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Posted 3/1/08 , edited 3/1/08

877.What’s your charm point?
My eyelids.
878. If you had to say something about your personality, what would it be?
Negative in a positive manner
879. A bad habit of yours is?
Touching my eyes
880. What’s your dominant arm? Leg?
Both right
881. What’s your eyesight?
Both are 1-0.
882. What’s you weak point?
Roller coasters
883. What do you worry about related to your body?
Getting fat from eating
884. What style of underwear do you wear?
Boxer pants.
885. How many times can you do a crunch?
More than 100 times
886. The clothes you wear when going to sleep are?
In the summer a tank top and shorts, in the winter a jersey outfit
887. The pose you sleep in is?
On my side. The right side of my body underneath.
888. How long do you spend in the bath?
About 15 minutes.
889. In the bath, what do you wash first?
890. What’s your health secret?
Before sleeping I drink moromi vinegar, and have 3 pills of propolis in one day.
891. What impression are you good at?
892. What cuisine are you good at?
893. About how long do you sleep a day?
6 hours
894. Your shopping spot is?
Aoyama, Shinjuku
895. What do you buy often at a convenience store?
896. What’s your ‘18 best’ at karaoke?
Fukuyama Masaharu’s “HELLO”
897. What’s your highest score in bowling?
898. What’s your treasure?
My cat Nyanta
899. Since it’s now, I can say it
During “SUMMARY” I mistook Tegoshi’s mic for my own and took it on stage with me
900. If you were to do cosplay, what would it be?
901. What do you collect?
Pins to hold back your hair. I buy a bunch of them at Don Quixote but quickly loose them. Lately I’ve been into the red checkered ones ♥ (Wearing on page 17)
902. What fashion item do you like?
Rock style items. Things with a skull design or stuff, I like.
903. What’s something you’ve worn in the past that’s embarrassing now?
Big sale, one shirt 300 yen! type no-pattern Tshirts.
904. I’d like to try this hair style
Curly permed hair
905. What have you been into lately?
I’m into using a computer to download songs
906. What phrase do you like?
Can’t forget ones true original intention
907. What song do you like?
Southern All Stars’ “Himitsu no Date” and RAG FAIR’s “she side story”
908. What movie do you like?
Chakushin Ari
909. What season do you like?
910. What book and magazine do you like?
“Ao no honoo” [book] “Men’s Non-no” [magazine]
911. What manga do you like?
I don’t read manga, but I’ve read “OH! MY KONBU” before (lol).
912. What ramen do you like?
Chilled Chinese noodle
913. What TV program do you like?
Talk shows are interesting. Like “Odoru! Sanma goten” and “Gyouretsu no dekiru houritsu soudan tokoro“
914. What historical figure do you like?
Benkei. Because Shige had to hopelessly act as him in “SUMMARY” (lol)
915. What food do you like?
916. What food do you hate?
917. What emoji [emoticon] do you like?
[happy face]
918. What fall flavor do you like?
Pike fish
919. What thing are you most scared of?
Roller coasters
920. What did you recently cry about?
Completing “SUMMARY”
921. What did you recently laugh a lot about?
During a performance of “SUMMARY” Nakamaru-kun’s sword broke- the really worried look on his face
922. What recently made you angry?
On a recent day off I went to the beach with Shige and on the way home, I was really tired but was driving anyway and yet he was just totally asleep.
923. What recently made you happy?
Going to the beach with Shige
924. What dream did you have recently?
I can’t remember very well, but I often have scary dreams
925. What’s something good you did recently?
On the way home from the beach, even though I was tired I drove Shige all the way home.
926. What type of girl do you like?
Ones who are a bit like an older sister. I want to try tricking a girl who seems like she’d live in Kobe (lol).
927. What kind of girl’s hairstyle do you like?
Gorgeous curly hair
928. What type of behavior do you like in girls?
When they get sleepy and rub their eyes
929. What place would you like to go on a date?
930. The win or lose clothes on a date are?
Sexy male fashion
931. If we were to kiss, it’d be in this situation.
Night at the beach. Because the sound of the waves will fill up the silence that develops between us. Ah, this seems like it could be song lyrics (lol).
932. If you were to confess, it’d be these words.
I wouldn’t beat around the bush, and would just say “Let’s go out”
933. If you were going to be confessed to, it would be these words.
“I’ve fallen in love” ‘It can’t be helped ♥’, that kind of feeling
934. What would you like your girlfriend to call you?
935. How many times have you had experience confessing?
936. What fetish do you have?
937. From what do you consider something ‘cheating’?
Holding hands
938. Something you don’t want your girlfriend to do?
939. If you were getting a present for your girlfriend, what would it be?
A wallet. It’s got a meaning with it like ‘lets always stay together as long as you use this’.
940. What words would make you happy to hear from your girlfriend?
I want to be noticed, so “Are you okay?”
941. What words from your girlfriend would shock you?
Your eyes, they’re small ne (lol)
942. Your girlfriend is late for a date. How long would you wait?
30 minutes
943. When was your frist love?
Kindergarten, a girl in the same group as me.
944. When was your first kiss?
945. How many times have you failed at love?
946. If you were going to propose, you’d say this.
Let’s stay together forever
947. If you were going to get married, at what age?
30 years old
948. How many children would you like?
One (Hoping for a girl)
949. Please say something to your future wife.
I’ll always be relying on you, so rely on me too
950. What name would you like to give your daughter?
951. What would you be called by your family?
952. What taste is your mother’s cooking?
953. What do you call your mother?
954. What’s the first memory of life you have?
When a candy got stuck in my throat
955. What was your dream when you were younger?
956. What’s a place you’ve traveled that’s moved you?
When I went to Hawaii at 5 years old
957. How do you spend your free time at school?
Chatting with friends in a cafe
958. What school lunch do you like?
Spaghetti with meat sauce
959. What school lunch do you hate?
Everything that had tomato in it
960. What school subject do you like?
961. What school subject do you hate?
962. What athletic event day activities did you like?
Relay race
963. What athletic event day activities did you dislike?
Group gymnastics
964. What kind of committee meetings have you done up until now?
During my third year of middle school I was the class president
965. What’s the longest phone call you’ve had?
1.5 hours
966. How many text mail do you send a day?
967. What’s your ringtone?
The sound of a traditional phone. But it’s normally on vibrate.
968. How big is your cell phone memory?
170 messages
969. What place would you like to go and see?
New York
970. Who do you respect?
971. Who do you want to meet with most right now?
The person most important to me… jussst kidding. Doesn’t that sound cool?
972. What item do you want most right now?
A break
973. What senpai do you respect?
Nakai-kun, Tsubasa-kun
974. If you became the prime minister, what would you do?
Get rid of consumption tax!
975. If you became a woman, what would you like to try doing?
I’d want to dress as a Gal and cliched-ly stroll through Shibuya
976. If you had a one month break, what would you do?
I’d travel for about a week and spent the rest of the time at home. I’d watch variety shows that I don’t normally get to see, and stuff.
977. If you won three hundred million yen in the lottery what would you do?
Open one more ramen store
978. If you hadn’t entered the entertainment world, what would you do?
Be my family’s ramen shop shopkeeper
979. If you were to be reborn, what would you like to become?
A two-lidded version of myself
980. If your home caught on fire, what item would you take out with you?
981. If you had a time machine, when would you go back to?
I’d like to try going 5 years into the future
982. If it was the last day of the world, what would you do?
Since I haven’t even done it once, I’d like to go try and pick up girls [nanpa]
983. Who’s the most perverted one of NEWS?
984. What is your best memory of NEWS since they’ve formed?
The concert we did in January. I was filled with thoughts of everything we had to do.
985. What’s your number one goal for NEWS?
A concert in the Tokyo Dome!
986. Which member of NEWS is strongest at fighting?
987. Which member of NEWS is the weakest at fighting?
988. NEWS’ biggest weak point is?
Our unity. I want more time for the 8 of us to spend together.
989. NEWS’ biggest strong point is?
That we can rely on the other 7 members.
990. If you were a girl, which member would you want to go out with most?
991. What do you not want to lose to another memeber in?
Weakness of my stomach, how much I worry
992. If you were to give yourself a stage name?
Hitoe (one eyelid)-chan
993. What was your breakfast today?
Bread I bought at a shop at the train station
994. What’s the fall fashion item to look out for?
Long boots
995. What college lecture do you like?
996. What kind of club activities have you being doing lately?
Talking in coffee shops, texting each other. The amount of indoor soccer has actually been totally zero (lol). At this rate we might become a ghost club…
997. In the future, a car you’d like to try riding in is?
A Mercedes Benz G-class. Black color.
998. A one-shot saying you’ve thought of recently is…?
“SURPRISE, SURPRISE”. This was born from how during ‘SUMMARY’ a variety of senpai would come to see us and I said “Everyday is a surprise”. I used it when I was surprised.
999. In 10 years, what will you be doing?
i will have gotten really good at talking, and will have definitely become a founding MC (sincere)
You are Koyamas Girl
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Posted 3/5/08
Lol....eyelids xD
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22 / F / Sweden Stockholm
Posted 3/6/08
he´s just so cute
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Posted 3/20/08
877.What’s your charm point?
My eyelids

936. What fetish do you have?

Keii-chan never fail make me laugh so hard !!LOL
You are Koyamas Girl
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28 / F / USA
Posted 3/22/08
Hilarious XD
You are Koyamas Girl
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30 / F / GA, USA
Posted 3/24/08
Kei-chan is awesome. I luv him...
Posted 4/18/08
hes hilarious all rite lol
You are Koyamas Girl
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26 / F / hawaii
Posted 4/27/08

956. What’s a place you’ve traveled that’s moved you?
When I went to Hawaii at 5 years old

why was I not alive then?! xD
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23 / F
Posted 4/27/08
ah haha he never fails to crack me up xDD
whats not to love about him? HES AWESOME!
You are Koyamas Girl
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22 / F / stuck in dreamlan...
Posted 5/15/08
898. What’s your treasure?
My cat Nyanta

aww.. so sweet and soo cute!!
You are Koyamas Girl
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25 / F / Shige's castle. ♥
Posted 6/2/08
eyelids keep coming up O.O lol.

Shige pissed him off by sleeping >.< aww~ sleeping Shige. i wanna see!

everything he said was funny!!!

Kyaaa~ Koyama!!! Koyashige!!!

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23 / F / Who Cares !
Posted 6/16/08 , edited 6/16/08
I’ve fallen in love” ‘It can’t be helped ♥

Yaay !! he's so romantic !!

he's so cute !!
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F / EARTH (:
Posted 7/29/08
wow. thats alot!
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25 / F
Posted 7/31/08
940. What words would make you happy to hear from your girlfriend?
I want to be noticed, so “Are you okay?”

aaa!! so cute ^^
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