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Favorite Online Game
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27 / M / at my house ? o.0'
Posted 12/7/12
thats not even a mmo... -.-
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41 / M / Charleston, SC
Posted 12/12/12
FFXI. Still the experience that I compare other MMO's to.
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Posted 12/18/12
guild wars 2 is awesome, just bought it,... although it doesnt have the same game life length as wow since there is no endgame but it sure is fun tinkering around with no major goal.... wow is great cept when you work graveyard shift and cant find a decent raiding guild on your schedule and Dota is just another version of League of legends and i really dont consider it a mmorpg. everquest 1 was the best... everything after that has been falling short with exception of WoW but its so old and getting boring. I want guild wars 2 to be updated for endgame and i would stay there forever
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20 / M
Posted 12/18/12
This game is freaking awesome!!!!

-Join the community of 12,240 active players
-Become a soldier, company owner or president of the entire country!
-Economy run entirely by players
-Balanced map with 50 countries and 300 territories
-Run for a congress or presidential office
-Participate in wars and battles
-Become a part of your country community
-Trade products or currencies with other players
-Sign contracts, lend, borrow money to other players
-Compete with other players in and gain achievements
-Earn money by working, fighting or managing companies
-Team up with your friends and create a military unit

-Become a newspaper redactor and gain subscribers

This is some of the top news of what there is happen between some of the strongest country

USA, Lithuania, and Russia enter into the following Non-Aggression Pact for days 109 - 139 with the following terms:

1. USA and Lithuania will enter into a peace agreement.
2. Lithuania will return Moscow and Northwestern Russia to Russia.
3. USA will return Kamchatka and Siberia to Russia.
4. Russia will not declare war or fight against Lithuania, USA, China, or South Korea.
5. Russia will not start or fight in resistance wars in Western Russia or North Caucasus.
6. Lithuania and USA will not declare war or fight against Russia provided that Russia complies with item 4.
7. Lithuania will guarantee Russia that Sweden will not declare war on Russia.
8. The governments of Lithuania and USA will discourage their citizens from fighting in battles against the other's flag. Lithuania and USA can continue to fight against allies of the other party.
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30 / F
Posted 1/7/13
I've been playing Guild Wars 2 recently. Sort of addicted. :3
Posted 1/10/13
Mine would have to be Aion ... the graphics and story is just great, plus I love that you can fly <3
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21 / O / Sweden
Posted 1/13/13
My favorite is Wonderland Online. (^_^)b
Posted 1/14/13
The graphics are amazing
Dragon Nest
I like the combat system and the anime-style graphics
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26 / M / Washington
Posted 1/18/13
Ragnarok Online, played on the private server RebirthRO with a past girl friend for quite a while.
Actually watching SAO right now and it's making me want to go back and play for a bit haha.
Final Fantasy 11, same as above except for the private server.

And finally loving Guild Wars 2 right now
But I can't wait for Phantasy Star online 2 to arrive over here in the states!
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M / Chicago, IL
Posted 1/19/13
I am currently getting into GW2. It would be nice if I knew some people to quest with or become a part of a guild so I understand the game a little better.
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26 / M / Washington
Posted 1/20/13
well you're more than welcome to join my guild, it's only me and my buddy at the moment but we have a lot of fun. The game is balanced so even on a level 62 character I can play with you in the earlier levels so it's still a lot of fun. We play on the Jade Quarry server, our guild is Canard. Hit me up if you want, the more the merrier :)

Also, server transfers are free right now until the 28th
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29 / F / Somewhere in Asia...
Posted 1/22/13
Bringing back the good old days...

Everquest - at the time this game was new and even today you wouldn't find a game with more adventure and mystery + 3D graphics.

This is the first time MMO games really started getting widespread media coverage, player freak-outs over account deletions, 60 + player Guilds getting banned for bug exploits.

In everquest there was a boss called the sleeper that was designed to be unbeatable, but hardcore players eventually found a way : )

Getting lost in zones... Hopefully some new games have some of these features again
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M / Auckland
Posted 2/2/13
Rift: Storm Legion
Wizardry Online
Blacklight: Retribution

Best games out right now, go play them
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Cade's PANTS!
Posted 2/5/13
Well, Dragon Nest. :3
Posted 2/8/13
- Maplestory
- Grand Fantasia
- Dragon Nest
- Eden Eternal
- Team Fortress 2
- Left 4 Dead 1 and 2
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