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Favorite Online Game
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54 / M
Posted 5/6/12
Dragona Global, new game just came out this Jan 2012
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Posted 5/16/12 they also have star supremacy and more..
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25 / M / Ohio USA
Posted 5/19/12 , edited 5/19/12
Ignore what's in blue if you don't want to hear me rant.

A vast majority of MMO's a really hate. Most issues I have with most is, poor graphics(not as big of a deal), poor gameplay, items feeling intangible or irrelevant to the player, and either being too complicated or too repetitive. Oh and don't forget the communities of some...

But a few MMO's I've really enjoyed playing. Here's a list with the ones I like, starting with greatest to least:
Final Fantasy XI
Eve Online
Jade Dynasty

atm I'm trying out a new(new to me that is) game called Ryzom. I still haven't gotten a chance to play it that much yet.
Posted 5/24/12
Maple Story but i stop. Now im addicted to MMO games now.
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31 / M / Perth, Western Au...
Posted 6/2/12
I just can't get away from WoW been playing for 7 years now
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25 / M / USA Tracy CA
Posted 6/4/12
Starcraft(7 years)
Eden Eternal(1 year)
Grand Fantasia(Currently playing)
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24 / M / United States
Posted 6/19/12 , edited 6/19/12
Ew...too many asian MMOs like Ragnarok and such *shudder* Those graphics and such make my eyes bleed....
As for me, I played...
World of Warcraft (about 7 years or so, didn't take it seriously till TBC hit which was the best)

Currently playing:
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Finally moved on from a childish cartoony MMO like WoW to a real, hardcore gorgeous looking one like SWTOR, though there are times when I miss my buddies in WoW, but my god the raiding in SWTOR blows WoW out of the water, though honestly WoW has better / funner dailies and dungeons....all MMOs have their ups and downs, I just can't find myself playing cruddy-looking games like Dragon Nest or Ragnarok without gouging my eyes out, but I did have fun with Dragon Nest at first, then it turned into your usual Asian video game and turned into a horrible, boring buttcrap of a grind to level up midway through...just like Aion was...I liked most things in Aion, that was pretty damn fun and new, but I just hated the leveling....can play 8 hours a day and only get 1 level in Aion, such a damn grind fest...
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26 / M
Posted 6/20/12
Tera.. 'nough said.
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30 / F / Europe
Posted 7/15/12
I was into Ragnarok Online for a while, but my first true love in MMORPGs was Ultima Online. That game had unlimited potential...
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27 / M
Posted 8/6/12

im sad not going to be able to play MOP expac entil july of next year!!!
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20 / M / Indiana
Posted 8/8/12
At the moment I am going to have to say League of Legends :D
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19 / M / Canada
Posted 8/19/12
I used to be a Runescape and Pokemon Indigo addict
But now I play age of empires 2 mostly but when i want to play a mmo, i play Bullet Run (fps).
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28 / M / Never Neverland (...
Posted 8/27/12
Used to be FFXI, WAR/NIN FTW, that being said i started WoW late , and never really appreciated it , Aion made it second to my list, followed by LOTRO (Lord Of The Rings Online), Currently Playing the Japanese version of PSO2 and El Sword somewhat ... with minor games of League of legend ... which really is considered a MOBA....other than that the computer is used for Crunchyroll, music, and Facebook lol.
Posted 9/21/12
Ragnarok, 02jam,, Maple Story, Special Force, Grand Chase & Freestyle
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22 / M / Essex, UK
Posted 9/21/12
Guild Wars 2 after my over-obsession with Sword Art Online! Currently on the Piken Square server if anyone is interested. On a side note. I barely have any idea what I'm doing

You can PM me for details. Fairy snuff? Good...
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