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Posted 3/12/08 , edited 3/13/08
And when is the LupEnd gonna come out?
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Posted 3/14/08 , edited 3/14/08

Polaris7 wrote:

And when is the LupEnd gonna come out?

idk probly 2009
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Posted 3/14/08 , edited 3/14/08

crasyjak wrote:


Before i get to the music.... a bit of personal info about Lupe

After the success of Food & Liquior a year later Lupe's dad dies, his business partner & close friend (Chilly... thats what all the Free Chilly is about).... he gets locked up for nearly a lifetime sentence over some drug charges, & His Aunt gets murdered in a violent robbery. [all of this is covered in the song +Fighters+]... that some of the reason why the album is said to be kinda dark

i think Lupe is experiencing the Eminem syndrome.... the Fame & pressure seems like its starting to get to him

@ first i thought the 3 characters (the Cool, Streets, & Game) on the Cool were symbolic of the 3 loved ones Lupe has lost.... (there might be some linkage but im not quite sure)

Pre-Ludes to the Cool (from Food & Liquior):

He Say, She Say & The Cool (the song), you gotta peep these in order to know some of the beginings

The Cool:

The 4 basic songs are: The Coolest, Streets is on Fire, The Die & Put you on Game... all relating to each character

More of my findings later

ok starting with Food & Liquor.... the songs...

He Say, She Say - i believe that this song is about the child hood of Micheal Young History... at first i thought it was about Lupe's Childhood... which it might be... but i have Strong belief that its about Micheal Young History. 1 reason i belive this is becuz on The Cool (Album), the song "Little Weapon" is partially about how media is raising the youth of today becuz parents are absent/neglectful for whatever reason & i believe that there is mention about Micheal not having a father.

The Cool (the song from the album Food & Liquor) - The cool really just explains the story of Micheal Young History... (he goes into deeper explaination into the album The Cool) Basically... Micheal wakes up as a zombie... having no memories or real train of thought... hes climbs outta his grave, & travels back home to continue life. Accustomed to the life of the streets the 1st thing Micheal does is try to get some drugs to sell. Ironically he walks by the same spot he was robbed & shot & deja vu occurs, the same ppl that came at him the first time put a gun to his head, but this time he ends by saying "Hustler for death, No heaven for a Gangster"

As u know, the 3 characters the album is based upon are Micheal Young History aka The Cool, the Streets, & the Game... (not the compton rapper lol)

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Posted 3/14/08 , edited 3/14/08
THE COOL (fka Micheal Young History)

Resurrected: Amongst the undead since September 2006

Birthplace: Six feet under the Earth's surface

Biography: The Cool is the physical manifestation of History's debt to humanity. Payback for every user abused and every family torn apart by History, The Cool walks amongst the living as a zombie. “He” – that term used lightly, considering The Cool isn't human – reeks of death, an ironic contrast to his polished three-piece-suit appearance. Searching for his purpose, The Cool haunts The Streets.

sidenotes: His only possessions—two diamond earrings, a gold chain, and a letter from History's eight-year-old sister.
Despite the long-finished settling of rigor mortis, the sharp sensation of three bullets constantly causes aching in The Cool.
Only one thought plays in his head like a broken record – "Hustler for death, no heaven for a gangster."


Born: Conceived thousands of years ago, when the first paths and roads were paved.

Birthplace: Unknown

Biography: A temptress like none other, The Streets possesses an uncanny knack for seduction and betrayal. An equal opportunity heartbreaker, she exudes an allure irresistible to both men and women. Some have accused her of pedophilia, having lured people into her tangled web at ages as immature as eight years old. The word “love” isn’t in her vocabulary – although The Game is her admitted soulmate. Yet, The Streets has always felt a peculiarly strong connection with Michael Young History.

sidenotes: Often referred to by her condemners as a "demon in a dress."
No stranger to loss, she's tattooed the names of her murdered ex-boyfriends across her breasts.
Her ambitions are clear upon eye contact, with dollar signs in the place of her pupils.
Witnesses to History's slaying reported seeing brown, almost Hennessy-colored tears roll down The Streets.


Born: Given life the moment the snake suckered Adam and Eve

Birthplace: The Garden of Eden

Biography: An immortal, soulless entity, The Game scours city blocks and country landscapes with equal menace. Scheming from morning until night, he changes targets like the wind – hustlers, politicians, celebrities, and impressionable youth have all succumbed to his charms. His most valued accomplice is his wife, The Streets. Together, this "Bonnie and Clyde" duo have affected the lives of every man, woman, and child. The victim closest to their affections, however, was Michael Young History, a tortured man seeking acceptance through fame and fortune. Of course, nothing from The Game comes without a price.

Sidenotes: Quite convincing, his foolproof method of touching minds is through blunt fingertips.
Through his wire-tapped ears, he’s able to hear the approaching of any enemy.
When not hovering over common society, he lives behind bars, plotting ways to see his son, Heroine, and secretly conversing with his marital lover, The Streets.
Despite carrying out such heartless actions, The Game does have a blood-pumping system – an amplified system pumping beats through woofer-like veins.

~texts straight from ... so its not bullshit

my analysis: The COOL loves the STREETS & was raised by the GAME. Since Micheal had no father the GAME became that fatherly figure for Micheal & together the STREETS & the GAME created the COOL
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Posted 3/14/08 , edited 3/14/08
and now i present to u .... the Cool.....

song #1 THE COOLEST (sequel to song The Cool)

the hook goes... "Lord please have sympathy, And forgive my cool young history..." -- my cool young history = "Micheal Y. History"


I love the Lord
But sometimes it's like that I love me more
I love the peace And I love the war
I love the seas And I love the shore
No love for no beach, Baby that's loyal
But she doesn't see, therefore I spoil
I trick, I fall, Run up in raw
I love her, with all my heart
Every vein, every vessel, Every bullet lodged
With every flower that I ever took apart
She said- that she would give me greatness
Status, placement above the others
My face would grace covers
Of the magazines of the hustlers
Paper, the likes of which that I had never seen
Her eyes glow green with the logo of our dreams
The purpose of our scene
The obscene obsession for the bling
She would be my queen, I could be her king
Together, she would make me cool
And we would both rule, forever
And I would never feel pain
And never be without pleasure, ever, again
And if the rain stops, And everything's dry
She would cry
Just so I can drink the tears from her eyes -the tears are the Henny tears she cried when micheal died
She'll teach me how to fly
Even cushion my fall
If my engines ever stall
And I plummet from the sky
But she will keep me high
And if I ever die
She would commission monuments on her bosom -the monuments on her breasts are the names of former dead lovers
To hum
Or maybe she'd retire as well
A match made in Heaven set the fires in Hell
And I'll be
The Coolest nigga what (repeat into chorus)

And so began our reign
The Trinity, her and I came
No weather man could ever stand
What her and I can
Hella hard
Umbrella whatever
Put plywood or propeller panes
And pray to God that the flood subside
'Cause you gonna need a Sub till he does reply
And not one of Jared's
You think it's all arid
And e'eryting's ivory
Another supply
That means another July
Inside my endless summer
That was just the eye of the Unger
'cause he is the cleanest among the
Younger, outstanding achieving up-and-comers
The ones that had deadbeat daddies
And well to do mommas
But not well enough to keep 'em from us
The ones that were fightin' in class
Who might not pass - the chorus from He Say She Say
Rap record pressured to laugh
At a life no fast
Can you feel it (can you feel it)
Is what I got asked
Do I love her (do I love her)
Said I don't know
Streets got my heart, Game got my Soul
One times my sunshine will never hurt ya soul
Quote to a client dishonored baby momma
Whose the momma to the daughter
That I had fathered from afar
My new lady gave a mercedes
And a necklace with a solid gold key - on the cover of the album there are 3 pics that represent the 3 characters... the symbol for the STREETS is a heart shaped lock... suggesting that the COOL has a very strong love for the Streets
Like the starter of a car, the opener of a door
Or two pounds of raw
You gave me a baby, but what about lately
Then ha ha ha ha ha, right up in her face G
There's more fish in the sea
I'm on my mission to be
The Coolest nigga what (repeat into chorus)

Come these are the tales of the cool
Guaranteed to go and make you fail from ya school
And seek unholy grails like a fool
And hang with the players of the pool
Fast talking of the hustle
No heaven up above ya, no hell underneath ye
And no one will receive thee
So shed no tear, when we're not here
And keep your faith as we chase
The Cool...

this song is about his love affair with the STREETS thru his journey of becoming cool... Anytime "SHE" is mentioned chances are its reffering to the STREETS.

The song +SUPERSTAR+ is the direct results of the STREETS... all of the promises of the world & material things fore-mentioned are manifested in the song +SUPERSTAR+

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Posted 3/15/08 , edited 3/15/08

The stars are alive, and the path is colliding
the plan is arriving, and she's out there smiling
the fear is upon us, the skies tried to warn us
their perils are goners, no children to mourn us
it's driving me crazy this whore is my lady
we've lost all our babies and God is amazing
the tick of the timer, the slip of the rhymer
the pimp and the riser your cross there you'll find her - this is like a prophecy... of the STREETS destructive coming

Death is on the tip of her tongue and - seduction will lead to death
dangers at the tip of her fingers
streets are on fire tonight

Disease the virus is spreading in all directions
no safe zone no cure and no protection
no symptoms define the signs of an infection
no vaccines, remedies, and no corrections
Quarantine the dreams and seal off the connections
don't let them in not a friend not a reflection
everybody's got it and want you to have it next and
don't accept them if you want to stay as an exception
no pill can heal the ill of this
sickness some are still in doubt of its existence
some call it forgiveness and some call it the vengeance
some say it's an exit and some say it's an entrance
the poor say the rich have the cure
the rich say the poor are the source
revolutionaries say it's physiological war
invented by the press, just to have something to report
some say the first case came from a maternity ward
some say a morgue, some say the skies, some say the floors
whores say the nuns, nuns say the whores
and everybody is sure
the scientist say it only affects the mind
the little boy said it only affects the girls
the preacher man said it's going to kill off the soul
a bum said it's going to kill the whole wide world.

Believe some say the neon signs by the
loudspeakers repeating that everything is fine;
a subtle solace to demolish the troubled conscience
of a popus with no knowledge and every freedom denied
every dream is designed and broadcasted
from the masters to the masses
from the antennas on the top of the shrines
refine the receiver and plant it
during the panic and short it, it reports back
everything in your mind, everything is lying
everything is dying, everything is a rule
everything is a crime, everything was here then
everything rewind the new
weather burned the feathers off everything flying
(And she likes it, and she loves it)
the sadness, the madness, the bash it
the lavish, the fastest, the clashes, the ashes to ashes
everything intertwined
my femme fatale my darling fraudulent angel
once caught her changing the batteries in her halo
receipt for her wings and everything that she paid for
and the address to the factory where they made those
scientist said she's all inside my mind
the little boy said what happened to all the girls
the preacher man said she's going to kill off your soul
the dope boy said it's the whole wide world

Its quite appearant that this song is about the STREETS... but i'm having difficulty on putting into words what exactly the STREETS are?

but here goes... the STREETS are....
-The pursuit of Money by anymeans... (most specifically by compromising your soul/morals)
-Temptation... temptation to something so attractive that it defyies all logic
-The Limelight... the fame, the ghetto star.... just being that person that is the ENVY of others
-The STREETS is a disease... a poison that BOTH attacks & satisfies the inside & outside of the body

- The STREETS represent... Lust & Envy

the streets are on fire.... but what type of Fire does Lupe speak of ?
-Does it reffer to Hell?
-Does it just mean that the block is hot?

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Posted 3/15/08 , edited 3/15/08
song #3 THE DIE (AKA the death of micheal young history)

1ST.... this song takes place BEFORE Micheal Y. History is killed... in fact this is the plot to kill him.... it goes back & forth between Lupe (friend) & Gemstones (foe)... the 2 are similar to the angel & devil on each shoulder


I present... the death... of The Cool!
(DIE!!) Well I heard like a group of cows, that all ya enemies wanna shot you down
They got AK-47s and a bunch of Mac 11s
semi-automatic weapons that produce "Kapows!"
Word on the street is, they all got heaters
They gon' hit you up and you ain't even gon' see it
You got a lotta money, I ain't tryna be funny
but they say, "Where you goin, you ain't even gon' need it"
They see you ridin 'round, shinin with ya fine round diamonds
pretty green-eyed lady
Been on the sideline plottin, while you primetime poppin
Hungry niggaz want a piece of your pastry
I suggest you protect yo' bakery, cause they comin for yo' head
And it's a bounty on that chain that's hangin from yo' neck, they said..

I don't know, what you've been told
in your ear, but I hear it's goin down
Somebody gotta - (DIE!!)
Don't know, what you been told in your ear
But, business goin round, somebody gotta (DIE!!)

Hit a nigga wit the mini-mac strap
Clap any nigga think he gettin Gs' down here
Enemy to any nigga gettin money on my honey
Man, I heard Micheal Young is the weed clown here
Run up on a nigga from the back wit a Mac
Gon' be strapped cause a nigga finna squeeze off ten
Run up on this nigga 'Lac, RAT-TA-TAT-TAT
Click CLACK, where this nigga at? I needs in
Shit is goin down ever I see him
Bump a nigga out like Oxy-10
And keep a couple of dollars up in the wallet
to pay the cops so they can never box me in
(DIE!!) - that's what I'm thinkin
while ridin around polishin this big pis-tol
I'ma catch him in the wind, pray the gun don't jam
So until we meet again, nigga it's cool!

[overlapping Chorus]
Maaan, can't believe none of that, man
You need to, you just need to relax man, trust me

[Lupe Fiasco]
Don't pay them niggaz no mind
They hatin on you, ain't nobody witta shotty
and plannin on doin a robbery, itchin to catch a body
Creepin in a stolen jalopy, out there waitin on you

I'm sittin in a stolen car, finna rob this nigga
Should I let the mini-Mac or the shotgun hit him?
I been waitin all day, tryna SPOT this nigga
I cain't let him get away, I'ma pop this nigga - UHH!!!

[Lupe Fiasco]
Plus they don't know about the chopper in the trunk
The Glocks in a box and the nine on tuck
The bulletproof glass, the 40's in the stash
You pull the steerin wheel and it pop on up

Forty caliber stashed up in the stash box
Bulletproof windows, you couldn't break em wit a padlock
Ak in the trunk, where the sounds bump
Two twin Glock 40's, and a nine in his damn crotch

[Lupe Fiasco]
Maaaaaaan, we finna go up in this club, show a lil' love
Get a few drinks, holla at some gurls
Snatch up a pair, leave outta there
Put some 'dro in the air, then go and get some grub

We finna go up in this club, show a lil' love
Get a few drinks, holla at some gurls
Snatch up a pair, leave outta there
Put some 'dro in the air, then catch a few slugs

[Lupe Fiasco]
Ay...ay, ay, pull over right here, I gotta take a pee
and don't go nowhere, nigga wait for me
and if some niggaz do kill you in the next few minutes
Just remember my nigga, it's a heaven for a G - THIS CONTRIDICTS "hustla 4 death, No heaven 4 a Gangsta"


[Lupe Fiasco - talking]
Ay ay, hold this right there I'll be
I'll be right back...

[Gemstones - talking]
(smokin & singin a Lupe song)
I run these motherfuckin streets, niggaz out here lookin for me!
Nigga, I wish a muthafucka would - AY NIGGA HURRY YO' ASS UP, NIGGA! DAMN! (shouts a Lupe)

[unknown voice]
(footsteps approaching and gun clicks)
Wassup now, nigga? *Six loud gunshots*
...Ain't too cool now, is you nigga?

Other than my 1 comment... this is pretty strait forward
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Posted 3/15/08 , edited 3/15/08

Don't you know that I run this place
And I've begun this race
Must I rerun this pace?

I'm the reason it's become this way
And their love for it is the reason I have become this praised
They, love my darkness
I've made them heartless
And in return, they have become my martyrs
I've been in the poem of many a poet and I reside in the art of many a artist
Some of your smartest have tried to articulate my whole part in this
But their fruitless in their harvest
The drow grows from my footsteps
I'm the one that they follow
I am the one that they march with
Through the back alleys and the black markets
The oval offices, the crack houses and apartments
Through the mazes of the queens
The pages of the sages and the chambers of the kings
Through the veinses of the fiends
A paper chase pager, Yo I'm famous on the scene
One of the oldest most ancientest things
Speak every single language on the planet nya' mean
I am the American dream, the rape of Africa, the undying machine
The overpriced medicine, the murderous regime
The tough guy's front, and the one behind the scenes
I am the blood of this city; its gas, water and electricity
I'm it's gym and it's math and it's history
The gun shots in the class
And you can't pass if you missing G
I taught them better than that
I taught them aim for the head, and hope they never come back
I'm glad ya daddy's gone baby, hope he never comes back
I hope he's with you mother with my hustlas high in my trap
I hope you die in this trash; I can't help it
All I hear when you crying is laughs
I'm sure somebody find you tied in this bag
Behind the hospital, little baby crack addicts had
Then maybe you can grow up and be a stripper
A welfare receiving, prostituting gold digger
You can watch on TV how they should properly depict ya
The river shall flow with liquor, quench your thirst on my elixirs
I am the safe haven for the rebel run away, and the resistor
The trusted misleader, the number one defender
And from a throne of their bones, I rule
These fools are my fuel so I make them cool - GAME makes COOL
Baptize 'em in the water out of Scarface pool
And feed em from the table that held the Corleone's Food
If you die tell em that you played my game
I hope your bullet holes become mouths that say my name
Cause I'm the {*gunshot*}


This is pretty straitforward as well... The GAME is...
-The Darkness inside of the hearts humanity... Greed, and a heartless disregard for life
-The GAME is the brains & the architech of the 3 figures...
-The GAME is a teacher to high school dropouts & a father to neglected children
-He is the Boss that stays in the shadows... that creates & uses puppets that he trains to become COOL, he profits from them becuz they are expendable...
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Posted 3/16/08 , edited 3/16/08
my nikka............this dude is fuckin seriously last week...i was not big on him at all...and every since i herd gold watch and intruder...i been jammin his shit.....old and new...the cool is a fuckin beast...and Food and Liquor is nasty too...currently listin to He say She say
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Posted 3/17/08 , edited 3/17/08
iight my observations (not as longs as jaks)

have not listin to the die yet, but i herd the cool, streets on fire, and put u on game......

the cool- this talks about some one who has passed on but has returned back. looking around at his surrounding and past he tells of how he dies, i think the collest is a sequel to it ill check it out

streets on fire (after i stop bangin my ears out because this song is so fucking sick i listin to the words) it tells of the streets being a female....and in love with the mad ness and chaos in the word from prostitution, to selling drugs. and also says how every one has there own opinion of what the hell is going on, but no one really knows

Put u on Game this song was fuckin vicious, i think its dedicated to some one who considers there self a Boss in charge casing death and teaching it to others (i think) like this is sayin ...(he who is in charge runs all)...i still cant completely comprehend it tho.........
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Posted 3/24/08 , edited 3/24/08

crasyjak wrote:

[Lupe Fiasco]
Ay...ay, ay, pull over right here, I gotta take a pee
and don't go nowhere, nigga wait for me
and if some niggaz do kill you in the next few minutes
Just remember my nigga, it's a heaven for a G - THIS CONTRIDICTS "hustla 4 death, No heaven 4 a Gangsta"

I think that was intended because it seems Lupe was kind of saying that stuff in jest.
Posted 4/17/08 , edited 4/17/08
I liked Food and Liquor a lot better than The Cool. The Cool was cool, but I felt the tracks in Food and Liquor were more creative.

That being said, Lupe is the man. He's in my Top 5 "Favorites."
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Posted 5/4/08 , edited 5/5/08
Enjoy him while he's in the game. His next album LupEnd is going to be his 3rd and LAST album.
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Posted 5/5/08 , edited 5/5/08
I personally think it's absurd to leave the game so early in his career.

Besides, we need more versatile artists like him anyways.
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