to create your own channel and roleplay there. Excessive roleplaying after warnings from a mod will result in a kick and, if continued, a ban.

13) Do NOT take advantage of the /me command. Use it sparingly.

14) 'Truth or Dare' or similar games are not allowed in the main chatrooms. You'll have to make your own room to play a chat game with a group of friends.

15) Idling is not allowed. Idling is defined as staying in a chatroom when you are not at your computer. Being away from your computer for a short amount of time is fine but idling to be at the top of the chat list WILL result in a kick. Moderators are allowed to idle kick when they feel it is necessary.

16) Do not repeatedly whisper people who don't want to talk to you. This includes using the "/f m " command to message a bunch of people at the same time. If someone requests that you take them off of your friends list, you have to comply.

17) Do not be a mod "suck up" or shove the chat rules down other users throats. Do not brag about how moderators may show favor to you. Do not manipulate moderators into doing your bidding. Doing any of these will result in a kick or ban from the chatroom or an account (forum/chat) ban if used excessively.

18) No creating the illusion of another user speaking.

thenicooole: Hi, I'm going to kill you all. <then a bunch of spaces to create a new line>*
slowdanse: Me first!

19) The chat cannot be discontinued.



*Gives you a list of most commands

/join <channel>
*will let you join a new channel

*logs you out of the chatroom

/login [username] [password]
*allows you to log back in after logging out

/whois <username>
/whereis <username>
*tells you what room a user is in

/w <username> [text]
/msg <username> [text]
/whisper <username> [text]
*lets you private message a user
this will appear as blue text that only you and the receiver can see.

/r [text]
*allows you to reply to the last Whisper you got.

*tells you the crunchyroll time

/f a <user>
/f add <user>
*adds someone to your chat list)

/f remove <user>
/f r <user>
*removes someone from your chat list

/f l
/f list
*shows you a list of your added friends

/f m [text]
/f msg [text]
/f message [text]
*messages everyone on your friend list

*adds a user to your ignore list

*removes a user from your ignore list

/me [text]
*Your text is written in grey.
Example: /me loves unicorns
It will appear like this: [username] loves unicorns



If you wish, you can make your own chatroom.

The main channels are crunchyroll, anime, games, music, drama, fansubs, uploaders, and mods. You can create your own channel just by typing the new channel's name using the join command.

*For example: '/join unicorns' will put me into a room named 'unicorns'.


*will ban a user from the room (will not ban from all rooms)

*will unban a user from the room (will not unban from all rooms)

*will kick a person from the room

*will kick a user out of all the rooms and log them out of the chat server

*will give you a list of all those banned from the room you're in

/shout [text]
*your message will appear in red. Use for warnings, etc.

/broadcast [text]
*this will send a global message (in red text) to every person currently logged into any chatroom here
It is only to be used for urgent announcements.



Getting Unbanned:
Chat room bans are usually not permanent, but unlike forum bans they do not automatically expire.
They must be manually lifted by the Moderator.
If banned, you should PM the moderator who banned you after 3 days to remind them to lift the ban.
(Most mods don't have the time to keep track of it.)
Unbans are usually granted after 3 days if good behavior has been shown but can take longer.

For Severe Offenses:
Ban length is determined on a case-to-case basis.

~hijacked by redgarnettk
~also edited by slowdanse/jamehze/jorlwind
~Rules and Commands: Updated by BasouKazuma
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23 / F / New Jersey
Posted 7/31/07
Edit: Thanks Shinji! =]
Oh, I also think this will greatly reduce any chat going on in the RPs, and it'll reduce some spam in the forums. =]

Yay! But, the highlighting problem still needs to be fixed. =]

But, overall, it's really fun! And easy-to-use! ^-^
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16 / M / Tokyo-3
Posted 7/31/07
the highlighting problem should be fixed. please refresh your browser or clear your browser cache if it's still a problem
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29 / F / UK
Posted 7/31/07
I found this a while ago by accident when it didn't work ^-^ - i thought i had broken cr!
It's a great feature which will make the chatting option alot more obvious! Less chat and trolling ^-^

Now, just for the pink and purple skin with the heart shaped tabs ^-^
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34 / M / PH / Laguna
Posted 7/31/07
Crunchyroll is getting better and better! arigatou gozaimasu!

Crunchyroll often surprises me!
personally, i hate surprises but this is good!

is this like an anniversary or birthday gift of Crunchyroll to all members!?
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29 / F / California
Posted 7/31/07
This is totally awesome. It looks great, too! =)
Posted 7/31/07
its awesome thank you shinji
Posted 7/31/07
looks awesome
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38 / F / Fort Meade, MD
Posted 7/31/07
*sniff* there goes my late night meebo room chats...
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32 / Ronald McDonald's...
Posted 7/31/07
I keep clicking the wrong tab now XD
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Posted 7/31/07
Its pretty good. ^_^
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31 / M / US
Posted 7/31/07
hum i tried it out...seems pretty limited, but its still beta...ok i suppose.
though ppl arleady had gabbly / meebo
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25 / M / Chicago
Posted 7/31/07
really cool! arigato
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23 / M / California
Posted 7/31/07
great idea shinji!! ur the best
Posted 7/31/07
pretty sweet. great idea ^^
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