Posted 3/2/08
uwah how did this happen ?!

Posted 3/3/08
mwuahaha!T.T i rule...*still feels like afool* >////////////////////<
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Posted 3/5/08
Pinky iz a tru camwhore!
Posted 3/5/08
is it too late to join?
Posted 3/11/08

Hmm i wonder if you can vote for yourself here? XD

~Anyways i voted!~ & ~Good luck CamWhores!~ ^^
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Posted 3/12/08
Okiedoke, I voted. ^^ Lol, took me a while to get here
Posted 3/13/08
im loosing misserably :((((((((((((
Posted 3/15/08
wahh idk how i got soo~ many votes.... not eveb rlllly a camera whoree~~! but thankssss for ppl who voted

and its k pink i voted fo yo!

[<3] Cherri
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