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(This is only my third attempt at writing an anime review, so I apologize if it doesn't make much sense. It's also rather long, so, again, I apologize. ^^;)

Despite the title, Princess Tutu is one of the best anime shows I've ever seen. It starts out as your typical magical girl series, but it slowly transforms into a captivating story overflowing with creativity.

The story begins with young ballet student Ahiru (Japanese for duck), who is, in fact, a duck. A mysterious man named Drosselmeyer has given her the ability to turn into a girl, and she soon finds that she can also turn into Princess Tutu, a princess who must gather the pieces of her beloved Prince Mytho's shattered heart.

The plot runs much deeper than that, especially as the other two main characters settle into their roles: Rue (later Princess Kraehe), a girl who is somewhat possessive of Mytho and seems to have an unexplained grudge against Princess Tutu; and Fakir, a knight who swears to protect Mytho on his own, even if that means keeping him from ever having his heart restored.

The character development in this series is wonderful. No one is who you first perceive them to be. Is Ahiru really Princess Tutu, or a mere duck? Is Fakir's role really that of a knight, or is there another way to protect Mytho? The series just keeps throwing character twists at you, one after another, and I think it's a great way to keep you interested in the characters. It never gets sloppy or excessive. On another note: not only do the characters' roles in the story change, but their relationships with each other change as well. Some are more subtle than others, but again, it's a very nice way to keep the characters from becoming uninteresting. Especially keep an eye on Fakir and Ahiru, as their relationship is probably the one that changes the most.

You cannot review this series without mentioning the music. It's all classical, and it's also taken from real ballets and operas. You'll hear themes from The Nutcracker, Romeo and Juliet, and many others. All of the music was beautiful, in my opinion, and it really brings out the emotions of the characters and the moods of the scenes. No complaints here.

The animation is also satisfactory. It's certainly not the most breathtaking animation I've ever seen, but it definitely fits the series, and the ballet dancing scenes are all very well done; you can really tell that the animators took their time in making the movements and positions as accurate as possible. There were only two spots I noticed where the dancers looked like robots, but that was just me being picky. Overall, the animation is excellent.

If you require that your anime have ninjas or giant robots, you probably won't enjoy Princess Tutu. But if you're willing to stick it through to (at least) the second season, or if you're a shoujo fan, then I highly recommend it, and I think it deserves a much bigger audience than it has.
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Nice~ But the ending really not nice... The prince is not together with Princess Tutu....

But Princess Tutu with Fakir... Nice oso at this way....
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Awsome review of it, it basically lists all the beautiful points about this anime.
I just recently finished it...and its really one of the most creative anime's Ive seen in a long time.
The simple way it starts off at first is captivating, the story teller, telling short stories that actually if you think about it gives you a recap on the last episode as well as a clue to the episode you are currently watching.
I love character development very much, and although Ahiru still has that classic "naive clumsy (cute) dork" routine about her she is still very much loved in my heart. As light of hope described, it is surrounded with huge character developmental twists and plot twists, including the one at the end:

However I actually more prefer the way it did end.
Another wacky character in the story is the writer Drosselmeyer, no one can ever seem to shake him, hes always laughing, always interfereing and lovinge every minute of it. I loved when he popped into the story, but sometimes I hated it. He really was an interchangable character.
Fakir was also one of my favorites, the way he found his stereotypical "must look for a purpose" plot, was also very creative.
Usually even though Im a girl Im more lenient to Shonen animes, but this time, Princess Tutu definatly was worth watching.
My one critique on the anime was when I was watching the episodes it was sorta hard to keep track, because youd be in the same ACT but a different episode. So sometimes it was a bit confusing.
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