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Posted 3/1/08
Alright, you guys. Born Again, as we know is moderated as well. This is created for the benefit of both members and moderators of Born Again. (I use B.A to refer to this group, so don't be alarmed. )

First things, participation is actually highly encouraged. We love to hear from everyone, at least at some point of time. I personally believe there's no point in groups that are void of life. Jesus is a man who is full of life, that people who touched him were affected by him instead :)

The forum rules are actually pretty easy:

Creating threads:

1) Making sure there are no duplicates.
You may use search or the index thread we have to help you look at older threads. Because merging or splitting isn't a function that we have, duplicates have to be locked and moved to closed group threads.

2) Disagreements and arguments
We don't expect everyone to have the same opinions, but generally if it's going to be a narrow conversation between two parties only, then PMs would suffice.

Unless the argument calls for participation from the rest of the members, and the intention is not just prove who is right. This will be considered at the discretion of the moderators, and reasons have to be given if forum posts are deleted.

3) Derailing threads
Offtopicness will be deleted if they do not contribute effectively to the topic at hand. If you feel that it is significant and have to be posted, use the spoiler tag and explain. But beyond that, please keep offtopicness to a minumum.

4) Double posts
I'm not very strict about this. Occassionally I do alow double posts, if they fulfill the conditions:

5) Keeping Jesus in our sight
This Christian slant is merely considering Jesus before you post. Are you posting because you want to make some remark against someone else's posts? Posting just because you don't know what to do about certain areas in your life?

Consider Him. Have you thought about Jesus before you posted? If you're posting a problem of yours here, we'll gladly support you, but I encourage you to first discuss with Jesus. This forum is FOR him, so why go one big roundabout when you can contact Him directly?
Supposing you tried but still are doubtful, then write to us. :D

- Duration between consecutive posts have at least a few hour lapse, meaning if nobody replies after some time (more than 2-3).
- If the double posts are not both short and a few liner comments that make no significant contribution

Naming Threads


Articles - Long essays. May be written by yourself, or someone else.
" (Thread Title) " by __(Name of author)
Things not written by yourself have to be enclosed in QUOTE tags. Url of original if any

Videos/Music - You're free to post them up, but should you do, please include:
[Video] or [Music] Url of original if any

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