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Posted 2/29/08 , edited 3/1/08
Male Eyes Okay, now we are going to draw another style, one that isn't as common.
This eye is much more slender, elegant, and realistic looking, and is used
in more serious anime and manga. This particular eye belongs to Deedlit
from Record of Lodoss War, which is a considerably more serious show than Slayers
(which is where the previous eye came from). Begin by drawing a long, slightly
curved line. The left side should be lower than the right, and the line should curve in
sharply at the left edge.

To help you define the sides and bottom of the eye, lightly draw
two diagonal guidelines that originate from the edges of the eye.
Unlike the previous tutorial, these lines are not very steep; the
more horizontal the lines are, the smaller the eye will be. Don't make them too flat,
though, because you don't want this eye to be too squinty. Using the guidelines, draw
the bottom line of the eye.

Erase the guidelines and draw the outline of the iris. If there were no
eyelids, the iris would be a perfect circle. However, since the iris is
bordered by the eyelids, the top and bottom of the iris will be hidden from view. The
iris should not be so small that you can see the entire thing (unless you wanted to
convey certain emotions like anger or surprise, but that is covered in another section).

Next, draw the light glares on the iris. The placement is the same as in the previous tutorial, but like the iris itself, the glares are much smaller
and more circular. Draw the eyelid above the top line of the eye, as well.

Draw the eyebrow and shading in the rest of the iris. Remember to
draw the pupil beneath the light glares, and to make it stand out from the rest of the eye a little no matter how darkly you shade the rest of the iris.

Here are a variety of other styles of female eyes you can make using the same methods.Try to see the differences between each style, as well as the similarities. Though the shape and proportions change, the top border of the eyes is always thicker, there are always multiple layers of shading on the irises, etc. Some of these were sketched fairly quickly
and are a little messy, but I hope they are still helpful. ^.^;

Once you have the right eye drawn, you're probably going to want to draw the left eye, too. ^_^ All you have to do is draw the mirror image of the exact same eye. The placement of the second eye can be tricky, though. Anime eyes, no matter what
style, are always drawn about one eye length apart. The distance may be a little more or less, but one eye length is a
good measurement.

You probably are not always going to draw your characters facing towards you, though, so you'll need to know how to line up eyes at different angles. On the head portion of this general face tutorial, you will see that I use curved guidelines to define where I'm going to place the eyes. Always draw guidelines to help you position the eyes, until you are really good at it and no longer need them. You don't want the eyes to be off-center. Notice that in this picture, the right eye is smaller and flatter than the left since it's further away from you.

This is pretty much the same thing, except the head is tilted inthe other direction. In this picture, the left eye is smaller than the right. Both eyes still follow the curve of the face. Eyes that don't line up properly can look very sloppy, so be careful.

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Posted 4/8/08
faces have always been the most difficult thing for me
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