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30 / F / In Hidan's arms
Posted 3/1/08

Rank: S-Rank, Missing Nin
Partners: Itachi Uchiha
Specialties: Water-based jutsu, Superstrength, Large chakra reserve
First Appearance: Naruto manga ch.139, Naruto ep. 80
Affiliations: Akatsuki, Kirigakure (former)
Age: 29 (I), 31 (II)
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Blood Type: ?
Chakra Type: Water

Kisame is one of the ten ring-bearing members of Akatsuki, the symbol on his ring is ‘South’ and he wears on the ring finger of his left hand. He is a missing nin from the Hidden Village of Mist, being originally a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Kisame was nicknamed the “Sourge” and always carries with him his giant sword Samehada.

Kisame takes pleasure in battle and enjoys seeing his opponents in pain. It is not uncommon for him to use excessive force in a fight. Kisame possesses incredible superhuman strength and a very large chakra reserve, said to be the largest in the Akatsuski organization. True to his shark-like appearance, Kisame uses mostly water type and shark-themed jutsus. His water techniques are of such high caliber that he can literally create water from nothing and turn any landscape to his advantage by submerging it in water.
1045 cr points
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30 / F / In Hidan's arms
Posted 3/1/08
Abilities and Jutsus:
Samehada (Weapon)

Samehada means 'Shark Skin.' When unwrapped it is seen to be covered in large scales and is used to shred rather than cut an opponent. It is also capable of absorbing an opponent's chakra just by being in close proximity. Samahada is sentient and will only allow Kisame to wield it.

Water Clone (Ninjutsu)

A clone created using water as the medium. Itis capable of physical actions much like a Shadow Clone is.

Suiton: Water Shark Missile (Ninjutsu)

This jutsu summons a torrent of water to attack the opponent in the shape of a large shark.
Suiton: Five Man-Eating Sharks (Ninjutsu)

A group of five sharks are created from chakra in the water to surround and attack the enemy relentlessly while he is submerged.

Water Prison (Ninjutsu)

Water Prison traps the opponent in a sphere of water imbued with chakra so that they cannot easily escape. Not only does it immobilize the enemy, it also suffocates them by drowning them in the water.

Suiton: Exploding Water Shockwave (Ninjutsu)

Kisame uses this jutsu to literally create water from nothing. Enormous waves of water appear on the battlefield and submerge everything.
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