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Posted 2/28/08 , edited 2/28/08
*makes you smile today ?
*makes you laugh today ?
*makes you happy today ?
*makes you want to do something good today ?
*makes you feel loved today ?
*makes you feel special today ?
*makes you feel silly today ?
*makes you wanna scream today ?
*makes you feel stupid today ?
*makes you feel like you are number ONE ?
*makes you feel sad ?
*makes you feel mad ?
*makes you feel crazy ?
*makes you feel sour ?
*makes you bored ?
*makes you tired ?
*makes you have butterflies in your stomach ?
*takes your breath away ?
*stole your heart ?
*makes you feel cool ?
*is/looks the coolest?
*is/looks the dorkiest?
*is/looks the "bad boy" Image ?
*is/looks the smartest
*is/looks the silliest?
*is/looks like a kid?
*is/looks the cutest?
*is/looks the strongest?
*is/looks the best singer?
*is/looks the tallest?
*has the best body (LOL Image )
*is/looks the oldest?
*is/looks the best?

DO YOU LOVE MOST? (Post pic if you can)
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