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Death in Hong Kong
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Posted 5/5/10 , edited 5/6/10
Well, if I wanted to know who is recently deceased, I would look in a bloody oblituarary, not consult some random fourmer.
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Posted 7/14/10 , edited 7/14/10
... Wait... what?

Why are we talking about teenager suicides now o.o?

But in all, why are we even talking about Edison's Sex Scandal like... eons after it happened?

These things happen all the time x.x
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Posted 6/22/11 , edited 6/22/11
Hmmm, you're sure those rumours not hoax?
Some people have exxagerated the news. That's why we need to be selective in every spread-rumours.

[Just Advice] #ignore it
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Posted 7/1/12 , edited 7/1/12
death is apart of life
Posted 7/4/12 , edited 7/5/12

It's natural that peOple Die. Almost in other country peOple are dying like in Africa and India over a minor sickness like fLue which now is curable. News, do not get intO pubLic for now peOpLe do not want anymOre to pay attentiOn to the ObvioUs however when a news like Jackie's Chan reLatives died coincidentally inConsecutive now that's like BIG RUMOR SPREADING and alot of peOple are curiOus why and it escaLates

Death as a news, really is SAD. So i am sad for JAckie and Fei Fei she's gonna be miss by the HK showbiz industries
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