Anyone wanna help me decide on a sonf for my Video Production Project?
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Posted 3/1/08 , edited 3/1/08
I need help!
My next project is a music video...and IDK what song to do it to.
I was thinking about just doing a cheesy christian song (no offence to people who like them! i do myself!)'s the easiest..but..I want to do something that will stand out!
I have a whole lot of songs in mind..but..some off them say bad worlds or are just not apporepriet.
Anyone want to suggest any songs?!
Asian songs are welcome too! Teehee!
Maybe a nice love song...or something..idk! haha!
I only have like 1 week left to decide on the song and what i will do!! HELP ME!!
Mushu needs help...T-T

Posted 3/1/08
The Help threads are awesome !
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Posted 3/1/08
Use the HELP Thread. You can search for it using the FORUM SEARCH feature.

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