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22 / F / what ever you DO...
Posted 5/29/08
I believe in happiness
I believe in fairytale s
I believe in love
but the one thing I don't believe is you

haha dont write much poems so not really good
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21 / F / Philippines
Posted 5/29/08
Yesterdays history
Tomorrows a Mystery
Todays a gift that why its called the PRESENT!
Posted 6/3/08 no good but i'll give it a try......^^


Smiles and laughter
Fills the air
As cheers went round
Friends together

We were friends
Since we were so young
We knew each other
Our right and our wrongs

We tell each other
Our secrets and our crushes
We sometimes fight
But it always ends right

No matter what one of us does
Even if you end up hurting one of us
We’ll always be there
Together till the end

We stick for one another
We root for each other
We’ll be together forever
Until death keeps us apart

We’ll ease each other
When life goes wrong
We’ll stay together
When life seems so unfair

We accept each other
We’ll always stand together
Never ending laughter
Friends forever

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23 / Canada
Posted 6/4/08

tearsanddreams wrote:

a tear can represent many things
a tear can be of
happiness, joy, sorrow,
sadness, kindness,
anger, hate, a loss,
despare, light, love, death,
and life
but one thing that no one thinks a tear can be is
but that is the one thing that it is.....

wow. thats really good but...the last line just doesnt fit right. im just sayin.... but everythin else is good.
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23 / Canada
Posted 6/4/08

FallenAngel159 wrote:

I think Im going to like this group I have loads of poetry
heres one of them

Call me stupid, call me dumb,
call me anything you want,
call me a failure, call me a freak,
call me anything but weak.

your words they hurt,
but still I can tell,
deep down you hurt too,
you feel like you're in hell.

I see your pain,
but do these words help at all?
the pain has'nt gone away,
you're still up against that wall.

Your words cut me deep,
deeper than i'd like to admit,
but tears I do not weap,
I do not lash out and hit.

I don't cower away,
I face those fears,
I don't leave it for another day,
I don't choke back the tears.

Make your pain lesson,
make others happiness fade,
thinks this helps anyone?
only more pain have you made.

If it helps go ahead,
call me names like freak,
but take a look at yourself,
before you dare call me weak.

i really like this one!
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23 / Canada
Posted 6/4/08

Reminia wrote:

Elysian Fields

A distant dream,
A glimmer of hope;
A fallen leaf,
She has to cope;

Holding on,
Staying strong;
The days are long,
A wish is born;

A heart breaks,
No longer existent;
For her sake,
Her dreams were ashen;

Now she waits,
One of the few;
Leaving it to fate;
At the Elysian Fields;

Random stuff; from my little junkyard.
Not that great.
It was supposed to ryhme- whatever.

hm......this poem makes me think of the song Imagination by Evanescence......
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23 / Canada
Posted 6/4/08
hahaha.........argh im triple postin....? ok......i shall insert my poem here......

A/N......based on the teen novel Twilight........if u havent read it.....i guess the poem still makes sense.. .(just that i couldn't think of another poem)
Edward Cullen: Vampire
Bella: Mortal

Dangerous Thirst (Edward Cullens POV)

It was hard to ignore.
She was hard to ignore.
Her blood was pulsing,
But- she just stood there,
Innocently, awkwardly,
What I was planning was sinister,
but I just had to feel my fangs plunge into
the silken, pale skin of her neck.
I started my chant.
Bella, Bella, Bella.
I know I can’t have you,
but, will you be mine?

yeah! imma total bellaXedward fan!!!!!!!!
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24 / M / Antartic
Posted 6/5/08
Dunno...err... .....Just a newbie here....but well, this is my's theme is about the horrids of war, and the effects on the mind on those who endure it.....hope you enjoy it...any comments would be welcomed....ehe.... Thanks!


Symphaty, yes....that was the word that popped into my mind....
As my squad come marching at the small street in the city.....
As I watched thousands of bodies piled up at the rear of the road....
With people and children mourning for their dead ones....
Then there, lies inside, my feelings of sympathy to them....
I know, this is the dirty play of the politicians....
Who, above all, fills their greed and riches,
With the blood and tears of innocent people.....
And we the soldiers, feel the burden of doing it.....
As I wandered alone in the captured city,
I saw a child, who has become an orphan....
Said to the corpse of her parents....
“Mom....why you didn't wake? Mom....”
“Dad...why you too sleep?”
It is obvious from the view....
She's traumatized by the death of her parents....
I came near to her, give her a pat....
“I'm...sorry about your parents....”
And she give me a loud cry....
“ parents are innocent.....why must they be killed in this war!”
I just kept my mind scrambling each piece of word.....
The tears....each of the gleaming tears that touch down the earth from her face....
Is enough to make me cry....
I realized....we are wrong....all of us are wrong....
They didn't want to have this's just a game of politics....
And this promising young child will have to face a greater burden....
Which will force a scar into their life.....
Then, out of the silentness, a sound of artillery shell.....
I come blitzing, hugging her fast at my torso.....
And I run cover into a building,
When the shell suddenly hit directly at the pile of corpses, the child's parents....
My''s too sad...
The child try to break lose....
But it's too dangerous, then, she broke, running as fast as she could....
“Nooooo!!! Little girl, take cover!!!”
I try to catch her, but to no avail....
When another shell fell near a lamp post, breaking it into two and it fall.....
Into the poor child that were collecting her parents remain...
I just could stare as that thing fell into her helpless body....
Smashing her right in the head...
And I too, feel the trauma until this day.....
But deep inside my heart, lies...
Sympathy and great remorse for the war......
A small prayer from me to the poor child.......

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19 / F / Philippines
Posted 6/5/08
Umm... i copied this from a song called Scarlet i thought it was good to be a poem. So here i go!I'll try then! i added some words by me,ahehehe
I once had a dream,that was lost.
Can you still see your dreams in the far off,Starry sky?
Are they more splendid than they were long ago?
When one forgets to put one's overflowing feelings to sleep,
Those feelings burn the color of passion.
I used to really believe that i could go anywhere,
No matter how far.
But that faith i once had now sleeps in my heart.
Can i still find it Deep in my heart?
Okay so that was short(or was it?) How was it? I know i'm not good in poems ahehehe.
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F / somewhere down th...
Posted 6/5/08
Everything I see is copied.
Every sight I see is shared.
Every honesty is lie.
But no matter these things
are not right to me.
This is what reality to you.

(hehehe made shortand briefly, this is really too long if you ask me)
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Posted 6/5/08
Alas we're free
no longer prisoner
no longer trapped

okay seriously I haave no idea but it was like a 5 second thinking poem
it just came up
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hiding under you'...
Posted 6/5/08

forever loved

i picture you in my dreams, my always loved.
holding hand in hand, side by side, walking under the moonlight.
i was and always will be allured by your kind heart and beauty.
we stood together, hand in hand, side by side, under the night sky.
we were young....we thought we had seen love
we though we would always be one.....together...forever
....but that may never happen
you were my love.....but...
that is no longer longer possible
we thought we had seen love...we did....but...
we were once destined to be...but we that cannot happen
we come from different worlds...although...
whereevver you...i...maybe...under the night sky, in the midst of love...we both know...
we were never meant to be
you once loved me.....but no longer is that true..
i yern for you...your love...i cannot hold it....but...
i truly love you...and forever will this be true....but i know....
you do not love me....
....please.....come back to destiny

~ounsam_nang...june 4,2008

i hoped you liked it
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24 / M / Antartic
Posted 6/11/08
Virgin Jungle....

I'm entering a jungle today....
It's huge!
Appreciating nature as I pass by....
And stop at the parking bay....
But yet, this is just the beginning....
To the greatest adventure of my life!
Crossing the valley,
Accompanied by a river at my side.....
Seeing those little fishes playing at my proximity....
Teasing me to dared into the jungle more....
As I walked deeper into the forest....
And there it goes, the box of discoveries!
As I crossed the lush, green jungle,
Big, friendly canopies protect my head....
From the searing heat of the day....
Also there, variety of animals....
Birds singing to my welcome,
And insects, providing me warmth...
And to give me an impression....
Of a harmony neighborhood...
But sorry, this jungle won't fill my enthusiasm!
So I stopped a while, on top of a ridge,
Overlooking the valley which I've crossed just now....
Seeing the beautiful panorama a mile wide....
The clouds, as they stroll peacefully up at the sky....
Away from the hectic pace of the city...
And the soft blowing breeze,
As they teasefully slap my face,
To test my anger,
And also my determination to go deeper...
To make a new map of the lush, green jungle...
But alas, night is going to take it's place....
Yet, a new picture emerges from the ever charming forest...
As I see the red sun docking it's sail....
So also to me....
Night comes, taking it's place....
And now, the glimmering stars entertains me....
Filling my mind,
With the questions of life....
And also, taking my vision over....
With the soft lullaby of them......
Until I'm deep in the REM state....
But deep inside,
The spirit of nature flourish.....

(Sandpenguin's nature, 12.02 am, Thursday 12th June 2008....)
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24 / F / somewhere over th...
Posted 6/12/08

dattebayo_kawaii wrote:

I believe in happiness
I believe in fairytale s
I believe in love
but the one thing I don't believe is you

haha dont write much poems so not really good

i think it's good
short but sweet
to the point I like it

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24 / F / somewhere over th...
Posted 6/12/08
They look at her and what do they see?
Beauty beyond compare,
But she hides an ugliness, a darker side,
Behind her looks so fair.

Take this one now, what do we see?
Ugliness beyond belief,
We mock and tease, point and stare,
But he's just lonely underneath.

Please take a moment to tell me why,
We judge before we look,
We're the same as them, we all try to hide,
Ignorance is the reason we mistook.
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