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100 Q's
Posted 2/29/08

sypris wrote:

O_oStefferzO-o wrote:

sypris wrote:

O_oStefferzO-o wrote:

^ I like pies too.
I like pecan pie.

Can I taste your pie?

no goodies for you.

Aw... and here my sweet tooth was gettin ready. /tear

I can't come up with any more innuendos.
it was funny while it lasted.
hope you know im jk.
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27 / アメリカ
Posted 2/29/08

O_oStefferzO-o wrote:

hope you know im jk.

LIES :eye twitch:
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37 / F / Fort Meade, MD
Posted 2/29/08
you're the liar.... you KNOW you want to taste her Pie...
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25 / M / Norway
Posted 2/29/08
Gah got nothing better to do so I guess I have to answer all these damned questions for no reason at all because people couldn't give a crap about what I answer anyways

Proposal words: Will you marry me?

Charm point: My eyes

One word to describe your personality: Intelligent

Dominant hand, dominant foot: Right for both.

Eyesight: Perfect vision on both.

Weakness: Girls ^^

Little pride: I'm fearless.

Heal problem: Dunno.

Type of underwear: Boxer only.

Sleep clothes: Boxer.

Sleeping pose: Varies, average I guess.

How long do you bath?: Only take showers.

What do you wash first?: My hair

Best mimic impression.: Too many

Favorite place to shop: 50-50

What do you often buy at the convenience store? Gum and soda

Most expensive thing you ever bought: My computer.

Treasure: My family and friends. And future girlfriend

What you can apologize now: To everyone who is actually reading all this, sorry!

Favorite fashion item: Tattoo's, I want one

Hair cut you want to try: Dunno, I have the one I wanted to try.

Hobby right now: Training

Favorite phrase: Can't remember all of it because it is really long.

Favorite song: Don't have one, too many to choose from.

Favorite color: Black and Blue

Favorite movie: Same as favorite song.

Favorite book: I don't read books.

Favorite manga: Never read one.

Favorite ramen: Miso ramen

Favorite TV show: The Simpsons, South Park, O.C, AFV, Planet's funniest animals, talent shows and tons of other shows :)

Favorite food: Ice cream ^^

Least favorite food: Tomatoesand beans, can't stand them.

Favorite emoticon: ^_^

Most afraid of: My family and friends getting killed, being tortured to death, getting my eyes poked out, watching my dear ones die and such.

Recently cried about: I almost never cry, haven't cried in years.

Recently laughed about: Something funny :)

Recently happy about: Finished writing my damned essay for school.

Recently angered about: My essay.

Recent dream: I'd rather not tell you about that.

Recent JUMP moment: I have no idea.

Recent CAMP moment: When I went snowboarding last weekend.

Recently shampooed: Yesterday

Favorite type of girls: Cute ones :)

Favorite action by girls: Their smiles :D

Date spot: The ocean

Ideal kiss situation: Too many to choose between.

How would you confess to a girl? I really like you, would you go out with me?

Confession from a girl: Anything straight forward that I can understand her feelings.

What would you want to be called by your girlfriend? Don't know, something she would come up with :)

Number of confession: 5 times.

What would you not want a girl to do?: Cheating on me

Gift for a girl: A necklace.

A phrase from a girl that would make you happy: “Thank you”

A phrase from a girl that would shock you: Disgusting (Ugly, ew, etc)

Your girlfriend is late. How long would you wait?: I would call her firstly.

First love: When I was in kindergarten.

When would you get married?: Doesn't matter to me at all aslong as I marry someone that loves me and I love her.

How many kids do you want?: 2 or 3

Anything you want to say to your future wife?: You are really lucky :)

Name for your kids: Ryan, Jack, Seth, Jake, Nate, short names that are easy to pronounce and sound good :)

What does your family call you by?: My first name xD

Memorable family vacation.: My trip to England :)

Favorite home cooked meal: Homemade Pizza and Taco :)

What do you call your mom by: Mom

What was your breakfast today?: Cereal

First ever memory that you remember: I don't know.

Childhood dream: Can't remember

A serious injury you ever experienced: Almost breaking my ribbs when I got kicked there.

Lessons you took as a kid: Soccer, hanball, basket, boxing, wrestling, gitar, dance (I was forced -_-), training with my brother at the local gym, first aid and such.

Favorite place at school: The hallway, always something happening there :)

Favorite school lunch: Bagguet and Pizza.

Least favorite school lunch: Don't have one as we buy what we want at our cafeteria but most of the time we make our own lunches before we go to school.

Favorite school curriculum: P.E, swimming, english, science, math, geography, art and music.

Least favorite school curriculum: New-norwegian, norwegian, religion and history.

Favorite field day activity: Anything that gets my blood pressure raising :)

Least favorite field day activity: When we don't do anything that can be called training.

Committees involved in: We don't have something like that at my school.

How do you spend your break time?: Doing what I feel like.

The longest phone conversation: 3 hours.

How many times do you mail in one day?: Depends.

How many numbers are in your cell phone?: About 120.

Place you want to go: Everywhere in the world, seriously :D

Most respectful person: Myself.

Person you want to see most: Too many to mention

Most desired thing right now: Getting these questions done, I am so tired!

Most respectful senior: My friends.

If you were to become the prime minister of Japan: Dunno

Especially clothing prices. Huh?

What would you do if you become a girl? Get to know myself, if you know what I mean xD

You won $3billion, what would you do?: Spend it on whatever the hell I wanted to and give some of it to my friends and family.

What do you want to be if you were reborn?: A tiger, a lion, a rhino, an eagle and such ^_^

Your house is on fire, what do you grab out?: Everything, duh.

The last day of earth, what would you do?: Take lots of drugs and such just to have tried it Otherwise I would do everything that I wanted to do, or that is possible to do in one day.

Who do you want from HSJ to be your boyfriend?: Uhm what is HSJ lol

Who do you want from HSJ to be your son?: -_-

Who do you want from HSJ to be your older or little brother? : -_-

What do you want to say to yourself in 10 years? You got older. (laughs)

HSJ’s number one goal: -_-
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