Themed AMV Competition
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Posted 3/2/08 , edited 4/3/08
Themed AMV Competition


The idea of this competition is that you are given a theme and 1 month in which to create a AMV that matches that theme. The contest will be jugded my myself and the MODs because the amount of enteries for this contest is unlimited but it is ony one per person per month. The contest will end on the 29th of the month and the winner will be announced on the 1st of the next month. The rules are the same for this contest as the AMV of the Month with slight differences.

There are three rules:
The AMV must have been made by you.
A music video can only be submitted once if it does not win, it cannot be submitted again for another month. This includes AMV of the Month, if you have alread submitted it before as AMV of the Month then you cannot enter it here or vice versa.
All videos must be on CR, it keeps things fair because on other sites better quality may be avaliable and that doesn't seem fair for the people that have only uploaded on CR. Since the competition is based on CR it seems logical to have them based from there in the contest.

Your theme this month is: Magical

You can do anything with this theme, it can have any other theme or any song with it with it but it needs to portray the theme of Magical

Good Luck.

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Last Winner:
Faced Paced

Advent Children - The people fight again (various songs from the AC soundtrack)
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Posted 4/3/08 , edited 4/4/08
I guess this is the amv that is closest to the requirements of Magical.

Anime: Air
Song: Our Farewell
Artist: Within Temptation
User: qweruiop
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Posted 4/24/08 , edited 4/25/08
This my best Animation Music Video yet!

Animation: Draagon Ball Z
Song: Phenomenon
Artist: Thousand Foot Krutch
Made by: narutosonic330
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Posted 4/28/08 , edited 4/28/08
anime: Naruto
song: Apology
artist: Alesana
made by: 99faith
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