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Posted 2/28/08 , edited 2/28/08
This is just for fun..
Pick an Eyeshield 21 Team

Deimon Devil Bat - I killed
Oujo White Knights - I licked
Seibu Wild Gunmans - I kissed
Sado Strong Golems - I ate out with
Shinryuji Nagas - I went to a party with
Misaki Wolves - I played hide and seek with
Taiyo Sphinx - I sniff
Hakushuu Dinosaur - I slept with
Kyoshin Poseidon - I showed my butt to
Bando Spiders- I went to a bath with
Teikoku Gakuen - I ran around in the field naked with

First letter of your name (your real name not your username)

A - Hiruma Youichi
B - Sena Kobayakawa
C - Mamori Anezaki
D - Haruto Sakuraba
E - Ryokan Kurita
F - Seijuro Shin
G - the jerk who made this forum
H - an iguana
I - a goat
J - a goat
K - a hot guy/girl
L - your grandma
M - a jar of pickles
N - a brownie
O - your girlfriend/boyfriend
P - a bottle of beer
Q - a monster
R - my gay imaginary friend
S - Britney Spears
T - a priest
U - a pair of slippers
V - my pants
W - my used underwear
X - Cerberus
Y - a football
Z - Shinji

Pick the month you were born

January - because im pathetic
Febuary - because i love american football
March - because im using illegal drugs
April - because my mom told me so
May - because im in love with Makoto Otowara
June - because i love to suffer
July - because i have no brain
August - because i love crunchyroll
September - because i was abducted by an alien
October - because my brain turns into a football
November - because your girlfriend/boyfriend looks like an alien monkey
December - because i'm the real eyeshield 21

Pick a team position

Runningback - therefore i went to jail
Quarterback - and i want to kill myself
Lineback - and i'm going to kick you a**
Lineman - and I will quit school
Wide Receiver - and i'm not human
Tight End - and i'm complete idiot
Cheerleader - and i can beat Shin Seijuro
Manager - and im more evil than hiruma yoichi
Coach - therfore i will rot in hell

Then you will form a sentence out of it.. like so:

I killed a goat because im in love with Makoto Otowara therefore i went to jail.. it doesnt make any sense but its fun..
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23 / Near Shibuya...
Posted 2/28/08
I kissed... a hot guy/girl... because i love american football... and i'm going to kick you a**
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