love story of our lives!
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Posted 3/1/08
apparently, i call myself that "no boyfriend since birth". until now, however, lot of friends always came up to me just to talk about their love life. they laugh and they cry.. if you know what i mean.

i dedicate this short story to my friends and from my crunchyroll family here.

"hate how much i love you"

Dante and Faith are childhood friends, however, not as close like some other childhood friends. Dante's father is working as personal driver of Faith's family. when they were at age 10 up to 13 they try to be close to each other as Faith treats Dante as a big brother because she's the only girl and only child. but then when they reach at age 14, little by little everything changes. Dante was developing his feelings for her while Faith is getting more busy hanging out with her friends and as for her crush Mark was courting her.

the more Dante is falling for Faith, is the more Faith was changing. Faith didn't knew that Dante has feelings for her. when the time comes that Dante heard about Faith and Mark becoming more close... soon... he knew that Faith said "yes" for Mark, because he was outstanding than him, a rich boy who's father is also a good friend of Faith's father.

after graduation in high school, Faith requested to her father that she want to study abroad to continue her dream to become a famous MODEL. she wanted to study in Paris, as her father gave want she wants. she went to Paris to study.

5 years later....

Dante is a well-known architect and one of the most wanted bachelors, he's not a model but rather because of being tall, perfect complexion and plus being handsome. it was expected also aside from being a most wanted bachelor, he is smart and made a lot of projects already...

Dante suddenly heard from someone that Faith is coming back already and will continue her profession as being a model in their country. when heard the news he tried to remember the days they share but it was only for awhile. he also knew that Faith and Mark are still together after all these years, however, he knew what's Mark true color eversince Faith went to Paris just to study.

they meet at the Faith's come back as Faith's father invited him to come. everything change when he saw Faith again... he knew. however, Faith was surprise when she saw Dante too. she didn't expect to see Dante, it's the new Dante she met now. however, no matter how Dante change, she didnt even feel anything for him. Faith's love for Mark is unconditional even though they were both professional now and even if she is famous, her love will never change.

One day, faith receive a letter from an anonymous person 'HHMILY". it said that Mark was cheating her for a long time ago. when she went to know about if it's true, when she finally saw everything about Mark's true color.... she felt like her world would crash.

even though when she felt down for days and still continuing practice for her grand fashion show, Dante was there for her. she was a little surprise when some models were jelous of her because Dante was so sweet with her.

on her grand fashion, her at the ending of the show, the curtain call. Faith fell suddenly, Dante carry her and went to the hospital as fast he can. when the doctor told about the Faith's accident. the doctor told her that she can't walk as model from now on or if she dare to walk on stage, she might can't walk forever.

Faith's world felt devastated and she dont want to talk to anyone. while sleeping, Dante came over to watch her and take care of her, he hold Faith's hand. when Faith woke up because she thought the warm hand who holds her hand was Mark. it was dark and she can't see the one who is holding her. she smiled and said... "i still love you Mark no matter how much you cheated on me", then she went back to sleep as she close her eyes.

the next day.... Dante propose to her, at first she felt hesitate to accept Dante's proposal, however, she accepted it for she said to him... "i accepted it because i want to see how much Mark is a fool.... after that... let's separate after 6 months...."

"are you playing games on me?"

"if you are my friend, you have to help me..."

he admit that she only wants to use him, however, Dante has other plans that it might Faith change.... so in the end, he accept the deal that Faith wanted...

they got married after 2 months of preparation.


PM me if you want me to continue this story.... i know you hate Faith now...
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Posted 12/2/09
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