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You Laugh You Lose
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Posted 2/28/08

Kaiva wrote:

k this is the game, if you laugh you lose, if you dont laugh you win. if you win post another pic
these are the modes

Easy Mode: you die laughing you lose
Normal Mode: You Laugh you lose
Hard Mode: You snort you lose
Nightmare Mode: You smile you lose
Madness Mode: You think about laughter you lose
Impossible Mode: You see why someone might think that this pic is funny in some way, you lose
007 Mode: You are found looking at this thread by someone, you lose
WTF Mode: You just lose

you guys get to pic what mode you play

I dont see how this would work. You dont know if they laugh ot not, people are just going to find a funny picture to post and say they laughed at the previous one


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