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This is some of the most basic head style all other anime characters heads can be drawn using this guide.
Ive always had trouble drawing heads but after a while i git used to it and got pertty good at it. so dont be discouraged if some of your first trys didnt go well. just keep trying and trying and ull get there. u might also develop your own design.

Step 1:
Begin by drawing a large circle. Divide this circle horizontally into thirds, and cut it in half with a vertical line. Do not worry if your horizontal lines don't split the face into even pieces; the proportionswill be different depending on the style of face you want to draw, anyway, so its all right if they aren't exact.

Step 2:
Next, draw a little mark (a short line, not a dot) directly beneath the circle. In this particular picture, the distance from the circle to the mark is the same as the length of the lower third portion of the circle. This mark will represent the chin, so make sure it's a short line rather than a dot or the chin will be too pointy. Raising or lowering the chin mark is one way to adjust the shape and appearance of the face. Next, draw two diagonal guidelines. They should be tangent to the sides of the circle, and intersect the edges of the chin mark

Step 3:
Next, you want to flesh out the face so it isn't so thin. Draw two rounded triangular shapes on each side of the face. Adjusting the thickness of the triangles and the height of the cheekbones (the place
where the triangle bends) are ways to alter the shape and appearance of the face and draw different types of characters.

Step 4:
Now that you have the shape of the face down, you will want to add the eyes, nose and mouth. The placement of the eyes varies slightly with each character, but they generally should be located within the
ower half of the circle. The nose is about halfway down the lower part of the face (the area below the circle), and the mouth is drawn directly beneath that.

Step 5:
Next, erase those diagonal guidelines and fill in the detail on the eyes. Now you have the basic shape of the face completed, and you can add whatever details you like, such as hair, clothing, jewelry,
tattoos, scars, etc.
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thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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you're the best, thanx for for the tip
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