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Posted 2/29/08 , edited 3/8/08
Date of birth:

YH: 86.02.06

CM: 88.02.18

JJ: 86.01.26

YC: 86.06.04

JS: 87.01.01


YH: 184cm

CM: 188cm

JJ: 178cm

YC: 180cm

JS: 178cm

Blood type:







YH: A sister 2 years younger

CM: 2 sisters, one a year younger, the other 4 years younger

JJ: 8 sisters. I’m the youngest

YC: A brother 5 years younger

JS: A twin brother

Good/Bad points:

YH: Good point: Have a strong will Bad point: I can be gullible

CM: Good point: B blood type. Bad point: is also B blood type

JJ: Good point: The space between my eyes is very wide. Bad point: Whenever TVXQ does a photo shoot, I’m the shortest

YC: Good point: Good at cleaning up. Bad point: My face -
(What's wrong with your face!?!?!) There is nothing wrong with it...and nothing bad about it either! ^_^

JS: My good and bad points is that I can be too enthusiastic

Favorite Food:

YH: Motsunabe

CM: Yogurt and Pizza with Vegetables (This is what we call a Supreme Pizza)

JJ: Sushi

YC: Japanese curry. Especially when there are mushrooms in it.

JS: Natto, I eat it as a snack.

Favorite Japanese word:

YH: “to look forward to” (shokei) I looked up to my father since I was a child. However, I don’t know when it started but I now want others to respect me too.

CM: ‘Don’t give up’ (Amanogawa) Once something has started, the thing I hate most is giving up halfway.

JJ: [Miniskirt] HAHA. I’m just joking. It’s actually ‘Thank you’ (arigato). Because I always have a cheerful expression whenever I say it.

YC: A phrase I remember from a long time back. ‘Piggyback’ (Kataguruma) If a girl says something like that, I really want to give her a piggyback. Usually, when you’re chatting while piggybacking someone, the feeling is different. Definitely.

JS: ‘Milkway’ (amogawa) I like this word in Korean too.

Something that still continues to surprise you in Japan:

YH: Earthquakes. There are none in Korea. I was so scared the first time I experienced one.

CM: Seeing males cross dressing for cosplay.

JJ: High school students/Office workers cycle wearing super short mini skirts.

YC: Japanese females cycle wearing super short miniskirts! If my girlfriend ever wants to do that, I’ll definitely say no! (Me:OMG I LOVED what he said! )

JS: Seeing males dress up as Princesses when cosplaying.

Please say your slogan:

YH: [The man of all men is Yunho/ Yunho is the manliest] Although I have my inadequacies, but my dad does that (too).

CM: [Purple Changmin]. Purple has seems to have a weird image?

JJ: [Compared to a cheerful Jaejoong, I prefer a depressed Jaejoong] It’s not that I’ll nap in the afternoon; I think that being focused at night is the best.

YC: [Yoochun likes piano better than coffee]

JS: [An honest Junsu. I want to become such a person]

What you want most now is?

YH: Leather gloves.

CM: Time. Recently I watched an Irish movie called [Once] and started developing an interest in guitars. So I want to learn the guitar.

JJ: A girlfriend!!!!!

YC: A steam cleaner (T/N: To clean the house or to iron his clothes?)

JS: Instruments needed to compose a song.

What do you treasure/ What do you like?

YH: Photography. Members, family, friends and the 3 versions of our album.

CM: My health. I sometimes worry for my health.

JJ: Black things.

YC: Sake. I first drank it when I went to a hot spring last year.

JS: Games. I’m very addicted to DS games. I once played too much and cause something bad to happen.

Ideal holiday:

YH: I want to go see the beautiful night scenery alone. I would like to think ponder over the things that trouble me about the future and now.

CM: I want to get my license. So I want to go driving. If possible, I want to buy a car.

JJ: Meeting friends.

YC: I want to go back to the ski resort again. I went to one in Korea for 4 days 3 nights.

JS: Watching movies, sleeping or playing games. Going shopping anywhere is fine as well. I want to travel.

What household chores are you in charge of among the 5?

YH: Cook ramen. When I lived alone, although I made many varieties, now Jaejoong makes it (the ramen).

CM: Keeping the area around me clean.

JJ: Everything! I feel very happy whenever I see them eating the food deliciously. However, I hate it when they don’t finish their food. (T/N: JAEJOONG IS SUCH A MOMMA. Memories of momma shouting at me to finish my food *shudders*).

YC: Making food for myself. Last time, I made cream spaghetti for the first time.

JS: Cleaning up with the group. We rotate ‘dishwashers’ every 3 days. Within the house, I’m in charge of ‘smiling’. I do it happily. HAHA. (T/N: In other words, Junsu does NOTHING else but smile and wash dishes when it’s his turn =.= )

What you’re working hard at to become manlier?

YH: Reading. Listen intently to people.

CM: Give more happy smiles. And to lift dumbbells at home.

JJ: For fashion trends, I’ll work hard. And to exercise endurance. I’ll quit smoking from 2008 onwards.

YC: I can also express myself by talking less, and listening intently when others speak.

JS: I’m trying to keep promises I made. This is important.

Your favorite THSK song is? And the reason is?

YH: [Hug]. Without this song, THSK wouldn’t be where we are today.

CM: [Heart, Mind and Soul] from the first album. Although Japanese was still a strange language to us then, and furthermore, we sang it without grasping the full meaning of the song. However, when I listen to it now, I think the lyrics are really sad.

JJ: [Summer Dream]. Because this song let many people know about THSK.

YC: [Love in the Ice]. The first time I saw people cry because of the song, I really felt like crying soon afterwards.

JS: [Rising Sun] Because I think that besides THSK, no one else in the world will be able to sing it.

Translated by: Sparkskey
source finder:[email protected]
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Posted 2/29/08
jaejoong still smoked before 2oo8 ? :(
( miniskirts , HAHA . )
i love their answers , cute .
thanks for the article !

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Posted 2/29/08

lisdx- wrote:

jaejoong still smoked before 2oo8 ? :(
( miniskirts , HAHA . )
i love their answers , cute .
thanks for the article !

Your welcome! ^_^ OMG yeah I know I thought he had quite along time ago!
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Posted 3/2/08
Jae still smokes? i tot he stopped!!!
lols, i still wanna b ur girlfriend!
Posted 3/4/08
i love junsu's answers especially when he answered he is in charged of smiling....hahahaha......
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Posted 3/4/08
Still smoke..? I am not happy for Jaejoong's answers cry cry cry....

But Luv Jaejoong oppa
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26 / F / UB Mongolia
Posted 3/4/08
Oh thanks for sharing
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