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27 / M / following in the...
Posted 3/19/08

Hinami_1010 wrote:

Umm... for my first stage... I...err...Im a hyuga to tell ya...I have like this...
First stage:

My byakugan level increases as in I can see a MUCH greater distancw
My second stage has to do with...well...I get Direct Hit stats increase incredibly...stats are high lets just say...
Second stage:

My third sage again makes me soo FAST you cant see hit and K.O stats increase incredibly... I have a sword with many powers I can not expain...literally... I look like this...
Third and final stage:

Sideffects: I become unconsious until I turn back to normal... Plus...Im VERY badly injured...scratches and get it...right...
Plus...uh...inner demons named...uhh... HANAE!! My Inner demon name: Hanae

shounenheart2742 wrote:

My Inner Demon: Hatsuyuki
First Stage: I control the element of ice and am allowed to use any of the surrounding area's water content and/or moisture content. Even the slightest bit of water is something I can use.

Second Stage:
Granted I'm near a lake or large pond I can take the water into my body and successfully freeze my own self over. Then once my body temperature has dropped to -218C the ice defence comes off. Now with a single exhale anything within a mile around me becomes frozen over and anything touching it will too succumb to instant death (from frostbite!)

Third Stage:
Somewhat of a genjutsu technique. You will see nothing but snow. You feel nothing but cold. I touch your chest and you heart immediately stops beating, your lungs stops breathing. You become nothing but snow. This is happening for real though. Hey and now I can use you for my own benefits!

Side effects: Until my body temperature is back to normal, I cannot move and am unconscious stuck in the snowy realm genjutsu-type 3rd stage of my demon. So somebody better bring me some hot chocolate or something, okay?!?

you two have both such elegant demons
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23 / F / Canada, eh
Posted 3/19/08
thank you! that makes me feel special !!!
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22 / F
Posted 3/19/08
w-wow! A-Arigatou!!! Im so grateful you think so!
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25 / M / Chicago
Posted 3/20/08
First Stage I active my demon when i get angry.Red stuff goes around me and cant stop the demon moves really fast and is really stronge

Second Stage same thing as the first stage but has a sword to stike anything down

Third Stage my movements are slow but a am really huge can not stop
Iam really weak and pass out
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M / in the darkest sh...
Posted 4/25/08
~stage 1~
I am a fire demon I have a black body with flame red markings black spiked hair and red eyes.

~stage 2~
I am a shadow demon with a hooded black cloak and a scythe I have yellow eyes and a red skin.

~stage three~
I have white hair and a white body I controll all elements
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27 / F / Gone Forever ;(
Posted 7/11/08
First Stage - I Gain Control of The element I'm closest to, Like if I'm near a fire I'll gain the Element Fire etc...And if your wondering about air, I'd have to be somewhere high up to get the Air Element.

Second Stage - In this Stage I get a Strange aura & I Get a Demonic sword which can absorb other elements and I can Hypnotize my opponent

Final Stage - My Full Demon comes out and has the power of both the stages together and I go on a Rampage, This stage is rarely ever seen.
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