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Posted 2/28/08
Greetings fellow anon.

I've started this topic to remind you of the Co$ protest taking place on the 15th of March and to motivate you to contribute your support. If you took part in the successful February 10 protest or you are planning to take part in the upcoming protest please post as much on this thread.
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31 / Sore wa himitsu d...
Posted 2/29/08
Yo! Last time I took pics of the protest.

This time, in addition to taking pics, I plan on bringing extra masks and a delicious cake (to eat of course; it's what you MUST do!).

Another idea, bring my portable boombox to play the song "Never Gonna Give You Up" (as in the song associated with the act of "Rickrolling")

Hopefully this time, my little brother will be there. If he is there, he'd likely come up with jokes or use memes involving Dysentery, AIDS, or Typhoid Fever.
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