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Posted 3/3/08
Lightning crackles in the sky above as the men look to the heavens. Zetsu determines Sasuke's earlier dragon Katons set up the attack. They were actually used to blast a hole in the ceiling and also warm up the atmosphere to generate thunder clouds.

This allows Sasuke to channel the surge from the sky, rather than use his own chakra to create it, which would have taken an unbelievable amount of chakra. Sasuke jumps to the roof and states the jutsu's power comes lightning itself, and all he has to do is guide it. Zetsu then thinks that what Sasuke said was true, no one could dodge something faster than the speed of sound. Sasuke reaches his Chidori charged hand to the heavens and states he calls it Kirin, which is a mythological beast.

In an instant the lightning creature flies from the sky and obliterates Itachi and the tower they stood on. As the dust settles a cloakless Itachi lays face down in the rubble. Zetsu wonders if Itachi is dead and Sasuke collapses to his knees, stating it's finally over. Suddenly a voice states, was that the vision of death he had seen? A shocked Sasuke sees Itachi rise to his feet. Sasuke goes level two in a rage, while also showing one of Orochimaru's eye marks over his left eye.

A phantom skeletal chest surrounds Itachi, and he states without this he would have been dead. Zetsu wonders what that it is and Itachi congratulates Sasuke on becoming strong. And now, he will show Sasuke the last of his arsenal... Susanoo.

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