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Post Reply What is your favorite Jo Hyun Jae Movie/Drama?
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Posted 12/15/08 , edited 12/16/08
hi there guys!..
for me all of the series of JO Hyun Jae were all amazing. They were exemplary portrayed and given justified by our Hyun Jae!. But the most series of Jo Hyun Jae that I lked and loved most was the Three Dads and One Mommy most especially a scene where He recorded a video because her Love (Lizette) and the child (Nicole) was about to leave them because James (Lizette's boss) have convinced her to go and live with him in Dubai!. Jake (Jo Hyun Jae) have touched me for how he cried for that scene. Really, he is adorable, likable.. hhmm. what else!... you have more guys?.... hehe!.... admirable..........and a great actor for me!

Guys!.. if you have time to visit the forum I created for Jo Hyun Jae.... Please do join also!.. this is the link guys!

Thanks a lot!
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