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this is a forum for LEE SEUNG GI... you can talk about him (lee sung gi)...

- bashing
- comparing

as requested by tisyamey i'll post his x-man, love-letter, and other sitcoms he was in.. but pls. be patient.. for i need to find them everywhere.. but i can't promise that his videos will have english subtitles.. but if you can find them (videos) you can post it here too...


Lee Seung Ki injured during 1 Night 2 Days

Ballad singer Lee Seung Ki broke his finger during the taping of popular reality show 1 Night 2 Days last Saturday. Despite his injury, Lee Seung Ki was a good sport and completed the taping.

Lee Seung Ki had to undergo surgery when he returned to Seoul on Sunday and was told that he needs his finger cast for about a month. Although Lee Seung Ki expressed his desire to stay with the show, his management company is having second thoughts.

SG had a broken his index finger(fracture) on his shooting in 1N2D.
They had a game shaking body or somehing like so tough and all staff think sg’s injury was not that much big. And also sg had the same view as well.

But as soon as the shooting ends, he got to feel terrible pain and immediately went to the hospital.

The doctor said sg suffred a fracture of his index finger so his index’s finger’s bone was broken. That needs taking surgery in Seoul right now. Sg was in Jeju Island at that day because of their shooting, so sg had to go to Seoul by plane quickly.

He had a surgery in the middle of the night on his finger.
I heard that some iron was inserted in that finger. oh my god…
I hope he get beeter soon.
Anyway surgery was well done.

According to the various news (internet paper) ,Until he get normal state, it’ll take for about 1-2 months.

All of the Staff in 1N2D is worry about that because sg’s portion and popularity is so big thesedays.

But sg’s will to join in 1n2d is so strongly and the producer consider input of sg in the program in a row.

I think sg had a great affection to the 1n2d even though he is in the bad condition.

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Lee Seung Gi and Chae Yeon COUPLE IN LOVE LETTER


Loveletter Season 2 - Loveletter 24 ep.49 1/8
Loveletter Season 2 - Loveletter 24 ep.49 2/8
Loveletter Season 2 - Loveletter 24 ep.49 3/8
Loveletter Season 2 - Loveletter 24 ep.49 4/8
Loveletter Season 2 - Loveletter 24 ep.49 5/8
Loveletter Season 2 - Loveletter 24 ep.49 6/8
Loveletter Season 2 - Loveletter 24 ep.49 7/8
Loveletter Season 2 - Loveletter 24 ep.49 8/8
Loveletter Season 2 - Loveletter 24 ep.50 1/8
Loveletter Season 2 - Loveletter 24 ep.50 2/8
Lovetter Season 2 - Loveletter 24 ep.50 3/8
Loveletter Season 2 - Loveletter 24 ep.50 4/8
Loveletter Season 2 - Loveletter 24 ep.50 5/8
Loveletter Season 2 - Loveletter 24 ep.50 6/8
Loveletter Season 2 - Loveletter 24 ep.50 7/8
Loveletter Season 2 - Loveletter 24 ep.50 8/8

Info abt the injury of Lee Seung Gi during 1N2D shooting
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xman#61 ep.133 1/8 Michelle Wei Special 1
xman#61 ep.133 2/8 Michelle Wei Special 1
xman#61 ep.133 3/8 Michelle Wei Special 1
xman#61 ep.133 4/8 Michelle Wei Special 1
xman#61 ep.133 5/8 Michelle Wei Special 1
xman#61 ep.133 7/8 Michelle Wei Special 1
xman#61 ep.133 8/8 Michelle Wei Special 1
xman#61 ep.134 1/8 Michelle Wei Special 2
xman#61 ep.134 2/8 Michelle Wei Special 2
xman#61 ep.134 3/8 Michelle Wei Special 2
xman#61 ep.134 4/8 Michelle Wei Special 2
xman#61 ep.134 5/8 Michelle Wei Special 2
xman#61 ep.134 6/8 Michelle Wei Special 2
xman#61 ep.134 7/8 Michelle Wei Special 2
xman#61 ep.134 8/8 Michelle Wei Special 2
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Interesting things

Seung Gi was asked about several things... as you can see down here, accounting, cyworld, food, vacation,etc...

They asked him about who manages his money, and he said his mother... he doesn't really worry about that, cuz he knows that he's not going to get ripped off by her...

Why doesn't he have one? cuz he says he is not too interested into that... he doesn't do cyworld as much (meaning he does it a little bit) and that taking pictures and posting them up for people to leave comments is not something he likes... hand his manager says instead of him that seung gi is not very good handling computers...

He thinks acting is fun... and now that he has been casted for the new weekend KBS drama as the character of 황태자, he realizes that it's harder and different than a sitcom... from learning the part and practicing with his acting teacher...

He says that he doesn't have a favorite, but likes �food that one makes for him/herself. He says he's good at making 볶음 밥 (bo kkoom bab) he puts the rice and puts two eggs and when it's done, eats it with ketchup...

Listening to music... he says that during the week he listens to his own song... and laughs, cuz it must also be weird to listen to his own songs... most artists just listen to it during the recording session, but he says that he believes that what he hears during the recording sessions is different to the final outcome, so he tends to listen to all his songs after his album came out...

Seung Gi got famous for his song in his first album "because you're my girl" where it seemed he liked older women... he says though that he doesn't really know what fondness or truly liking someone is, cuz he has never dated... (he's so cute!! I wonder who his first love will be.

He says he has rivals among senior singers and newbie singers cuz he can learn from all of them... he says that when he sees someone perform he gets a feedback from that performance that tells him to do better to practice more and to sing better so he can sing like those good artists he sees or even better... (he's a perfectionist)

They asked him how he was in tests... cuz he's famous for being smart too and for being a responsible student, who also was student president during his second year in high school... he says that he never got first place in a test, but second place... He was first among his class, but not the whole grade... (which i think is great!!) In Korea, for those who don't know, if you get first place out of your whole grade in tests, you're considered to be a good student and a candidate for student gov positions and stuff... and teachers like you....

He never had a vacation, cuz he had to practice since his first year in high school for music and prepare for two years and in his third year he debuted... he never went on a trip with friends and he says he felt bad when no one mentioned it to him or invited him or even mentioned a travelling plan to him...

He says that he wants to be really good at singing and an acting... he puts as an analogy "I want to catch two rabbits at once and do it perfectly" he doesn't want to be in second place ever... he wants to be the best at what he does... He says he'll show different facets, but as he sings and acts, he will live a trademark and wants to be remembered for how amazing he was at these two things...
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- Rediscovery of HER-DANG Lee Seung Gi -

"I didn't know my foolishness is like this too much."

Throughout TV show IN2D, he has gained his nick name "HER-DANG Seung gi". Thesedays this 4 letters nickname is one of the most hot gossip among the people.

With interview in the afternoon on 5th, he had a cast on his left index finger. During the shooting on 23th of the last month in Jeju Island, he had a broken finger falling down to the lawn field. "It happens a lot. It could be with men's playing" He's smiling saying like this.

"During the filming, 20 cameras is working for 40 hours and recording our every single action. So it is impossible to calculate something or act pretending. We recognize the cameras only for 1 hour from the start. And then... We forget the cameras."

"From the beginning (first shooting), I even put on make up right after getting up in the morning" But not now. He naturally shows his bloated face and hair in mess without hesitation. Who's the most interested in appearance? He said KHD. The first question he asked in the morning "How about my hair? How do I look?" But really funny thing is that he never wash. "Even though we have a shooting 2n3d, I have never seen taking a shower or washing his face."

First time, he thought sleeping outdoors under heavy snow or strong wind is just program concept. But that was sorrowful fact in that site. He was shocked that this is real not fake. They are really working hard and feel exhausted but everytime standing in front of camera they get the powerful energy again.
"I couldn't have experiences that field trip or travel with colleagues in my campus life because of my entertainer works. But throughout this program, I can blow that sorrow.
The last episode part, the producer forced him to make a long term contract 2020 half in jest, half in earnest. "By that time, I will be 34 years old with my Jr. her-dang (his baby) in 1n2d. It will be really good for us to join together with the rest of member's babies into 1n2d"

He said he couldn't help showing the different aspect between Singer LSG and HER-DANG SG. "When I'm on the stage, I should concentrate to show my everything only for 3 minutes with well polished look. But in 1N2D, I can have a space to show my nature aspect and not polished part. There is a natural person in it. These both aspects are also me."

source: Naver

Lee Seung Gi - I'll Give You All MV [When A Man Loves A Woman part 2]

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20071003 Lee Seung Gi & Yangpa SCAR DEEPER THAN LOVE SBS-R


After the applause - you can see a girl walking into the booth with a printout of reactions that came in from netizens during the performance.
Radio Host - WOW. It's absolute bedlam right now.
LSG - (also realizing how awesome the moment was considering they did this for the first time without practice, he says the feeling's great right now)
Radio Host - I mean, I just went to the bathroom knowing that you guys were singing a duet, but man, it's really gotten insane (looking at the listeners reactions that were printed out).
LSG - I never sang this before - I would only hear it a lot at karaoke bars, and thought it was a good song, but man... (again, saying that he didn't know that the song would come out this great upon singing it)
Yangpa - I recently sang this with kim Heechul on TV, but it wasn't blended, we just each did a verse (I think she's basically acknowledging that her performance with Heechul sucked)
Radio Host - How is that you guys sing like you guys have been singing together forever - you guys are too much!
LSG - Haha, but you know what? We were going to just do a verse each but there (wasn't any direction) so that's why we sang the whole song.
Radio Host - oh really?
Yangpa - yeah, even I was kinda like, do we have to sing the whole thing?
Radio Host - (he reads off a handful of comments from the netizens - "that was amazing", "no matter what, you guys need to do a duet in each other's next albums")
Yangpa - that would be nice
Radio Host - Again, how do you sing like you guys have been singing together your whole lives?
LSG - I'm sweating, I'm sweating (he means he's sweating like you sweat after a good workout, or good sex? HAHA)
Yangpa - I'm a little weak in the knees [from the performance]
Radio Host - Wow...

credits:soompi forum -- Lee Seungi


Q: If you wouldn't have a job as a singer, what would you do in your lifetime? (interview with YOEN-YE-GA-JUNG-GE at KBS)

A : Maybe normally architect. designer for architect.

MY NOTE) In Interview a few years ago, he mentioned that he wanted to be a sports player once. In conclusion, his dream was architect or sports player...

Q : How old would you like to marry? (happy together at kbs)
A : Around 30.
Q: Is it okay with NUNA (older than his)? (happy together at kbs)
A : If I like her. yeah.

Q: Frankly, what grade or rank is the best through your school life?
A: (Very embarrassed...) A HAHA. the number 1 in my class.

my note) I heard that his best grade in his high school life was top 2 in the whole classes. Of course at that time, he's the top 1 in his own class.

And the worst result was 8 in his class because of his rock band activities. He made his mind to quit the band because of his fallen grade. So he had the last perform for his studying in dae-hak-ro (street name). Luckily in that perform, Lee Sun Hee (his company representatives and legendary singer in 80s in Korea) found out him. The only sg of the band picked up as a candidate for singer at HOOK ENTERTAINMENT. I heard that the first time he met LSH was when he was 10th grade at that time. He have trained for 2 years to debut as a singer in tv.

Q: About his first love.

my note) There weren't much information about that, But I'll tell you as far as I know. This is all I know about that.

His first love was a girl who attended same academic institute after school.

(Korean students do study very hard so most students take a lesson after school by private tutor or academic institute)

They met in same academic institute when he was 9th grade, I think she was the same age. He said she was quite popular among the boys. (As you know that story at Yashuimmanman that another boy flirted with his girl friend. So he contacted him not to flirt with her on his cell phone by text message. But the boy has gone to travel to see beach~... that story kk)

They have met each other for about 1 year. And then he went to high school(10th) and started rock band activities. And his girl friend went abroad to study Music to Boston in USA at that time. They finally broke up with.

But I think he is having some affection to her still. At his first concert, as he told his old stories showing his pictures, he was saying to her "What do you do now? ..." I think he misses her a little bit. Isn't it natural thing? Because his fresh first love. ^^

And the second love, as you know, the girl who go in Dong-gook University.

He said she was older than him by 1 year. He confessed to her. But he got to realized soon that she already had a boy friend. So he didn't make it at all. There is no one who she is.

Q : About his cell phone.

Most people are very shocked a few months ago because sg haven't had cell phone for about 4 years. During his tr

aining season, he got rid of his own cell phone to concentrate on his debut. Of course his company also agreed on this.

Hong Rock Ki, who is entertainer and in BEAUTY TALK at KBS, said "If I want to talk to sg on the line, I should call his mom instead in the house. "Hi~ Where is Seung Gi, MOM?"

But recently about two month ago, we could discovery his new black cell phone named 'PRADA phone' by his NUNA fans.

Q : MOVING out to Chung-Dam-Dong.

SG originally lived in Kang-buk district when he was high school student.

(Seoul ciry is largely divided into 2 pieces. District upper of the Han River is called "Kang Book" and Districrt down of

the Han River is called "KangNam".)

But this place was very far from Hook entertainment in Chung-Dam-Dong of KangNam. He said it took three hours to got there and went home. So his family moved to Chung-Dam-Dong near hook entertainment.

Chung-Dam-Dong is one of the richest districts in Korea. Many entertainers live here or near here. And most entertainment companies are located at this district.

Q :his detailed personality

According to pd of 1n2d, sg really packs various possessions in his bag.

at least 5 hats, multi vitamin pills, face roller, toner, emulsion and hand cream,

washing stuff, electric shaver, brief and several outfits...etc. nowadays he prepares three kinds of vitamin pills for each Hyung.

Q : If you have some memories that you really erase through your entertainer life, tell us about ? (interview with YOEN-YE-GA-JUNG-GE at KBS)
A : The moment I danced. ahahaha. ;;

Q: Which part is the best one in your body? (Hong Jin Kyung's radio show)
A: My bottom (hips). really hip up. haha.

Q : Is it possible to live without cell phone? Is it real? (Hong Jin Kyung's radio show)
A : Yes. I don't have cell phone.
Q : Let's say you don't feel uncomfortable at all, but what's that guilty to the people around you? haha.
A : Umm... I have a very simple life cycle. I nearly stay at home when I take a break. I do watching something (tv drama or movies). Going to my college, my home, gym, and visiting my entertainment company sometimes. That's nearly all places I go.
Q : You are the man who have too admirable life style. ahaha..;;

Q : When did you do your first kiss? (Hong Jin Kyung's Radio show)
A : When I was 12th grade.
With whom? I don't wanna mention it. no specific. ^^
Q : That was very good for you though. Because of your life cycle you told in this studio, I though you have never kissed through your lifetime.

(my note) There is same question like this about his first kiss.

I don't know exactly what the show was, but I think that was a interview? maybe.

In that interview with M.NET(I'm not sure but), the reporter persistently asked who she was. SG said "Oh... that the hospital." "oh, hospital? what happened? Why were you in there...?"

"uh,,, because I was in shooting my music video. that was my first kiss." (Because you're my woman Music Video) The reporter looked so embarrassed, aha~. So witty guy...

Q: What's the meaning the words "the one who I recently become a fan" in your third album at 'thanks to' section?" (Hong Jin Kyung's radio show)

A: During my rest time, I have watched TV drama from abroad very much. One of them, there is a japanese tv drama "1L Of Tears". I was getting to fall into the character role by SAWAGIRI ERIKA. I became a real fan through that tv drama. So I put it down. SAWAGIRI ERIKA!! Of course I also like KIMURA TAKUYA, who is very popular in Korea, among the japanese actors.

Q : You go Dong-Kook University. We have the same college. What's your major? (Hong Jin Kyung's radio show)
A: I was majoring in Journalism first but I transferred to International commercial relations.
Q : Why did you transfer?
A : I thought that doesn't fit for me unexpectedly. Even though I have studied for 2 years in Journalism, I transferred to another major.
Q: What field do you study in your new major, International commercial relations? It sounds like so hard.
A: It's a kind of trade that deal with international market.
Q : OH.... such as foreign exchange, economics, and finance?
Suddenly you look so great.
A: haha, I also don't clearly understand what that means during my class.

Q : I heard you're still in getting taller?
A : Yeah, many people said I'm getting taller than before.
Q : How tall are you now?
A : I don't know exactly. Actually I don't measure on purpose. If there aren't much, I would disappointed at. so...
But that was true taller than before.
Q: How fresh, How young you are. You're still in growth period.

(my note) his height is 184 now. I heard one fan asked that question in person at another radio show. I read that from leeseungki fan site.

credits: soompi forum -- Lee Seung Gi
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Lee Sook Young's Power FM (Radio Show. 10/7, 2007) -

Q : How about your campus life? I thought you don't have much time to go to college.

A: Yeah, You're right. So I have took care of this problem replacing my paper instead.

Q : What about your total credits?

A : Actually it's not good.

But I don't have problem to pass the course. ^^

Q : Do you get to know female colleagues?

A : Oh... Not yet. I don't have girl friend at all.

From when I was a high school student, I haven't have a girl friend so I feel comfortable to hang out with male friends.

Q : I think you don't have much fun in your life. haha...

A : I sometimes feel regret about this.

Because most male friends are in the military service now.

There is no one I can contact these days.

Q : I think no one believe your words.

You look very popular among the girls because you seem to look very comely and gentle.^^

OK then... What about among the entertainers?

A : Worse. ^^

Q : What about ZO ZUNG RIN?

A : She's like a sister to me.

Q : Don't you have a cell phone still?

A : No, I don't have a cell phone.

Q : How can you live without the cell?

A : Do it. I recommend that.
Unexpectedly it's quite good.

Q : Have you ever dated with NUNA?

A: No.

But I just had a one sided love experience once.

I prefer the woman who I can learn from and depend on.

Q : This time for SPEED Q&A.

Answer the questions quickly, please.

A : Alright.

Q : What time do you get up in the morning?

A: At 10 o'clock.

Q : What's the first doing after getting up in the morning?

A: Watching TV.

Q : What's your nickname?

A: Dol-sik-i (It sound like country boy's name that naive and ignorant in Middle Ages ^^ so cute and innocent boy's name)

Q : When is your first love?

A: When I was in 9th grade.

Q : When is your last love?

A: When I was in 10th grade.

Q : The recent movie you watched?

A: The Simpsons Movie.

Q : The credits of the last semester?

A: 3.2 points.

Q : Oh~~not bad~~ ^^

What kind of person in the class?

A : Quite person.

Q : What's your favorite song in KARAOKE?

A: Because you're my woman. ^^

Q : Express your personality just by one line?

A : Honesty...

Q : What's your strong point?

A : The mind that I willing to live justifiably and fairly...

Q : What's your weak point?

A : too cautious to others.

Q : Wow. times up~~

(turning to normal situation)

Q : What's your blood type?

A: B.

Q : What do you do during your free time?

A: Doing exercise in fitness club, reading, and preparing next schedule.

Q : You have too monotonous life to youngster.

What's your favorite motto?

A : Let's live a good life.

Q : If you evaluate yourself, what points would do you get?

A : 81-2 points...?

Q : To be honest with you, if I could go back to my college student life, you're my ideal type. I really like decent man
like you . ^^

A : Oh... Thank you... ^^

- Park Soo Hong's radio show. 3 / 31, 2008 -

Q : Is there anyone who fall in love at first sight?

A : Umm.... I think I have a type that fall in love at first sight.

Q : How many girls did you fall in love at first sight?

A : Ahaha.. One or two?

Q : Go on now...?

A: No.

Q : What kind of type that you express your favor to girl?

Frankly or baldly? For example "Shall we have some coffee or tea?"

A : (Smiling) No. I can't do straight talk like that.

Even though I think of her so much and have butterfly in my stomach, I pretend not to like her at all around there.

And when I take the chance to talk to her, I speak nothing to do with her or my mind to her.

Q : When you jumped into the sea in mid-winter in 1n2d, what were you thinking about?

A: I had the only thinking that "I want to eat the dinner." That's all.

As you know our program doesn't offer something to eat freely. So when we're shooting this show, we naturally

dangle to challenge to survive.

Q : AHAHA ;;;;

- Super Junior's Kiss the Radio - Radio show - (3/31, 2008)

Q : If you have a girl friend, what would you like to do with her?

A : Normal things. such as... watching movies... and going to travel.

Yeah. I want to travel with her.

Q : What's your ideal type on appearance?

A : Umm... Well...

Q : Is it good that she's pretty?

A : Of course... a pretty girl is fine...

But I don't have a specific type of that.

Q : What about the skin, huh?

good skin is better?

A : ahaha... well. of course. good skin is better.

Q : Tell us about the height.

A : I really don't care about the height.

I would prefer shorter rather than taller.

About 161cm...

Q : Huh?

A : (he reacts response)


Yeah. by 166cm.

Q : What about the hair style then?

long hair is good?

A : Well... yeah. Most men have a fantasy about the long hair...

Q : You have dimples. How about the girl who have dimples?

A : Well.. Yeah... I like that.

Q : How could you do that? You said you don't have specific hoping, but you revealed to have lots of conditions

about the ideal type.

A : (SG is embbarrased) ahaha ;;;

Q : SG is so nice that he is tangled in evil gangster. so sorry.~

translated into English by suncastles
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Lee Seung Gi Buys His Own Pirated CD in China

Singer Lee Seung Gi revealed that he actually bought his own “compliation” album that he had never released before in China.

In an episode of Happy Together Season 3 on 10th July, Lee Seung Gi revealed something that made him happy and sad at the same time during his 1N2D Baekdusan Special. He revealed that while they were filming, he actually found copies of “Best of Lee Seung Gi” compliation album being sold.

He expressed, “The cover of the pirated album was actually photos of me at my concert and when I was being interviewed and put together. There were a total of 19 songs and I even bought bought one for keepsake.”

credit: coolsmurf domain
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awh most of his vid's are not on youtube anymore *ugh hate youtube for that* i cant watch him anymore there were a lot of funny vids of him. oh well that sucks...
anyway he is so sweet... and the pirated album of him hahahah... i cant believe he bought one
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Lee Seung Gi & Kim Sun Ah - Max Beer CF

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Posted 2/23/09 , edited 2/24/09
Lee Seung-ki graduates

Lee Seung-ki graduates with a undergraduate degree from Dongkuk University on February 21st. The 22 year old managed to graduate in 4 years time. And like a good boy and wannabe “om-chin-ah” Lee Seung-ki plans to extend his studies into graduate school. Gooood luck.

YAY Congratulations!
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Posted 4/26/11 , edited 4/26/11
Aigoo thanks so much for the info, I have some things I didn't knew about him but now I'll not forget lol
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