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Posted 2/28/08
until I reach that light,
I will always hoping
to come closer to that light

until when?
I dont even know that....
The images of a broken hope
keep coming to my head

"what should I do...?"
I always shiver
whenever I think of that
for the answer
that will lead me closer to the light....
or perhaps... further...

but I have someone
who I have faith in him
that he will always be with me

to keep me warm and calm
in his hand...
also giving me the faith
that I have always hoped for

To find the answers together...
to the light together....
I believe that he will always be with me,
all the way...

I'm really glad that I met you
that will always be
the best memory for me

Thanks for being my friend
from that day, until now, and then....
Posted 2/29/08
awesome poem! X3, it's always great to have someone to depend on
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Posted 3/1/08
cool!! XD XD
kalchan rocks!! ^^
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