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28 / F / Where ever life t...
Posted 2/29/08
Hello everyone I'm the 4th seat of the 10th division. My Zanpakuto's name is Himeko, it can change sizes and the shape of its blade I have yet to uncover its Bankai.
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Posted 2/29/08
Hi everybody im the 5th seat in the 10 division . my zanpakto's name is kin Ookami,able to cut a hallow in half when exposed to sunlight its gets stronger,, no bankai yet tho
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26 / M / Akranes,Iceland
Posted 3/10/08
hey i´m guzzi and i´m 81st in 10th division. my zanpakto´s name is Sarin, and is able to create fire!! no bankai yet
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F / Everywhere, Anywh...
Posted 3/20/08
Hihi peoples!!!

I'm Koku and I'm the 101th seat/position in the 10th Division. Ok, here is my zanpaktou (From my zanpaktou from other Bleach groups I'm in) I can only use my Shikai:

(Unreleased form and has a thin chain connecting the hilts; is used to hold up my hair bun.)

1)Give a name for your Zanpaktou Chiyuki ("Thousand Years of Snow"--sorry if I translated it wrong)
2)Give command to release Shikai: Blizzard, Chiyuki!
3)Describe your Shikai form The temperature surrounding me drops drastically. The swords themself begin to look like it's made of crystal, but is actually as strong as diamond.
4)Describe powers gained in Shikai Able to control speed and hardness of snowflake (bullet made of snow). Can control the amount of snow falling. Also inables me to send snowflakes around to act as a look out. Increases agility, offense and defense. The blade also lengthens, but by barely (only doubles in length…yeah… it would be out of my hair by this point).
5)Drawbacks Because of short blade length (is placed in hair as hairsticks).
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