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F / In my ImagiNation
Posted 3/3/08 , edited 3/3/08
actually... tis is a game of story... how to put in it... erm... actually is not a game... but it is a game.... its all up to u to think...

tis 'game' is very easy.... juz write down ur story continuesly... everybody gt their chance... but u got to continue other ppl's story.... tat's it... ^^

example - one day, kurosaki ichigo found out tat his zanpaktou is lost... so he wents to find inoue n his other frens for help... then....

then... (it's up to u to continue) example - then *another scene* suddenly allen step on sumthing very hard... he look down n saw... it was a zanpaktou(but he dont know is ichigo's, coz he dont even know who is ichigo... then....) [u continue it...]

*the character can b anyone from bleach n d.gray-man*

juz think it as if u r drawing a manga... k??? very easy right???

let us all create a new world of bleach n d.gray-man.... ^^
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23 / M / I am Hinding Form...
Posted 3/3/08 , edited 3/3/08
1story-When the god is alive he's a Exorcist and When the god dead he's a Shinigami.That why the Exorcists and the Shinigami are born for kill destoryer of soul and save the souls.One day,The young Allen Walker who have a cursed eye have found a boy who fighting a Akuma lvl 2 and menos,he's name is Kurosaki Ichigo.Ichigo can beat the menos but no the Akuma lvl 2,Allen Walker try to help him.When they kill the Akuma and the Menos,The Akuma and Menos have send a message from Earl the Millenium and Azien.They are saying''Good evering Exorcist and Shinigami the 7000 year have come to destory all the souls of all world''
The Earl of Millenium and the Shinigami Aizen are working thoughter because they are destoryer of souls.
The Exorcist and the shinigami are the saver of soul!

Read be4 you sleep!!

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