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Posted 2/28/08 , edited 2/28/08
Angry Heart

It started with my beating heart,
Pounding angry in my chest.
The world around me fell apart,
My soul was set unrest.

My face remained sheet of glass,
As I pondered what he'd done,
Fire blaze,bullets pass,
I kill them one by one.

I hardly hear their dying screams,
Over my own heart's malice beat.
I even touch their fragile dreams,
As they crumble in defeat.

Silently he stands,
His face as blank as mine,
He sees his comrades fall
His anger is devine.

As I make my slow aproach,
to end the story here,
I can hear his poisioned laughter,
Ringing in my ear.

In mortal combat we engage,
Our hatred all to clear,
My mind and body rage,
Against the ever pressing fear.

His face, his presence,
To much to bare,
Despite his evil essence,
For him I still do care.

He tore my will apart,
Much to my unrest,
It ended with my beating heart,
Stoping angry in my chest.

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