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Posted 9/4/09 , edited 9/5/09

Djdeathly wrote:

amshell is one of the two people (including the first joel) at the birth of saya and diva right?

i guess so...
cuz in the ep where saya's and diva's origin were revealed
i think amshell was there

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Posted 10/5/09 , edited 10/5/09

saya_hagi wrote:

FireflyLeo wrote:

ivoryclaw wrote:

I have a question. I can't really say it that well, though. Is Saya capable of making her own chiropterans (not chevaliers, okay :P)? Does she sort of need Amschell to have them? (that sounds weird doesn't it?)

She probably could in the same way Diva's lower level Chiroptera were made through a supplement. If you mean can she have babies like Diva did, then yes she would need either Amshel, Solomon, James, or Karl to do that, but we all know that's not really possible.

I do have one question though. In one of the episodes, Amshel, Soloman, and Nathan brought Diva some dude, and they made it seem as if she wanted to make him a chevalier. he had been "chosen" they said.

What ever happened to the dude?

huh? which ep was that?
i think i might've watched it and mayb forgotten about that part
was it the time when diva was lying on a sofa wearing a kinda like a black dress?

Are you referring to Karl?
Karl wasn't chosen by Diva, but brought to her by Amshel and the others for some sort of experiment.
Therefore, Diva didn't really care much for him, and he went a bit loony.
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