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Posted 2/29/08
Little Mac

Lunges and runs along the ground, when making contact with an opponent, will do a couple punches and then finish with a uppercut, he will run around and do this for a while
Posted 2/29/08

Charges up her ninja blade, then disappears, then re-appears next to a random opponent doing massive damage and a powerful knockback effect
Posted 2/29/08

Like the leech it is, its goes to the nearest opponent and sticks to thier head, doing little damage that adds up quickly. You can shake it off by rapid movement, but then it goes looking for a new host or go back to the same one
Posted 2/29/08

When Nintendog is summoned he disappears then re-appears in front of the screen, scratching at playfully, this may seem cute at first but it gets annoying since you cant see anything happening on the stage
Posted 2/29/08

Jumps around and shoots little greens lasers, doing descent damage
Posted 2/29/08
Mr. Resetti

Does not do damage to anyone, but rather annoying, he talks and talks, when he talks the camera likes to zoom in on him so you cant see what your doing unless your standing right next to him
Posted 2/29/08
Saki Amamiya

First she follows a random opponents, then slashes them a couple times, then runs away and gets ready to launch a laser with her Canon Sword
Posted 2/29/08
Samurai Goroh

When Goroh comes out he starts running mad back on forth on the stage swinging his sword around, he may not hit anyone but he will still swing his sword, but try no to get caught in it, it does small damage that adds up quickly
Posted 2/29/08

Shadow comes out with him calling out Chaos Control, after he says that time will slow down for everyone in the Brawl, everyone except the person who released him
Posted 2/29/08

After being released, Stafy will walk around until he stands next to an opponent, then he does a quick spin attack on them, he walks around for quite a while, but being a little guy, he can be knocked off the stage from an attack
Posted 2/29/08

You might remember Tingle from being that little fella on the balloon in the Great Bay stage in Melee, this time when he is released he does his Tingle-Tingle-Kooloo-limpah dance, 1 of 4 things will happen after the dance

1. He summons a lot of flowers around the one who released him, making the camera zoom in on him making it hard for the others
2. He throws a lot of Bananna Peels around the stage (Look at Diddy Kong's down special for explanation on Bannana Peels)
3. He summons a lot of balloons on the stage, and if you land on 1 and dont get off quick enough it will take you up and send you flying
4. He summons a lot of both kinds of hammers to the stage for the brawlers to use, both the Golden Hammer and the Normal Hamer
Posted 2/29/08

He runs to the nearest opponent and slams them into the ground a couple times, then finishing it off with a big blow or a smack with his tennis racket, this does descent-massive damage depeding how much damage you had before he attacked
Posted 3/21/08

Moonlight15 wrote:

Image coming soon

They are a collection of tanks and soldiers, they run around on the stage. Shooting projectiles and lasers

dun forget the requirements for some of them!!
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Posted 6/9/08
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