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Korean version Hanayori Dango set to charm in 2008
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28 / F / germany
Posted 2/29/08
I'm curious! I really love the jap. Version and now I want see if the Koreans can top it.
But -PLEASE- the actors who were listed to play Domyouji are VERY old!
and for Hanazawa: I think Jang Geun Seuk can make it (I don't know him but he's cute )
but my choice would be the one in Goong, Kim Jeong Hoon. Even if he is born in 1980, he looks young! And he has a charisma like Oguri only with a softer look.
And for Makino... yeah... I wish a person with a naturally look...
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33 / F / cebu
Posted 2/29/08
my choice is:

makino - yoon eun hye
domyuji - jo in sung
rui- Lee Jun Ki
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28 / F
Posted 2/29/08

smEs08 wrote:

lesleycrisanne wrote:


After the mega popularity of Meteor Garden first in Taiwan back in 2001 and then subsequently Hanayori Dango in Japan in recent years, Korea is also set to have its very own version of Meteor Garden in 2008.

Popular Japanese anime, Hanayori Dango will be adapted into a Korean drama. The Taiwanese and Japanese version of the television drama has achieved phenomenal ratings during its run and the Japanese version which was shown on cable television achieved pretty good ratings and earning lots of fans in the process. The company which will be producing this is Group Eight whose previous works were Goong: Princess Hours and Fantasy Couple. The Japanese rights holder decided to work with Group Eight after learning about its production capability after viewing Goong S.

By releasing this exciting news first, Group Eight has created lots of anticipation and hype over who will be taking the roles ahead of the actual casting. Many netizens in fact are already posting and discussing furiously over who their ideal cast should be since the news broke yesterday.

With regards to the Korean F4, the production team revealed, “We will be choosing based on their similarities with the anime characters. We won’t be choosing based on how popular or how well-known they are.” The Korean version of Hanayori Dango is set at 24 episodes, each clocking in at 70 minutes and will be shown on television in the latter part of 2008.

The following are early picks by fans since the news broke:

Makino Tsukushi/杉菜
1. Yoon Eun Hye
2. Goo Hye Sun

Doumyouji Tsukasa/道明寺
1. Jo In Sung
2. Kang Dong Won
3. Lee Dong Gun
4. Jang Hyuk
5. Hyun Bin

Hanazawa Rui/花泽类
1. Im Joo Hwan
2. Choi Si Won
3. Jang Geun Seuk

credits to coolsmurf

NOTE: Also thank you to sChiZoO14 of AF for editing the news.

This can't be right!
I mean, I agree with Eun Hye as Makino Tsukushi.
But the list of actors for the roles of Hanazawa Rui and Domyouji are way too old!
I don't hink they're going to live up to the Japanese Version if they continue with their list of actors.
I've watched HYD 1&2, trust me. It was awesome!
I've watched most of the guys in the cast list of this upcoming Korean version, too.
I have no doubt that they're all good but they simply won't do!
arghh. i'm so sorry if i crossed someone.
i have the right to express my opinios, don't i?
well, i DO!

Oh God! You guys, please don't blame me. I wasn't the one who picked those roles anyways. I know that their pretty old, but let's just wait and see if they will do a good job for the drama.

Of course you have right to express your opinion and I do respect your view. But if I were them I'd choose:

Makino Tsukushi - Yoon Eun Hye
Domyouji Tsukasa - Choi Si Won
Hanazawa Rui - Kim Jeong Hoon (he looks young anyways)
Nishikado Sojiro - Im Ju Hwan
Mimasaka Akira - Lee Joon Ki

How about yours?
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Posted 2/29/08
same story? it would be very boring!!!
Posted 2/29/08
ahhhh is thif forreall?! im excited.
I kinda dont want Yoon Eun Hye as Makino.
i love her acting, but ive seen enough of her xD FRESH FACES please !
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40 / F / Portugal
Posted 2/29/08
I will be waiting for for this very
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28 / F / Boston, Ma
Posted 2/29/08
how many versions of one storyline can they make!?
I love the Jap version, cause japanese dramas tend to move things along, the first season of meteor garden was good, but not the best but 24 70 minute episodes? it's just ridiculous.

Just let every country in the world make their own version while we're at it...
Posted 2/29/08
Really?. . . *excited*. . can't wait. . . .
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29 / F / Glendale
Posted 2/29/08
hope its good!
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26 / F
Posted 2/29/08
Makino Tsukushi
Goo Hye Sun

Doumyouji Tsukasa
Hyun Bin

Hanazawa Rui
Jang Geun Seuk

i wish they were the choosen
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25 / M / in your face :P
Posted 2/29/08
awesome another version of meteor garden cant wait
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Posted 2/29/08
Ok! I changed my mind... I want

Makino - Goo Hye Sun
Doumyouji - Jo In Sung
Hanazawa Rui - Jang Geun Seuk

Goo Hye Sun and Jo In Sung did a CF together and they were cute.

and this is Jang Geun Seuk

Posted 2/29/08
I'd like the My Sassy Girl chick to play Makino
or Yoon Eun Hye. [YEH is still young, she's like 23}

Lee Dong Wook would be hot
so would Daniel Henney

I wonder if the characters will be in college or hs bc it mg they were in college
and in hyd they were in hs.
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29 / F
Posted 2/29/08
i'm so excited. i hope that they do a good job. I still think the japanese version will be my favorite but i'm still happy that they will make a korean version.
For makino i could see yoon eun hye
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28 / F
Posted 2/29/08
OMG!!!! >< I can't wait!!!! ><
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