Post Reply The Dark Uchiha History
Posted 2/29/08
All fan out there that are uchiha fan lol well here a history of uchiha clan(warning for people dont read manga plz be warn!also some of it is what i think)
The uchiha clan state long ago when Uchiha Madara was born and his brother,more often they fight to see who was stronger. As time goes by they both has sharingan even so they both equal in power. Both of them were training soon kill there best friend to have the Mangekyou Sharingan. Such a feat in the clan made them the ruler of the clan and thus the uchiha clan was form! As Uchiha Madara was there leader and the brother as co-leader. Even so Madara was losing his eye sight because of the Mangekyou(the faith of all user of Mangekyou is forever darkness which is blindness) he try everthing he can to get his eye sight back nothing work. Being takeover by the Mangekyou he kill his brother and stole his eye. Thus unlocking the new mangekyou sharingan that never fade away. As even more time goes by he made ally to the senji forest clan and together with there power they led a road of conquest making the present day konoha. Even so madara or first hokage has fight over law in the village and fought in the valley of the end,madara lost but live and hid well.

This all fact prove by the manga itself. For more information message me or read the manga lol!
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