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Posted 3/3/08 , edited 3/3/08
Title: Gundam Seed Destiny (AU) - A love that will never be change

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T

Notes: My latest GSD fanfic - where I shall totally change parts whereby I actually disliked in its' main series. Therefore, a total Alternate Universe - this story will be.

Pairings: Auel/Lunamaria & Athrun/Meyrin

Chapter 1 - Prologue


Cosmic Era 63 - ten years before the start of the Second War

Lunamaria Hawke huffed as she stomped her way out from the Hospital Main Entrance, she was unhappy to be the one shouldering all the blame of injuring a fellow school-mate of hers. After all, it was not exactly her fault.

How was she to know that the boy bullying her from before would just remain standing while she attempted to swing her fist towards the former. Moreover, how was she to know that her punch was powerful enough to knock a fully healthy 7 years old boy - out cold, rendering the former unconscious.

Turning around the corner, Lunamaria failed to pay her surrounding any attention and ended up walking straight into someone coming around the corner, from the other direction.

"Ouch!" Lunamaria yelped aloud, as she fall back onto the ground.

Irritation at her peak, Lunamaria did not bother to check her surrounding before allowing her anger to get the best of her and started cursing and swearing aloud. No sooner had she finished her cursing, she was finally brought back to the reality by the sounds of someone crying.

/Huh? Crying? ... Wait a minute ... /

Lunamaria's eyes widen significantly upon the sight of the boy sitting opposite from her - probably the boy she had crashed head on into, earlier on.

Lunamaria frowned as she took in the sight of the former's attire and gathered that the boy was probably a resident of the hospital. After all, the attire was a one-piece garb in white, reminding Lunamaria of nothing but the usual and typical hospital patient's gown.

Deciding that she might have been a little too harsh on the boy earlier on, Lunamaria decided to apologize by taking the initiative to make peace with the former.

Approaching the boy, Lunamaria plastered on a big cheerful smile and introduced herself cheerfully.

"Hi, I'm Lunamaria Hawke. Are you a patient here? what's your name? I'm sorry, but I didn't mean to lash out at you - earlier on. Will you forgive me? " Lunamaria pleaded with her most adorable expression, hoping that the boy will stop his crying.


Auel Neider blinked once, and then twice.

Staring up at the red-haired girl whom looked not much older than himself pleading with him to stop his crying. Auel's first impression was to stare blankly at the girl in return. It was not until the girl repeated her words for the second time around, did he finally caught on to the girl's meaning.

/Oh ... so she thought he was crying because of her swearing and cursing? / Auel mused, withholding his urge to smirk outright.

True, he was crying but it had nothing to do with the girl's doings. In fact, he was already crying when the girl rammed into him. Sensing that the girl was awaiting some sort of response from him, he replied numbly.

"It's okay." Hesitating for a moment, he added. "I'm Auel ... Auel Neider"

Following the end of his self-introduction, the girl opposite him going by the name of Lunamaria Hawke, started to smile cheerfully.

The bright and cheerful smile though nearly blinded his sight, causes him to smile back in return.

That was the start of their secret but blooming friendship, and the beginning of a child's innocent love. Although, that was something that they will never know until their fateful reunion - ten years later, during the brewing of the second war.

Ever since that fateful afternoon, Lunamaria would always head out to the park where she had first met Auel - to continue their secret meetings.

Auel, on the other hand, would always snuck out from the laboratory - whenever no one was looking. He would then run all the way over to the park where he had first met up with Lunamaria, they would then meet up and play together.

During those meetings, Auel would always remain silent while Lunamaria told him many stories of her experience in school, both the good and the bad. Occasionally, he would listen while Lunamaria rant and raved on the unfairness and the frustrations that she faced.

There were also times, whereby Lunamaria will share new and interesting things with him. Auel's eyes would always brighten up when Lunamaria bring something new and interesting and show them to him. For Auel, the time being spend in Lunamaria's presence was always his happiest.

After all, he never did have a chance to have fun with the others. Instead, he was always told to train and do drills - his parents' though care about his well-being, had no time for him. They were always looking after the other kids' - therefore, the only time he could truly be happy was when Lunamaria was with him.

Lunamaria had no idea what Auel's background was like - to her, nothing matters. In her eyes, Auel was just another unfortunate kid whom spend all his time living in the hospital - not being able to experience the many good things that took place in one's childhood years. Therefore, Lunamaria only wanted to help Auel create a better memory of his childhood. What she had no idea - was that Auel was in fact, a fellow 'Extended' candidate for the EAF in the near future to come.


Athrun Zala frowned, as his eyes landed upon the figure hurrying towards them and sighed aloud. He had no idea where Lunamaria had went off towards by herself, all morning - but he do know, that whenever Lunamaria had somehow disappeared off by herself. Without warning - he would ended up as the unofficial guardian for the younger redhead - Meyrin Hawke.

Like Kira, his best friend - the younger redhead, had a tendency to break down easily. Especially, when the school bully comes along and said some nasty things about them - theCoordinators, in general.

"Come on, Meyrin ... Just ignore him - and the whole lot of them. They are only saying things like /these/ - because they are envious of our abilities. " Athrun assured the younger redhead, whom was on the brink of tears - after being subjected to yet another bullying session.

"Athrun-san ... " Meyrin sniffed, as she tried to hold back her tears that were threatening to fall.

"Athrun ... I think I just seen Luna ... " Kira Yamato, the brown-haired Coordinator spoke up from behind Athrun.

Meyrin's eyes perked up upon the sound of her elder sister's name, and immediately looked towards the front gate where her elder sister was just stepping through.

"Onee-chan! " Meyrin greeted, smiling brightly as the elder redhead headed towards them.

"Aa ... Meyrin ..." Lunamaria greeted, but frowned upon the sight of her younger sister's reddening eyes.

Turning accusing eyes towards Athrun Zala, the elder redhead gritted out in frustration. "Athrun Zala - an explanation now! "

"... " Athrun Zala stared back dumbly, before shrugging it off - altogether. That causes the elder redhead to glare at him, which in turn - resulted in Meyrin's intervenation.

"Onee-chan, its' fine ... I'm fine ... Just that the school bully came by a while ago ... Its' not Athrun-san's fault ... "

Turning incredulous eyes upon the two boys, Lunamaria spoke up.

"And the two of you just stood aside and let them say what they deemed it fit to be saying? Despite the fact that - they were targetting at us, the Coordinators - in General? !"

"..." Athrun Zala frowned, before responding.

"Well ... what else do you suggest that we do? Haven't you forget your previous experience when you attempted to bash one of them up? "

Lunamaria huffed and glared, but said nothing more for she was at a loss of speech.


Soon, the time comes for the Zala family to depart officially for the PLANTs. That year, was the year - Cosmic Era 65; whereby the relationship between the Coordinators and Naturals were getting more and more strained. Therefore, the Zala family decided to leave for the PLANTs - and the same to go for the Hawke's family.

The day before their departure, Athrun met up with his best friend - Kira Yamato, and handed the former a fare-well gift. An eletronic bird named - 'Torii', which Athrun had made himself.

Likewise, Lunamaria did the same for Auel. Unlike Athrun, Lunamaria had taken great efforts at learning to sewn from her family bulter. Although, it was not anything fanciful but it was meaningful to Lunamaria - for it was the first time she had tried making anything herself from scratch.

It was a handkerchief - a simple design handkerchief with the initials of Auel and herself being sewn on the one of the four corners of the handkerchief.

The handkerchief was meant for Auel to keep it as a memory keepsake, but Auel had treated the handkerchief as a treasure. In fact, he had nearly killed a fellow 'Extended' candidate - when the other boy attempted to steal that handkerchief from him. Ever since then, no one dared to touch that particular handkerchief of Auel.

Even years later, when Auel had his memory completely modified for the clause of the upcoming war - he still kept that handkerchief with him at all times, despite not knowing its' origin and its' meaning to him.

Yet, Auel could never really had the heart to throw the handkerchief away - somewhere deep buried within his heart, a nagging feeling was constantly reminding him that the handkerchief was very important to him. Thus, he kept the handkerchief - despite the fact, that he no longer remember anything about it.

Six months after the departure of the Zala and the Hawkes', the 'Yamatos' headed for the neutral colony - Heliopolis, instead of going to the PLANTs. At the same time, the Chairman of the PLANTs' Siegel Clyne, announced the engagement between Athrun Zala and Lacus Clyne, the PLANTs' pop idol.

The news was hardly surprising, after all, the two of them looked compatible enough to many. Meyrin smiled, bitterly as she watched the live broadcast of the ceremony from the television set of her family lounge.

Athrun Zala - her dream man, from the first time she laid her eyes upon him - she knew that she was smitten. From that moment on, her heart beats solely for the blue-haired Coordinator - but she kept her feelings hidden, unseen. Even now, as she watched the engagement ceremony between Athrun Zala and Lacus Clyne took place - Meyrin kept her emotions hidden.

Moreover, she do not have the time to dwell on such things any longer than necessary. For she had a feeling that something drastical was about to happen soon.

True to her premonition, Cosmic Era 70 - it was a year of tragical events. First, there was the Junius 7 - Bloody Valentine Tragedy, that resulted in the spark off of the war. Then, it was soon followed by the news of her father's sickness - due to the shock of losing her mother in the 'Bloody Valentine' event - itself.

Following which, Athrun Zala and several other boys their age - joined the Military, preparing for the war.

Due to her father's sickness, both Meyrin and her elder sister - Lunamaria barely had time for themselves, for they were required to juggle their schooling and the tending to their sick father, all the time. Thankfully, their mother had left behind a significant sum of money from her insurance to keep the family livehood going on. If not, Lunamaria might have to stop her study and head out to look for a job - in order to support the family.

Casting aside that matter, Meyrin had to take up the role of doing housework - in the absence of her mother. By immensing herself in such chores, she hardly had time to think about other matters that had nothing to do with her studies, and her family. That was perhaps why, she hardly had the time to go into shock when the Clyne family was being declared traitors - followed by the news of Athrun Zala's betrayal of the PLANTs, and the ZAFT.

It was not until the end of the war, and after the peace treaty was signed - did Meyrin and Lunamaria finally had a chance to sit down and think about their future endeavours. For their father had passes on peacefully, upon the same time which the final battle was brought to an end.

Meyrin knew Athrun Zala was there for her father's cremation ceremony, but she was too busy to keep an eye out for the former. Before she knew it, both Lacus Clyne and Athrun Zala had left the PLANTs - for somewhere else. Yet, no one knew exactly where those two had went off to and life simply just goes on from there onwards.

After much discussion with her elder sister, Lunamaria - Meyrin decided to follow her elder sister's example by enlisting into the Military.

~to be continued~

Date started: 30/12/07

Date completed: 30/12/07

Date edited: 03/02/08
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Posted 3/3/08 , edited 3/3/08
Title: Gundam Seed Destiny (AU) - A love that will never be change

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T

Notes: My latest GSD fanfic - where I shall totally change parts whereby I actually disliked in its' main series. Therefore, a total Alternate Universe - this story will be.

Pairings: Auel/Lunamaria & Athrun/Meyrin

Chapter 2 - The Wheels of Fate is turning ...


Cosmic Era 73, October. 2


The fateful day arrived uneventfully, all preparations had been made - the mission details had been revealed and brief-ed to the three 'Extended' pilots involved. The Captain of the 'Phantom Pain' squad had make sure of it - personally, explaining to them of the risk involved if they were to fail in the mission.

The mission plan had been simple enough, news that leaked from their undercover spy in the ZAFT Military had revealed that the Chairman of PLANTs - Gilbert Durandul had secretly been manufacturing three new Mobile Suits of the 'Gundam' rank without notifying the rest of the Committee members.

According to the renewal of the treaty, the manufacturing of the three 'Gundam' units was already considered as the breaking of the peace treaty. After much debating and pondering on the part of the Alantic Federations, it was then decided that a mission - attempting to hijack those units were being approved and placed into actions.

The mission was then assigned to the 81 Independent Special Squad - the 'Phantom Pain' under the lead of Neo Lorrnoke, the Captain. For this mission, the Captain had made arrangements for their best newly trained 'Extended' pilots - Stellar Loussier, Auel Neider, and Sting Oakley to infiltrate into the ZAFT Armoury One and carry out the said mission.

The motherfleet for this mission was the newly manufactured battlefleet entitled 'Girty Lue' which came equipped with the ability to make itself invisble to many on the radar, under the disguise of the 'Mirage' function.

The plan was simple enough, to infiltrate into the area where the three units had been stored - killing all the personnels involved and around the stationed units, without fail. Afterwhich, they were to each stole a unit for themselves and then proceeded on to destroy all the available mechas available to prevent the ZAFT Forces from chasing after them. Once accomplished, they were to head out of the colony and towards the point where their motherfleet would be awaiting their return.

Now fully dressed in his civilians' clothings, Auel Neider stared at the handkerchief held in his hands for a moment before tucking it safely away in his pants' pocket. Sensing his fellow team-mates' questioning look, Auel took a deep breath to calm himself down before proceeding to join his other two mates, as they made their way past the custom point of the colony. Thus, marking the beginning of their infiltration plan into the ZAFT controlled territory.


Lunamaria Hawke glances about her surrounding area cautiously, somehow she had an unexplainable feeling that something was about to happen. Yet, she was unable to pinpoint the exact reason behind her uneasy feelings. Her constantly distracting behaviour eventually caught the attention of her fellow team-mate, a younger technician going by the name of Vino.

The ginger haired Coordinator then frowned and asked if Lunamaria was trying to look for someone. Not knowing how to respond, Lunamaria merely nodded dumbly. She was vaguely aware of Vino mumbling something about Youlan being away with Shinn on provision shopping, in town. From a distance, she could see Rey saluting to the Chairman as the former passes by.

Just then, she thought she saw someone whom she knew passing by in a Military car of their party - when Vino had to direct the car towards another direction to prevent being stepped on by a random passing by Mobile Suit Unit.

Ignoring the calls of Vino from beside her, Lunamaria did not bothered with any explanations before unbuckling her seatbelt and leapt off the passenger side of the car without waiting for the car to stop moving. It was a reckless act, that she was aware of - but she had no time to spare. Time was running out, she knew - the uneasy feeling grew as she headed towards the direction where she had seen the other car heading towards for.

She had no idea what was stationed within the warehouse 6 of the Armoury One, but she knew it was something important to their party. After all, the Chairman had made it perfectly clear that only authorized personnels were allowed into that particular warehouse.

Millions of thoughts went through her hazy mind as she neared the warehouse; but nothing make sense to her at all - once she stepped through the entrance leading to the inside of the warehouse. Gunshots were sounded, fellow comrades were been brutally murdered around her.

Three unknown figures were murdering her fellow comrades without batting an eyelid, Lunamaria knew she was supposed to do something, something that would helped her own comrades. Yet, she simply stood there - unmoving and staring at the sight enfolding in front of her without making any move to help her own comrades out.

Her mind was numb, unable to process any information - for she was staring at one of the three attackers. The pale blue hair, with matching blue eyes - were staring right back at her, the gun held in the former's hand were pointing towards her. Yet, Lunamaria did not move, merely staring back at the former - blankly.

/Was that Auel? Could it really be him? If so ... then why?! ... / That was apparently, the only thought in Lunamaria's mind - as she stared at the male figure holding her at gunpoint.


Auel Neider carefully hide his emotions behind his blank mask, he was perplexed. That was an understatement, when Sting had first warned him about an approaching ZAFT personnel from his behind - the first action he should take was to kill the former without hesitation. Yet, the former was doing absolutely nothing - merely staring at him. He was very much aware of the hand-gun which was strapped to the side of the former's uniform.

Yet, when the former failed to make any move to reach for the gun - Auel found himself hesitating to fire. Thus, he opted for the next best action - he stared. Deep blue eyes lingering with a sense of questioning look in them - stared right back at him, without flinching.

The sounds of gunshots died out from around him, and he knew that was Sting's warning to him. There was no time to lose, they have a mission plan to accomplish - after all. Yet, he knew killing the former in front of him was pointless for he could not bring himself to do it. While he had no idea why he was unable to kill the female elite in front of him, there was no time for him to dwell on the idea - for much longer.

The warning signal had been triggered off by a half-dead personnel whom managed to hit the theft alarm before Sting killed the former, in a flash of light. Yet, the alarm had been triggered off - Auel knew its' only a matter of time before the rest of the forces came forth to surround them.

From the corner of his eyes, he noticed both Sting and Stellar making a beeline for the two units stationed behind him. He knew he had to do the same thing, before he was caught. Thus, he knew he had to do something with the female elite whom was still staring at him - blankly.

With gun still pointing towards the female in front of him, all the while preventing the former from reaching for her own gun. Auel managed to knock the female out cold in a moment of seconds, deciding to deal with the problems that would come later on in time. Auel decided to take a risk and bring the unconscious female elite together with him, as he leapt into the last unoccupied Mobile Suit Unit - the 'Abyss'.

Once safely within the cockpit of the 'Abyss', Auel wasted no time in starting up the system of the 'Abyss' and proceeded on to make a through check on the system and the weapons available on the unit. Once done, he followed the example of Sting and Stellar and proceed on to destroy everything else that was in his sight.


Athrun Zala felt a sense of forebrooding dread filled him, as he witnessed the chaotic sights surrounding the area of wreck. Ironically, it reminded him strongly of the time whereby he was asked to infiltrate the colony of Heliopolis. Feeling his mind attempting to take a route down his memory lane, Athrun shakes his head rapidly to rid himself of such unwanted thoughts under such dreadful circumstances.

Beside him, Cagalli was still staring at the sight of the three 'Gundam' which had broke out from the Warehouse 6. Knowing that he would have to get the said blonde to safety, since that was his reason for being back on the PLANTs, in the first place. Athrun Zala barely managed to get the blonde to duck from the stray attacks from the black Mobile Suit looming near them - firing at practically nothing, and everything.

A glance to his side informed him of the presence of a well-functioning 'ZGMF-X1000S ZAKU WARRIOR'. Knowing that Kira would most probably slaughter him alive if Cagalli were to be harm under his protection, Athrun decided to make a bet with his rarely practice piloting skills and proceeded on to drag the half-puzzled blonde into the cockpit of the said green 'ZAKU WARRIOR' unit.

"Athrun ... what are you? " Cagalli asked, as soon as she noticed her stoic body-guard cum her brother's best friend, starting up the system of the "borrowed" unit.

Athrun's eyes scanned through the system program rapidly, heaving a sigh of relief when he realized that nothing much had changed from his time serving in the ZAFT Military. The system of the 'ZAKU WARRIOR' was pretty much the same as the 'GUAIZ' back in the last war, which took place - two years ago.

"Well, I could hardly let you come to any possible harm around here ... Can I? Besides, I had no intention of allowing Kira to slaughter me alive ... " Athrun Zala responded, while making the last adjustment on the unit he had inevitably "borrowed" without permission.

Resisting the urge to curse aloud, when his "borrowed" unit was noticed by the black unit in front of him - Athrun Zala sighed, as he told Cagalli to brace herself for the upcoming actions which he was about to take.

Somehow he had managed to hold his own, until his radar signaled the incoming of three heat sources. No longer than ten seconds had passes by, before the three heat sources merged into one - and that was no doubt, another of the latest manufactured Mobile Suit by the ZAFT Party.

"What was that?" Cagalli mumbled, aloud while Athrun Zala merely frowned.

Obviously, the newly arrived pilot was a newbie - since the former was apparently at a loss of actions once the second stolen unit had intervened. Thus, Athrun knew he had to do something to help - issuing an order for Cagalli to hold on tight, Athrun an attack towards the approaching unit - throwing the particular unit off-guard.

However, Athrun had failed to take into consideration of the fact that Cagalli was not one whom would listen to another's advice without creating a racket. Thus, his attacks were unable to withstand for long. Since, Cagalli's fidgeting had resulted in her injuring the side of her head - causing Athrun to lose enough concentration to be hit by the opposing unit's attacks.

Thankfully, another two units had arrived in time to engage in the ongoing battle. Thus, Athrun was able to sneak away without much attention to himself. A quick scan of the surrounding through the monitoring screen provided him with the information that the Chairman was on his way to the stationed fleet - 'Minerva'.


Shiho Hahnenfuss stared simply at the unit which belongs to her with a blank expression, she was merely passing by the area - on her way to meet up with the Joule Squad. Yet, she had the misfortune to be trapped in between the crossfire of the hijacking acts. Furthermore, she had been careless enough to allow the opposing force to destroy her unit's power-pack.

Now, her unit was immobile - at least, until the technician crew of the Minerva had managed to get their hands on the supplies needed for the repairing work to be made on her unit. She was stuck where she was, on board the Minerva fleet - unwillingly, at that.

Just then, the familiar sound of Athrun Zala's voice broke into her thoughts - causing her to direct her attention away from the damaged unit of hers. A group of lower-ranking ZAFT personnels were surrounding the newly arrived green unit of the 'ZAKU WARRIOR'.

Shiho was vaguely aware of Athrun's self-introduction as 'Alex Dino' - the bodyguard of the current Prime Minister of ORB Kingdom, Cagalli Yula Attha and that the blonde Representative had been unfortunately enough to be injured while being trapped in the chaotic situation happening out-front.

Athrun Zala then proceeded to request for a meeting with the Chairman, Gilbert Durandul whom was indeed abroad of the Minerva - as of current. Obviously, no one knew how to react under such circumstances. After all, there was no one of authority in sight - and thus, the fellow ZAFT personnels had all ended up staring at one another at a loss of actions.

Deciding to put a stop to the commotion, Shiho Hahnenfuss decided to step forth and took charge of the situation. The punishment could come later, but she highly doubt there would be any - except for the ranting she would had to put up with, when the news reaches her superior whom was an ex-team mate of the infamous Athrun Zala.

Being the only red uniformed elite soldier in sight, her rank was no doubt the highest among the ZAFT personnels surrounding the two new-comers. Moreover, she - being a veteran among them all, was the only one whom would knew how the Prime Minister of ORB Kingdom looks like. Although, her knowing Athrun Zala personally - was just a bonus point under these circumstances.

"All hands - stand back!" Shiho's voice rang out aloud to the crowd, as she alone - stepped forth.

Very well aware of the action of Athrun pushing Cagalli backwards, in an act of protection. Shiho smirked inwardly, careful to hide her reaction from Athrun by placing on her famous poker face whenever the former was in sight.

"Yes, the Chairman was indeed on board. However, seeing that he was pre-occupied at this point of time. I highly doubt he would be able to meet up with you two, right now. However, I guess - he would not disagree to my suggestion of having the two of you abroad while the medic crew tend to the injury of Lady Cagalli. " Shiho said, keeping her eyes trained upon Athrun Zala - before flickering her gaze to the blonde next to the blue-haired Coordinator.

"But ..." A fellow soldier attempted to speak up, only to be silenced by a single glare coming from Shiho.

"Don't fret - I'll be responsible for all the actions taken today, at this point of time. I'm certain that if it had been Commander Joule - whom was in my shoes, today ... the results would still be the same. Besides, I can easily vouched for their identities ..." Shiho stated, simply - her tone emitting a total obedience from the surrounding soldiers.

Upon the mention of Commander Joule, Athrun Zala relaxed visibly. Looks like, Cagalli would not be coming to any harm at all - since he could now pinpoint the female elite speaking as Shiho Hahnenfuss.

If Dearka Elthman happened to be Yzak's most trusted right-handed man, then Shiho would be considered as Yzak's trusted left-handed man. Despite the fact that Shiho was a female. Besides if Yzak trust Shiho, Athrun had no reason not to trust the former.

Allowing Cagalli and himself to be led towards the medic wing by the whole cohort of Minerva's stationed guards, Shiho following them dutifully from behind - Athrun Zala maintain his silence throughout, allowing Shiho to do all the talking and convincing acts.

~to be continued~

Date started: 03/02/08

Date completed: 03/02/08

Date edited: 03/02/08
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Posted 3/3/08 , edited 3/3/08
Title: Gundam Seed Destiny (AU) - A love that will never be change

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T

Notes: My latest GSD fanfic - where I shall totally change parts whereby I actually disliked in its' main series. Therefore, a total Alternate Universe - this story will be.

Pairings: Auel/Lunamaria & Athrun/Meyrin

Chapter 3 - The wheels of fate is turning (2)...


Cosmic Era 73. October 3


"Attention - all hands ready for battle mode. Condition Red Order Issued! " The announcement came on from the bridge informing its' crew members of the fleet's next actions.

That caused Athrun Zala to snap his attention back to reality, for he had been too engrossed in his thoughts earlier on.

"What the hell?! This ship is heading out for a battle?! " Athrun muttered aloud, glaring at the respective personnels around him.

In response to Athrun Zala's agitation, Shiho Hahnenfuss merely stared back at the agitated male calmly and said. "Well, apparently so ... "

Not wanting to create a scene, Cagalli intervened by calling out for the attention of Athrun Zala. Unfortunately enough, she had forgotten about the fact that there were others' around - hence, the moment the name 'Athrun' came out from her mouth. It caught the attention of many others, with the exception of Shiho Hahnenfuss.

To which, Athrun was caught between a mixture of dread and irritation. Dreadful of the possible response which might be generated from Cagalli's accidental slip of tongue, and the irritation on Cagalli's inability to understand just how delicated their current situation was - at the moment.

"... " Shiho directed her plain gaze upon Cagalli Yula Attha, wondering if she should say anything in response to the former's slip of tongue. However, another look towards the stoic figure next to the blonde - Shiho change her mind. For it was Athrun Zala's responsibility to be dealing with the blonde, not hers'.

If the said person involved directly had yet to make any comments, there would be no point for her to do anything on the former's behalf. Therefore, she wisely chose to remain silent as the soldiers in charge of leading them proceeded on to establish a connection line with the bridge informing the bridge crew of their having three uninvited guests onboard.

Upon realizing that the Captain was hardly pleased with the latest information received, Shiho Hahnenfuss - tapped the soldier communicating with the bridge aside as she intervened, politely and patiently.

"Pardon my interruptions, Captain Gladys. I assumed the Chairman's currently with you on the bridge? Please do not blame any of your fellow crew members, for it was me - Shiho Hahnenfuss, from the Joule Squad whom made the decision to allow both Lady Cagalli and her bodyguard to step on board.

As for my reason for being here, I would submit a full written report on the situation - personally in a while's time. I believed, you and your crew members had something else to deal with for the moment. In the meantime, I was hoping that you would be able to arrange for a room - to let us stay in, since we would be here for quite some time. Depending on the situation out front ... "

There was silence, as the Captain appeared to be digesting this particular piece of information - before a tentative nod was seen. Shiho took the nod as a positive response, and thus nodded back with equal respect.

The line then cut itself off, ending the discussion session. Turning back to the soldier in front of her, Shiho beckoned for the former to start leading the way to the lounge where they will be expected to wait for the Chairman and the Captain to meet them - as soon as they have time on their hand.


Cosmic Era 73. October 3

GMT: 13 00 hours


Thanks to the help of Neo Lorrnoke with his Mobile Armour, the three 'Extended' pilots were able to make their way back to the motherfleet - Girty Lue, safely. Once the three stolen units were safely docked in the hangar, the three 'Extended' pilots were expected to report to the in-built laboratory for their so called 'treatment'.

While Sting and Stellar exited from the cockpits without delay - since it was rather obvious that Stellar was in a state that required 'treatment', immediately. Apparently, due to Auel's previous mention of the taboo word 'death' in front of the said female 'Extended'- earlier on.

Glancing down at the unconscious female elite soldier whom was still situated on his lap, Auel knew there was no way he could have snuck the female out from his cockpit without Sting or anyone else, noticing. Yet, he knew he had to report to the laboratory - soon and fast. It certainly was not helping with Sting and Stellar awaiting his joining - just a few feets away from his newly "accquired" unit from the ZAFT Forces.

Opening his cockpit with a sense of dread, Auel shouted out for Sting's attention to take Stellar to the laboratory - for he had some urgent business to deal with, first. Once assured with the departure of Sting with Stellar in tow, Auel shifted his attention back to the still unconscious female on his lap.

With a sigh, he swiftly unbuckle the safety belt from himself and proceeded on to stable the unconscious female with his strong arms - as he removed himself from the cockpit, carefully and quietly. It will not do for him to attract unwanted attention to himself, for now.

Making a beeline towards his assigned room, Auel made it a mental point to move fast but stealthily. Arriving at his room without much hassle, Auel hurried to unlock the automatic door with his password pin. Once he managed to make it into his room safely, Auel did not bother to check the corridors before locking his room's door without a moment of hesitation.

Placing the unconscious ZAFT female elite on the empty bed situated opposite of his, Auel double-check that the female was not going to awake anytime soon - before leaving his room and locking the door in his wake.

Deciding that he was going to need help in getting a set of female EA uniform without risking additional attention to himself, he knew then that he was going to let the others in on the fact that he had brought along with him, a fellow female soldier of the ZAFT Forces.

However, first things first - for now, he would have to report to the laboratory. For a while, he wondered if he could get away without a trip to the special 'bed'. However, he highly doubted it. Those superiors of his were not going to take such a risk, regardless of the circumstances.

/Well ... its' not as if - those treatments of theirs' had any sort of effects on me or whatsoever. Afterall, those treatments would only work if the 'Extended' subjected to them were thinking while being put to sleep.

Since, the job of that particular treatment were to remove all traces of thoughts and memories that the person subjecting to it - had in mind while being forcefully put to "sleep" ... All I have to do was to keep my thoughts and memories hidden and I'll be fine ... /

With that resolution in mind, Auel started his way towards the laboratory slowly and steadily. During which period, he made sure that nothing was going through his mind - if anything, he made sure that he was thinking about one of his favourite songs lyrics as he stepped into the laboratory and headed towards where the remaining special bed had been situated.


Thirty minutes later, Auel and Sting stepped out from their respective "bed" - leaving Stellar, alone behind. Since Stellar had went into one of her berserk mode when Auel had deliberately uttered the former's taboo word - the blonde treatment would take longer than theirs'.

Sting seemed a little disoriented after emerging from the "bed", but Auel had emerged from the treatment looking not much different from before. Not daring to risk any unwanted attention to himself, Auel make sure to keep his expression free of emotions until he was quite a distance away from the laboratory.

Once safely out from the hearing range of those specialists, Auel made a beeline for the cafeteria. He was absolutely certain that he would be able to locate a fellow female staff off-duty to help him out in the task of getting his hands on a set of lower ranking female uniform of the EA Forces.

Sure enough, after ten minutes of half-threatening and half-bullying - Auel finally managed to get the former's help in getting a new set of un-altered female uniform, without revealing his reasons for wanting the said piece of clothings.

Initially, he had wanted to get Stellar or another willing 'Extended' female pilot to help him out - but he was then hit by the thought, that 'Extended' females' usually wore uniforms which were altered to symbolize their difference in ranks.

Thank goodness for his insight to listen out for juicy gossips that concerns one of his fellow 'Extended' mates' with the said female staff, whom Auel had blackmailed into helping him - willingly, and successfully. Otherwise, he highly doubted that he could have gotten his hands on the set of uniform, so easily.

There was always an unwritten rule in the Military Forces of the EAF, that no one on the team should have any sense of romantic feelings towards another of their fellow comrades, especially when one of the two parties involved were from the special squad. In short, the 'Extended' pilots whom were trained specifically for the purpose of war.

Yet, Auel knew there would always be someone whom managed to bypass the rules and thus - he decided to give the idea a 'try'. Judging from the way the female staff had reacted when he brought up the subject, Auel was even more certain that those gossips were not just gossips - there's a certain level of truth in them.

Auel smirked, as he headed back to his assigned room with the new set of uniform held in hand. He was very certain that there would be a very irritated female ZAFT elite in his room, right now. Nearly an hour had passes by since he left the female alone, locked in the confined area of his room. It would be a wonder if the girl had yet to awake, by now.


Lunamaria glared at the offending door that simply would not move an inch with irritation, she had awoken from her unconscious state of mind some minutes ago - when she found herself trapped in a room. A bedroom of someone else - to be exact.

Judging from the room's design, Lunamaria was willing to bet anything against the fact that she was currently been held in one of the room situated on a fleet. Since the door was apparently being locked from the outside - Lunamaria knew she was no longer in the ZAFT controlled area.

If anything else, Lunamaria had a distinctive feeling that she was currently being held hostages by those attackers whom had hijacked the Armoury One, warehouse 6 - previously. Resisting the urge to simply yell in frustration, Lunamaria decided to snoop around - and see if she could get her hands upon any items which she could easily blackmail her kidnapper into releasing her.

With that thought in mind, Lunamaria started sifting through the limited amount of items she could access about the room. Aside from the basic grooming items which were floating about without gravity, there was nothing else available that would provide Lunamaria with any hints of the owner's secrets. However, it was apparent from the grooming items that whomever had held her hostage - was a male.

After all, no female would required a beard shaver - right?! Lunamaria frowned, as she stared at the offending shaver which was floating directly in front of her. Stifling a yell into one of the random pillows she had managed to get her hands on - Lunamaria was immediately hit by the scent of cinnamon spice.

Inhaling the scent deeply, Lunamaria wondered - just how exactly does her kidnapper looks like. Without realizing the fact that she was hugging the pillow close to her face - Lunamaria felt her mind starting to drift off on its' own. That, was exactly how her kidnapper had found her - ten minutes later.

Lunamaria had no idea how long she had stayed unmoving in that position, that was why she had nearly jumped a foot high when she felt something been dumped upon her. Snapping her attention back to her surrounding, she felt herself blushing a deep crimson when the owner of the room started looking at her - strangely.

"Get changed ... I'll be back in a second ... "

With that said, the owner left the room soon after. Silence. Lunamaria blinked twice before realizing that the owner of the room, had been the same person whom had knocked her out in prior - back at the Armoury One.

It took her some time to register the fact that her kid-napper had actually mentioned something about 'getting changed' - before Lunamaria realized that the item which had been dumped on her, just happened to be a set of the female uniform which belongs to the Earth Alliance Forces.

"Why aren't you changed yet? "

"Huh? " Lunamaria looked up, to find herself staring straight into a familiar face from her past.

"Auel?" Lunamaria tried, uncertain and hesitantly.

Silence, as the person in front of her observed her - critically and cautiously. Eyeing her strangely, the former started.

"You knew me ... " Silence, before the voice spoke up - again. "Am I supposed to know you? "

"Huh?" Lunamaria blinked, still puzzled by the strange conversation which was taking place at that point of time. However, before Lunamaria could respond - she was being cut off by the same voice, again.

"Never mind, don't bother responding. Seeing as you know my name - without me having to reveal it to you ... We've probably met before. Unfortunately, I had no idea whom you are ... Well, I guess - I probably know you from before.

In fact, your existence probably meant something to me ... Otherwise, there should be no reason why I was unable to kill you - when I should have done so, earlier on. However, I still find it bizzare about my knowing a fellow ZAFT elite soldier when I'm from the other side. "

"..." Lunamaria said nothing, not trusting herself to speak. She, too was feeling disoriented by the latest development.

Seconds passes by in silence, as the two occupants of the room continued their staring competition. Finally, Lunamaria broke the silence - after she managed to gather her wits together.

"Okay, lets' get certain things straighten out ... First of all, judging from your response ... I'm guessing that I did managed to get your name - correctly, right? "

A nod, followed by Auel's cautious reply. "Yes, you did get my name - correctly. "

"Alright, let's try this again ... Auel ... If my memories served me correctly, your full name should be - Auel Neider? " Lunamaria asked, keeping an eye on Auel's reaction from the corner of her eye.

When the former nodded hesitantly, Lunamaria sighed inwardly before continuing her speech. "Although ... I had no idea about you not remembering me - when you should have ... I'm not going to press on the issue, further. Anyway, my name's Lunamaria Hawke ... "

Another glance towards the pale-haired boy direction, informed Lunamaria of the fact that the former had yet to recall anything about their shared past. With a sigh, Lunamaria pulled herself together and continued on with her tale.

"To answer your doubt ... its' not exactly strange for you - a fellow EA member to have known me, a fellow ZAFT member. Since - our knowing each other had nothing to do with the sides we were on. After all, war and conflicts made no difference to a five-year old ...

Basically, to put things simply - we get to know one another when we were only five ... Anyway, you don't really have to force yourself to remember me ... After all, there's no point dwelling on what was really in the past ... "

Lunamaria looked away from the piercing blue orbs which belongs to her childhood friend, she then proceeded on to inspect the set of EA uniform in pink. Deciding that the ZAFT uniform was still better in terms of design, the redhead sighed aloud as she proceeded on to remove the belt from her ZAFT uniform - startling the other occupant in the room.

"May I know what on earth are you doing? " Auel's voice broke into Lunamaria's train of thoughts, sounding disturbed.

"What else could I be doing? Weren't you the one whom told me to get changed? " Lunamaria shrugged, as she responded nonchalantly.

Auel could only stared on in disbelief, as the redhead proceed on to remove her red elite uniform and her pink mini-skirt that goes along with that red elite uniform coat of hers. After which, Lunamaria wasted no time in putting on the provided white skirt, followed by the pink and white uniform coat.

Last but not least, the matching pink belt that comes along with the provided uniform set which Auel had kindly gotten her.

"Alright, I'm done ... " Lunamaria said, as she folded her ZAFT elite uniform neatly into a pile before setting them aside on the bed. "Is there anything else that you wanted me to do? "

Auel was about to respond, but he was interrupted by the sound of the siren going off. Suppressing the urge to groan aloud, Auel simply told Lunamaria to stay put while he went off to check things out.

"Don't bother to try escaping, as I'll be locking the door after I left the room. " Auel told Lunamaria, as he stepped out from the room - leaving behind the redhead to huff in annoyance.

~ to be continued~

Date started: 03/02/08

Date completed: 04/02/08

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Title: Gundam Seed Destiny (AU) - A love that will never be change

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T

Notes: My latest GSD fanfic - where I shall totally change parts whereby I actually disliked in its' main series. Therefore, a total Alternate Universe - this story will be.

Pairings: Auel/Lunamaria & Athrun/Meyrin

Chapter 4 - Of Past and Present ...


GMT: +16 00 hours

Venue: Minerva

Shiho Hahnenfuss sighed aloud as she threw herself uncerementiously on the bed situated in her temporary living quarters. She had been assigned to one of the empty rooms available on the Minerva, while Athrun Zala would be residing in the VIP room that had been allocated to the 'Head Representative' of ORB's usage.

Now was the time for her to relax herself, for the earlier touring trip around the interior of the fleet was anything but light-heartening. Throughout the whole trip, the Chairman had been introducing the various facilities available on board of the fleet to the blonde princess of the ORB Kingdom.

It would have been alright if they were only given a tour around the living quarters of the fleet. However, the Chairman seemed to have another idea in mind, and somehow it ended with them been led over to the hangar where the Chairman then proceed to start giving an introduction of the available battle strength. That was when all hell started to break loose.

First of all, the blonde princess had snapped rudely at the Chairman for having too much power on hand. Next, the former had went literally into a rant of the repercussion of the previous war and its' aftermath that followed the end of the Jachin Due battle. Then, the pilot of the 'Impulse' - one of the latest manufactured Mobile Suit that comes along with the fleet, had snapped.

Apparently, the said pilot - Shinn Asuka, was formerly a civilian residing in the Kingdom of ORB. However, due to the ORB battle which took place slightly ahead of the final battle at the Jachin - had resulted in the loss of the former's family members. Therefore, the former had grew to develope a feeling of hatred towards the Kingdom of ORB - and especially, members of the Attha family whom had been ruling the country since its' early days of development.

Afterwhich, the tension around the hangar had been tense and the atmosphere unpleasant. Eventually, the start of the danger signal sounding indicated the end of the touring trip. Shiho had then graciously excused herself from the group of company, claiming that she was in need of a fulfilling nap.

Meanwhile, the Chairman proceeded on to lead the blonde and her bodyguard towards the direction where the elevator leading to the bridge were situated.


Meyrin Hawke tried her best to concentrate on her task at hand, but somehow focusing her attention on the current battle situation was getting harder and harder with each passing second. Ever since the Chairman had re-entered the bridge with the 'Head Representative' of ORB, and the said Representative's bodyguard in tow - Meyrin's concentration had been slipping.

The reason being the said bodyguard of the blonde princess just happened to be her 'prince charming'. Athrun Zala - whom was now going by the identity of Alex Dino. Despite how the former had kept on emphasising on his being Alex Dino - the bodyguard of Lady Cagalli. Meyrin knew without a doubt that the stoic and silent protector of the blonde, was Athrun Zala.

After all, Athrun Zala was not only her ideal 'prince charming'. The former was also her childhood friend, and her crush. Whether or not was it sheer infatuation - Meyrin had no idea. What she do know about - was that even time could not help to eradicate her growing feelings which she felt towards the blue-haired Coordinator.

It had been ten years since her last encounter with the fellow Coordinator, and while the former had matured over the years. Meyrin could still easily recognized the former anywhere else - the only question was whether the former could still remember her ...

Careful not to attract any attention to herself, Meyrin tried to catch a glimpse of the blue-haired Coordinator standing next to the blonde princess of the ORB Kingdom. A distinctive clearing of throat next to her - indicated that her fellow co-worker had noticed her distraction and was warning her discreetly.

Sighing inwardly, Meyrin had no choice but to turn her attention back to the task on hand. Unknowingly, her little actions had not went un-noticed by the usually stoic and serious bodyguard of Cagalli Yula Attha.


A fidgeting move from the blonde in front of him caused Athrun Zala to sigh inwardly. It was obvious from Cagalli's movement that the former was getting irritated of the ongoing conversation between the blonde and the Chairman of the PLANTs. To be honest, Athrun - himself was getting rather irked by the Chairman's words as well.

The Chairman had been droning on and on about his past war experiences and about Cagalli's actions taken during the previous war - that was starting to get on his nerves. Moreover, it would only add on to the tension which was present on the bridge of the Minerva - too. Athrun knew that the Captain of the Minerva was getting agitated - with both Cagalli and his presence.

Yet, since the Chairman was the one whom invited them in - the Captain could only endure and tried blatantly to ignore their existence. However, that was getting kind of hard to achieve - especially now as the Chairman started to comment on their previous war experience.

Furthermore, the Chairman was also urging them to contribute their opinions with regards to their current situation - and that only serves to add on to the uncomfortable tension that was constantly thickening on the bridge of the Minerva fleet.

However, the last straw was the Chairman's deliberate slip of tongue by addressing his given name - Athrun Zala, instead of the name 'Alex Dino' which he had claimed himself to be. Deciding to ignore the Chairman's use of his given name - Athrun's only reaction was the slight narrowing of his eyes, before directing his attention elsewhere.

At the same point of time, his eyes landed upon of a fellow CIC officer of the Minerva bridge crew. A female CIC officer with red shoulder-length hair which had been tied up and separated into two ponytails, was constantly snucking glances at him whenever the former thought he was not paying any attention to his surroundings.

Under usual circumstances, Athrun Zala would not be bothered to pay any attention to the Minerva crew members - save the exception of the higher ranking officers. However, somehow he found himself having trouble ignoring the red-haired CIC officer whom was constantly peering at him from the corner of the eye. Moreover, the sight of the fellow CIC officer had struck a familiar chord in him - it seems as though that he had met the former before.

Another attack which landed on the side of the fleet caused him to reach out and stabled Cagalli's position - despite having the former seated firmly on a chair. Narrowing his eyes upon the sight that met his eyes - Athrun Zala knew he would have to say something if he really wanted everyone on board to survive the ongoing battle.

Pushing aside of his nagging questions with regards to the CIC officer, Athrun started firing his questions towards the Minerva's Captain. Before he could make any suggestions that might help them out in their current location - he would need to know some basic information with regards to the fleet's weapons and the number of Mobile Suits available.

Initially, he had suggested for the Minerva to send out more Mobile Suits units - but that suggestion was rejected by the Captain with a mere statement that, they no longer had any available pilots with them. In the end, he ended up making a suggestion that no one ever in the ZAFT Forces had ever thought of doing.

Actually, even he had doubts about what he was suggesting - but after spending the final battle of the previous war with Lacus Clyne and the Archangel crew; he now knew what it actually meant by 'Desperate times calls for Desperate Measures'. Thankfully, the Captain had finally accepted his suggestion after analysing the drastic situation that they were currently facing.

Finally, the battle was brought to a close with the opposing forces sending out a signal to for their units to return. The Captain then ordered for the technicians to work fast - for they were expected to make whatever repairing work that the fleet required within limited time. The pilots were called back for a short period of rest, and several members came in to exchange shifts with some of the bridge crew members.

The Chairman proceeded to thank Athrun for his 'valuable' contribution, before hinting at them that they should headed back down for some rest. That, Athrun was thankful about - for he knew Cagalli was dying to get herself away from the bridge.


Meyrin Hawke heaved a sigh of relief when she was finally allowed to exit from the bridge. Hours of working without resting in between was tiring her out, so she was more than happy to vacant her position and allow Abby Windsor, a fellow colleague of hers' to take over her position. In the meantime, she would be heading back to her initial shared quarters with her elder sister for some quality rest.

Finally allowed to have time to herself, Meyrin was now able to let her mind wandered off - freely without supervision. Thousands of thoughts and questions were currently swimming in her mind, first of all - there was the strange disappearance of her elder sister - Lunamaria Hawke.

Before the Minerva had taken off in an attempt to pursuit the three stolen units by whomever the hijackers forces were - the Captain had asked for her to send out an emergency message calling all crew members to assemble. Yet, regardless of how many times she had tried to call out for her sister - there was no response from the former.

After calling in Vino to check on the situation, since the former was the last person whom had been seen in the company of Lunamaria Hawke. The former only responded that Lunamaria was last seen heading towards the direction where the attack had started initially. Therefore, there was only two possible situations that might occured to Lunamaria Hawke. One - Lunamaria had witnessed the hijacking process and had seen the hijackers' appearance that resulted in her being murdered by them. Two - Lunamaria had somehow managed to get herself being held as a hostage by the hijackers.

Between the two possibilities, Meyrin genuinely hoped that it was the latter and not the former. A sigh died on her lips as she turned around the corner which would led her to her assigned living quarters. Lounging comfortably right opposite to the door which separated her room from the corridor was - her 'prince charming', Athrun Zala.

"Athrun-san ... " Meyrin whispered, still finding it hard to believe her sight. She dared not blink an eye - for she feared that once she did so, the sight of Athrun Zala would dispersed into nothing.

The blue-haired Coordinator said nothing to disrupt the silence between them, instead the former allowed himself to be stared at - by the younger redhead, in front of him. Slowly, he allowed a half-smile to tug at the corner of his lips as he made a move to speak.

"Well ... Aren't you going to invite me in? As amusing as your reaction to my being present in front of your room - I was hoping that we could talk ... instead of staring at one another, as if we were at the exhibition hall. " Athrun Zala mused aloud, startling the redhead off-guard.

"Oh ... right ... " Meyrin responded, as she hurried to unlock the door leading to her room with her password key.

Meyrin waited for Athrun to enter the room, before she stepped in. Minutes passes by in silence as Meyrin found herself at a loss of words. Eventually, it was still Athrun Zala whom took the initiative to start a conversation between them.


Athrun Zala observed the redhead in silence for a few minutes, before speaking. "Am I such a terror? "

Apparently, his question was not something that the former had been expecting for the redhead had snapped her attention towards him with a strange look. "Of course not ... what makes you think so? "

Athrun shrugged, before commenting. "I don't know ... but its' hard for me not to think so - since you always seemed so uncomfortable when I'm around ... "

Meyrin spluttered un-intelligently, before flushing crimson. Taking a few deep breath to calm herself down, Meyrin then proceed to speak slowly but calmly.

"No ... you aren't a terror. " Silence, before Meyrin spoke up - again. "I'm not uncomfortable around you ... just shy ... "

Upon Meyrin's response, Athrun said nothing - keeping his expression blank from emotions. For a while, Athrun wondered if he should provide some sort of response - before deciding against it.

/No point in doing something that might complicate things ... / Athrun thought to himself, before steering their conversation away - to a safer topic.

"So ... how are you? " Athrun asked, directing his question towards the silent redhead whom had taken a seat on the chair situated in front of the working desk.

"... Fine, I guess ... Let's see, after we headed back to the PLANTs ... Life goes on pretty much the same - aside from the news of your engagement with Ms. Lacus ... Nothing much was different ... That is ... until the 'Bloody Valentine' event took place ... " Meyrin responded, her voice soft - so soft that Athrun had to pay extra attention so that he would not missed a single word that was emerging from the redhead's lips.

"Oh ... was the 'Bloody Valentine' the reason why you join the Military? " Athrun questioned, a logical query since that was his initial reason for joining the Military - too.

From the corner of his eye, he noticed the younger redhead shaking her head in response before speaking up.

"No ... If that's the case, I'll be your equal instead of your junior ... My sister and I only joined the Military after the end of the previous war - the same period of time when you quitted the Military ... " Meyrin responded, and upon catching the questioning look from the blue-haired Coordinator - she began to elaborate her tale.

"After the 'Bloody Valentine' event - my father fell sick, due to the depression of losing our mother. I believe you realize that both - your mother and mine, were good friends? " A pause in her speech, as if awaiting Athrun's reaction.

Thus, Athrun Zala nodded wordlessly. Satisfied with his response, Meyrin continued on with her tale.

"Right, anyway - both my sister and I managed to finish up our Junior High education with our mother's inheritances from the insurance. No sooner after the war ended, our father passes on - peacefully.

After the funeral, we basically had to decide on our future paths. To be honest with you - living the life of a soldier was not what I had in mind for my future ... it was, due to my sister's insistence that I finally relented. That - was what happened that led me to this very moment of time. " Meyrin summed up the events which led up to her current role on board of the Minerva, with a rueful shake of her head.

Upon Meyrin's mention of Lunamaria, Athrun finally proceeded on to consult the younger redhead of the elder redhead's position.

At first, there was only silence - before Meyrin let out a sigh in response. Looking into the emerald green orbs of his, Athrun Zala was met up by the sight of fear and anxiety. Eventually, Meyrin informed him of the news that Lunamaria was currently being classified under the status of 'M-I-A'.

Without the need for him to start asking questions, Meyrin had voluntarily let him in on the recent happenings which led up to their current situation. Once done, the two of them fell into a state of awkward silence. By then, Meyrin was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. That was also when Athrun Zala came to a conclusion that Meyrin Hawke had indeed matured over the years. For, he was half-expecting the former to be crying hysterically - already.

Despite the gloomy situation that they were facing, Athrun found himself the urge to smile. Smiling ruefully, Athrun Zala headed towards the upset girl and pulled the former in for a hug.

"Go on ... Let your tears flow if you liked ... I know you're dying to do so, hence the reason for the hug. I'm lending you my shoulder for the day ... " Athrun whispered softly, the magic words that led to his favourite black jacket being stained by the salty taste of tears.


GMT: +18 00 hours

Venue: Girty Lue

Lunamaria Hawke painfully tore her eyes away from the pale-haired boy sitting quietly opposite of her. They were still in the room where Lunamaria had been left to her own device over the past few hours, and Auel Neider had just filled her in on his background information.

These information, including his being a fellow 'Extended' pilot - leading up to the memory modification that would take place, every once in a while. Furthermore, Auel had filled her in on what to expect during the training session of the 'Extended' pilots' - without giving too much information with relations to the EAF away. Yet, those information provided was sufficient enough for Lunamaria to reach to a conclusion that Auel, led a very unfortunate childhood.

Tears sprang to her eyes, as Lunamaria thought back on her shared past with the fellow 'Extended' pilot. Back then, she had paid no attention to all the bruises and scratches on Auel's elbows, hands, knees and leg. Whenever she attempted to question, the former would kept on insisting that those injuries were resulted from a fall.

Lunamaria was jerked back to the reality as the familiar voice of her childhood friend spoke up. "I supposed this belongs to you? "

Lunamaria blinked, as an awfully familiar handkerchief was handed over to her - hesitantly. There was no need for her to take a closer look at the offered item, the initials being sewn on the lower-left corner of the handkerchief had said enough. Moreover, Lunamaria had been poked by the needles mercilessly when she attempted to stitch their initials onto the handkerchief - back then.

"You kept it ... despite not knowing its' meaning ... " Lunamaria said, not expecting any responses from the former.

Auel nodded silently, before commenting softly in response. "For some reasons, even with my memory of its' origin wiped off ... I found myself having trouble discarding it ... so I chose to keep it with me ... "

Lunamaria felt her heart skipping a beat upon hearing the explanation given. /I guess ... I should be glad that he still treasured that handkerchief which I had given him ... / She thought.

~ to be continued~

Date started: 04/02/08

Date completed: 05/02/08
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Title: Gundam Seed Destiny (AU) - A love that will never be change

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T

Notes: My latest GSD fanfic - where I shall totally change parts whereby I actually disliked in its' main series. Therefore, a total Alternate Universe - this story will be.

Pairings: Auel/Lunamaria & Athrun/Meyrin

Chapter 5 - Conflicts (1)


Cosmic Era 73, October 4

GMT: + 10 00 hours

Venue: Girty Lue

Lunamaria Hawke flushed crimson as she wisely kept her temper in check, she was now able to move about the fleet - openly. As long as she was not been left alone to her own device. In fact, she was now tagging behind the three 'Extended' pilots - dutifully as they were currently on their way to the canteen for breakfast. Throughout the journey leading to the canteen, Sting Oakley was constantly shooting her death glares.

Auel, meanwhile, was constantly sneaking peeks of her from the corner of his eyes. Lunamaria had no idea what the former had in mind, if being discretful was the main reason behind his actions - then Lunamaria have to say that; Auel had failed horribly at the task of being discreet.

Giggles and snickerings could be heard everywhere she went, whether was it because of her "special" status - or was it due to the circulating rumours of her relationship with Auel... That, she had no idea nor the desire to find things out.

Apparently, Lunamaria had underestimated the power of the rumours. Barely twenty-four hours had passes by since the "introduction" of her being - a "spy" whom had just recently return from her long-term "spying activities" for the Alliance party, on the ZAFT Forces. That was, apparently the cover story provided by Neo Lorrnoke, the Captain of the '81 Independent Special Squad' - as an attempt to explain her sudden appearance in front of the Alliance party.

How did things ended up in this particular order? Lunamaria had no idea, in fact - even now as she thought back to the events that led down to this particular situation, the redhead still find things a little bizzare.

The whole story actually started sometime late last night, when Lunamaria suddenly had the urge to visit the washroom. Since the room that she had been asked to stay in - does not comes equipped with an attached bathroom.

Auel Neider, her 'kid-napper' cum caretaker had no choice but to escort her to the ladies' room. Initially, there was this unwritten agreement that the former not to leave the site until Lunamaria had re-emerged from the washroom - before Auel could head off elsewhere, by himself.

Unfortunately, Neo Lorrnoke had came seeking out for the pale-haired 'Extended' while Lunamaria was busy in the washroom. To complicate things further, there was no possible way for Auel to refuse a meeting with his Captain. Therefore, Auel had no choice but to leave the area with his Captain while hoping that no one would discover Lunamaria, and started to blow things out of proportion.

Yet, it seemed like Auel's silent prayers was not answered. For Lunamaria had practically no idea on how to make her way back to the room that she had been staying. In the end, she was caught by another higher-ranking EA officer, whom had been passing by the hall-way. When the said officer commented something about not having seen her around before - Lunamaria started to panick.

While panicking, Lunamaria had somehow uttered something about looking for Auel Neider. Upon her response, the fellow officer had eyed her critically with piercing eyes before making the decision to bring her over to the room which Neo Lorrnoke was staying on board.

Neo Lorrnoke had taken only one look at her, before turning to Auel Neider for an explanation. Although, Lunamaria had no idea what had been exchanged during the private conversation between Neo Lorrnoke, and Auel Neider.

What she do know was that, after the conversation shared between them. The two of them then came up with the ridiculous tale of her being a spy previously being send over to the ZAFT Forces as an undercover, and had only just re-joined their alliance - following the end of the hijacking mission.

After which, Neo had told Auel to bring Lunamaria back to the room where Lunamaria had been held previously. Neo had also left behind specific instructions that Auel was to share his living quarters with her, so no one would find it strange for them to be sharing a living quarter.

That was obviously the start of the rumour mill - concerning her relationship with the pale-haired 'Extended' pilot, Auel Neider. While the tale had efficiently stopped and prevented the other EA officers from looking into this particular matter - it had also affected the three 'Extended' pilots, in more ways than one.

For instance, the three of them would now have to share responsibility of the redhead's actions. They had to treat her as one of their own, and yet at the same time guarding against her. That was the exact reason why Sting was acting that hostile towards her, for the former had seen her as a burden.

Sting Oakley, of course, had wasted no time in warning Lunamaria against the idea of creating trouble for them all. Since it was obvious from Sting's reaction that the former detested the idea of having Lunamaria around, Auel had taken up the great responsibility of being Lunamaria's guide.

Wherever Lunamaria went, Auel would be seen together with her. With the two of them constantly being seen around - together. It certainly did not take a minute for everyone on board the 'Girty Lue' to start spreading rumours about them - being together.


GMT: + 12 30 hours

Venue: Minerva's Lounge

Athrun Zala followed Cagalli in silence while he frowned over the information of the Junius 7 going off-course, heading towards the direction of the Earth. They had just been informed of the issue by the Chairman, personally.

According to the Chairman, the reason behind the sudden change of the route taken by the debris of the Junius 7 was unknown and that, he would looked into the matter as accordingly. For now, the Joule team had been dispatched to the site and deal with the situation - by the Council.

In order to set Cagalli's mind at ease, the Chairman had also issued the order for the Minerva to set off for the site - once the repairing work on the fleet was done. Until then, the Chairman had told them not to worry too much and instead, they should take the time for rest.

They had been passing by the lounge, when Cagalli had the misfortune to overhear one of the Minerva's technician comment on the whole Junius 7 episode. That comment, was meant to be a joke - but Cagalli was in too much of a distress to let things go without a fight. Henceforth, it further on escalates to yet another arguement between Cagalli and the red-eyed pilot of the 'Impulse'.

Shinn Asuka - a sixteen year old boy, whom had lost his family members during the ORB battle; two years ago.

Although, Athrun thought that Shinn's remarks was a little too harsh upon Cagalli - but at the same time, he could actually understand the former's bitter feeling towards ORB and the country's ideals. On the other hand, Cagalli's brainless remarks was also another reason why the arguement had broken out - in the first place.

What could be the worst scenario that might occur, when you put two equally stubborn and headstrong people together in the same room? Especially, when the two people involved rather well-known for their short temper.

Despite having spend only twenty-four hours with the younger pilot, Athrun Zala had knew enough about Shinn Asuka's tendency to speak his mind without giving any serious thought about how the others' might be feeling about the situation, at all. The same would have to go for Cagalli, whom would simply voice her thoughts aloud without considering the feelings of others'.

Feeling the start of a headache, Athrun Zala felt his patience thinning. Throwing Cagalli a warning look as he snapped, aloud - Athrun finally managed to stop Cagalli in one of her mid-rant. Turning his attention to Shinn, Athrun Zala merely pointed out the fact that Shinn was not the only one whom had lose someone - during the last war.

After which, he proceeded on to guide the agitated blonde back to their assigned room on board. Leaving behind a group of curious onlookers, and an equally agitated Shinn Asuka whom could very well be cursing him to hell and back.


Meyrin Hawke had been nursing a cup of hot tea in the lounge, when Athrun Zala stepped into the room.

"How's the princess? " Meyrin asked, as Athrun joined her by the side with a cup of coffee in hand.

Athrun said nothing but sighed, as he took a few sips of the hot coffee - before responding to Meyrin's query.

"She's fine now ... still upset, but she'll survive ... " Athrun responded, his tone flat.

Meyrin looked at him silently for a moment, before commenting. "Sorry about Shinn's behavior ... but ... that's just the way he was ... "

Athrun shrugged, "Its' okay ... I understand. Besides, he was not the only one whom had lost someone during the last war. Even Cagalli had her own share of misery from the war ... Anyway, can we talk about something else? "

"Eh? " Meyrin blinked, surprised at how eager the blue-haired Coordinator was about the change of conversation topic.

"So ... how's the repairing work coming along? " Athrun asked, before Meyrin had a chance to shoot any questions towards him.

"..." Meyrin stared at him for a moment, before giving up on the notion of figuring him out. "It's coming along, the engines were in the last stages of testing about now ... Once the damages were fully fixed, the Captain would send out an announcement and informed everyone about the situation. "

"I see ... " Athrun murmured, before making a move to leave the lounge - for a last minute check on Cagalli's condition. He had an idea in mind - but it would not do for Cagalli to know beforehand.

Meyrin frowned, wondering what Athrun Zala was thinking about. Even after knowing him for so long, she still find it hard to figure him out. In fact, Meyrin highly doubted that anyone else could figured the former out. With the only exception of Kira Yamato, perhaps ... and maybe, Ms. Lacus - too.

Upon the thought of Lacus Clyne, Meyrin sighed - she had forgotten to congratualate Athrun on his engagement with the pink-haired songstress, again. /Well ... there's always the next time ... / Meyrin thought to herself, as she dropped the empty paper cup carelessly into the rubbish bin situated next to the vending machine.


GMT: + 15 00 hours

Venue: Minerva

Athrun Zala sudden appearance on the bridge of the Minerva, volunteering himself for the operation of stopping the Junius 7 from hitting Earth - stunned many of the bridge crew members. Initially, the Captain was reluctant - however after the Chairman agreed to the request of Athrun Zala, no one else dared to raise another word of objection.

For Meyrin, while being surprised by the sudden request - kept her expression void of emotions. It was then agreed that Athrun Zala would be using the very same 'ZAKU WARRIOR' unit which he had initially brought on board the Minerva - during the Armoury One hijacking incident.

Over at the hangar, many were surprised by Athrun's appearance. The only exception being Shiho Hahnenfuss, whom was kind of expecting the former to make such a decision. When the blue-haired Coordinator reaches the stationed unit of the 'ZAKU WARRIOR', Shiho whom was already half-way into the cockpit of her own unit of 'ZAKU WARRIOR' spoke up.

"I hope your skills had yet to deterioriate ... By the way, do brace yourself for the rants and curses coming from Commander Joule. "

With that said, Shiho entered the cockpit of her unit and proceeded on to do some last minute checking on the system. Opening up a communication line with the bridge, Shiho asked for permission to return directly to the Volitiare - after the mission. Since, her presence on board of the Minerva was simply a coincidence due to her being stranded at Armoury One in prior.

The Chairman had, of course, agreed good-naturedly. Captain Gladys then proceed to send a notification message over to the Captain of the Volitaire - informing them of Shiho's decision to return to them, once the mission's over.

Athrun Zala, was busy double-checking on the mission plan when the visual image of Meyrin Hawke popped into sight.

"Erm ... Just thought that I should let you know - there's sign of battle going on over at the site of the Junius 7. However, there would be no change in the mission plan as our main priority for this mission was simply to assist the Joule team in the preventation of the 'Junius 7 Tragedy'. " Meyrin told Athrun over the communication line, after double-confirming the information she had on hand.

Meanwhile, the Mobile Suits were released slowly into the space atmosphere. Athrun Zala, was the last to be launched out. Taking a deep breath to ready himself for the upcoming mission, Athrun Zala pulled down on the power lever - just as the 'ZAKU WARRIOR' was being launched out into the space.

Speeding towards the direction where the debris of Junius 7 was hovering, Athrun Zala ignored the incoming signal of the three stolen units from the Armoury One. Leaving them to the capable hands of the 'Impulse' and the 'Blaze ZAKU PHANTOM', his sole reason for being there was to stop the Junius 7 from crashing into the Earth atmosphere.

True to Shiho's warning words, the moment he had established a connection with the two units which belonged to his ex-team mates - Athrun found himself being on the suffering end of Yzak's relentless curses, swearing and rants. Dearka, meanwhile, only smirked at his appearance while telling him to get a move on - to assist them.

Shiho, in the meantime, was already busy helping out the others while Athrun was busy responding to the irated questioning coming from the silver-haired Commander.


GMT: + 18 30 hours

Venue: Girty Lue

Lunamaria stood silently by Auel's side, as they observed the sight of the debris falling into the Earth atmosphere. The larger portion of the Junius 7 debris was now floating towards the opposite direction of the Earth, but despite the salvation work being done by the ZAFT Forces - they were still unable to stop the debris of Junius 7 from hitting Earth totally.

Although, part of her was annoyed about the EAF interference with the salvation operation. Another part of her understood the reason behind the interference, for the video recording taken by the satellite situated near the previous location of the Junius 7 debris had shown them that the core reason behind the sudden change in route of the debris were due to human factor and not of natural clause.

Ironically enough, the human factor involved had been part of the ZAFT Forces. Having taken only one look at the video, Lunamaria could easily deduced from the footages that the older customs of the 'Ginns' had been used. However, what she failed to understand was - the objective behind these actions taken by those older, and more experienced ZAFT members.

Ignoring Sting's accusing words being directed towards her about her 'kind' of people, Lunamaria remained silent. Speaking up in defence for her own race was the last thing on her mind, right now - since she was having trouble coming to terms about the situation, herself.

Aside from the confusion which topped her mind at this point of time, Lunamaria was trying her hardest to see if she could read behind the scenes and try to figure out everyone's motives - under the current situation. Unfortunately for her, not much progress had been made on this particular problem.

Lunamaria was so deep in thoughts that she failed to catch sight of a flying fist heading towards her, and if it was not for Auel's quick reflex at stopping Sting's fist in mid-range. Lunamaria could very well be spotting a black eye, right now.

Blinking twice, Lunamaria looked up to find her childhood friend shielding her from another punch. Instead of allowing Sting to punch her, Auel had intervened by placing himself in between Lunamaria and Sting Oakley.

"Auel, stand back ... " Sting gritted out in frustration, still glaring at Lunamaria with so much ferocity that Lunamaria flinched uneasily.

"No ... Sting, while I understand your anger - I am not going to let you hurt her ... " Auel reasoned, his free hand reaching out to pull the daze-looking redhead behind him.

"Auel ... don't test my limit ... " Sting growled, still glaring at Lunamaria from the corner of his eyes.

Auel glared back just as hotly, but his voice was relatively calm when he spoke. "No! There's no way am I going to stand by and let you take your anger out on ... Luna ... I know you're upset - but that doesn't mean you could blame Luna for what had happened. Sure, I agree that the Coordinators were at fault - down here ...

But, you and I are both aware that what happened today was the result of only a minority of the Coordinators. Well, if you are still upset and need to vent your frustration on someone ... I'll be more than willing to take you on, as long as you leave /her/ alone! "

Behind Auel, Lunamaria stifled a gasp upon Auel's statement. She had to admit she was indeed touched by Auel's actions, but that only added on to the guilty feeling that she was feeling. Although, what happened today was not her fault - but she could not help but felt guilty of the actions taken by her fellow race.

The tension thickened with each passing seconds, finally Sting broke the eye-contact with Auel and said. "Fine! I shall let her off the hook, this time around ... However, do bear it in mind that if these were to happen again ... I'll make sure that she will suffered on behalf of the actions taken by - her 'kind' of people. "

With that said, Sting shot another nasty look over at Lunamaria before stalking off in anger. Stellar, meanwhile, had went off in search for Neo - probably for another counselling session.

"Come on, let's go ... " Auel muttered under his breath, as he reached out to pull the silent redhead with him towards the direction of their shared room.

For the first time around, Lunamaria allowed herself to be dragged around without putting up too much resistance.

~ to be continued~

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Title: Gundam Seed Destiny (AU) - A love that will never be change

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T

Notes: My latest GSD fanfic - where I shall totally change parts whereby I actually disliked in its' main series. Therefore, a total Alternate Universe - this story will be.

Pairings: Auel/Lunamaria & Athrun/Meyrin

Chapter 6 - A short period of peace ...


GMT: + 06 00 hours

Cosmic Era 73, October 5

Venue: Minerva

Athrun Zala returned from his self-voluntary mission with a heavy heart. Based on the little piece of information he had accquired earlier on, during the mission from the opposing ZAFT Forces - it would appeared that the culprit behind the 'Junius 7' moving off course had been the work of his late father's supporters.

/How ironic ... / Athrun thought, for it would appeared that despite his father being dead - the ideals of the former had lived on. With an inward sigh to himself, Athrun Zala made a move to remove himself from the cockpit of his 'borrowed' unit.

Through the monitoring screen, he could easily locate the fidgeting blonde among the crowd of onlookers whom had gathered themselves around the hangar - since the 'Impulse' returned on board with his half-damaged unit in tow. No sooner had Athrun Zala landed his foot firmly on the solid ground of the Minerva's hangar, he found himself being tackled by the near-hysterical blonde.

Still feeling somewhat disoriented in his thoughts, Athrun Zala did not catch on to what the blonde had been droning on about for the most part. The only portion of the blonde's rant that he had managed to register in his mind - was the former's beration of him going about making decisions behind her back.

/Why am I not surprised that she would make such a big fuss over my actions? ... / Athrun thought, with a shake of his head. It was simply due to his understanding of the blonde's tendency to blow things out of proportion - that makes him so determined to keep his decision away from the blonde's knowledge.

"Well ... I apologized for not telling you in advance ... but honestly speaking, would you have let me go if I had informed you in prior? " Athrun asked, matter-of-factly.

The blonde stammered for a minute, not knowing how to respond before giving up on the idea of lecturing him - altogether.

Athrun Zala heaved a sigh of relief, when the blonde finally stop talking. /Aa ... finally, peace at last! / He thought. Although, he may have like the straight-forward way that the blonde had always went around carrying herself - that does not mean that he actually enjoy having the blonde hovering all over him.

He might have accustomed himself to the bossy and loud attitude of the blonde, over the past two years which he had spend his time in the neutral country - the Kingdom of ORB. That does not means that he enjoyed being on the receiving end of the blonde's bossy behavior. If it was not because of his best friend - Kira Yamato, whom was the twin sibling of the blonde ... Athrun Zala would have taken to the idea of ignoring the blonde - altogether.

Just then, the announcement came on from the bridge - informing them to brace themselves for the nasty effects while the fleet attempted to penetrate through the barrier of the Earth atmosphere.

During which period, Athrun Zala had already moved himself over to where the pilots' lounge was situated with the rest of the pilots' and crew members whom had been in the hangar - prior to his returning on board. Together with them, was the silent but brooding blonde princess of the Kingdom of ORB.


GMT: + 08 00 hours

Venue: Minerva

Two hours later, Athrun Zala found himself lurking in the shadows of those excited crew members of the Minerva. Since most of the crew members were practically born and raised in space, not many of them had ever visited or witnessed the natural attractions of the Earth prior to this very moment of time. Therefore, the Captain had granted the crew - a chance and an opportunity to do some sight-seeing on the deck of the Minerva.

Merely two steps away from the deck of the Minerva, Cagalli - be it in an attempt to cheer Athrun up or that she was making an effort to loosen up the gloomy atmosphere surrounding the former elite pilot of ZAFT. Whichever her initial reason might be - her attempt was hardly successful. For Cagalli had tried comforting Athrun Zala - about him trying his best to prevent things from getting down to a point of no return.

Yet, Cagalli's comments had done nothing to soothe his heavy heart - instead, it had only added on to his misery. Like the blonde had kindly pointed out - it was due to his effort at trying to salvage the situation that only resulted in having a few casualties in each of the countries, and the disappearance of some islands and states that was being located on Earth.

For - he had somehow managed to prevent the world from disappearing altogether, a constant reminder to him that the situation could be far worst than what was happening now to the many parts of the world.

At the same time, Athrun could not helped but blamed himself - for it was his father's idealisms that resulted in today's tragedy. Every day over the past two years, Athrun never did stop blaming himself for his father's actions. Today, the world had once again reminded him of his father's sinful deeds.

Suddenly feeling the urge to get himself away from the blonde fast, Athrun excused himself from the blonde's side curtly. Ignoring Cagalli's calls of his name from behind, Athrun only looked back once - throwing the former a look that clearly indicated that he felt the need to be alone.

With his back turned against the blonde, Athrun ignored the berating remarks coming from Shinn Asuka - directing towards Cagalli, this time around.


Athrun Zala had no idea just how long he had been brooding by himself - in the privacy of the empty lounge. It was not until he heard the sound of his cell-phone, did he finally allowed himself to come back to his senses.

"Yes, Kira? " Athrun spoke into the receiver, without giving the Caller-ID a look - before answering the call.

"I take it that - the two of you were back on Earth, seeing as you did picked up the call ... " Kira responded, dryly upon the sound of Athrun's voice.

"...Well, yeah ... We had the /misfortune/ of getting caught in the chaos when the Armoury One was being hijacked ... Don't worry, Cagalli's fine ... We are both very much healthy and alive ... We should be arriving back in ORB - latest by tomorrow morning ... " Athrun responded, as he looked out from the lounge's window panes while trying to gauge just how far they were - from the Kingdom of ORB's territory.

"Alright - we'll talk tomorrow when we meet up ... By the way, just thought that I should let you know - Lacus and I were back at the mansion with the kids ... "

"Fine, I got it ... By the way, do you still remember Meyrin Hawke? " Athrun asked, wondering just how Kira would react if he were to bring Meyrin along for the visit trip - tomorrow.

"..." At first, there was silence - a sign that indicated to Athrun that his best friend was trying to recall something. Finally, Kira's voice was heard through the line - again. "Oh ... you mean, the younger sister of the Hawke's siblings? The one whom always cry when being bullied by the school bully back in our elementary school days? "

Athrun was about to nod in response when he realized that Kira would had no idea of his actions, and thus said into the receiver. "Yes, apparently - she's now the CIC officer of the Minerva ... Would you perhaps, like to meet up with her? "

There was some sort of communication going on over at the other end of the line, before Kira cleared his throat and replied. "Erm ... Sure, if it's possible ... Lacus was very keen on meeting her ... "

Athrun smiled wryly, as he responded. "Alright, do inform Lacus - I'll try my best to let them meet up. However, do remind her that the final decision lies in the hands of the Minerva's Captain. "

"Will do ... I guess, that's all for now ... One of the kids was getting real enthusiastic about visiting the beach ... " Kira said, before the line was cut off abruptly.

Athrun Zala stared at his cell-phone for a while, before shaking his head in response. Since, there was no sign of poor reception being reflected on his cell-phone; Athrun was more than willing to bet that the disconnection of the phone conversation was more than likely - the proud work of the kids over at Kira's place.


GMT: + 09 00 hours

Venue: Minerva

Heading out of the lounge, Athrun Zala was rather surprised to find Meyrin Hawke in the 'training' room with a hand-gun held in hand. Apparently, Shinn Asuka was busy coaching Meyrin - the proper way to use and handle a gun. Judging from the current scenario, Athrun was able to tell that the session was anything but successful.

As though sensing his arrival, Meyrin turned around and shot him a pleading look. Allowing himself to be drag into the room, Athrun quirked an eyebrow up in question when the redhead thrust the gun into his grip.

"What? " Athrun commented, still staring at the gun held in his hands - blankly.

Meyrin pouted adorably, before throwing him her infamous 'puppy' eyes. Before, he was able to say anything in response - Shinn Asuka had interrupted with the suggestion of them having a competition.

Between Shinn's look of determination, and Meyrin's pleading look - Athrun Zala had no choice but to cave in to their requests. With a sigh, he moved towards the spot where Meyrin had been standing earlier on and started to load the gun with more bullets.

On the silent count of three, he started to shoot. As expected, neither of his shots were off-target. In fact, all ten shots had hit the bull-eye position of the target - whereas Shinn managed to get 8/10 shots on the bull-eye of the target.

Placing the gun back down on the desk, Athrun turned his full attention back to the redhead behind him.

"Meyrin - would you like to meet up with Kira, if the Captain allow the crew members to take time off for sight-seeing purposes when we entered ORB? " Athrun asked, simply and directly.

"Eh? " Meyrin blinked, before nodding in response. "Sure, if the Captain was agreeable ... "

"Good, so long you are agreeable ... I could get Cagalli to have a talk with the Captain about it ... " Athrun responded, directing one of his usual charming smile towards the redhead.

With that said, Athrun politely excused himself from the duo and went in search for the blonde. For he knew, he needed to make 'peace' with the blonde before they arrived back in the Kingdom of ORB. Behind him, he could still felt the stares coming from the younger Hawke sister.


GMT: + 10 30 hours

Venue: Moon Surface, Daedalus Base

Lunamaria Hawke sighed as she settled herself into the empty seat next to Auel Neider, unwillingly. Since, they were among one of the last few passengers to get on board of the shuttle - most of the seats have already been filled up by the other EA members whom need to get down to Earth.

The shuttle would be taking them down to the Victoria Military Space Port situated on Earth. Over there, they would be met up by Neo Lorrnoke - whom was already waiting for them down at the Military Base of the Victoria Island. The former had set off for Victoria Island, one day prior to straighten certain issues out with the team members whom had contacted the Headquarters about needing the assistance of the 'Extended' pilots.

"There's no need to fret, I'm certain that you would be able to get those items which you required so badly - once we reached the Victoria Base. If Neo's in a good mood, we may even get a chance to go into the town of the Victoria Island. " Auel commented, as he took in the grumpy expression on Lunamaria's features.

"..." Lunamaria said nothing, but looked straight ahead. At this point of time, the only way she could have prevented herself from being rude was to remain silent throughout.

Although, Lunamaria was still uncertain - if the fellow 'Extended' pilot beside her had any idea of what the Earth Alliance Forces had done to her home country ... She had no desire to find out. Gathering from what she had been hearing from the casual talk between those higher ranking officers roaming about the Daedalus Base - Lunamaria had understood that the EAF had send out a platoon of Military Forces to attack the PLANTs.

Despite knowing for a fact that the EAF was only doing so as a response to the information received about the ZAFT Forces playing both the roles of 'bully' and 'savior' - during the event of the 'Junius 7 Tragedy'. Yet, that still does not give the EAF members - the 'right' to send out nukes bombs while attacking the PLANTs.

Thankfully, the PLANTs Defence Squad was able to stop the attack - before it managed to hit any of the colonies. Otherwise, Lunamaria highly doubted that she could spend all her time being around members of the EAF and still not lose her composure, in front of them. While she was not one whom would habour ill feelings towards Auel for something that the former had no say or control in, that still does not means she was not angry.

Therefore, until it was absolutely essential for them to converse with one another. Lunamaria Hawke had absolutely every intention to ignore the pale-haired 'Extended' pilot, whom was not only her childhood friend but also probably - the only one person whom would care about her welfare among the Naturals.

However, her anger was not the only reason behind her determination to remain silent. Another reason would be the presence of officers whom enjoy gossips - therefore, Lunamaria was hardly going to take the risk of providing further information which would eventually be spun into yet another juicy piece of gossip for the alliance party to joke around after their meal-times.

Due to those rumours that was already circulating among the majority of the EAF members - Lunamaria could hardly get by without anyone teasing or harassing her, these days. Sometimes, she would even come across females whom would simply just shot her death glares - completed with the expression of pure jealousy.

That took Lunamaria quite some time to get used to - for she was struck awe by the numbers of females supporters whom would give anything in exchange for just a minute of interaction with Auel Neider. Yet, Auel had always treated them as nothing - probably would have ignored their existence unless it was absolutely necessary to deal with them. So far, it would appeared that Lunamaria was the only female character whom Auel had actually tolerated - in history.

That was also the main reason why Lunamaria seemed to have gathered herself a large group of enemies among the female population within the Earth Alliance Forces, with the only exception of Stellar Loussier whom spend equally just as much time as Lunamaria in Auel's presence. It seems like Lunamaria had underestimated the charisma that surrounded the former's aura, in the past.

Judging from the numbers of female supporters that often crowded around the pale-haired 'Extended' pilot when he came into sight, it was obvious that Auel's popularity within the EAF could easily be compared with Shinn Asuka.

For the last time that Lunamaria had seen that much females being gathered at one place - was during the official graduation ceremony of the ZAFT Military Academy when Shinn Asuka was announced 'top' in all his physical and theory tests. The sheer thought of Shinn Asuka caused Lunamaria's mind to start taking a stroll down her memory lane.

/I wonder how everyone was faring now ... I wonder if anyone had noticed me missing ... Probably Meyrin does ... I wonder if she's crying over mine being missing now ... Shinn had better not bully her, or I'll make sure to bash him up if I ever had a chance to return to them ... / Lunamaria thought, sighing inwardly when she thought about her current situation.


GMT: + 12 30 hours

Venue: Victoria Military Space Port

Auel Neider frowned as Lunamaria shot him yet another death glare from the corner of her eye. And if looks could kill, he would not be surprised to find himself being dead - a thousand times over by now.

To be perfectly honest with himself, up until this point of time - Auel still had no idea why the redhead was been so 'cold' towards him. Although, Lunamaria had not been too enthusiastic in her daily mannerisms towards him in prior - but the former had not been trying to 'kill' him with glares either.

Usually, Lunamaria would acknowledge his presence with polite greetings whenever they were in one another's company. Yet, since the start of this morning - Lunamaria had not been paying him any attention at all. Even the usual morning words of greeting had been missing, and even when Auel's effort in attempting a polite conversation had been pointedly ignored by the former.

That, alone was not all - as if ignoring him was not enough. The said Coordinator had also started to throw him glares that threaten to 'kill' - the first time he had found himself on the receiving of one of those death glares of Lunamaria ... It nearly caused him to drop his jaw in shock, for the next thing he did was to conduct a quick memory search in his mind - trying to see if he had done anything that might caused the former to react in the way that she did.

Unfortunately, his mind drew a blank. Moreover, there had been no explanations nor reasonings provided by the culprit to help solve his dilemma. If anything else, the intensity of those glares had been brought up to a new level of height.

Normally, one would have been un-nerved after being subjected to those glares without knowing what had happened in prior - that eventually resulted in the kind of treatment which they were currently receiving from the other party.

Yet, Auel was anything but feeling un-nerved by Lunamaria's killing intent. If there was really a need for Auel to name his current feeling towards the whole situation, it would be nothing but sheer and pure annoyance.

Yes, Auel Neider was feeling annoyed. The said 'Extended' pilot was being annoyed by a lot of things - one of which, being those death glares which were being directed towards him by the infuriated redhead standing beside him.

His second source of annoyance, still related to those death glares - was that he had absolutely no idea about just what exactly was the reason behind Lunamaria's sudden desire to 'kill' him with her glares.

Last but not least, the curious glances being send his direction from his Captain - Neo Lorrnoke, questioning him silently about what he had done to irritate the red-haired Coordinator.

Feeling the last of his patience wearing out, Auel then decided to do something out of his characteristics. He knew he had to take some form of actions to find out just what exactly was the reason behind those glares. Whatever reasons that Lunamaria may possessed, Auel was not going to endure those hostility without understanding the whole clause. Even if Lunamaria refuses to tell, he would forced the former to reveal them.

For Auel knew if he were to let things continue on the way it had been, it would only be a matter of time before he found himself being driven crazy by the redhead's behavior. He had no idea why he was so concern about Lunamaria's behavior towards him - when the former was supposed to be a fellow hostage of his alliance party.

Yet, by some unexplainable reason - Auel may be able to ignore how the others react around him; but he simply could not cast Lunamaria's reaction off that easily without knowing the clause of it. Why though? - that, he had no idea.

Although, Auel was still unsure about the reason - why he was so concern about the way Lunamaria Hawke was behaving around him? Or just what exactly does the former's existence meant to him - at this point of time ... He knew - for sure that Lunamaria had never been 'just another Coordinator' or 'merely a hostage' in his eyes.

In fact, from the first time Auel had laid his eyes upon the red-haired Coordinator back in the warehouse of the Armoury One, he had felt something for the former. What exactly was that feeling though? He had no idea, the feeling was simply ... unexplainable.

What he did know was that the feeling which he was feeling towards the former had prevented him from killing Lunamaria when he should. It was also due to that same feeling that he decided to take the risk and brought the redhead back with him, despite knowing that the others' would not react kindly to his taken actions.

Even while he knew of the risks that was involved, he still chose to go ahead and did it. When Lunamaria's presence on board of the 'Girty Lue' was discovered by the Vice-Captain of the fleet, and the matter was brought up to the attention of Neo Lorrnoke - the Captain, and his direct superior. It had taken up all of Auel's inner-strengths to remain calm and collected, while he tried to come up with a possible explanation for his Captain.

Thankfully, Neo had the insight to call him aside for a private conversation - instead of forcing him to explain his reasonings in public. He had then started to give the outline of what had happened back at the Armoury One, with ease as though he was reciting the scenario from a book.

When being asked for the reason why he did not simply chose to kill the redhead when the former stumbled upon his actions - Auel merely responded that it seems as though Lunamaria had knew him, previously. He then added hastily, that what he had just told Neo was only a guess and a conjecture on his part. Lunamaria had yet to verify the information with him, but he could easily take a guess from the way - the former had paled significantly whenever he approached her on the subject.

That was a white lie. However, it was not as if Auel was going to reveal to Neo - everything about him. Moreover, at that point of time - the nagging feeling that was tugging at his heart kept on reminding him not to tell the truth. So, he lied.

Next, came the issue of the 'Junius 7' Tragedy - casting his own contradicting feelings towards the redhead aside. He had boldly stepped forth and shielded the former behind him, while he faced up to his fellow team-mate's anger - being directed towards the Coordinators in general.

While Auel could have simply stood aside and watch the confrontation took place before his eyes, between Lunamaria Hawke and Sting Oakley. He had opted to intervene, risking his own neck to save the red-haired Coordinator from the wrath and fury of his own team-mate. Ever since that point onwards, Auel had knew - he could never treat Lunamaria Hawke, the same way that he treated the others.

~ to be continued~

Date started: 06/02/08

Date completed: 06/02/08

Date edited: 07/02/08
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Title: Gundam Seed Destiny (AU) - A love that will never be change

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T

Notes: My latest GSD fanfic - where I shall totally change parts whereby I actually disliked in its' main series. Therefore, a total Alternate Universe - this story will be.

Pairings: Auel/Lunamaria & Athrun/Meyrin

Chapter 7 - Confrontations!


Cosmic Era 73, October 5

GMT: + 13 00 hours

Venue: Victoria Island, EAF Military Base

"That's it! Lunamaria Hawke - you are coming with me! "

The sudden sound of Auel's ordering tone of voice caused many to turn their attention upon the pale-haired 'Extended' pilot.

Neo Lorrnoke's expression was one of interest with the skeptical arch of an eyebrow - as if trying to figure out what his fellow subodinate was trying to do. Sting's reaction was one of bewilderment, before it changes to his usual mask of indifference. Stellar, meanwhile, still appeared to be oblivious to the happenings taking place around her.

Lunamaria's reaction was one of irritation, especially so when the pale-haired 'Extended' had make a grab for her hand abruptly - and without warning in advance. The redhead tried to remove her hand from the former's, but could only grimaced when the former's grip on her wrist had tightened itself, instead of loosening.

Grumpily, Lunamaria allowed herself to be dragged off towards the direction of the Military Building where the hostel of the EAF members were situated. No one dared to utter anything, for a single glare from the fellow 'Extended' pilot was enough to send them scurrying off in fright.

Auel's grip on Lunamaria's wrist did not loosen until they were inside one of the empty room, with the door securely locked after their admittance into the room. Lunamaria held her sore wrist to herself, as soon as the former had let go of it. Somehow, she was not surprised to find her wrist turning blue-black after being handled by the said 'Extended' so roughly.

"Speak! " The flat tone of Auel's voice, hinted at Lunamaria of the fact that he was getting angry.

Having known the fellow 'Extended' pilot since she was only five, Lunamaria felt herself holding her breath in response to the former's anger. Throughout her years of having known the former, Auel had never spoken to her in such a manner - before. Today was the first time - she found herself on the receiving end of Auel's raw anger.

For a while, words failed her - but that was soon forgotten as Auel shot her a death glare that rivaled hers'. Feeling angry herself, Lunamaria snapped.

"What?! "

Auel glared, before gritting out in sheer frustration. "You jolly well know what I meant ... ! Two options - either you tell me willingly, or I could very well force the truth out from your lips using my own methods. Trust me, it would not be pretty if I were to force things out from you ... I'm giving you three seconds to consider the options available, before I do things my way! "

Lunamaria huffed, as she shot the former a glare of her own. "You wanted to know the reason why I've been treating you the way I did - since morning?! Was that it?! "

Silence met her, there was no response coming from the pilot opposite of her - save for the glare that met her eyes when she looked up at the former. Lunamaria took the silence as the agreement to her statement, and proceeded on to start ranting about her unhappiness towards the actions taken by the EAF directing towards her home country - that she had the misfortune of overhearing earlier that morning.

Throughout the whole period of her whole ranting act, Auel had said nothing to interrupt her. Not even a word in defence of the EAF had been heard, it was just silence. The words died on Lunamaria's lips when she noticed the expression on Auel's features' - there was no unhappiness despite all the rude terms Lunamaria had taken to using while ranting. If anything else, the said 'Extended' seemed more amused than being annoyed.

In response to her sudden silence, Auel merely quirked an eyebrow at her and asked. "Are you quite done with your rant?! "

Since there was no response on Lunamaria's part, Auel began to speak. "Contrary to what you might be thinking about, my feelings towards the EAF was nothing sentimental. Therefore, regardless of how nasty your opinions towards the EAF were ... it meant nothing to me. To me, the EAF was merely the 'organization' that us - the 'Extended' were trained to serve under. "

To say that Lunamaria was baffled, was merely an understatement. For even the ZAFT Forces did meant something to her, so she simply found the thought of Auel - not feeling anything towards the EAF, unbelievable. As if sensing her disbelief, the former began to speak - again.

"There's no need to be surprise ... because' its' the truth. The EAF expected nothing less from us, either ... After all, we were nothing but pawns to them. Pawns that would helped them in their battle and war - we were created solely for the sake of fighting. Memories and our past should meant nothing to us. Feelings were useless - as they called it. What we absolutely have a need to possess - was our abilities to fight. "

Towards the end of Auel's statement, the fellow 'Extended' was spotting on an expression of utter detest. Lunamaria's mouth opened and closed, but she found herself at a loss of speech. Silence was the only response Auel had received from the redhead, no longer was the redhead emitting anger. Instead, Lunamaria Hawke was now spotting on a look of absolute disbelief.

Apparently, Auel was the first to regain his cool composure. Turning to the still stunned redhead, the pale-haired 'Extended' smirked at the former's reaction before adding as an afterthought that if Lunamaria ever felt the need to curse the actions of the EAF - she was more than welcome to do so. For listening to her rants would be a whole lot better than being subjected to her glares of hostility without knowing the clause of it.

With that said, Auel left Lunamaria alone in the room while he headed out for some fresh air. Lunamaria was left staring blankly at the empty spot where Auel had been standing earlier on for a few moments, before collapsing down on the bed behind her in weariness.


GMT: + 14 00 hours

Venue: Minerva

Meyrin Hawke was having her late lunch together with her three friends, Vino; Youlan and Shinn Asuka - when she noticed Athrun Zala coming in with the blonde princess in tow. Ignoring Shinn's words of protest, and the curious glances being directed her way by the other two technicians whom were present at her table - Meyrin beckoned for the two new-comers to join them.

"Are you sure ...that you want us over? " Athrun Zala queried, as he took in the grumpy expression on the red-eyed Coordinator's features. Moreover, he knew the former could never remain civil for more than five minutes with Cagalli around.

Meyrin shot Shinn a warning look, before looking back at Athrun Zala's skeptical reaction and said - firmly.

"Don't worry about Shinn ... I'll deal with him accordingly, if he crossed the 'line'. " With that said, Meyrin directed her warning words of caution towards all three members whom were present at her table.

"... Well, if you say so ... " Athrun finally gave up, and promptly settled himself into the empty seat opposite of the redhead.

That left Cagalli with the only empty spot that was directly across of Shinn Asuka, as Athrun Zala was facing Meyrin Hawke. The last two seats that was facing each other had already been taken up by Vino and Youlan, respectively.

"..." Silence reigned, for no one dared to speak - fearing that it might resulted in yet another verbal fight between the blonde and the current ace pilot of the ZAFT Military.

Finally, it was Meyrin whom broke the dreadful silence by directing a question towards the blue-haired Coordinator, seated directly across her. "So ... I take it as the two of you was back to normal ... ? "

Meyrin tried to sound casual, while taking a small bite of the teriyaki-chicken of her lunch set. That caused Athrun Zala to share a look with Cagalli, before Athrun turned back to the redhead and nodded in response.

The barely noticable nod from Athrun caused Meyrin to arch an eyebrow skeptically, before shaking her head in defeat. Obviously, Athrun had been the first to cave in ... it was obvious from the way those two were acting around one another. Giving up on the idea of attempting a verbal conversation, Meyrin opted for the alternative way of conversing.

Eyeing Athrun Zala plaintively, Meyrin shot a glance over to the silent blonde before quirking an eyebrow at the former - quizzically. 'What exactly was going on between the two of you?' Meyrin's eyes were asking.

Athrun Zala shrugged, indicating that he had no idea - himself. In response, Meyrin only rolled her eyes backwards before shaking her head at Athrun's reaction.

"You know ... I've never did like your father ... " Meyrin's sudden words caused a series of chain reactions, for no one knew the reason behind Meyrin's sudden decision to speak up. Thus, Vino and Youlan merely stared at Meyrin - blankly before turning their attention towards the still silent and unmoving blue-haired Coordinator.

Cagalli's reaction was one of surprise and uneasiness, before snucking a look towards the stoic and silent figure - seated next to her. Meyrin smiled secretly to herself, for Cagalli's little actions had failed to escape from her sharp eyes.

Seated beside Meyrin, Shinn's reactions was the most interesting to watch. Initially, there was bewilderment and confusion - as the former probably thought that Meyrin was talking to him. A few seconds later, the confusion cleared off to give way to realization and anxiety - probably catching on to the fact that Meyrin was actually talking to Athrun Zala, rather than him.

Surprisingly, Athrun's only reaction was a plain nod of acknowledgement. Upon sighting the various expressions of the onlookers, Athrun was not surprised to find himself being faced with four sets of disbelieving eyes.

"I know ... this is not the first time that you are telling me - this! " Athrun Zala responded dryly, as he threw the fellow redhead a look of mock-annoyance.

Meyrin feigned surprised, before shaking her head earnestly and said. "No ... this is the first time I told you about the disliking feelings that I felt - towards your father. Last time, it was my sister whom kept on reminding you on how much we dislike your father ... "

"..." Athrun sighed, as he rolled his eyes heaven-wards at Meyrin's response. However, he nearly spat out his mouthful of water when he heard Meyrin's next statement.

"Athrun ... You have got to stop blaming yourself for your father's actions! I may have dislike your father - but I do like your mother ... Besides, you are not your father ... you are only the son of your father! However, please bear it in mind that you are also the son of your mother - Lenore Zala!" Meyrin said, firmly as she looked into the blue-haired Coordinator's eyes with intensity.

There was a period of silence, before Athrun broke away from the eye-contact and sighed aloud. "Alright - I got it! You can stop staring at me - already ... "

"Good!" Meyrin muttered aloud, before turning her attention back to her lunch set. A quick scan of her lunch set notified her of the fact that one of her fried prawn was missing in action.

Glancing back up at the person seated opposite of her, she was just in time to witness the usually stoic Athrun Zala swallowing the last portion of her missing prawn. Glaring at the former heatedly, the fellow Coordinator only grinned triumphantly at his achievements for a second before replacing the grin with one of his usual business 'smile'.

Meyrin huffed in annoyance, before hurrying through the rest of the food items on her lunch set. After the earlier stunt being pulled by the usually serious Athrun Zala - Meyrin dared not risk the chance of having her food being stolen, again. Therefore, she made it a mental point to finish whatever food items that was on her lunch set swiftly before the 'food theif' had another opportunity to strike.


Cosmic Era 73, October 6

GMT: + 08 00 hours

Venue: The Kingdom of ORB

The Minerva had finally reached the Kingdom of ORB, promptly at the global time of 08 00 hours. Upon reaching the destination where the Minerva crew members could finally allowed some time to themselves, especially for the bridge crew members whom had been undergoing a lot of stress during the journey across the Alantic Ocean.

The news of the EAF nukes attack being directed towards their hometown - the PLANTs had reached them, a while ago. Apparently, most of the countries within the Alantic Federation had decided to ignore their attempt at saving the world from a certain destruction by minimizing the threat of having the 'Junius 7' crashing into the Earth.

Instead, most of the Alliance members had decided to push the blame of the said event upon them - just because part of their own members within the Military had decided to follow through with the late Chairman's plan to wipe out the entire human race residing on Earth. So far, the Alantic Federation had already began their usual act of pressurizing the rest of the neutrality countries to join them in their alliance.

Captain Gladys appeared to be relieved by the fact that the Minerva was now fully docked in the open port of the Kingdom of ORB. Athrun Zala observed silently as he watched his employer - Cagalli shaking the hand of the Captain, as a gesture of grateful-ness. In response, the Captain had responded to Cagalli's words of gratitude with equal respect.

"Cagalli - its' time to go ... " Athrun broke in, reminding the blonde politely that they were already running late.

"Alright, let's go then ... " Cagalli nodded towards her bodyguard, Athrun Zala. Behind them, both the Captain and the Vice-Captain made a move to follow them towards the main gate.

After all, it was basic courteousy to meet up with the fellow committee members of the host country to show their appreciation of being allowed to enter the said country. Especially, with the current world situation - protraying the PLANTs and the ZAFT Military in a negative light.

The group of four were nearing the main gate of the Minerva, when the blonde suddenly paused in her steps and turned towards the Captain of the fleet. That caught the Captain off-guard, as the former proceeded to consult the blonde politely if there was anything that the former was unhappy about.

Athrun said nothing but stood by as he observed the slight shake of Cagalli's head to indicate that nothing was wrong - before the blonde asked if the Captain could allowed the CIC officer by the name of Meyrin Hawke, to take some time off - that very afternoon.

That was indeed surprising, for the Vice-Captain of the Minerva was staring at Cagalli - strangely. The Captain, had remained rather composed but still - the look of surprise in the former's eyes was very much obvious to Athrun Zala.

"May I inquire on the reason - why? " The Captain of the Minerva, finally asked.

In response to the former's inquiry, Cagalli merely shrugged and looked over to Athrun for an answer. Since, the request had been brought up by Athrun Zala initially - and that the Captain of the Minerva was still waiting for an answer to her query.

Athrun had no other options available but to provide them with a logical response, and at the same time not giving away too much information. Especially, when he had a distinctive feeling that no one aside from those whom knew them personally should be told about Kira and Lacus whereabouts.

"Well, Meyrin and I were, in fact - old accquitances from school. I had the intention to invite her for lunch, this afternoon to do some catching up ... " Athrun finally responded, providing them with a reason that sounds somewhat logical and not too far away from the expected truth - either.

The only thing that he had wisely chose to leave out from his provided answer - was that the catching up session also included Kira Yamato and his ex-fiancee, Lacus Clyne.


Stepping out of the Minerva with Cagalli, walking ahead of him - and the two highest ranking officers of the Minerva behind him. Athrun Zala was hardly surprising to find nearly half of the Parliament members waiting around for Cagalli to emerge, and he nearly had to bite his own tongue to prevent a snort of laughter from escaping him.

Especially, when he witnessed the way Cagalli was being trapped by the Seirans' - with the father and son commenting about how much workload had been accumulated while the former was away from the country. Yet, Athrun Zala could not helped but frowned upon the actions taken by Yuuna Roma Seiran - aiming them towards him.

No sooner had Cagalli reached the former, the purple-haired representative had turned towards him with a half-mocking expression and thanked him for his efforts at taking care of the Head Representative. After which, the former had added that his duty was now fully accomplished and that - he was free to go off, if he desired to do so.

It would have been fine if that was all, but unfortunately not. Yuuna Roma Seiran had to look at him truimphantly, as the former placed a hand endearingly on the shoulder of Cagalli. Athrun Zala need not have to look twice to understand that it was a move to show off, to gloat - but what Athrun Zala do not understand was why did the former thought it necessary to show him those things which the former did.

What was more ridiculous was the way Cagalli had looked back at him, as if pleading for his understanding when the younger Seiran member led her away - heading towards the direction of the Parliament House. While Athrun Zala understood from the blonde's actions that the blonde felt nothing towards her supposed 'fiance' - Yuuna Roma Seiran, what Athrun absolutely do not understand was why, Cagalli had thought to seek help from him ...

After all, Athrun Zala was no one but a mere bodyguard of the former. Besides, with the straight-forward personality of Cagalli - the former could simply just inform that supposed 'fiance' of hers' to leave her alone, for she was not interested in Yuuna - at all.

Shaking his head to stop himself from dwelling on the matter further, Athrun Zala decided to make a move for the hostel where he had been staying - during his stay in the Kingdom of ORB over the past two years. He turned towards the Captain of the Minerva, and informed the former that he would be back in an hour's time to collect Meyrin.

The Captain nodded at him to indicate that she would indeed helped to pass the message along, before heading back towards the bridge of the Minerva. It was agreed that the Minerva would be led to the Morgenroete where the technicians situated over at the factory would helped to provide re-supplies, and repairing services to the fleet.

~to be continued~

Date started: 07/02/08

Date completed: 08/02/08

Date edited: 08/02/08
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Title: Gundam Seed Destiny (AU) - A love that will never be change

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T

Notes: My latest GSD fanfic - where I shall totally change parts whereby I actually disliked in its' main series. Therefore, a total Alternate Universe - this story will be.

Pairings: Auel/Lunamaria & Athrun/Meyrin

Chapter 8 - The Kingdom of ORB (1)


Cosmic Era 73, October 6

GMT: + 12 00 hours

Venue: Kingdom of ORB - Onogoro Island, Morgenroete

Meyrin Hawke stepped out from the Minerva, with a mischievious grin imprinted on her lovely features. Having being the only one whom had received the special priviledge to step off the fleet - for a visit into the flourishing town of their host country, the rest of the crew members had been directing her with looks of envy since morning.

Initially, she was equally baffled as to the reason why she was the only one whom was given the priviledge to roam about - free and easily. That was, until one of the female staff brought the issue up to the Captain's attention and started to protest about the unfair treatment towards the former.

In response, the Captain had only stared at them - and said simply that the reason why Meyrin was given the special permission was due to the fact that, it had been specially requested by the Head Representative of their host country. In short, the Captain had no chance of denying Meyrin's special priviledge as it was brought up by the blonde princess of the Kingdom of ORB.

Under such circumstances, to deny the request of the ruling party of their host country would be considered rude beyond reasoning. Therefore, unless the host country had given them the permission to roam about freely - no one else, with the exception of Meyrin would be allowed off the fleet.

"May I know - just what exactly makes you this ... happy? " The sound of a masculine voice broke into Meyrin's train of thoughts.

Looking up at the owner of that masculine voice, Meyrin smiled in response while she greeted the owner - cheerfully. "Athrun-san! Have you been waiting for long? ... "

The blue-haired Coordinator shakes his head in response, before repeating his earlier question to the redhead. Meyrin flushed crimson, at being teased by the former - before addressing the fellow Coordinator's doubt.

"Actually ... its' nothing ... Just that, I had managed to irritate Shinn by not revealing my plans for today. Well, actually - I did not tell him anything as I had no idea what exactly will we be doing - today ... " Meyrin shrugged out her answer, nonchalantly.

"Aa..." Athrun Zala mused, before informing the fellow redhead of his plans for the day. "Well, I intended for us to visit Kira and join them for lunch ... The rest, we can decide later ... "

"Oh ... " Meyrin mouthed, suddenly finding herself at a loss of speech. After a few minutes of silence between them, Athrun Zala decided to do them both a favour by suggesting for them to be on their way.

Thus, Meyrin was seen settling herself into the passenger seat of Athrun's black BMW sports car. Along the way, Athrun had made himself pretty useful by pointing out the different road names and streets to the silent redhead by his side whom was keeping an eye out on the surrounding scenery sights.

Before long, Meyrin noticed that they were now distancing themselves further away from the town and the bustling city. Instead, the car was now traveling down a rather deserted route that was lined up with tropical trees on both sides of the route.

"Where are we now? " Meyrin could not helped but asked, feeling genuinely surprised that such natural view could still be found in one of the most developed country on Earth.

" " Athrun shifted his glance towards the redhead, and said. "We are now entering the rural area of the Kingdom of ORB - one of the more conservative area in the country ... At the same time, we are now no longer within the area of the main Onogoro Island which was the Capital City for the Kingdom of ORB.

Instead, we are now upon the land of the Akatsuki Island - which was approximately fifty-five miles away from the main Island if one were to travel here by foot. The two islands were now linked by a causeway bridge route of ninety kilometer (KM) - across the borders. About another ninety-three miles away from where we are situated now, would be the Marshall Island - another ecological attraction sites for the country.

However, unlike the Akatsuki Island - one would have to travel over with the use of sea transportation. Anyway, the Akatsuki Island was well-known for its' beautiful sandy beach in the world.

After all, the Kingdom of ORB was a country surrounded by water - therefore beaches were common in this country. But the beach of the Akatsuki Island would be considered the most beautiful among all the beaches in the Kingdom of ORB.

Anyway, while we are on the subject of beaches - did you see that mansion which was situated on top of that hill that reigned over the large area of sandy beach situated ahead of us? " Athrun Zala asked, glancing out for Meyrin's reaction through the rear-view screen of his car.

Upon Meyrin's nod of confirmation, Athrun simply smiled and responded. "That would be our final destination for this particular trip ... "

With that said, the blue-haired Coordinator proceeded to direct his moving car towards the route leading them to the pathway - slightly away from the beach.


Kira Yamato turned his head towards the direction where he was certain that he had heard the sound of a car 'honking'. Looking up towards the stairway - that separated the pathway from the sandy beach, Kira Yamato was hardly surprised to find his best-friend standing by and was waiting for his acknowledgement.

Calling out for the pink-haired female companion of his, Kira said. "Lacus ... Athrun's here! "

That caught the attention of the pink-haired Coordinator - Lacus Clyne, as the former looked up towards the direction where the blue-haired Coordinator was patiently waiting for their acknowledgement.

Turning back to Kira Yamato, Lacus offered to lead the children playing around them back towards the mansion - so that the former could head on to meet up with the blue-haired accquitance of theirs'. Kira nodded, before heading towards the direction where his childhood best-friend was waiting for him.

"Athrun ... " Kira greeted with a smile, as he reached the former. Athrun Zala proceeded to respond with a smile of his own, before sending a polite greeting back towards the brown-haired Coordinator.

Silence was maintained between the two friends, as they had both shifted their attention towards the sight of Lacus leading behind her - the group of children heading for the direction of the mansion, single-handedly. The sudden sound of something dropping, caused the two friends' attention to drop upon the redhead still seated in the front passenger seat of the car.

"Opps ... I apologized for the interruption caused ... but ... well ... " The redhead started to apologize, but ended up leaving the rest of her sentence unsaid. For she was suddenly hit by the fact that she had no way of explaining her previous actions, as the event earlier on was nothing but an accident.

"Erm ... You're ... ? " Kira started, trying to recall the name of the redhead - before giving up when his mind drew nothing but a blank as he tried to match the face with a name, which was present in his mind.

As if sensing Kira's helpless behavior as a hint for Athrun to intervene, the blue-haired Coordinator had ended up stepping forth - with one of the most commonly used introduction speech.

Gesturing to the redhead, Athrun started and end his introduction speech - in a matter of seconds.

"Kira, meet Meyrin Hawke - the person whom I had kindly reminded you about through our phone conversation in prior. Meyrin - meet Kira Yamato ... I supposed you still had a rough idea of whom he was, since he was also constantly with us back in our old school days ... "

Both Kira and the redhead's expression had been cleared off of doubts - once Athrun ended his so-called speech. Shifting their attention away from the blue-haired companion of theirs' and towards one another, both of them greeted one another politely with a nod of acknowledgement being directed at each other - this time around.

"Come on, let's go then ... We'll be continuing the rest of the conversation back at the house ... " Kira suggested, looking over to his silent friend for confirmation.

"Sure, why not?! " Athrun Zala shrugged effortlessly, before heading back towards the driver's seat of his car.

Through the view of the rear-view screen, Athrun could see that Kira Yamato had easily jumped into the back seat of the car without having the car door unlocked - effortlessly. Athrun waited patiently until he was certain that everyone had had their seat-belts fully buckled, before starting the engine and speeding towards the direction of the mansion looming ahead of them.


GMT: + 12 30 hours

Venue: Kingdom of ORB - Akatsuki Island, Yamatos' Residence

Arriving at the Yamatos' Residence, Meyrin found herself being struck-awe by the majestic size of the mansion. It looked just as large as one of those houses which belongs to the members of the PLANTs Supreme Council - and Meyrin had never thought that there would be a day whereby she could actually stepped foot into one of those houses.

Apparently, her facial expression was rather amusing to the blue-haired Coordinator by her side. Since, the former had let out a chuckle upon the sight of her face before informing her that - the Yamatos' Residence was hardly worth her surprise. If Meyrin was already surprised and awed by the size of the Yamatos' Residence - she had yet to actually see the estates which belonged to the Parliament Members of the Kingdom of ORB.

After all, those estates - would really put the Yamatos' Residence to shame. Even Athrun Zala, himself - still had a chance of losing his way about those estates. Especially, the Attha's Residence - it was simply a Royal Palace under the disguise of a Mansion.

"Alright, no point wasting our time here - feeling awe by the aura of the mansion. Let's get ourselves over to the family lounge ... there's someone whom was apparently dying to meet you ... " Athrun said, conveniently putting a stop to Meyrin's admiration of the Yamatos' Residence.

Snapping her attention away from the surrounding environment, Meyrin centered all her focus upon the silent male companion of hers' whom was currently leading her towards the family lounge of the Yamatos' Mansion.

Upon entering the family lounge, Meyrin was instantly met up by the sight of the well-known pop princess of PLANTs. Lacus Clyne - the daughter of Siegel Clyne, pop idol of the PLANTs and the fiancee of Athrun Zala, the man of her dreams.

For a while, speech failed her - as the thought of meeting the pink-haired songstress had never crossed her mind in prior. Thankfully, the former was too caught up in the enthusiasm to finally meet her - and was crossing over to her rooted spot in no time. In a mere moment of minutes, Meyrin had came back to her senses - only to find herself being trapped in the hugging embrace of the pink-haired Coordinator.

"Ms. Lacus? ... " Meyrin started, once she had regained her ability to speak - despite her voice sounding faint with shock.

Feeling herself being released from the embrace, Meyrin looked up to find herself staring into a pair of bright blue eyes that seemed to be emitting happiness. It seemed like Athrun Zala had been right in claiming that someone was dying to meet her - and apparently, that someone was the infamous Lacus Clyne.

"Meyrin Hawke - I presumed? " The un-mistakenable sound of the pop princess speaking, jolt the still surprised Meyrin Hawke into responding with a mere nod of the head.

"Oh ... you had no idea of how happy I am - to finally have a chance at meeting you! Ever since I overheard the conversation between Athrun and Kira, back then - I've been dying to meet you ... " Apparently Lacus had sensed the fact that she was getting a little over-excited, and promptly took a minute to composure herself.

During which period, Meyrin had also taken the time to digest her surprise at all the recent happenings. Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala, had meantime, contended themselves with the task of standing aside and watched the scene enfolding in front of them with pure interests.

No sooner had Meyrin managed to calm herself down, she was being thrown off-guard by the next question coming from the pink-haired Coordinator - over the next minute of time. The former had cut directly to the point and simply asked her - if she was one of those females whom had their hearts captured by the infamous Athrun Zala.

Upon the question being asked, Meyrin would have fainted on the spot if she had not been sitting down - already.

"Excuse me?! " Meyrin uttered in shock, before she could stopped herself. Staring at the pink-haired songstress with open disbelief, Meyrin's whole mind had been filled up by questions in relations to the pink-haired Coordinator's personality.

Was the former always this direct when speaking to others - in private? Just how exactly does Athrun Zala reacted to these kind of questions being asked by his supposed fiancee? Just what exactly was the relationship between Lacus Clyne, Athrun Zala and Kira Yamato? - those were the exact thoughts circulating in Meyrin Hawke's mind, at this particular point of time.

The last question had came about - after witnessing the interaction between those three people whom was now directly opposite of her. Lacus Clyne was looking absolutely innocent - despite her earlier question. Kira Yamato was spotting on an expression of perplex and amusement, while Athrun Zala was caught between indignant and pure shock.

Finally, after several minutes of dreadful silence - Athrun Zala turned towards Meyrin with an apologetic expression and said.

"I apologized for Lacus earlier behavior, apparently she had neglected the fact that this would be your first time experience at interacting with her ... Lacus, do try to be a little tactful when you converse with the others'. Especially, when the other party had no idea of how you behaved - outside from your public performance. " Athrun told the pink-haired Coordinator, neutrally.

"... " Getting gradually used to the developing situation, Meyrin decided to drop the guise of being polite and followed in the pink-haired songstress example by being dreadfully direct to the point - when asking questions.

"So ... what would be your relationship with Kira Yamato? " Meyrin asked, not bothering to hide her curiosity any longer than necessary.

Upon Meyrin's question, Athrun froze in shock and instantly knew what would be the redhead's next question. Apparently, he was not the only one whom had caught on to the bait - for Lacus was starting to smile. Behind Lacus, Kira was starting to smile as well as shooting Athrun triumphant looks.

Amusement was dancing in Kira's eyes, when Lacus responded to Meyrin's question - honestly. "Meyrin - you are a smart girl ... therefore, I believed you already know the answer to that question which you'd just asked me ... "

Meyrin's eyes flickered between Athrun's awkwardness and Lacus Clyne's smiling face, before landing upon Kira's twitching lips. "Oh ... " Meyrin made a knowing sound, before shifting her questioning eyes towards the frozen Athrun Zala for an answer to her other doubts.

Feeling embarrassed, Athrun decided to avoid Meyrin's questioning gaze by averting his eyes to the side. Trying to sound unfaze by the situation, Athrun Zala commented matter-of-factly.

"The engagement had been annulled by my father - after the Clyne family was declared traitors to the PLANTs ... Since the annuallment was unofficially declared - the public was not informed. "

Much to Athrun Zala's relief, the conversation was forcefully brought to an end with the arrival of Caridad Yamato's announcement of lunch being ready. Thus, the group of four proceeded over to the dining room in silence.


The lunch for the day was nothing fanciful, in fact, it was the exact opposite. For they were all served the kids' favourite menu - Curry Rice. Caridad Yamato had apologized to Meyrin for the lack of proper menu - but Meyrin had waved the apology off easily.

"Don't worry - Mrs. Yamato. The curry rice's fine ... besides, it had been so long since I last had a chance to taste your cooking. I remembered the first time I ever did have a chance to taste your cooking skills - was during the birthday party of Kira, back in our elementary school days. " Meyrin hurried to re-assure the said female, before eyeing Athrun Zala whom was seated by her side for confirmation.

Realizing Meyrin's intention to re-assure the distressed Caridad Yamato, Athrun Zala was more than willing to oblige to Meyrin's silent plea for help. Eventually, the lunch was brought to an end when the pot of curry had been emptied out by their greatest efforts at assuring Caridad Yamato that they find the meal to their satisfaction.

After lunch, Lacus offered to keep Meyrin entertain by showing her around the estate. Kira, meanwhile, had proceeded back to the family lounge with Athrun Zala in tow - for the former had something of utmost importance to discuss with the latter.

Lacus, knowing very well that the upcoming conversation would includes political topics had decided to take charge of entertaining Meyrin and thus allowing time for the males to discuss on the situation among themselves. She could, after all, find out what had been discussed between Athrun and Kira - by simply consulting the brown-haired Coordinator on the topic.

During which discussion session, Athrun Zala brought up several things which he had observed during his latest trip back to the PLANTs with Cagalli in tow. In addition, he had also filled Kira in on the 'hijacking' act that Cagalli and himself had witnessed over at the Armoury One. Finally, he ended his observation with the Junius 7 tragedy event that took place - merely a few days ago.

Slowly, the conversation progressed on to the current world happenings - and the decisions of other neutral-like countries. Finally, it went on to touch on the situation in the Kingdom of ORB, and Cagalli's possible actions. Eventually, Kira brought up the topic of the PLANTs' and the kind of decision which the Chairman of that country would be making. Lastly, Athrun brought up the idea of heading up to the PLANTs as an attempt to find out more about the situation - under the guise of a discussion for peace to be restored.

While Kira was reluctant to let Athrun go, he knew nothing could change the mindset of his friend. Especially, when the latter had already made the decision to follow through with the idea.

Finally, Kira relented on the idea and the topic was brought to an end - on the condition that the terminal must be informed of Athrun's decision made and actions taken - at all times. With the action plan being decided, the two made a move to re-join the ladies out front at the front garden yard of the mansion.

On their way back towards the Morgenroete, Meyrin brought up the issue that many of the crew members were feeling unhappy about her - being the only one whom was allowed off the fleet.

"And ... I supposed, you want me to help you out by bringing up the issue to Cagalli's attention? " Athrun asked, with his charming smile being directed to the redhead - whom flushed slightly under his unwavering gaze.

"Erm... well ... " Meyrin murmured to herself, averting her eyes to the side - trying to hide her flaming hot cheeks from the blue-haired Coordinator's sight.

Athrun shakes his head ruefully upon Meyrin's shy response, while he steered his car towards the carpark of the Morgenroete.

"Don't worry ... I'll make sure to inform Cagalli of the situation. I'm sure, she would do something about it ... " Athrun finally responded, as he stopped his car directly in front of the Morgenroete's entrance.

Meyrin nodded in acknowledgement of Athrun's response, before directing a cheerful smile towards him - showing her appreciation towards the former's efforts at making her afternoon, both enjoyable and memorable.

After which, the redhead proceed to enter the Morgenroete - heading towards where the Minerva had been situated. Athrun Zala, meanwhile, waited until the redhead disappeared into the inside of the Morgenroete before turning his car towards the direction where the Attha's Residence was situated.

Since Athrun was unable to access the Parliament House, he could only head over to the Attha's Residence - and waited for the blonde's return with patience. He had two things on his mind that he wished to bring up to the blonde's attention.

One - being the permission to allow the members on board of the Minerva to head into town for sight-seeing purposes. Two - to seek permission for a visit to the PLANTs, for the trip would required a shuttle to be prepared for his usage. Especially, at this tentative point of time whereby all the shuttles meant for public transportation had been closed off - until the differences between the Earth and the PLANTs had been resolved.

Moreover, his current identity was assuming the role of Cagalli's personal bodyguard. That would made the blonde his direct superior, thus it meant whatever actions he had decided to take would required the blonde's authorization and permission.

~ to be continued~

Date started: 08/02/08

Date completed: 09/02/08

Date edited: 09/02/08
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Title: Gundam Seed Destiny (AU) - A love that will never be change

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T

Notes: My latest GSD fanfic - where I shall totally change parts whereby I actually disliked in its' main series. Therefore, a total Alternate Universe - this story will be.

Pairings: Auel/Lunamaria & Athrun/Meyrin

Chapter 9 - Of Agitation and Confusions!


Cosmic Era 73, October 7

GMT: 08 00 hours

Venue: Minerva

"Can I come in? " The familiar sound of Shinn Asuka's voice came through the intercom speaker, situated next to the sliding door of Meyrin Hawke's room - on the Minerva.

Meyrin had been busying herself with the task of sorting through the belongings that was previously lying about the room, when she heard the voice of Shinn Asuka - seeking permission to enter. Still back facing the entrance of her room, Meyrin called out for the visitor's attention.

"Sure, do come in ... I'm decent ... " Meyrin added the last bit, fearing that Shinn might felt awkward about the idea of coming in - without making sure if Meyrin was fully-clothed.

Putting aside the last few perfume bottles which belonged to her elder sister away into the un-used cabinet, Meyrin looked up just in time to hear the sound of the room's door sliding open to admit the entry of Shinn Asuka.

"Did I came over at a wrong time? " Shinn asked, eyeing the remaining few items that was currently being laid out on top of the un-occupied bed.

Following Shinn's inquiring gaze being directed towards the bed which used to be occupied by the elder Hawke sibling, Meyrin shook her head slowly and responded.

"No ... don't worry. Those items ... they were pretty much emptied out by now ... I'm just leaving them out here - so that I can easily create a list of items to purchase from the supermart, at a later point of time. "

Upon Meyrin's response, Shinn nodded as he took a few minutes to scan the laid out items on the bed - attentively. In the meantime, Meyrin Hawke was finding this particular sight rather bewildered ... in a sense.

/What is he trying to do? Certainly - Shinn was not here to 'borrow' any of those skin-care products that he had been constantly staring at, for the past minute ... right? Surely, that's kind of impossible even for Shinn ... or is it?! /

The sheer notion of Shinn Asuka using any of those skin-care products which belonged to the Hawke siblings was utterly disturbing. Meyrin nearly shuddered upon the image that entered her mind, once her thought was completed.

Feeling rather fed-up by the necessity to make wild guess about Shinn's sudden arrival at her room, Meyrin decided to start firing questions towards the 'uninvited' guest. Trying to sound casual, Meyrin asked cautiously. "So ... Is there a reason behind your visit - or Is there anything that you required from me? "

Silence, while Meyrin observed the hot-headed Coordinator, her age - from the corner of her eyes discreetly. Upon the sight of Shinn Asuka opening and closing his mouth in response to her earlier question, Meyrin decided to press on further.

"Better yet - Shinn ... Perhaps, you are here to ASK questions? " Meyrin Hawke said as her eyes narrowed slightly, at the black-haired Coordinator standing in front of her.

Shinn Asuka flinched, Meyrin instinctively held back a smirk. So, she was correct in her guessing - Shinn Asuka was indeed here to ask questions. With a shake of her head, Meyrin waited patiently as she counted five seconds in her mind, mentally.

"Where were you - the whole of yesterday afternoon? " The question was out from Shinn's mouth, before the five seconds were up.

Meyrin sighed and replied, "I thought I had already answered that question last evening - when I came back here? I was out with Athrun Zala for lunch ... "

Shinn Asuka glared before gritting out in frustration, "What sort of lunch required one to be away for nearly six hours?! You went out at 12 noon, and came back here at 6 in the evening. What exactly have you been doing with ... him?! "

"... " Meyrin Hawke stared, disbelief written all over her face. A few minutes passes by in silence, before Meyrin decided on an expression of pure irritation.

"Shinn Asuka - would you bloody well care to /mind your own business/?! What makes you think that you had a right to know about what I do or not do with Athrun Zala?! Whether the lunch session took merely an hour, six hours or even a whole day long - had nothing to do with you! I repeat, absolutely nothing! You are not my father, my mother - or even my sister! You had no right to decide what time I should go out, or come back! "

Meyrin Hawke responded hotly, her eyes emitting sparks of raw anger and irritation. If Shinn's question had been directed to her by her closest kin of relatives - Meyrin would not mind. However, the truth remained that the questions had originated from the black-haired Coordinator, himself. That - irritated the redhead to no end.

After all, the black-haired Coordinator was no one but a fellow accquitance of hers'. Therefore, the former should had no authority over her actions taken - but no, the former simply had to 'poke' his nose into her business. Meyrin would have love to swear and curse aloud at the pilot of the 'Impulse'. In fact, that was her initial reaction towards the former.

However, after thinking it through - Meyrin decided to discard that very idea, as it would be rather unlady-like of her to do so. After her angry outburst being directed towards Shinn Asuka, neither of them had spoken another words to one another. Instead, the room was engulfed in an awkward silence.

Both of them were flushing crimson, Meyrin - from anger, and Shinn, probably a mixture of both anger and embarrassment. For this was probably the first time that Shinn Asuka had found himself on the losing end of a verbal arguement.

During which period, Meyrin Hawke decided to take some time and calmed herself down. At the same time, trying to sort through her mind for any indication which might hinted to her about Shinn's uncharacteristics actions. However, the effort was futile for it would always linked back to the name of Athrun Zala.

It seems as though after her return from the "lunch trip" with Athrun Zala - the fellow black-haired Coordinator had made it a point to start 'poking' his nose into her business. And that was kind of odd, for throughout the time period of knowing Shinn Asuka - Meyrin had never ever seen the former showing this much concern towards another of their accquitances. Showing concern once in a while would be considered good, but too much of those concern could only resulted in sheer irritation and annoyance for the person being on the receiving end of those unwanted-concern.

That brought Meyrin Hawke to another possible thought of reasoning - and if she were to start thinking along the lines of that particular possibility ... Meyrin could not helped but wonder if Shinn's actions had anything to do with the former's immense dislike for the Attha's heir. That feeling of dislike was then extended towards Athrun Zala, retrospectively - due to the fact that Athrun Zala was the bodyguard of Cagalli Yula Attha.

The sound of the sliding door to her room, opening and closing while she was in the middle of sorting through her thoughts - indicated to her of Shinn's departure from her room. Since the source of her irritation was no longer around, Meyrin decided to let things off for now - and returned back to her initial task at hand. Which was - to create a list of items to purchase, when she headed out for lunch with the technicians crew later.


GMT: + 10 00 hours

Venue: PLANTs - Aprilius City (Capital City)

Athrun Zala unbuckled the safety belt from himself, and grab his briefcase with him - as he floated towards the exit of the shuttle. After four hours of traveling, he had finally reached the home-country of the Coordinators - the PLANTs. His emotions running hay-wire as he now observed the familiar sight of the space port with people coming and going, all around him.

Ever since his departure for the Kingdom of ORB, two years ago - following the end of the Military trial and his traitorious actions resolved. Athrun Zala had never thought that there would be a day whereby he would voluntarily return to his home-country, alone.

The last time he was here - it was part of his responsibility as the bodyguard of Cagalli, the Head Representative of ORB. Today, his reason for being here was entirely personal - it had taken him an whole hour to persuade the blonde - before Cagalli had relented and granted him permission to leave for the PLANTs.

Stepping through the arrival hall, he was not surprised to find himself being met up by the two lower-ranking ZAFT officials whom he supposed was here to escort him to wherever the Chairman was awaiting his arrival. He was not surprised to find himself being ushered into the waiting room of the Supreme Council Building - for it was only expected that the Chairman would be busy with more pressing issues over at the Council.

From the corner of his eyes, he was not surprised to find one of the two ZAFT officials conversing on a communication device with the Chairman. Following which, the second officer approached him and informed him of the fact that the Chairman would have no time for him until after lunch hours. Athrun had nodded politely in response, and expressed his understanding towards the officers.

Eventually, Athrun Zala felt himself having the urge to visit the washroom and thus, expressed his wishes to do so. Needless to say, the two officers were being extremely accommodating to his request and had guided him towards the nearest washroom in sight. Thankfully, the two officers did not followed him into the inside of the gents' room which he was grateful about. For - relieving himself was not the sole purpose behind his visiting of the washroom, another reason would be his sense of duty to inform the terminal of his arrival safely to the PLANTs.

Stepping out from the washroom, Athrun Zala was about to rejoin his two 'care-takers' when he noticed the familiar figures of Tad Elthman, and Eriza Joule heading towards him. Though not unexpected, Athrun was still surprised to see the parents' of his ex-team mates' heading over to greet him.

The arrival of Tad Elthman and Eriza Joule had caused the two ZAFT officers whom were in charge of attending to Athrun Zala's needs - to straighten up, immediately and saluted their arrival with respect.

Both members of the Council said nothing but nodded towards the two lower-ranking officers standing dutifully behind Athrun Zala, instead - the two of them centered their attention upon the eighteen year old whom was greeting them, politely.

"Mr Elthman, Representative. Joule ... " Athrun greeted, with a ninety degrees bow.

Eriza Joule smiled, while Tad Elthman nodded in response to Athrun Zala's formal greeting - before commenting in unison. "Always the polite gentleman ... Isn't he? "

Athrun flushed, a faint tinge of pink colouring his cheeks. That, however, was over in a second of time - for the two elders' request for him to join their for a late breakfast had caught him off-guard.

"Huh? " Athrun Zala blinked, surprised by the invitation. "No... of course not, I'll be more than willing to join the two of you for breakfast ... That is, if its' not too much of a hassle ... "

"Nonsense ... you would never be a hassle for us, if only my son was this accommodating towards us - the elders ... " Tad Elthman hurried to respond, sighing aloud upon the mention of his son - Dearka Elthman.

That caused Athrun Zala to smirk inwardly to himself, for he knew - Dearka had always envisioned spending time with the elderly as a bore. Yzak, on the other hand, was more than willing to play the role of a filial son. However, the former was either too busy with work to find time for such activities or it was the other way around with Eriza Joule - being the one whom was busy.

Upon Athrun's willing response, the two officers made a move to step forth. However, before they could say anything in response. They found themselves by silence by a mere glare from Eriza Joule - a fellow committee member of the 'City National Defence Group' and, at the same time was the leading person in charge of the City of Martius for the PLANTs.

Beside Eriza Joule, Tad Elthman directed the two officers an understanding look and commented.

"Fret not - we'll just be having our breakfast over at the cafeteria situated near the lift lobby of the Supreme Council Building. Feel free to hang around the area - as you deemed fit. Just prevented yourselves from venturing too near us, Eriza had a very nasty way of dealing with eavesdroppers ... " Tad Elthman said as he placed extra emphasis upon the last word of his statement.

The two officers hurried to nod in response of Tad Elthman's words, it was by now - a common fact among all ZAFT personnels that Eriza Joule does not react kindly to anyone whom ventured a little too close while she was conversing on a phone, or holding a discussion with fellow committee members of the council. Of course, there were exceptions as well - but those exceptions only pertained to the members of the Joule Squad.


GMT: + 12 00 hours

Venue: PLANTs Supreme Council Building, Aprilius City

Athrun Zala stepped out from the cafeteria feeling slightly disoriented by the few information which he had just gotten his hands upon, through the brief conversation with Eriza Joule and Tad Elthman over breakfast earlier on. According to their words, it would appeared that there was a 'leak' somewhere within the Council or the ZAFT Military - for the manufacturing of the three stolen units were being kept confidential even within the ZAFT Forces.

Therefore, unless there was a 'leak' of information - the hijacking attempt would not be possible, at all. Furthermore, there was something that happened during the conversation earlier which Athrun found himself, having trouble understanding. For - Tad Elthman had inquired him on Lacus Clyne's latest happenings, and whether the former had any recent plans to come back to the PLANTs.

Though baffled by the query, Athrun had still responded that he had no knowledge of Lacus making any plans to come back. When he attempted to know the reason behind why the former was asking him such questions, the facial expressions of both Tad Elthman and Eriza Joule had been rather awkward. Eventually, they came up with the excuse that they had heard some rumours about Lacus Clyne returning to the media world.

Still in deep thoughts, Athrun Zala was rudely jolt back to the reality upon the familiar robotic sound of 'Haro'. Eyes widening in response, Athrun Zala snapped his attention towards the direction where the sound of 'Haro' greeting had been heard - he found himself dropping his jaw in shock upon the familiar sight of a pink-haired female conversing with a fellow ZAFT officer, nearby.

However, as the former approached him - Athrun was able to see that the very female in front of him was not the same female whom he had known throughout his childhood life.

For one, Lacus Clyne was not this hyped-up upon sighting him. Secondly, the former's enthusiasm while greeting people only applies to some, and not all of the accquitances of hers'. Thirdly, the sense of dress-style had been too 'open' and daring - the Lacus Clyne whom he had knew over the years, would never dared to wear such clothes in public.

Last but not least, the colour of the 'Haro' which was always seen following behind the pink-haired songstress. The current 'Haro' bouncing around him was red in colour, whereas he was very certain that the 'Haro' which belongs to the pink-haired Coordinator had been a pink 'Haro'. After all, that particular 'Haro' had been a gift from him towards the former when their engagement was first announced.

"Athrun! " The sudden sound of the pink-haired female's enthusiastic voice that greeted him, caused him to widen his eyes in surprise.

Apparently, the impact of shock and surprise had yet to leave him then. If not, Athrun would have grimaced upon the loudness of the former's voice. Thankfully, the officer whom had been standing behind him had stepped forth and informed the Lacus look-alike in front of him that she still had some duties to fulfil for the day. For a while, the former had pouted unhappily before bading him a reluctant farewell and departed for her next destination.

No sooner had the pink-haired impersonator of Lacus Clyne departed from the site, the Chairman had arrived to a stop in front of Athrun Zala with a group of ZAFT personnels behind the former. Pushing away all the bizzare thoughts that clouded his mind, Athrun Zala directed his now unwavering attention towards the Chairman.

Towards the end of the discussion, the Chairman had brought him over to the factory and showed him the 'Savior' Gundam. The Chairman had put it across to him simply, that if he wishes for power - the 'Savior' could folly well be his to use. Although, the condition was for him to return to the Military.

Athrun's only response was to consider things over, and before departing from the Chairman's office - Athrun had brought up the request to head off into town for some personal affairs.
The Chairman had responded that he would made some arrangements for Athrun's request, and had informed Athrun Zala to stay put in his hotel room until the escorts arranged for the trip had arrived on the doorstep of Athrun Zala.

~ to be continued~

Date started: 10/02/08

Date completed: 11/02/08

Date edited: 11/02/08
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luna which season is this?*kinda confused*....gundam got so many seasons lol^^
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sedeee wrote:

luna which season is this?*kinda confused*....gundam got so many seasons lol^^

^^;; The one I am rewriting now ... Gundam Seed Destiny, the Sequel to Gundam Seed ... Set in the Cosmic Era ... Story took place 2 yrs after Seed ... ^^;;
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u must have put tons of work into it
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Title: Gundam Seed Destiny (AU) - A love that will never be change

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T

Notes: My latest GSD fanfic - where I shall totally change parts whereby I actually disliked in its' main series. Therefore, a total Alternate Universe - this story will be.

Pairings: Auel/Lunamaria & Athrun/Meyrin

Chapter 10 - Back to the PLANTs!


Cosmic Era 73, October 8

GMT: + 10 00 hours

Venue: PLANTs, Aprilius City - Hotel

"You idiot!" was the first thing that met Athrun Zala's keen sense of hearing, upon his opening the door which separated the hotel corridor from his given room. It was then followed by a rough yank of his shirt, while the owner of that voice started to rant and rave about him and his presence.

"I see that the two of you are very much in the pink of health ... " Athrun Zala greeted with much difficulty, seeing that a certain irated silver-haired Coordinator was still yanking at his shirt.

Dearka Elthman, the blond responded with a casual greeting of his own - before passing by Athrun and headed for the balcony, looking unaffected. All the while, ignoring the irated silver-haired companion of his whom was still ranting at Athrun Zala. Eventually, Athrun Zala felt himself being let go abruptly and quirked an inquiring eyebrow up at his silver-haired accquitance.

To which, the former merely huffed and glared at the blond for not helping him out earlier when he needed someone to back up his accusations. Dearka shrugged nonchalantly, irritating the silver-haired Coordinator further. Sensing the need to intervene before the possible start of a fist-fight taking place in his hotel room, Athrun Zala spoke up.

"So ... Yzak, what brought the two of you over this early? "

It was meant to be a harmless question, however, it had ended triggering the silver-haired Coordinator's next ranting episode. Throughout the whole period whereby the former was busy ranting, Athrun Zala had conveniently tuned out on most of the rants.

Among those words and sentences which the blue-haired Coordinator did make it a mental point to listen - was the fact that his ex-team mates were here to 'play' the role of his escorts for the day, under the specific command of the Chairman's order.

For a while, neither spoke while Athrun Zala was busy digesting the information being dropped upon him like a bombshell through his ex-team mate's ranting speech. The Chairman had send two of his ex-team mates' over to play 'escort' to him? What was the world coming to? Better yet, what exactly was the Chairman playing at?

It was by now, a common fact among everyone whom knew - his silver-haired mate was already a Commander within the ZAFT Military. And yet, the Chairman had send in a Commander-ranked officer from the Military to play 'escort' for him - a mere civilian, at this point of time!? Surely, there must be something in for the Chairman - how else would the former send in the leader, and the vice-leader of the Joule's Squad just for the sake of playing 'guide' or 'bodyguard' to a fellow civilian of another country?

His train of thoughts was then interrupted rudely by the irated silver-haired escort of his for the day. The former glared at him heatedly, before gritting out in sheer frustration. "You know - you had better prayed hard that you had a very good reason for going out, today! I had been forced to lay off the number of work piling up on my work desk just for the sake of escorting you - today ... So if you ever dared to inform me that your reason for the need to go out today, was to go shopping ... I would make sure to make your life a living hell! "

Upon his friend's statement, Athrun Zala allowed a wry grin to spread over his features as he responded, matter-of-factly. "Actually, shopping for flowers would be part of my reason for heading out. After all, I do intend to visit the graves of Miguel and Nicol - not to forget my parents'. I could hardly visited the graveyard, empty-handed ... Could I? "

Once his silver-haired friend heard his response, the former had allowed the irritation to fade into nothing.


GMT: + 12 30 hours

Venue: PLANTs, Aprilius City - Amalfi's Residence

Following the end of the trip to the graveyard, Athrun Zala had brought up the thought of venturing over to the Amalfi's Residence to pay Nicol's parents' a visit. Henceforth, Yzak took the liberty of informing the secretary of Juri Amalfi while Dearka gave the Amalfi's Residence a call - informing the bulter of their coming over.

The whole journey from the graveyard to the house took a total of fifteen minutes drive, and the journey was covered in silence. Yzak, with his concentration on the road ahead - Athrun Zala, with his mind full of thoughts. Dearka Elthman, in the meantime, indulged himself happily in the box of chocolate treats which he had somehow taken to order himself with the use of Athrun Zala's namesake from the hotel's candies store.

With a sigh inwardly, Athrun Zala started to observe his two friends from his current position - in silence. Earlier on, Yzak had brought up the issue of the ongoing situation out-front - and had inquired him on the position which the Kingdom of ORB was to decide upon taking. That caught him speechless, for he - too had no exact idea as to what the ORB government would decide as a whole.

Despite, knowing for a fact that Cagalli would abide to the rules and regulations being laid down by the previous government - he knew for a fact that within this new parliament members, not everyone had supported the previous leader's ideals of remaining open to the concept of Coordinators and kept their position as neutral regardless of the ever-changing world outside.

Upon his frank response of not knowing what the ORB government would be doing under this uneasy situation, his silver-haired friend had invited him to return. The former, had also assured him that if he had the desire to come back - anything else that might stand in his way of doing so, would be personally handled by the former. While feeling thankful for his friend's sincerity at inviting him back - Athrun Zala had provided the former with no affirmative response. Instead, he had only informed his two friends that he would consider things over.

Dearka, meanwhile, although did not really invited him back - pointedly had offered to exchange roles with him. That caused the silver-haired Coordinator to blatantly pointed out that Dearka was not really intent on the idea of switching roles and identity with Athrun Zala. In fact, Dearka was only saying such things because the former wanted to head over to the Kingdom of ORB to visit a certain someone whom the blond had been constantly yearning about, on a daily basis.

Now as he thought back on the scenario that took place previously at the graveyard, Athrun Zala could not help but allow a small smile to grace his lips.

"Athrun? " The soft inquiring voice of Mrs. Amalfi spoke up, drawing his senses back to the reality.

"Huh? " Athrun Zala blinked, directing his attention towards the soft-spoken and gentle lady whom was seated opposite of him, in response.

"Are you feeling alright? " The lady of the house asked, sounding very much concern of his well-being.

Athrun smiled in response, and replied respectfully. "I'm fine, don't worry yourself over it ... Mrs. Amalfi. I'm just thinking about something ... "

"I see ... in that case, do help yourselves to the fruits. " Mrs. Amalfi said, pushing the plate of freshly cut fruits over to Athrun Zala.

Athrun responded by taking a few bites of the nicely-cut apple slices, before passing the plate along to his two friends. They each took a few bites of the offered fruits, before standing and make a move for their next destination in mind.

Following their departure from the Amalfi's Residence, Athrun Zala decided that he had had enough of outdoor activities for the day. Thus, he suggested for his two friends' to escort him back to the hotel and that, after which - his two friends would be more than welcome to either leave or join him for a round of gaming over at the hotel's gaming room.

Yzak, being one whom would never gave up a chance at competing against the blue-haired Coordinator - took Athrun's suggestion and proceed to play against the former for a total of three rounds, before leaving the hotel for his unfinished work. Dearka, meanwhile - stayed on until early evening, before departing from the hotel.

During which period, had managed to coax Athrun Zala into giving him two boxes of camomile tea - which Athrun had brought all the way up to the PLANTs from the Kingdom of ORB for his own usage. Eventually, out of his private stash of tea collection that he had gotten his hands on prior to his coming to the PLANTs, was down to one pathetic box of camomile tea, and one box of black tea.

His only box of rose tea had been given to Yzak's mother - Eriza Joule as a gift of souvenior, and the other box of black tea was given to the Amalfi's when he went over for a visit, earlier on in time. To add on to his misery, Dearka had managed to 'persuade' him into giving out two boxes of the camomile tea which was initially meant for his own consumption - without mercy.

Thankfully, his silver-haired friend was not that keen on the idea of ransacking his briefcase for his tea collection. /Well ... Yzak had never been one whom was particular about drinking tea ... Then again, neither was Dearka ... / Athrun thought, either way - Dearka was just trying to annoy him by taking his belongings - without paying a single cent for them.


GMT: + 18 00 hours

Venue: PLANTs, Aprilius City - Hotel Lift Lobby

Athrun Zala found himself facing the impersonator of Lacus Clyne upon his return from the carpark of the hotel, he had just finished sending off his blond friend - Dearka Elthman and was looking forward to enjoy the rest of the evening in peace. However, that very notion of it had disappeared into nothing upon the sight of the pink-haired female rushing towards him - with barely concealed excitement radiating off her.

"... " Athrun stared at the approaching figure in silence, while his first intention was to yell for someone to save him from the 'poisonous claws' of that Lacus Clyne impersonator. He knew no one would have done anything, even if he were to plea for help. It was, after all, a common fact among all that Lacus Clyne was the fiancee of Athrun Zala.

What the public had not been notified about - was that the engagement had been annualled since the incident of the Clyne's family betrayal, two years ago. Moreover, neither Athrun Zala nor Lacus Clyne felt the need to announce the annuallment of their engagement to the public - since neither thought of the possibility of them coming back to the PLANTs.

Also, at that particular point of time - no one had ever pondered about the possibility of the Chairman getting someone to impersonate the well-known songstress, Lacus Clyne. During his meeting with the Chairman last afternoon, the former had not bothered to keep the information of getting someone to pose as Lacus Clyne.

In fact, the Chairman had openly informed him that - the power of Lacus Clyne was needed. Especially, at this point of time whereby the world and the PLANTs were in the most fragile condition. The Chairman had then told Athrun that despite the fact that the actions taken seemed to be a 'joke', it was the best that could be done with no one knowing the real Lacus Clyne's location for certain.

Although, Athrun Zala knew where Lacus Clyne was currently residing - he would never gave away the former's hiding location unless there was really a need for him to do so. At least, until he was absolutely certain that the person whom he had to inform about Lacus Clyne's hidden location - could be trusted.

Therefore, the only other person whom was not among the crew of the Eternal or the Archangel - yet, at the same time knew that Lacus Clyne was currently in the Kingdom of ORB was Meyrin Hawke.

However, that was only because Lacus had insisted upon meeting the younger girl whom she had heard about briefly - when Kira brought up the fact of the former being a fellow junior of theirs' back in the elementary school days. Moreover, Athrun had decided that the younger girl could be trusted - to keep that little piece of information, a secret from the others.

The sudden feeling of someone making a grab for his hand startled him badly, shifting his roaming attention back to the hyped-up female - he was hardly surprised to find the former hanging on to his arm tightly. The said female then leaned in closer to him, and whispered that she was actually Meer Campbell in disguise as Lacus Clyne.

/Well ... at least, I get something back in return for allowing her to clinge on to me so desperately ... / Athrun Zala thought, upon catching the name of the "Lacus Clyne" - in front of him. At the very least, he now knew how to address the former in private. For there was simply no way for him to refer to the former as Lacus Clyne, especially when he knew that the current "Lacus Clyne" in front of him, was merely an impersonator of his ex-fiancee.

After informing Athrun of her name, Meer hurried on to add as an afterthought that Athrun should probably called her "Lacus" while they were in public. It was, after all, her duty to play her role as the new "Lacus Clyne" whom had returned back to showbuzz. During the period whereby Athrun Zala was still busy digesting the information, Meer had started pulling him towards the restaurant of the hotel - insisting upon having dinner with the blue-haired Coordinator.

While in the private dining area of the hotel's restaurant, Athrun Zala contended himself with the task of staring out of the window - paying the impersonator of his ex-fiancee only half the attention, while the former rambled on and on about how she was "invited" by the Chairman to play the part of the well-known Lacus Clyne.

Keeping his facial expression empty while busy suppressing a shudder, when he heard Meer droning on and on about "getting along" with him - whom was rightfully Lacus Clyne's fiance but since she was now "Lacus". She, too had a right to assume the role of his fiancee as well - which caused Athrun Zala to shudder inwardly in response. For a while, Athrun Zala thought of making things clear between them - but discarded the idea upon through consideration.

After all, how was he to know if Meer was trust-worthy enough? Moreover, he could not blame Meer for not getting her facts right - it was after all, both Lacus and his fault for not declaring their engagement being annualled and void. Therefore, Athrun Zala forced himself to comply to the wishes of Meer Campbell - while reminding himself to keep away from the said female, unless the contact and interaction was absolutely required from him.

Upon Meer's question of his opinion about her performance as Lacus Clyne, Athrun Zala only responded with a half-hearted response. He had every intention to simply placate the former, and not encouraging the former - when he responded mildly with a 'Yes'. After which, his attention was shifted elsewhere while he turned his head towards the window panes, again.

~ to be continued~

Date started: 11/02/08

Date completed: 12/02/08

Date edited: 12/02/08
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