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Going to Korea
Posted 2/20/10 , edited 2/20/10

So its not only me
Posted 2/21/10 , edited 2/21/10
i want to go to korea. x]
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Posted 2/26/10 , edited 2/26/10
I did'nt visit it yet. i hope to visit korea in the future to do some shopping and to know more about thier culture and the way they live.
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Posted 3/3/10 , edited 3/3/10
yeah..i'm thinking to go korea after graduating..even now i'm saving bit by bit so that i am able to go around korea after graduate..
luckily i entered this forum. i can see lot of places to in korea listed here..hahah..
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32 / M / Philippines
Posted 3/31/10 , edited 3/31/10
hey can someone make an itenerary for us living outside of korea

and if possible can you be our guides! LOL

ive been thinking of going to korea in a few months time just have to save up a little more
and its the peak season of tourist nowadays here in the philippines so the fare and tour is quitre expensive

hope to make new friends here.. and meet up with you guys there in korea

im also planning in importing clothes from korea here in the philippines for my business.. and maybe some BB creams and other miraculous stuff they have in korea.. :)

hahah and i also want to watch SNSD and other KPOP groups!
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Posted 3/31/10 , edited 3/31/10
i want to go to korea to see my fav. actor and i want to eat kimchi
and i want to see these places jeju island,seoul,namsan tower,
the palace of korea
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26 / F / mabalacat, pampan...
Posted 4/15/10 , edited 4/15/10

i like to go to korea coz i want to see many beautiful place their and
i want to eat kimchi
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Posted 4/16/10 , edited 4/17/10
waaa, I want to go to Korea so badly : (
Posted 4/18/10 , edited 4/19/10
Lol Seoul all the way ~~~ sense of style is great >< would ho there anytime anyday ><
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Posted 4/30/10 , edited 5/1/10
My highest wish is to go to Korea!!
I wanna see all the beautiful places and eat the delicious looking food...
Perhaps I'm gonna move to Seoul one day~
It wouldn't be that bad if I found a bf there *haha*
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29 / F / travel
Posted 5/4/10 , edited 5/4/10


african_chick wrote:

I know it's very stereo typical but i live in England and most black people have told me that people in South Korea are kinda rasict. I absoltely love the place and so want to visit it sometime, but im getting kind of worried now. Can someone just give me slight insight on how the people are (obviously i doubt everyones rasict-but do the majority dislike black people?). Also i am a muslim, do south koreans have any issues with islam????

Relax, Korea--esp around Seoul has a large Muslim population.

InshAllah i am going this summer! Take care
Posted 5/7/10 , edited 5/7/10

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39 / M / texas
Posted 6/1/10 , edited 6/1/10
Well I'm in Cheongju Korea right now, have been here for the past 3 weeks and will be here for the next 3 weeks. If someone is around here now send me a message mabey we can hook up.
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Florida, US
Posted 6/4/10 , edited 6/5/10
I'm very eager to visit S. Korea.. the sites, the kimchi & the girls; captivating indeed.~
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Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/13/10
I've lived in Seoul for one year and been to Busan for about 10 days. Both are good places for young people; exciting night life with a nice atmosphere. I'm not a pro about Busan, but I'll try my best to cover some things to do in Seoul.

I've personally been never interested in the historic traditional sightseeing things in Seoul. Sure, they're cultural - but boring in my opinion. I've always been about the nightlife and always have been.

Drinking wise, western style bars that sell western liquor are fairly expensive ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 per drink ($5-$10). If you want to get drunk for cheap and fast, "HOF"s are the places to go. They sell soju and you have to order an "anju", which is a sidedish. Get buzzed or semi-drunk, but never too drunk if you don't want to end your night.

Clubs are a popular activity among younger people, and so are "noraebangs", or karoake places.
A variety of clubs are located in "hongdae", which is in north-western part of seoul. The clubs are fairly small/cheap and get crowded on weekend, but still a nice place to visit. Noticeable clubs:
Hip-hop: NB2, NB(smaller than NB2), Cocoon, Qvo
Electronic/House: M2, JokerRed

Locations are fairly easy to find and all the clubs are within 5-10 walking distance. Look up online for maps, easy to do it.

Personally, the other clubs are dumb for me and I rarely go to them. I really hate S-club because too many foreigners (rowdy ones too) go there and its not that packing. There are creepy guys who want to feel up girls, there are slutty girls who don't mind being feeled up, but its not all the same. General rule of thumb, there are always gonna be creepy/horny guys in these clubs. If you're a girl, go with a group or a good friend.

The much nicer clubs are in southern Seoul, but they're much more expensive in both entrance fee and drinks wise. They're in Gangnam/Apgujeong area.
Answer/Le Nuit Blance: across the street from Primo Hotel
Eden: Basement of Ritz Carlton Hotel
Heaven: Across from Renaissance Hotel
(these clubs are all house)

I generally always take taxis to those clubs since gangnam/apgujeong are bigger places are take longer to walk from subway/buses.

Nightclubs are a good spot if you're interested in meeting girls/guys. If you're a foreigner, please keep in mind that most of the people here speak Korean, so if you can't speak any - don't expect to meet anyone (unless you're a girl). Beware though, nightclubs are expensive and be ready to spend about 100-200 dollars on these places. More luxurious places require more.

If you're a foreigner, please don't fall into the bad category of foreigners who act like they own the place. Be respectful of the people and keep an open mind. If you do, you'll enjoy meeting new people and they will enjoy meeting you. Act like an ass, and chances are you'll end up thrown out of wherever you are, or worse, in jail.
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