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Posted 5/1/08 , edited 5/1/08
Title: Gundam Seed Destiny (AU) - A love that will never be change

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T

Notes: My latest GSD fanfic - where I shall totally change parts whereby I actually disliked in its' main series. Therefore, a total Alternate Universe - this story will be.

Pairings: Auel/Lunamaria & Athrun/Meyrin

Chapter 11 - Doubt and Trust!


Cosmic Era 73, October 8

GMT: + 18 30 hours

Venue: Kingdom of ORB, Onogoro Island

Meyrin Hawke was among one of the last crew members to return on board, after the PLANTs announcement of their decision to wage war against the Alantic Federation, as a measure of responding in Self-Defence. Since the decision had been publicly announced, all members on board of the Minerva would not be allowed to come and go from the fleet that easily as before.

Meyrin ignored the many stares being directed her way, upon her return to the fleet - two hours after the announcement of the latest imposed rules on board of the Minerva. Moreover, she knew something which the crew members had no idea about. Earlier on in the day, the bridge had received an anonymous message coming from the ex-Desert Tiger of the ZAFT Forces. What the Captain and the others' had no idea about - was the fact that she had been right next to the 'Desert-Tiger' when the message had been send out.

Topping it off, it had been her whom had told the former of the exact channel to use - in order to contact the Minerva, and yet avoid being discovered of the exact location where the transmission was made. She had been visiting Lacus Clyne, again - when Kira relayed to them of the parliaments' decision to sign a treaty alliance with the Alantic Federation. It was then, that Meyrin found out about the princess of ORB was actually adopted and was in fact, the twin sister of Kira Yamato.

After which, Lacus and Kira had proceeded on to relate the tale behind Kira and Lady Cagalli's birth-right. The tale then went on to relay the events leading up to the separation of the twins', and how they had been adopted respectively by the Yamatos' and the Attha family. Throughout the whole narration of the story, Meyrin had wisely remained silent - and towards the end of the tale, she had promised them both to keep this particular conversation a secret, from the others.

Meyrin was then requested to stay for both lunch and an early dinner, not wanting to disappoint Caridad Yamato, whom had taken special effort at preparing her share of meal - Meyrin had obliged. After the meal, Kira had kindly arranged for the chauffeur of the Attha's to drive Meyrin back to the Onogoro Island - where Meyrin had been dropped off, a few streets away from the Morgenroete.

She then proceeded to make her way back to the Minerva on foot, as it simply would not do for her to be seen arriving back in the Attha's family car. Now, as she made her way towards the Captain's room to report about her arriving back - Meyrin had to come up with a possible excuse fast, before the Captain were to suspect anything. Eventually, she decided upon the lame excuse of being too engrossed in her shopping spee that caused her to forget the time that passes by - mercilessly.

Thankfully, the Captain did not pursue the matter further and simply took her offered excuse without raising any questions. Before dismissing her from the Captain's room, the Captain then told her to take ample rest for the Minerva would be departing for Carpentaria - tomorrow morning at 09 00 hours, exactly on the dot.

Meyrin nodded wordlessly, as she stepped out of the Captain's room - unfazed until she was certain that no one could have seen her. She then made a bee-line for her room, her steps fast and rapid but was careful to avoid making any sounds along the way. Once in the privacy of her room, Meyrin allowed herself to heave a sigh of relief before dropping herself wearily on her bed.

/That was close ... / Meyrin thought, thanking her lucky stars that the Captain had not see through her blatant lies.


Cosmic Era 73, October 9

GMT: + 20 00 hours

Venue: Victoria Island Military Base

Auel Neider entered the hostel room that he was to share with Lunamaria Hawke, a fellow ZAFT female elite whom he had abducted from the Armoury One incident - previously. The room was being engulfed in darkness - which was hardly surprising. Especially, with the latest information about the Alantic Federation receiving the news of the Minerva leaving the Kingdom of ORB, sometime late last night.

Early this morning, a total of six fleets fully equipped with the latest battling weapons had been send out to ambush the said ZAFT newly manufactured fleet upon its' departure from the ORB's territory. Ever since the redhead had caught wind of the situation, the former had taken to the task of isolating herself in their shared quarters to avoid hurting the first person whom passes her by - making a joke of the Minerva's situation.

Whether or not was him being concern of the redhead's welfare, or was it as an attempt to make peace with the former - such that he could enjoy life better. Auel found himself listening out for the outcome of the battle, hoping that it was nothing bad - so he could probably still lived on longer when he relayed the news of Minerva's condition to the redhead whom was still fuming silently in the confined area of their shared quarters. Thankfully, the news he had managed to catch wind of - was considered bad for the Alantic Federation, but was a positive outcome for the fuming redhead.

Flipping on the light switches of the room, Auel found himself being greeted by the angry glare of Lunamaria Hawke. Knowing that his mood would be utterly ruined if he allowed the former to speak before he does, Auel decided to take the initiative by making the first move - this time around. After all, he was not in the mood to let the redhead vent her frustrations upon him - today.

"Hold it! I'm not in a mood for a verbal arguement today! Before you decided to shout or yell at me - to get out of the room. Please listen to what I've to say next ... " Auel paused, and upon the sight of Lunamaria's attempting to speak up - he smirked and continued on with his statement. Efficiently cutting off the redhead's unspoken words, without a bat of his eyelids.

"Now before you attempt to interrupt me, what I've got to say next - concerns the Minerva, greatly! Yes, its' regarding the Minerva's situation ... and please hold your horses. Let me finish before you started cursing me into oblivion. Early this morning, our party send out a total of six fleets to ambush the Minerva ... "

Upon Auel's mention of the Minerva being caught in an ambush, Lunamaria was about to respond - only to find herself being interrupted by the 'Extended' pilot's words, again. That, irritate her to no end - but she wisely chose to remain silent. Praying mentally that the former had better not be bringing her bad news - else, she would not be responsible for her actions taken, later.

"Anyway, the outcome of the battle was ... somewhat intriguing ... I'll say, but it irritated the higher-ranking people up there to ... no end. At first, the Minerva and its' crew appeared to be losing. Then, by some miraculous power - that new proto-type ... the one with the ability to separate its' unit into three parts started to fight back.

Finally before we knew it - all the six fleets were being taken down. And, the Minerva managed to escape soon after. While they took some damage, but it should be hardly a problem for them. "

With that, Auel Neider ended his summary of the battle and the outcome - before dropping himself onto the chair behind him and stared silently at the redhead for some sort of response. Minutes tickled by in silence as the redhead opposite him, appeared to be digesting the news - before the former spoke up.

"Impulse ... the unit that was able to separate itself into three portions ... that's the Impulse ... " Lunamaria added, upon the baffled look on Auel's features.

In response, Auel merely shrugged. It was, after all, none of his business of what the opponents' unit had been called or even named. What matters most was that - the redhead was no longer glaring at him, which meant he was 'safe' for the time-being.

Knowing that the redhead would probably need some time to gather her wits together, Auel decided to head over to the canteen and get Lunamaria some sandwiches for dinner. Apparently, the former had not taken any meals since late last night - for the redhead was busy fuming over the Minerva's situation.

Now that the Minerva had safely escaped from harm, Auel was more than willing to bet that Lunamaria would be crying out for food - as soon as the anger subsided and the feeling of hunger took her over.


Cosmic Era 73, October 10

GMT: + 05 00 hours

Venue: Kingdom of ORB, Akatsuki Island - Yamato's Residence

The robotic sound of 'Haro' bouncing around disrupted the tranquil peace that reigned over the Yamato's Residence, awaking the eighteen year old Kira Yamato from his light-slumber. Two doors away from his room, the ex-desert tiger - Andrew Waltfield was up and about in a flash of light.

At the same time, the bedroom door of Murrae Ramius was opened up and the brown-haired lady emerged from within with a loaded hand-gun held in her hand. Five minutes later, Andrew Waltfield emerged from his own room mirroring the former's actions. Kira Yamato met up with the two seniors along the hallway - heading towards the direction of Lacus Clyne's bedroom.

Coming to a stop outside of the pink-haired Coordinator's room, they waited patiently for the owner of the bedroom to emerge while Murrae Ramius headed in to usher the kids whom was sharing the room with the songstress, out into the hallway. In less than five minutes time, Lacus Clyne had emerged from the room - looking very much awake and aware of the situation which they found themselves in.

By this time, snipers could be seen snooping around trying to catch them off-guard. Gunshots were being fired to and fro between both parties, it was apparent that they were under attack. That much, was obvious - what they had yet to understand from the current situation was why were they being targetted and whom was the one instigating the attack on them.

While they were ducking from those stray bullets that zoomed past them, every now and then - Murrae Ramius came to a conclusion that those snipers' movements were far too flexible to be a Natural. Hence, their attackers could only be Coordinators.

As the group gathered in front of the entrance to the bomb shelter area, Kira looked up just in time to witness a fellow sniper targeting the aim of the gun towards Lacus Clyne. Making full use of his Coordinator's reflex, Kira managed to bring Lacus aside to safety. It was apparent that the target for this particular attack had been Lacus Clyne, but its' motive remained unknown - for the time being.

Once the group entered the shelter area safely, Lacus had questioned both Andrew and Kira - if the target for this attack had been herself. And when neither of them responded to her query, she took their silence as agreement to her deductions.

Upon the sound of rapidly approaching Mobile Suit Units from the other side of the door, Andrew Waltfield started to curse aloud and led them through the continuous sheltered passage-way until they found themselves coming to a dead end.

Now they were standing in front of a giant door-way, that separated them from their only source of power and strength which they had on their hands. Behind that very door, was the only Underground Military Facility and Factory that remained standing in the Kingdom of ORB - for most of these facilities had been destroyed, two years ago.

The only reason why the Military Facility hidden behind this particular door had survived was simply because - the said facility was too well-hidden from view. In fact, neither would have thought to look for its' entrance under the deep sea water - nor would they thought to feel around the rocks for anything that might open up the passage-way for them to enter.

"Lacus - the key's with you, right? Hand it over, that's our only chance at surviving. Unless, you wanted us to all perished down here without a chance at fighting back at them... " Andrew Waltfield finally spoke up, breaking the silence that hung between them.

Lacus appeared to be hesitant, staring up at Kira with a mixture of concern and reluctance upon her face. Realizing that Lacus hesitancy had something to do with him, Kira turned his attention towards the solemn Andrew Waltfield - before shifting his glance towards the sealed passage-way looming ahead of him.

The light of recognition dawned upon him, as the idea of what was hidden behind that passage-way make itself known to his quick-witted mind. Turning towards the pink-haired Coordinator whom was still eyeing him with concern, Kira hurried to reassure the former.

"Don't worry about me, Lacus ... I'm okay. In fact, I'll be fine. Besides, I'll feel even worse if I had done nothing to protect you. I want to protect you, because I knew that protecting you right now - would be the right thing for me to do. "

Since Kira had put it across in such a manner, Lacus would had no other choices available - but to hand over the key that would opened up the door in front of them. On the count of three, the double-sided door slided open to reveal the sight of a magnificient looking Mobile Suit Unit, sparkling in all its' glory.

There it was - the unmistakenable blue and white unit, that remained undefeatable in the last war. Its' battle record was now considered legendary - though its' official record had been deleted and removed from all organizations' network and database, after the war. The tales and rumours about its' abilities, and its' power were still being circulated around - up until today.

'ZGMF-X10A Freedom' was the name given to this particular Mobile Suit Unit, it was also one of the three Mobile Suits Units being manufactured in the year Cosmic Era 71 - that came equipped with the N-Jammer Canceller. Among the three units manufactured and equipped with the N-Jammer Canceller function, two of them had been destroyed beyond salvation during the final battle of Yakin Due. The 'Freedom' was the only unit which had remained and survived the last war, but was badly damaged.

After recovering Kira Yamato and the unit, the Eternal crew had hurried to salvage the damaged Mobile Suit. Since, the situation remained unstable back then - it would be better if one of the Mobile Suit was functionable, as a measure of precaution. Later on, during the signing of the war-end peace treaty at the debris of Junius 7, it had been decided that the use of nuclear powered weapons would be considered as a voilation of the treaty.

Due to the treaty's condition stating the fact that the use of N-Jammer Canceller would be considered forbidden in future, the 'Freedom' was sealed up in the Underground Factory of the Military Facilities that remained unharmed and hidden within the Kingdom of ORB, upon the Archangel's return to the Earth.

As a precaution measure taken up further to hide the existence of the said underground facilities at the Akatsuki Island, Cagalli had then ordered for a mansion to be built above the facility ground - for disguising purposes.

From then onwards, anyone whom had the desires to head over to the said facility would have to either take the hidden alcove passage way that was disguised by the many trees that surrounded the sandy beach area - or they would have to pass through the underground passage ways.

Kira Yamato walked calmly towards the stationed unit with determined steps, he was heading out for battle - again. This time around, he was fighting to protect Lacus, and the many others' whom he cared earnestly about. Like the other time when he had descended from the skies of Alaska Joshua with the 'Freedom' - despite the situation being different now, his feelings and determination still remained the same as before.

Whether was it then, or now - it had been his own decision to fight the battles. Unlike the time whereby he was forced by the circumstances to pilot the 'Strike' in order to protect his friends and himself. Kira had piloted the 'Freedom' according to his desires - which was to make the world a better place for people to live in, and at the same time restoring peace to the current world.

With that resolution in mind, Kira Yamato approached the stationed unit of 'Freedom' with determination. As he settled himself into the cockpit of the said unit, Kira took a deep breath - preparing himself mentally, before starting up the system of the unit that he used to be so familiar with.

Meanwhile, Andrew Waltfield hurried to usher the rest of the group towards another passage-way located by the side of the now closed door-way. They managed to get away just as the Mobile Suit Squad blasted through the wall of the room - where they were still standing, a while ago.

~ to be continued~

Date started: 12/02/08

Date completed: 12/02/08

Date edited: 13/02/08
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Posted 5/1/08 , edited 5/1/08
Title: Gundam Seed Destiny (AU) - A love that will never be change

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T

Notes: My latest GSD fanfic - where I shall totally change parts whereby I actually disliked in its' main series. Therefore, a total Alternate Universe - this story will be.

Pairings: Auel/Lunamaria & Athrun/Meyrin

Chapter 12 - Freedom and Kira!


Cosmic Era 73, October 10

GMT: + 06 45 hours

Venue: Kingdom of ORB, Akatsuki Island - Coast Line

Lacus Clyne watched from her position on top of the hill ground, the sight of the magnificient unit soared above her. The shiny and newly polished blue wings of the 'Freedom' nearly blinded her sight, while the kids whom gathered about her were staring up at the soaring unit in awe.

This was not the first time for these kids to witness a Mobile Suit in action, neither was it their first time at witnessing a battle taking place - before their very eyes.

All of these kids had been ophans from the war over the past few years, some of them Coordinators' but most of them were Naturals. Some of them haboured the feeling of hatred towards the Earth Alliances Forces, while many of them directed those feelings towards the ZAFT Forces. However, that was all in the past - for the kids were now able to face both Naturals and Coordinators' alike, comfortably.

The kid whom used to kick and glare at Athrun Zala in the past, have grown to adore the former. Now that kid could always be seen tagging behind Athrun, pestering the former to play with him. Others' would crowd themselves around Kira or herself, whereby they would both take turns entertaining them with one of their stories. After two years of peace and quiet around them, they had really thought that they had succeeded in stopping the war from happening.

Yet, it would appeared that they were still not even close to their goal. After all, conflicts that existed among Naturals and Coordinators were still taking place. To add more misery to the situation, the actions of the terrorists provided the world with even more complications.

The sight of the five-year old girl squeezing her eyes shut upon the sight of the many explosions that was now taking place along the stretch of sandy beach areas, notified Lacus Clyne of the kids' uneasiness and fear. Now standing tall and proud among the debris of the original mansion, was the 'Freedom'.

"Kira ... " Lacus whispered, as she hugged her now immobile pink 'Haro' close to her heart.

Despite her own precarious situation, Lacus proceeded on to give each and every kids around her - a hug of comfort.


GMT: + 07 00 hours

Venue: Kingdom of ORB, Akatsuki Island

With the 'Freedom' still hovering up in the air, overlooking the now peaceful scenery - with the only exception of the mansion that was now in a state of ruin. All around him, smoke were still rising from the pile of ash - which had been units of Mobile Suits before they travelled down the path of self-destruction.

The soft chirp coming from his favourite electronic bird 'Torii' brought him peace and comfort, Kira allowed his eyes to scan the surrounding once more before directing the 'Freedom' back to where it had been stationed - orginally.

Thankfully, the Akatsuki Island where they had been staying was too far off from the Main Onogoro Island - where most of the people had chose to reside. Otherwise, they might find themselves having trouble explaining all the commotion that took place - slightly an hour before dawn.

Although, it was somewhat of a miracle that no one on duty over at the Military Headquarters had noticed the incoming Mobile Suits units on the radar system. Then again, Kira supposed he could not blame the Military officers on duty - either. For - the Akatsuki Island had always been self-reliance and never did they once, relied upon the country's Military Force for protection. Moreover, the Akatsuki Island was personally governed by the Attha's family and no one else.

That was the reason, why they never get to see any governing members around the Island - with the only exception of Cagalli dropping by, whenever possible. Occasionally, civilians whom was looking forward to having a brief period of peace and holiday would come here - but they were mostly absent for the most season of the year. Thus, explaining the lack of governing building on the Island.

Kira met up with the Lacus and the others' after he was done with the task of docking the 'Freedom'. He then joined the rest of the others' on a trip to scout the area, and see if there was anything which they could somehow salvage from the pile of debris and ruins. Since the mansion was now officially in ruin, they would now had to resort to live within the Underground Military Facility.

Deciding to leave the kids in the capable hands of his mother, and Reverend Malchio - Kira took it upon himself to gather the rest of the members around for a group discussion. Now that Lacus had been assaulted by Coordinators, it would not be wise for them to remain around the area anymore.

Even if the ORB government had not been alerted of the battle that took place along the coast-line previously, it does not means that they would be this lucky, the next time around. After all, who was to say that there would not be another attempt of assaulting Lacus being made and executed by whomever among the Coordinators that wishes the death of Lacus Clyne.

"So ... while we are on the subject, whom do you think was the one that instigated the assault? " Kira asked, his eyes landing upon the experience veteran among them - in terms of war and battles.

Andrew Waltfield eyed Kira for a moment, before shifting his glances towards the silent pink-haired Coordinator, standing by the side before responding.

"I can't say for sure ... but according to the information that I've just received from the Terminal - it would appeared that those units that were used in the previous attack were not part of the Regular Military Forces. Those units - the 'ASH', I believed that was the official name given to them.

Only those within the Official Military Squad could gain access to them - they were one of the newly produced Mobile Suits for the ZAFT Forces. Even, I had never actually seen them in action before ... only coming across the blue-prints for them, prior to their mass-production back then. "

Upon Andrew's response, Murrae Ramius felt a chill traveling down her spine - causing her to shiver despite the heat in the atmosphere. "You mean - those people were part of the official ZAFT Forces ... ?"

Andrew shakes his head in response, and said. "No idea - but most likely ... they were. After all, one would never come across such units - this easily. Most of the time, they were assigned or given one - prior to their mission. Anyway, with this latest development - I believed we could very well forgo the plan of moving up to the PLANTs. "

"True - but we could hardly remain here, either ... Especially, the alliance treaty was about to be sign in a few days' time. Even if Cagalli does not mind having us around, I can't say the same for the rest of the parliament members. No doubt, our awkward positions would ended up being a burden or we might very well be creating trouble for Cagalli. " Kira interjected, frowning.

"I guess, we ought to move - either way. The question would be - where should we move ourselves to? There was simply no countries on Earth - whom was still not affliated with the Alantic Federation or the PLANTs, at this particular point of time. " Murrae Ramius commented, sounding troubled.

Silence met her, as everyone appeared to be thinking hard. Eventually, Kira spoke up with a shrug. "Let's worry about that later ... we shall take one step at a time, and see what happened next. In the meantime, let's send out an emergency message to them all - seeking for them to gather around for a meeting, tomorrow morning. "

Murrae Ramius nodded in response, there was no need for Kira to spell things out aloud. Even if Kira did not bring up the suggestion, she was going to go ahead and inform her original crew members whom were now scattered all over the country - busy with their own duties and responsibilities.


Just then, they heard the sound of a car coming to a stop before the ruins of the mansion - followed by the gasp of shock from a lady. Heading out front, Kira found himself staring into the worrying face of Mana - Cagalli's nanny from young.

"Mana-san? " Kira spoke up, alerting the former of his presence.

"Aaa... Kira-sama! What happened down here? Why was the house in such a state? " Mana wailed, sounding faint.

Kira said nothing but grimaced in response, heading over to support the older lady - Kira proceeded to steer the conversation topic away from the ruined house. Instead, he asked for the reason behind the former's arrival.

Upon his query, the nanny started to weep - pitifully. She then handed a letter over to Kira, while ranting and raving about the unfairness of the situation which her mistress was now facing. The former told Kira that Cagalli was now trapped in the House of Seiran, under the excuse of busy preparing for the upcoming wedding ceremony - which will be taking place, tomorrow at noon.

Mana then proceeded on to inform Kira that Cagalli was not keen on the idea of getting married to Yuuna Roma Seiran, but the Seirans' simply would not take 'No' for an answer. Instead, they had resort to using underhands method by threatening Cagalli with the future fate of the country.

Kira's eyes scanned through the content of the letter rapidly, before sighing aloud. Cagalli apologized in the letter, for not being able to inform him of her impending nuptials herself, and thus had send Mana off with the letter.

The rest of the letter content was to inform him - that he had no need to be concern about her welfare. That, and the fact that she would be trying her best to forget about Athrun. Finally, the letter ended with her telling Kira not to worry - and that, she already knew that her feelings towards Athrun was one of those unrequited love. Therefore, after her marriage to Yuuna - she would try her best to forget and not to think about Athrun, anymore.

"..." Kira stared at the letter, speechlessly before handing the letter over to Lacus - allowing her to have a look.

In the meantime, Kira was having trouble coming to terms with his current feelings. Part of him was feeling angry at Cagalli for her brainless acts, and yet another part of him was feeling surprised. Apparently, Cagalli knew Athrun held no sense of romantic feelings towards her - instead had only treated her like a younger sister.

With a sigh inwardly, Kira shifted his attention back to the still weeping nanny and said. "Mana-san, don't worry. I'm sure Cagalli knew what she was doing, if it helped - I'll try to find some opportunity to have a talk with her. "

The nanny nodded, still sniffling before turning on her heels and headed back towards the car that was awaiting her to return. Obviously, the former had snuck out - and thus was required to be back at the House of Seiran before anyone else were to discover her being missing.


GMT: + 12 noon

Venue: Akatsuki Island, Underground Military Facility

Kira Yamato stared at his lunch set intently, not making a move to touch the food in front of him. Instead, he appeared to be in deep thoughts. That, was exactly how Lacus had found him - several minutes later.

"Kira? " A soft-spoken voice broke into his train of thoughts, drawing his attention back into reality.

Looking to his side, he was not surprised to find the pink-haired Coordinator eyeing him with concern. Directing a gentle smile towards the former, Kira responded frankly that he was too engrossed in his thoughts - thus had forgotten all about the lunch set in front of him.

Cocking her head slightly to the side, Lacus Clyne asked. "Care to spare me a penny of your thought? "

Kira smiled, before nodding in response. "Sure, why not?! Actually, its' nothing - I'm just thinking about Cagalli and the content of her letter. "

"I see ... so, I'm assuming that you're not happy about Cagalli's decision ... ?" Lacus questioned, keeping her eyes fully trained upon the brown-haired Coordinator - searching the former's expression for signs of any reactions.

Unfortunately, Kira had somehow managed to keep his facial expression empty and blank. Not even Lacus Clyne, whom had spend the past two years living in the Kingdom of ORB with the said Coordinator could figured the former out. Especially, when the said Coordinator was making it utterly impossible for her to catch the former's eyes'.

Therefore, unless Kira made an attempt to tell her what was on his mind - Lacus would have no idea what the fellow Coordinator was thinking about.

Minutes tickled by in silence, before the ultimate Coordinator finally decided to share his thoughts and ideas with the pink-haired songstress. "Lacus, tell me seriously - what do you think about Cagalli's decision. I want a honest answer out from you ... "

The pink-haired Coordinator eyed her boyfriend of two years intently, before sighing out a response.

"A honest answer, you say ... Well, if that's the case - I'll be frank with you. I don't really agree with what Cagalli had decided to do - under this particular situation. Although, I believe my reasonings would differ from yours' - still ... Anyway, I could understand why she thought there was a need for an alliance treaty to be sign ...

Considering her paranoia of going through war, and taking her past experiences into account - I could really relate to her reason for wanting to make peace with the Alantic Federation. Therefore, I'll not comment anything upon her decision to join alliance with the Alantic Federation. Instead, I shall express my disagreement upon her decision to get married.

First of all, the whole union would be pointless - with the only beneficial party being the Seirans'. Reason being - there was no exact ruling that says females can't be successful in political fields. After all, I believed there's quite a number of females politicians striving out there in the world and are in fact, doing quite well.

In addition, I simply find that - the Seirans' arguement of the wedding union being benificial to the country's future fate ... disbelieving. Again, I must emphasis there was nothing stated in the condition of the alliance treaty that required an union of marriage to be accomplished before the treaty could be signed.

Last but not least, if I were to look at the current situation from my personal point of view - I had to disagree again, with Cagalli's decision to get married. The reason, again was simple enough - there was no need to marry someone whom she 'dislike'. "

Kira Yamato stared, surprised by the length of the pink-haired Coordinator's response. Though, all the reasonings provided sounded logical enough - and Kira, had to agree was similar to his own thoughts as well. What had taken him by surprise was the length of Lacus Clyne's answer.

This was, after all - the first time that the former had contributed such a long answer in relations to situation dealing with his twin sister, Cagalli. Shaking himself out from the stupor mode, a sudden urge to annoy the pink-haired songstress crossed his mind. Trying desperately to keep himself from smirking, Kira asked.

"It's kind of ironic to hear the last part of the reasoning coming from you - haven't you, at one point decided to follow through with your parents' order and marry Athrun, too? "

Silence, followed soon by the sight of the pink-haired Coordinator's face reddening. Finally, Lacus protested - mildly. "That's different! Unlike your twin sister, while I held no romantic feelings towards Athrun Zala ... I do not dislike Athrun, either. In fact, I like Athrun as a brother of mine ... and the feeling's mutual - I believed.

Besides, even if we did get married back then - the marriage would be considered bearable, at the very least. Since, we would be able to base the relationship and union solely on the level of mutual understanding and the friendship kind of love that had always been shared between us. "

Towards the end of Lacus explanations, the pink-haired songstress was shooting him looks of annoyance. Apparently, the former had caught on to his thoughts and had realized the fact that he was simply asking her such a question to annoy her. Yet, there was no way she could have stopped in the middle of her explanation - for it was not in her character to do so. Therefore, there was only one way which she could go - and that was to finish up with her explanation.

"You did that on purpose ... " Lacus said, and Kira shrugged but wisely chose not to comment.

Instead, Kira Yamato decided to change the subject back to his original topic of conversation. Thankfully, Lacus had graciously allowed him to change the subject - else, Kira might find himself fearing for what the pink-haired Coordinator was capable of achieving when provoked.

~ to be continued~

Date started: 13/02/08

Date completed: 13/02/08

Date completed: 14/02/08
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Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/23/08
Title: Gundam Seed Destiny (AU) - A love that will never be change

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T

Notes: My latest GSD fanfic - where I shall totally change parts whereby I actually disliked in its' main series. Therefore, a total Alternate Universe - this story will be.

Pairings: Auel/Lunamaria & Athrun/Meyrin

Chapter 13 - The abduction of Cagalli and the Savior!


Cosmic Era 73, October 11

GMT: + 11 00 hours

Venue: Akatsuki Island, Underground Military Base

"Are you sure that we are doing the right thing? " Murrae Ramius asked Kira Yamato, as they took the elevator down to the location where the Archangel had been stored away - following the end of the last war.

"I don't know, but this is obviously the only solution for us ... Neither of us wishes to do something such reckless given the option, but unfortunately - the current situation had left us with no other options. " Kira Yamato responded, frowning.

The original crew members of the Archangel, both the technicians and bridge crew had reported back for duty - a while ago. Early that morning, Kira had briefed everyone whom was present about their upcoming mission and had informed them of the risk involved, if they were to fail in the said mission. There was a possibility of them failing the mission - as they were attempting to abduct the leader of the country, Cagalli Yula Attha, away from the wedding altar.

Earlier on, when the mission plan was first revealed - many had gaped in shock before nodding in silent agreement. The wedding ceremony would be taking place over at the open atrium situated in the heart of the Onogoro Island, at noon. There would be cohorts of Military Squad assigned - for security purposes, and they would be spread out at each and every corner around the open atrium.

It was now exactly one hour before the official start of the wedding ceremony, and thus - the crew members of the Archangel were now running a final check on the fleet's system. At the same time, Lacus Clyne whom was taking up the role of the CIC officer temporary - was now bading her farewells to the kids.

At the same time, Kira had taken the liberty to have the 'Strike Rouge' shipped on board to the Archangel - together with his 'Freedom'. Andrew Waltfield, meanwhile, would be using one of the newly manufactured Mobile Suits of ORB - the 'Murasame'.

Like the M1-Astrays, the 'Murasames' were also manufactured and inputted with the same OS coding meant for Naturals' usage. However, being a Coordinator - Andrew Waltfield was able to customize the unit to suit his abilities by simply adjusting the OS coding on the system.
Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne entered the bridge upon the end of the farewell session, just as the bridge crew members were done in their last system check on the Archangel's engines. With a nod towards Murrae Ramius, the former took a moment to ask if Andrew Waltfield would like to be the Captain for the Archangel - this time around.

"Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll pass. Depending on the future situation, there might be times whereby I would need to launch out for battles. Therefore, I believed - it would be better if you are the one whom took up the role of the Captain. " Andrew Waltfield responded, respectfully.

"Well ... if that's the case, very well ... " Murrae Ramius changed her tone of voice into one of authority, as she settled herself on the Captain's seat.

Sharing a nod with Lacus Clyne, Kira stepped out and away from the bridge - heading for the changing room.

The pink-haired songstress, meanwhile, took up the role of the CIC officer with ease. Having spend most of her time conversing with Miriallia Haw, whom was the previous CIC officer of the Archangel during the last war - Lacus, had figured out most of the functions on the CIC control panels by now.

Since the venue for the wedding was no where near the coast-line, it would be left entirely up to Kira's skillful piloting ability and his self-judgement of the situation. The Archangel, meanwhile, would be awaiting the 'Freedom' return - just outside the water territory of ORB. That was to prevent themselves from being caught up by the ORB's Military Defence Forces, and also allowed them to have an easier time escaping from the country's territory.


GMT: + 13 00 hours

Venue: Carpentaria Military Base - ZAFT

Meyrin Hawke stared at the television screen in disbelief, she was currently in the cafeteria of the Military Base - waiting for her friend, Vino. The former had volunteered to order Meyrin, her lunch - and now the redhead was patiently awaiting the ginger-haired Coordinator to return with her food.

Since the seats that they were occupying were directly in front of the television set which was fixed to the wall, Meyrin had an easier time watching out for the flashing news headline than normal. Yet, upon the news flash of the 'Prime Minister' of ORB being abducted from the wedding altar - Meyrin found herself staring intently at the television screen ahead of her, in shock.

Minutes passes by in a flash of light, Meyrin was still eyeing the television screen in disbelief - despite, the news report on the wedding had been long over by then. That, was just exactly how Vino had located her, later in time. Soon, Shinn Asuka decided to join them for lunch, with Youlan in tow. The dark-skinned Coordinator, feeling curious about Meyrin's strange behavior decided to speak up and voiced his question aloud.

Still disoriented by the news flash, Meyrin responded bluntly that she was thinking about the news of Cagalli Yula Attha being abducted from the wedding altar by a Mobile Suit. If Vino had not been baffled earlier on, he certainly was baffled now. After all, what was the point for Meyrin to frown over the situation? Moreover, whether the ORB Princess decided to marry or not - had nothing to do with them, right?

Therefore, the ginger-haired Coordinator decided to bring up his opinion on the issue. While Meyrin had no problem understanding what her friend's statement meant, logically - the redhead could not helped but still frowned over the situation. Unlike the others', she was not frowning over the information of Cagalli Yula Attha being abducted - for that was not her main concern.

Besides, Meyrin had a feeling that she might knew whom was behind the abduction act. Although, the news flash only captured a brief image of the Mobile Suit Unit in question - it was sufficient enough for Meyrin to make a wild guess on the identity of the pilot sitting behind the cockpit of that particular unit.

Moreover, the punishments that one would be subjected upon the kidnapping of a country's leader - was considered a sin that could resulted in the punishment of death. Nobody would be that stupid to go ahead and court trouble for themselves, therefore Meyrin could easily ruled out the possibility of the terrorists being behind the abduction.

Henceforth, the culprit behind the act could only be someone whom identity despite being exposed - would not be put behind bars, or punished by 'death'. It then narrowed down to one particular candidate, Kira Yamato - whom was the twin brother of the ORB Princess. No, that was not the reason behind Meyrin's frown. The abduction aside, Meyrin was more concern about the blonde's sudden decision to get married to someone - whose name was not Athrun Zala.

Although, Meyrin had not known the Princess of ORB for long - she had enough understanding of the former's behavior to know that the Princess adores Athrun Zala. Seeing that she, herself had been one whom fell victim to the charm of Athrun Zala - Meyrin could easily tell from the actions of Cagalli Yula Attha; that the former was not immune to the charms of Athrun Zala, either.

Seeing that her opinion was not one which was suitable for conversations among her friends and accquitances, Meyrin directed them all a half-hearted smile before digging into her lunch set. Unless she wanted to die from embarrassment, otherwise - there would be no absolute way for her to bring up the subject, again. This was something which she would be thinking about in private, and never discussed again - in public.


GMT: + 14 00 hours

Venue: Underwater, Archangel Bridge

Following the end of the abduction mission, Cagalli had now changed out from her bridal gown and was currently dressed up in her full Military attire. The group were now gathered on the bridge of the Archangel for a discussion of what had transpired earlier on, and their next possible move to be made.

Kira Yamato remained unfazed, despite being subjected to his twin sister's glare of frustration. Knowing the blonde's temper, it would be a miracle for the former not to create a fuss over his previously taken actions. Minutes had passes by with the blonde ranting non-stop, while he merely listening to the rants - quietly and solemnly. Finally, he heard the que for him to respond for the blonde was now pressing him for a reason behind his actions to practically 'kidnap' her from the wedding altar.

"I'm just doing what I believed would stop you from making yet another drastic mistake ... that you might find yourself unable to salvage by the time - you realized the error you had made, now. " Kira Yamato responded, matter-of-factly.

Cagalli stared at Kira in confusion, despite being confused by Kira's words - the blonde still did not made it a point to stop herself from blunting out. "Error? What do you mean by saying that?! I can very well assured you that I've only agreed to this arrangement - because I believed that the union would help my country ... In fact, I had been troubled for quite some time - myself, before I finally made up my mind about going through with this union. "

By now, the blonde was not only agitated but also getting slightly hysterical. To say that she was on the verge of suffering from a nervous breakdown was an understatement, and it certainly was not help with her twin brother, staring at her with intensity.

"Are you sure about this? Are you absolutely certain that you had made the correct decision? Have you forgotten what your father had said, before? Are you certain that what you had decided for the country was what your father would have done, if he was to be placed in your position?

Politics aside, would your father agreed to you - getting married not for love, but for the sake of the country? " Kira pressed on, not relenting.

"I... I ... I don't know ... " The blonde responded, finally before breaking down into tears.

Upon the sight of Cagalli being in tears, Kira somehow had forced himself to swallow the rest of his reproachful words. Initially, he was about to berate Cagalli for sending him that letter that kept on assuring him not to worry about her, and kept droning on and on about forgetting his best friend, after her marriage union.

As if that would be possible, since the letter appeared to be written for the sake of self-comfort and self-assurance than to assure Kira. His last statement had been the 'killing' move, now he was more than certain that Cagalli would not be able to forget Athrun - despite what the former may have said beforehand. The moment, he brought up the point of Cagalli not getting married for love, but for a sense of duty and responsibility - the blonde had started to break down.

Sighing inwardly, Kira decided to leave his distaughted sister into the capable hands of his fiancee, Lacus Clyne. The former was way better than him, when it came down to the issue of comforting someone whom was both distaughted and confused. He, himself had benefited quite a number of times - back during the period of the last war. In the meantime, he was going to head back to his room on board of the ship and tried to sort out his thoughts.

The Archangel was currently lurking under the water near the Marshall Island, they had yet to decide on their next destination - for that would required the blonde to be logical and calm, not distaughted and hysterical. Therefore, for now - they would waited patiently until the blonde had regained her composure before carrying on with the discussion topic.


GMT: + 16 00 hours

Venue: Border Territory of Kingdom of ORB

Athrun Zala was rather surprised to find himself being denied entry into the country's territory as he neared the borders of the Kingdom of ORB. Half dodging from the attack coming from the ORB's 'Murasames' - Athrun Zala voiced his identity aloud and seeking permission to enter the country, for the sake of meeting up with the Minerva.

He was surprised by the ORB's 'Murasame' pilots' response of the Minerva - being absent from the country's territory. Deciding to change tactics, he brought up the request to meet up with Cagalli - using his alternate identity in ORB. However, that request of his - was denied, by the Adminstrative members of the government as well.

Still feeling disoriented, Athrun Zala felt himself being entrapped by the 'Murasames' attack. Having no other options available on hand, Athrun had no choice but to attack in self-defence. Carefully, he avoided attacking the cockpit directly - but following his best friend's example by settling for damaging the engines of the units sending them off-balance.

Seizing the opportunity, Athrun turned his Mobile Suit Unit around and fled. Deciding not to linger on further, in case - there might be pursuits from the Kingdom of ORB. Still frowning over the situation, Athrun could not helped but wonder about Cagalli's whereabouts - the response from the Adminstrative Building had informed him that their Prime Minister was currently away from the country.

Since the Minerva was no longer in ORB, Athrun Zala decided to try his luck by sending out a transmission to both Carpentaria and Gibraltar - checking to see if the Minerva were in any of the two headquarters base for the ZAFT Forces, on Earth. Responses from the two bases were quick, therefore Athrun set off for the Carpentaria Base - where the response from the said base had been positive.

/I wonder if they knew anything about what was going on in ORB ... / Athrun thought, as he increases the speed of his unit - speeding towards the direction of the Carpentaria Military Base.

His newly accquired unit, the 'ZGMF-X23S Savior' was bestowed upon him by the Chairman of PLANTs - upon his agreement to return to the ZAFT Forces, and was then placed under the 'FAITH' squad. Initially, he had been reluctant but upon hearing the Chairman's promise that he would only be required to fight according to his wishes and desires - did he finally relented on the idea, and accepted the 'FAITH' pin-badge.

After which, he was asked to carry with him a mission plan for the Minerva and a letter of notification meant for Talia Gladys, the Captain of the Minerva fleet. Since he was rather disoriented by the news of Cagalli being away from the Kingdom of ORB, and that the Minerva was no longer in that country's territory.

Athrun Zala had failed to realize that the Chairman would had no reasons to not inform him of the fact that the Minerva was no longer in ORB, the very notion of the Chairman being unaware of Minerva's departure from ORB was simply impossible. Therefore, the only explanation would be that the Chairman was deliberately hiding the little piece of information away from Athrun Zala's knowledge.

~ to be continued~

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Date completed: 15/02/08

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Title: Gundam Seed Destiny (AU) - A love that will never be change

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T

Notes: My latest GSD fanfic - where I shall totally change parts whereby I actually disliked in its' main series. Therefore, a total Alternate Universe - this story will be.

Pairings: Auel/Lunamaria & Athrun/Meyrin

Chapter 14 - Athrun Zala and his return to the ZAFT ...


Cosmic Era 73, October 11

GMT: + 17 30 hours

Venue: Carpentaria Military Base, Minerva's Hangar

Athrun Zala stepped down from the Savior in his full piloting gear, to find himself being surrounded by a group of onlookers. With the exception of the Captain, and Vice-Captain - nearly every members on board of the said fleet was present. Placing his briefcase by the side, Athrun made a move to remove the helmet from his head - revealing his identity to each and everyone whom had gathered around him.

Handing his helmet over to one of the fellow technician on board whom was standing by his side, Athrun Zala took a moment to assess the crowd in front of him. Before he was able to say anything, the voice of Shinn Asuka was heard from behind the crowd.

"It's you - why are you here?! " There was a pause, as Shinn appeared to be noting his piloting gear before speaking up, again. "Why are you back with the ZAFT - again? "

"... " Athrun Zala was at a loss of speech, apparently - while the rest of the crew members had noticed his 'FAITH' badge and was currently saluting him, with respect. Shinn Asuka, alone was pointing fingers at him and questioning him for the reasons behind his re-enlisting with the ZAFT Forces.

That was not all, judging from the former's slack appearance - it would appeared that Shinn Asuka had yet to notice his being a fellow member of the 'FAITH' squad. From the corner of his eyes, he could not help but smile in response - upon the sight of Meyrin nudging the still oblivious Shinn and quietly whispered to the former of his current position being the highest among them all.

Although, Athrun was very much aware of the sharp glance being directed towards him by the younger redhead. He knew there would be a questioning session of sort, coming up as soon as the official introduction of his joining the Minerva crew was being announced by the Captain. However, that would come later - for he had every intention to locate the Captain and handed over the mission for the Minerva to the former, fast.

A laughter nearly threaten to spill forth, when his eyes caught the pouting look on Meyrin's expression upon Shinn handing over all the purchased items to the younger redhead for safe-keep while the former saluted him, with respect. Hurriedly, he directed a nod of acknowledgement towards the now respectful Shinn Asuka and brought up his request - to speak to the Captain of the fleet.

For a while, Shinn appeared as if he wanted to volunteer himself for the task but, before Shinn could do so - someone had already beaten him to the task.

"In that case, I'll lead you over to the Captain's room ... " The melodious voice of Meyrin Hawke sounded out, causing each and every head to shift towards the usually shy, and timid redhead - still holding on to Shinn's purchased items.

Athrun Zala nodded politely, while sighing inwardly - he knew there was no point in trying to escape from the questioning session. After all, questions were bounded to be directed towards him - regardless of whom was the one playing guide for him. Between Shinn and Meyrin, Athrun Zala would opted for the latter - because he knew that the redhead's questions would be easier for him to answer.


GMT: + 17 45 hours

Venue: Minerva

Fifteen minutes later, Meyrin Hawke was seen leaning casually against the wall of the corridor awaiting for Athrun Zala's arrival. The former had went off to the changing room, to change out from the stiff piloting suit of the 'FAITH' Squad. The sound of the automatic door sliding open beside her, caused the sixteen year old redhead to look up in response.

As expected, the blue-haired Coordinator being known by the name of Athrun Zala was now standing in front of her - still carrying that briefcase of his. Meyrin glanced at the briefcase for a moment, before beckoning for the solemn male figure to follow her lead to the Captain's private room.

Since Meyrin was still busy considering about the questions to ask Athrun Zala in private, the sudden sound of the said male's voice nearly caused her to yelp aloud in surprise. Turning towards the culprit behind her sudden loss of composure, whom was now eyeing her with amusement. Meyrin threw the former a look of annoyance, before gritting out.

"You find this amusing, don't you?! "

Athrun Zala appeared to be considering her words, before plastering on a look of stern expression. Despite his utmost effort at hiding his amusement from being seen, Meyrin still managed to catch sight of the hints of laughter sparkling in the depths of his emerald eyes.

"Hmph! " Meyrin responded, sounding irritated before throwing her nose up in the air - pretending not to see the blue-haired Coordinator's expression.

"Alright, enough of the teasing ... let's get down to business ... " Athrun's sudden change in speaking tones, caught the attention of the annoyed redhead as the former promptly shifted her eyes back towards the solemn 'FAITH' member.

"What do you mean by getting down to business? " Meyrin asked, frowning in puzzlement.

Athrun pressed the button for the elevator as he responded, "Nothing really - just wondering when did you guys departed from the Kingdom of ORB ... "

"... " There was a moment of silence, as Meyrin contemplated on a suitable response to the question that the former had just inquired her about. Finally, she decided on relating a half-truth, leaving out the part of them being ambushed by the Alliance Forces as soon as they ventured out from the Kingdom of ORB's territory.

"Erm ... a day or so, after your departure for PLANTs. Since the repairing work had been completed, and there really was no point for us to linger around ... We decided to leave, soon after ... However, we did remember to inform the Headquarters over at the PLANTs about our early departure from the country ... " Meyrin said, choosing her words carefully as she did so.

Upon her response, Athrun Zala had turned to look at her - strangely. Feeling self-conscious, Meyrin frowned and asked. "What are you thinking about, and why are you staring at me - like that? "

"... Nothing, its' just ... the Chairman told me to head down to ORB and meet up with you guys. So I'm a little confused about what you had just informed me earlier on ... " Athrun Zala responded, with a casual shrug of his shoulders.

Now, it was Meyrin's turn to get confused. She did recalled sending off an official report to the ZAFT Headquarters over at the PLANTs about the Minerva's departure from ORB, heading for Carpentaria - prior to their departure from the country, itself. Therefore, it make no sense for Athrun Zala to have not caught wind of the news before his departing for Earth.

Moreover, their Vice-Captain had also raised the request form for a 'Nebula' badge for Shinn's achievements' during the battle outside of the ORB's territory when they were ambushed by the Alliance Forces. That particular request had been raised and brought up to the Council's attention, as soon as they arrived at the Carpentaria Military Base - safely, yesterday morning.

Considering the fact that Athrun Zala had only departed from the PLANTs earlier on in the day, there should be no reason why he was not told of the Minerva's absence from the Kingdom of ORB. However, before Meyrin could voiced her doubts - Athrun Zala had stunned her with yet another query of his.

"Huh? Sorry, I beg your pardon ... I wasn't listening before ... " Meyrin told Athrun Zala, despite knowing full well that she had heard each and every word coming from the former's lips.

"Its' okay, I was asking to see if you had any idea about what was going on in ORB ... " Athrun Zala repeated, sounding troubled.

"No ... not exactly, other than the fact that the country is now part of the Alliance party ... and that Princess of yours had been literally kidnapped from her wedding altar ... " Meyrin responded, casually but keeping her eyes on her friend's facial expression while dropping the bombshell information on him.

First, there was the eyes widening in shock and surprise - then followed by an expression of absolute disbelief, before Athrun landed his serious eyes upon Meyrin for an explanation of sort.

Meyrin sighed and said, "It's true, I'm not trying to bluff you ... This came out in the news headline - you can go check the web broadcast if you like ... Anyway, although its' not confirmed - but there's a rumour out there that claimed 'Freedom' to be the one whom kidnapped the Princess of ORB. "

The rest of the journey to the Captain's room were continued in silence, Meyrin was allowing the blue-haired Coordinator sufficient time to digest the information which she had just relayed on to the former. For now, her task was accomplished and she had already fixed an appointment with Abby, another fellow CIC officer from the Minerva to head out shopping for daily necessities.

"Here, this is where I'll leave you ... I had something else planned - right now. However, I'll be free later, around eight or so ... If you want to continue the conversation with me, you know where to find me, naturally ... " Meyrin told the silent blue-haired pilot standing next to her, before turning on her heels and disappeared down the hall-way.


GMT: + 20 00 hours

Venue: Archangel Bridge, Underwater

The Archangel crew, together with Cagalli were now discussing their next possible action to be taken. Following their quick escape from the Kingdom of ORB's territory, after the abduction of the blonde - they had lied low for quite some time before approaching the neighbouring country for their assistance to help hide the Archangel for some time.

Since, the said country used to receive financial assistance from the Kingdom of ORB - they had obliged easily, but had told the Archangel crew to keep a low profile while they were hiding in their country.

Now with the help of the floating satellite which they had came prepared beforehand, they were able to keep an eye out on the news going on, outside in the world. Due to the current world situation, the crew members were finding themselves having trouble with deciding their next possible actions. Anyone with eyes would be able to tell that this time, the war had been instigated by the Earth Alliance Forces - but with the incident of Lacus nearly being assassinated, the images of the war seemed to be blurred out again.

"Damn, why is it that the news were always going on and on about the situation over at the Eurasia areas? What about the PLANTs? Why aren't there any information coming in from the PLANTs? " Cagalli frowned, glancing at the screen that reflected the news broadcast from all over the world.

There was initially a moment of silence, before Lacus Clyne enlarged the screen playing on her CIC control panel - putting it up on the main screen for all to see. On screen, it showed her mirror-image and a newly packaged "Lacus Clyne" having a concert for all to see.

"What on earth is this?! " Cagalli voiced aloud, glancing over to the pink-haired Coordinator for an explanation or sorts.

Lacus said nothing but shrugged, before commenting. "Well, this is the only thing that came from the PLANTs. Therefore, I believed - life still proceeds on as per normal, I presumed. "

Cagalli's mouth open and closed, but there was nothing she could have said in response to Lacus statement. In the end, she settled for a growl of agitation and commented. "If only Athrun's around ... that guy, claiming to head over to the PLANTs for a negotiation with the Chairman ... but until now, he's still not back ... Just what exactly was going on up there at the PLANTs ... "

Beside the blonde, Kira Yamato was frowning up at the screen showing the image of Lacus impersonator and mulling over the current situation. He did not bothered with a response to the frustrated blonde, in fact, he had no intention of saying anything to his twin sister until information of absolute certainity had been received from the Terminal or the Eternal crew about Athrun's decision. So far, the terminal had contacted him with the information that Athrun Zala had somehow, being asked to return to the ZAFT Forces.

However, after their escape from the Kingdom of ORB - they had yet to receive any other information from the Terminal crew. Maybe it was inconvenient for the Terminal crew to contact them while their location remained unknown and hidden, or it was simply due to the current situation out front that the Terminal decided to wait until the situation was stabled before making an attempt to contact them - or it was to simply lie low so that no one up in the PLANTs could get a hold on Lacus whereabouts.

Kira had no idea, therefore until there's further information received from the Terminal - Kira Yamato would keep whatever he was thinking about, solely to himself. At most, he would only revealed them to Lacus if the former did asked him for his opinions and thoughts.


GMT: + 20 30 hours

Venue: Minerva's Cafeteria

Meyrin Hawke was having dinner with Abby Windsor, when the fellow blonde CIC officer suddenly eyed her with amusement and interests. Quirking an eyebrow towards the former, Meyrin was about to question Abby for the strange behavior when the sound of a male voice, was heard.

/Oh I see ... so that's why Abby was shooting me weird looks ... / Meyrin thought inwardly to herself, as she turned around to face her childhood friend cum crush.

"Yes, is there anything I could perhaps help you with ... Athrun-san? " Meyrin asked, her voice sounding flat.

Athrun appeared stunned for a moment by her tone of voice, before the stunning expression gave way to awkwardness.

"... " Meyrin sighed, as she could not helped but wonder - what exactly was wrong with the usual Athrun Zala whom never seemed to waver in his thoughts. Turning to Abby Windsor, Meyrin politely excused herself from the former's company and shifted her attention to the awkward male standing behind her.

"Come along then, since your expression reflected awkwardness - I could only assumed that whatever you had wanted to discuss or talk with me was something, more personal? " Meyrin asked, as she made a move to leave the cafeteria for somewhere else where it would be more suitable for a private conversation.

"Erm... Well ... " Athrun murmured, under his breath as he made a move to follow the younger redhead towards the former's living quarters.

Once the two of them were inside the assigned room of Meyrin Hawke, the owner of the room decided to break the awkward silence which hung between them, by taking the initiative to speak up.

"So, what's on your mind? " Meyrin asked, dropping herself casually onto her bed and stared up at the stoic Coordinator for a response.

Athrun Zala hesitated for a second, before responding. "Actually, its' nothing ... I've checked with the Captain. The former was telling me the same thing, as you did before. I was actually wondering if you had any ideas about why things had ended up in this manner ... "

Meyrin Hawke stared, finding it hard to believe what she had just heard coming from the usually confident Coordinator standing opposite her. "Excuse me, did I hear you correctly? You are asking me if I had any idea of why things ended up in this manner? Shouldn't I be the one whom should be asking you such things? After all, you knew them better than I do - isn't that so? "

"Yeah well, now that you've mentioned it ... nevermind, forget what I've said earlier. Its' just, I guess - I'm confused ... " Athrun finally responded, feeling the sudden urge to pull at his hair in frustration.

Silence, before Meyrin spoke up - again.

"Don't think too much, just take one step at a time and we'll see how things developed from there ... Anyway, what else did you talk about with the Captain? I've heard rumours about the Vice-Captain being rather unhappy, since your conversation with the Captain ... What exactly happened after I left you to your own devices? " Meyrin said, changing the subject.

Glad to have a change in conversation topic, Athrun was more than willing to go along with the flow and filled the curious redhead in on his conversation with the Captain. There was no point in keeping the mission details a secret, since the Captain would be announcing them to the crew in time. By the end of the summary about the events that transpired in the Captain's room that resulted in the Vice-Captain's unhappiness, Meyrin was having trouble controlling her laughter from erupting.

It turns out, the Vice-Captain was unhappy about Athrun Zala being the same rank as their Captain since they had been both listed under the 'FAITH' Squad. That also indicated that Athrun Zala was at least a rank above of the Vice-Captain of the fleet, henceforth - the reason behind the unhappiness of the Vice-Captain was jealousy.

Meyrin and Athrun shared a look among themselves, before Meyrin erupted into laughter and Athrun chuckling despite his gloomy mood.

~ to be continued~

Date started: 16/02/08

Date completed: 18/02/08

Date edited: 18/02/08
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Title: Gundam Seed Destiny (AU) - A love that will never be change

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T

Notes: My latest GSD fanfic - where I shall totally change parts whereby I actually disliked in its' main series. Therefore, a total Alternate Universe - this story will be.

Pairings: Auel/Lunamaria & Athrun/Meyrin

Chapter 15 - The Battle at Suez!


Cosmic Era 73, October 12

GMT: 08 00 hours

Venue: ZAFT Military Base, Suez

The following morning, the Minerva arrived at its' first destination - the temporary ZAFT Military Base situated over at Suez. In order to reach the Gibraltar Headquarter Base, they would first be required to get across the Suez canal. However, that would be kind of impossible at this point of time - for the Suez Canal had been occupied by the Earth Alliance Forces. Not only that, the Alliance Party had been building and stationing Lohengrin Canon at each and every possible entry way to block anyone from passing through.

Recently, the situation was worsen further to the extent whereby the locals had been forced to work for the Alliance Party. The Minerva was going to be joining forces with the troops of ZAFT that were currently stationed over at Suez, and together with the help from the local Resistence group - they will try to breakthrough the Lohengrin Stations over at the opening leading towards the Suez Canal.

Therefore upon the Minerva's arrival over at the temporary ZAFT Military Base situated at Suez, Athrun Zala had went along with the Captain and Vice-Captain of the fleet, for the meeting.

During the period of time that he was tagging behind the two Captain-ranked officer of the Minerva as they made their way over to where the leader of the stationed troops was situated - Athrun Zala had somehow ended up as the main attraction sight for the day. The reason was actually pretty much understandable, after all, he was pretty much famous among the Military.

Having been one of the top elite pilot whom graduated with top scores from the ZAFT Military Training Academy, and part of the infamous Cruez' Team back in the last war - and later on defected to the Clyne Faction, during the final battle. Athrun Zala was well-known among his team-mates, allies and foes of his skillful piloting ability, accurate shooting skills, and not to forget his glorious achievements and awards received from both the training and serving days in the ZAFT Forces.

Adding on to all his glory achievements, he was also once engaged to the PLANTs pop idol Princess - Lacus Clyne. Topping it off, he was also the son of the ex-Chairman - Patrick Zala. All of these facts had contributed to his reputation, and with his latest re-enlistment back into the ZAFT Forces as part of the 'FAITH' Squad - it was no wonder that everyone had their eyes upon him as he passes them by.

Sighing inwardly, Athrun remained solemn and serious while he saluted respectfully at each and everyone whom passes him by - trying his hardest to ignore those inquiring stares that were being directed towards him with intensity, enough to make him squirm uncomfortably.

/I wonder when they will be able to see me as who I really am, instead of the Athrun Zala - a skillful pilot and warrior from the last war ... or better yet, seeing me as the son of my father .../ Athrun Zala thought silently, to himself as he followed the two Captain-ranked officer into the meeting room where the discussion of the upcoming battle tactics would be held.


GMT: 10 30 hours

Venue: Minerva's Lounge

Arriving back at the lounge of the Minerva, Athrun Zala dropped himself wearily onto the couch. He may appeared to be unfaze by all the attention he had been receiving since his returning to the ZAFT Forces, but deep inside - the said Coordinator was grimacing each time someone directed a look of admiration towards his area.

/Never knew a meeting with the Captain-ranked officers can be this tiring .../ Athrun Zala thought to himself, as he stared up at the ceiling - blankly.

Deciding that he would require some caffeine in his system if he was going to get through the rest of the day, safely. Athrun Zala make a move towards the vending machine stationed by the side of the lounge, and bought himself a can of instant coffee with the use of his only remaining dollar coin.

Draining away the last few gulps of the coffee in a rush, Athrun Zala managed to get the caffeine that he needed so much into his body system - just as the announcement came on for them to ready themselves in the pilots' lounge. Realizing that they must be nearing their destination now that the announcement had came on, Athrun Zala wasted no time in heading over to the changing room to get changed.

On his way over to the pilots' lounge fully dressed up in his purple 'FAITH' piloting suit, Athrun Zala was met up by the Vice-Captain of the Minerva, Arthur. The former was leading a young girl dressed up in the sense of a guerrilla fighter, whom looked not much older than ten years old towards the direction of the pilots' lounge where he was heading over to join the rest of the pilots from the fleet.

Realizing that the young girl's identity could only be the volunteer from the local resistance group whom had came over to provide them with the information that they very much needed for the upcoming mission, Athrun Zala approached the Vice-Captain and asked.

"Sir, is she the representative from the local resistance group? "

Arthur Trine looked over to the approaching Athrun Zala, upon the sound of the former's voice. Standing next to the Vice-Captain of the Minerva, the young girl of ten looked up at the blue-haired Coordinator in question.

"Yes, Athrun ... she's the volunteer from the resistance group. " Arthur told Athrun Zala, before turning towards the young girl and said. "He's Athrun Zala - the leader for the upcoming operation plan. Go ahead, and hand your disk of information over to him. "

The girl looked up at Athrun, observing him with a calculating look before averting her eyes to the ground and murmured softly, but audibly. Although, the girl was speaking very softly - Athrun had still managed to catch wind of them with his keen sense of hearing.

The girl was informing them of all the unfair treatment that the locals had been subjected to - by the Alliance Forces. She was also telling them of the type of punishment that would be awaiting them if the upcoming operation were to fail.

It was not until Athrun Zala had assured the young girl that their operation plan would be successful - did the girl finally made up her mind to hand over the disk of information to him.

"Come on in, I think you would be able to help me out in the mission briefing session. There might be certain areas where I'll need you to confirm and see if my understanding had no faults in them. " Athrun suggested to the depressed girl, with an encouraging smile.

The girl had initially looked up at him in surprise, before beaming and nodding in agreement. Athrun Zala nodded back in acknowledgement, while Arthur wisely remain silent as the trio stepped into the room as the door to the pilots' lounge slided open.


GMT: 15 00 hours

Venue: Minerva's Hangar

The battle had ended about an hour ago, but both the Savior and the Impulse had only just returned on board to the Minerva. Reason being, Shinn Asuka had deliberately ignored Athrun's specific orders to fall back and instead had rushes head on into the Military Base of the Alliance Forces that was still under construction.

Despite the fact that the Alliance Forces had no longer any intention for prolonging battle and was lacking in their battling ability - Shinn had went on to destroy the Military Base utterly, and in the process freeing all those trapped civilians.

Although, Athrun Zala agreed inwardly that setting those civilians free was a good deed done, but that still does not means that he was happy about Shinn's deliberation at ignoring his orders that was issued out there on the battlefield. He had thought Shinn's behavior as ignorant and naive, after all - whom was to know what could have been happening out front. By rushing head on into something, Shinn had failed to take their surrounding into consideration.

Furthermore, the 16 year old pilot had simply charged into the territory of their enemies - alone, and single-handedly.

If the Alliance Forces had held back their majority of the Military Forces back during the battle, Shinn could very well perished right there and then or fell under the trap of the enemy, thus ending up being held hostage.

Stepping down from the cockpit of the Savior, Athrun Zala headed for the direction where Shinn was currently standing alone. The group of technicians whom were approaching the younger pilot stood still, when they noticed the strain in the atmosphere as the blue-haired pilot approached Shinn.

'Clap!' The sound of distinctive slapping was heard once, then twice. Everyone surrounding them were looking at them both with disbelief and shock reflecting on their features. Athrun Zala, himself was shock by his own actions but there was no way for him to show his own surprise to the others. Therefore, he masked his actual feelings behind a cool mask of indifference.

Shinn Asuka, on the other hand, was not that calm after being subjected to the slaps of Athrun Zala. The hot-headed 16 year old pilot had glared heatedly at the elder pilot, and gritted out in sheer anger.

"You know - if you are unhappy about my actions taken, just say so! Do not attempt to pull rank after me, this time around - I'll overlook the fact that you had slapped me twice on my cheeks. However, if this were to happen again - I'll be sure to retaliate! " Shinn Asuka snarled out, his eyes reflecting unhidden fire and anger as he glared at the stoic member of the 'FAITH' Squad, openly.

Forcing down the sharp words threatening to spill forth, Athrun Zala forced himself to remain calm and cool-headed. Using his business tone of voice, that was usually directed at Dearka and Yzak when they tried to piss him off back in the past Military days. Athrun Zala said.

"I am aware of your good intention behind your actions. However, I must reminded you again that I was the one whom was given the command - out there. By ignoring my orders, you had went against rule no. 7 in the Military Handbook. I could submit a full-written report to the Superiors about your faults if I wanted to, but I would not do it - this time around. I'm giving you another chance, but if I see you rushing headfront into the territory of the enemies alone, again. I'll be sure to report to the Supreme Council of your ignorant acts! "

Shinn huffed in response, glaring at Athrun Zala - defiantly. Athrun Zala, meanwhile, ignored all the curious eyes being directed towards him and left for the changing room in stride. Leaving behind the angered Shinn Asuka alone, to deal with the curious onlookers' queries and stares.


GMT: 19 00 hours

Venue: Outskirts of Diocula Town (ZAFT-Controlled Territory)

"We'll be back in one week's time to collect you guys, until then - try to relax yourselves but do refrain from causing too much troubles ... This is, after all, the territory of the ZAFT Forces. " Neo Lorrnoke reminded the 'Extended' trio, before turning his eyes upon the silent redhead standing by the side of Auel Neider and said.

"As for you - young lady. Remember your position on the team! Don't you dare to try anything funny - regardless of what your actual relationship with Auel might be, I'd left behind specific instructions to Sting that if you did anything funny during this period of time - You shall be put to death, without mercy. "

With that said, Neo Lorrnoke turned his attention back to the blonde 'Extended' Stellar and reassured the former that he would indeed be back for them, in a week's time. Until then, they are free to enjoy the rare freedom given and take the chance and opportunity to roam about the town of Diocula, while he headed over to where he was supposed to be discussing their next tactics with his own superior.

Following Neo's departure, the 'Extended' trio began to hike their way up to the house that had been prepared for their period of stay. The house was actually a holiday resort of one of the higher-ranking officer, whom had been persuaded by their Captain - Neo Lorrnoke, into leasing it out for the three 'Extended' pilots to stay while they were in town.

Lunamaria Hawke, was of course, tagging along as an omake - seeing that there was no way Neo could have left her alone to her own devices while the three 'Extended' pilots were away. However, seeing that the town of Diocula just happened to be a ZAFT-controlled territory, Neo had taken specific precautions to prevent Lunamaria from attempting anything suspicious - such as attempting to contact the ZAFT Military Base for help.

Not trusting Auel enough for the task of executing his order if Lunamaria was to indeed try something that she should not be doing, Neo had ordered Sting to be the one disposing of Lunamaria's existence when the time calls for it.

Upon entering the house, the first thing to sort out would be the living arrangements. As Lunamaria was not allowed to be left alone to her own device, she was to share quarters with one of the 'Extended' pilots - again.

Knowing that sharing a room with Stellar would make her feel uncomfortable, and she would rather die than to share her sleeping quarters with Sting Oakley. Lunamaria volunteered to share Auel's room, so that the three 'Extended' pilots would not have to fight over the issue of who was to share their private space with her.

Entering the room that Auel had picked out for their living, Lunamaria merely shrugged nonchalantly when the pale-haired 'Extended' mused over her rare willingness to share a room with him. The redhead, was after all, well-known for arguing with him over his insistence for her to be sleeping in the same room as he does.

"So, why the sudden change in attitude? " Auel asked, as he stepped into the room - failing to notice the sudden stiffness in Lunamaria's posture.

"... " Lunamaria said nothing, for she was too stunned to say anything in response. In fact, her eyes were solely fixed upon the object in the middle of the room.

"Hey! What are you doing - stopping so suddenly ... " Words died on Auel's speech as he, too - finally noticed the bed that was being placed in the middle of the room.

"Oh lord ... " The pale-haired 'Extended' pilot whispered, the bed was apparently the only bed that was being situated in the room. Though, the bed was big enough for two persons to share - since it was a double bed. A Queen-size bed, to be exact.

"... " Lunamaria flushed, her face turning red at amazing speed. Knowing that there was no way for her to back out from her words now that she was the one whom volunteered to share a room with Auel, there was absolutely no possible way that Sting would allow her to change her mind, at the very last minute. She had made her own bed, and now she would just have to simply lie in it.

/Oh my gosh ... A Queen-size bed ... There's only one bed here ... I'm gonna have to share it with Auel ... Oh my god, what should I do ... ? / Lunamaria asked herself, forcing down her panicky response and instead regarded Auel, somewhat hopefully.

"Is there a probable chance for you to be taking the couch for the week?!" Lunamaria asked, her tone suggestively.

Auel Neider smirked, as he observed the redhead coolly and said. "What do you think? "

"I knew it ... I should have known the answer would be negative ... so why do I even bother to ask ...?! " Lunamaria muttered silently to herself, as she eyed the Queen-size bed with blue bedsheets dejectedly.

Finally, Lunamaria gave up on the notion of persuading the fellow 'Extended' pilot to sleep on the couch. Instead, she turned towards the former with wary eyes and commented. "You won't do anything funny at night, would you? "

Auel Neider stared, incredulously at the redhead eyeing him with a guarded expression on her features - and smirked. Feeling the sudden urge to tease the redhead, Auel responded in a suggestive manner. "What do you think I would do then? "

"... " Lunamaria was speechless, but her face redden further - rendering her into a fully-ripe tomato.

A peal of chuckle threaten to spill forth from the pale-haired 'Extended' pilot's lips, as he thought Lunamaria was cute and fun to tease. /Wait a minute, cute?! I must be getting insane ... but she does look cute ... / Shaking his head to rid himself of such weird thoughts, Auel Neider finally schooled his features into a cold mask and commented.

"Don't you worry about it - I certainly, would not be doing anything to you! Therefore, rest assured ... Besides, I wouldn't do anything you don't want me to do ... " With that said, Auel departed from the room - leaving behind a shell-shock Lunamaria Hawke to digest his words.

/Damn ... Why did I say that?! / Auel thought silently to himself, as he left the room in search for something else to occupy his time around the house. Until it was absolutely necessary, he had no intention of thinking about the issue of sharing a bed with that redheaded hostage of his.

~ to be continued~

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Date completed: 21/02/08

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Title: Gundam Seed Destiny (AU) - A love that will never be change

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T

Notes: My latest GSD fanfic - where I shall totally change parts whereby I actually disliked in its' main series. Therefore, a total Alternate Universe - this story will be.

Pairings: Auel/Lunamaria & Athrun/Meyrin

Chapter 16 - The Town of Diocula ...


Cosmic Era 73, October 13

GMT: 07 30 hours

Venue: Resort House at Outskirts of Diocula

Lunamaria woke from her heavy slumber only to find herself staring at the peacefully sleeping features of Auel Neider, looming very closely to her. In fact, they were sleeping awfully close together that one of Auel's arm was wrapped against her waist and the other free hand supporting her head.

Mentally counting to three, while taking deep breath to calm herself down. Lunamaria's mind work quickly trying to understand the reason what had resulted in their intimate sleeping posture, last night. She distinctively remembered sleeping late, for she had waited until the pale-haired 'Extended' was asleep before climbing into bed - just so that the pilot of the Abyss would not try anything funny to her, while she was asleep. Yet, she had woken up moments ago to find herself in the so-called embrace of the said 'Extended' pilot.

However, despite her trying to recall the events that led her down to this particular scenario playing out in front of her eyes - nothing came into her mind. With a sigh inwardly, Lunamaria Hawke had no choice but to arrive at the conclusion that she must have either cuddled up to the 'Extended' sometime during the middle of the night or the former must have pulled her into his embrace while seeking warmth and comfort.

A sudden tightening of her waist by Auel's hand caused Lunamaria to jump slightly at the touch. Despite the fact that she was not wearing either of the thin-like and skimpy night-wear, but was spotting on her ZAFT blue and white tee-shirt and shorts to bed. Lunamaria still could not help but felt goosebumps forming all over her body upon the slight tightening of a guy's hand on her waist.

/Damn ... I should probably stopped being so paranoid ... That guy's asleep and had no idea what his actions taken would be causing her a problem ... / Lunamaria thought to herself. Moreover, her top priority now was - how on earth was she going to remove herself from the pale-haired 'Extended' pilot's embrace without waking the former up from his slumber.

Carefully and cautiously, she tried to pry the hand of Auel off her waist but her efforts at escaping from the former's embrace was futile - for the grip had only tighten more about her body instead of loosening. As Lunamaria attempted to struggle more, the sleeping 'Extended' decided to terminate her room for movements and thus pulling her further into his embrace. Thus, resulting in the situation that Lunamaria was now totally trapped in his tight embrace and their distances were now so close that they could hear every breath and every beat of their hearts if silence were to continue hanging between them.

/Damn ... I guess, there's no way of leaving the bed unless he was awake ... / Lunamaria sighed inwardly as she thought, and decided to make herself "comfortable" if she was going to be in this awkward position for the next few minutes, or hours - depending just how long the fellow 'Extended' had wanted to stay asleep.

Since she was going to be in this particular position for some time, and there was no way for her to move around freely. Lunamaria settled herself with the task of observing the sleeping features of the pale-haired 'Extended' at close proximate distance.

/Come to think of it, he's always cute while sleeping .../ Lunamaria thought, as she thought back to the times of her childhood when the fellow 'Extended' would simply rest his head on her lap and fell asleep while they were sitting underneath one of those shady trees, as Lunamaria proceeded to relate to him of her favourite stories from the fairy-tale book.

Speaking of which, his favourite fairy tale back then had been 'Beauty and the Beast'. Lunamaria thought with a smile, as the fond memories from the past came spiraling back to her in a moment of seconds. Without warning, Lunamaria let out a peal of giggles and the sounds of giggles had apparently awoken the sleeping 'Extended' from his deep slumber.


GMT: 08 00 hours

Venue: Resort House at Outskirt of Diocula Town

Auel Neider heard giggling, the sound of a female giggling. At first, he thought it was from his dream scene but decided that the sound was getting too annoying for him, and so he tried to get himself away from that vague dream scene by waking up. Yet, nothing could have prepared him for the sight of him holding a giggling redhead in his arms. Apparently, noticing his sudden alertness - the redhead fell silent, almost immediately.

For a moment, neither make a move to say anything or do anything. The two of them merely stared at one another in silence, Auel was busy wondering about the exact reason why he was holding the redhead in his arms while sleeping. Lunamaria, on the other hand, was wondering if Auel was still disoriented from his sleep or had yet to even notice the intimate postions that they were currently in.

After several minutes of remaining immobile, Auel finally felt the redhead squirming uncomfortably in his arms. Auel smirked inwardly to himself, mentally counting to five before letting go of the former. Lunamaria blinked once, then twice - before recalling the fact that she was now free to move. Instead, she simply laid there and stare at the pale-haired 'Extended' pilot in surprise.

Feeling the sudden urge to tease the redhead, Auel smirked and commented cheekily. "Why? Can't bear to leave the comfort of my arms? "

Lunamaria flushed crimson almost immediately, whether was it from embarrassment or anger. Auel had no idea, but he guessed - there was a little of both aspects under the current situation.

"You!? " Lunamaria spluttered unintelligently, as she pointed a finger towards him. The redhead's mouth open and close, but no words emerged. Finally, the Coordinator gave up on the idea of lecturing him and instead glared and huffed at him, indignantly.

Observing Lunamaria's reaction, Auel found himself relaxed enough to let out a peal of laughter in response. "Just like old times ... " The pale-haired 'Extended' commented at a slip of tongue.

Upon hearing his own statement, Auel wanted very much to bite his tongue in regret. In the meantime, the fiery redhead hostage of his was eyeing him strangely - before the bewilderment gave way to enlightenment, and finally ended up with irritation.

/Shit! Me and my big mouth ... / Auel thought, as the redhead started advancing towards him, dangerously and determinedly.

"So you knew ... " Lunamaria commented, her tone flat as she approached the now backing away 'Extended' kidnapper of hers.

Auel's mind raced as he tried to come up with some excuses, that might help him to placate the now beyond irritation redhead. Backing away slowly - taking one step at a time, Auel hurried to answer. "Well, I've only just remembered - recently ... "

Lunamaria continued to advance towards him, responding while she did so. "And just how recent - do you mean by recently? "

"... Well ... erm, one week perhaps? " Auel replied, briefly contemplating on the chances of Lunamaria dropping the subject of pressing him for an answer. However, upon the slight narrowing of the former's eyes - Auel knew there was no possible ways of escaping for him. He was stuck, or rather doomed to face the wrath of his childhood friend.

"So, you remembered - was it every little details of our shared past, or just some of the bits and pieces from our common childhood days? " Lunamaria asked, her eyes narrowing at the pale-haired 'Extended' whom was debating to hide from her piercing gaze.

"Oh shoot! I'm so messed up! " Auel mumbled softly, but still was loud enough for the redhead to hear him. Lunamaria then narrowed her eyes into slits, and commented. "Don't even think about leaving this room - before you /explained/ things to me! "

"..." Auel cursed inwardly, he had forgotten about the redhead's keen sense of hearing. The former had a knack of hearing things that he often mumbled to himself, back in the past - too. How could he have forgotten that?! Moreover, from the bits and pieces of information he had gathered from his limited amount of childhood memories - it seemed like the redhead can be very persistent; when necessary.

"Auel - I'll be kind enough to inform you, I'm still waiting for your /explanation/! " Lunamaria's voice was heard penetrating through the pale-haired 'Extended' inner thoughts.

/Well ... here goes nothing .../ Auel thought to himself, as he opened up his mouth to respond. "Nothing in details ... just bits and pieces, of you getting irritated by my actions or words ... I guess ... "

"Then I supposed, you should know what I'm capable of doing when I'm mad - don't you?! " Lunamaria pressed on, sounding threatening now that she had gained the upper hand in this particular confrontation with her kidnapper.

"Well, I guess ... but shall I remind you again of your current position? " Auel Neider interrupted, smugly.

"... " Lunamaria fell silent and glared, looks like her plan had failed - yet again. Seems like, Auel was no longer that easy to trick as compared to the time when they were young.

Auel heaved a sigh of relief inwardly, that he had managed to realize the hidden motive of the redhead before dropping into the trap that had been laid down for him. "Right, shall we proceed on for breakfast now?! Or - would you like to starve yourself? "

Wanting to change the subject of conversational topic eagerly, Auel did not bother to wait for Lunamaria's response before striding out of the room's door - heading for the dining room. Claiming to be starving was just an excuse to get himself away from the persistent redhead whom would no doubt, be pressing him for answers once the former had gotten over the shock of him talking back to her.


GMT: 10 00 hours

Venue: Minerva - on the route leading to Diocula

Ever since the slapping incident that took place at the hangar after the end of the Suez battle, Athrun Zala and Shinn Asuka had settled themselves into a pattern of ignoring one another, unless interaction between the two of them was absolutely necessary.

Since Athrun Zala was not exactly close in terms of relationship with the majority of the crew's members, he either spend the majority of his time by cooping himself up in his assigned room or he would spend the time hanging around the Minerva's deck. Occasionally, when he knew the younger redhead had the day off or had time off-duty from the bridge - he would approached the former for a session of casual chat.

Shinn Asuka, on the other hand, kept himself occupied with the usual mingling interaction with his best friend - Youlan, and recently had grown closer with his room-mate, Rey Za Burrel. Today, the 16 years old pilot had been on a scouting task for the younger Hawke sibling for he suddenly had the urge to converse with the fellow CIC officer.

Knowing that the redhead had the day off duty from the bridge, Shinn Asuka was heading for the 16 year old redhead's room to invite the former for a session of tea-break in the cafeteria when he caught sight of a familiar blue-haired pilot heading towards his intended destination.

Pausing almost immediately in his steps, Shinn Asuka frowned momentarily before deciding to turn on his heels and exited from the hall-way. While he felt the urge to talk to the fellow CIC officer, he had no intention to do it - in front of the almightly Athrun Zala. It seems like ever since the former ace pilot of ZAFT had returned and joined them as part of the Minerva's crew, the younger redhead's attention was no longer on anything else except for the blue-haired pilot.

Athrun Zala was approaching the front of Meyrin Hawke's room when he thought he heard the sound of footsteps traveling down the hall-way, heading for the same direction. However, the footsteps halted for a moment before turning back towards the direction where they originated from.

For a while, Athrun Zala wondered if the footsteps belonged to the 16 year old pilot of the 'Impulse'. However, he had no time to dwell on this issue further - for the door looming ahead of him had slided open, almost immediately to admit his entrance.

"Aa... Athrun-san! I was just wondering if you were coming ... since you seemed to be a little late today ... " Meyrin voiced aloud, pulling Athrun out from his thoughts.

Looking over at the younger redhead, Athrun Zala smiled assuringly and said. "Oh no, of course I'm coming. I did promised you, didn't I? I was merely side-tracked earlier on, when I passes by the elevator leading towards the bridge. "

Meyrin blinked, cocking her head slightly as she regarded the stoic pilot in question. "Did the Captain ask for you? "

Shaking his head in response, Athrun Zala replied simply. "No, it was just the Vice-Captain - asking me if I had had a chance to speak with Shinn, yet ... "

"Aa... " Meyrin made a knowing sound upon the response from the blue-haired pilot, and commented.

"Hm..m... Shinn can be too stubborn for his own good at times, I bet you would have to take the initiative - this time around. After all, news had it that the Chairman would be reaching the town of Diocula - the same day, that we are going to enter its' port. No doubt, the pilots and the Captain would be summoned for a meeting. It certainly would not do good for anyone of us, if Shinn and you still weren't talking - when the time comes for the meeting ... "

"I know ... I intend to speak to him, latest by tonight. After all, we are approaching the borders of Diocula - already ... " Athrun Zala responded, with a sigh.

Meyrin shot him a sympathetic look, before diverting the topic of the conversation elsewhere. "Right, let's not talk about such gloomy topics anymore. Let's talk about something else - instead. "

Athrun Zala cocked an eyebrow up at the redhead seated opposite of him, and asked dryly. "So what do you intend for us to talk about - then? Judging from your reaction, you already seemed to have something planned in mind for our chit-chatting session today ... "

Meyrin smirked, and stated matter-of-factly. "Well, you are right! I want you to tell me all about what happened between you, Ms. Lacus, Kira and Cagalli-sama! By the way, please spare me the common response of 'its' nothing worth talking about' to me ...

I'm not that easy to satisfy or to placate. You have been avoiding that particular question for weeks now, and since the battle mode had been retracted ... There's no excuses for you to use, this time around! Besides, considering the situation - I have been rather patient with you already. I bet, if my elder sister is around right now - She would have forced an answer out from you, already! "

"..." Athrun Zala stared, before sighing aloud in response. Looks like, there was no possible way for him to escape the interrogation session - after all. Regardless of the methods being used, Meyrin Hawke was determined to get an answer out from him - by the end of today.

Shaking his head ruefully, Athrun Zala started to tell the tale of how his father had first make an arrangement with the late Siegel Clyne to engage him with the PLANTs pop idol princess, Lacus Clyne. He then went on to fill Meyrin in on the infiltration mission of the Heliopolis, and how he had met up with Kira back then. The tale eventually went on to how Kira and Lacus had first met, and fell for one another at first sight.

It then went on to cover details between his so-called non-existing relationship with the blonde Princess of ORB. Followed by his 'show-down fight' with Kira, and how he was retrieved and re-covered by the ORB's Princess. At the same time, he also filled Meyrin in on the fact that Reverend Malchio whom had chanced upon the injured Kira - decided to take Kira back up to the PLANTs and placed the former under the care of Siegel Clyne.

From then on, Athrun went on to reveal the exact reason behind the Clyne's family betrayal - when in actual fact, all Lacus ever did was to hand over the 'Freedom' to Kira - whom needed the power, back then to fight his own battles. Towards the end of his summarized story, the younger redhead was practically gaping at Athrun Zala with disbelief, surprise and the utmost respect as well as admiration.

A quick glance towards the clock sitting on Meyrin's working desk, Athrun Zala knew he had not much time to waste on hand. He did, after all, had to locate a certain rebellious Shinn Asuka and settled whatever problems they had between one another - within the next two hours, and before the Minerva entered the port of Diocula.

"Right, thanks for the coffee provided. I would have love to stay and lingered on for a while, but unfortunately ... I had a tight schedule to keep. I'll talk to you, another time? Tomorrow - perhaps? " Athrun Zala spoke up, downing the last of his coffee in one big gulp.

Still disoriented, while trying to digest the actual tale of the last war and compared it with the glorified version of the war events documented away in the official data system of the ZAFT Military, that she had grew so accustomed towards - Meyrin could say nothing but nod in response.

Bading the shell-shocked Meyrin a good night, and temporary farewell until tomorrow - Athrun Zala set off for his task of locating the hot-headed pilot of the 'Impulse'. He had had every intention to sort things out by tonight, and not let it dragged over to the next morning.

For the Captain had warned, if the problems between Shinn and himself were still unresolved by the time she sees him - tomorrow morning. The two of them would have to partner up for shifts duty while on board the fleet, in future. That was something, Athrun Zala had wanted to avoid at all costs.

After all, if Athrun Zala could handle a difficult Yzak Joule at the former's worst behavior - there was no reason for him to be unable to handle an equally Shinn Asuka whom was nothing but a porcupine when that silver-haired accquitance of his, resembled an active volcano in action.

~ to be continued!~

Date started: 23/02/08

Date completed: 24/02/08

Date edited: 25/02/08
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Title: Gundam Seed Destiny (AU) - A love that will never be change

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T

Notes: My latest GSD fanfic - where I shall totally change parts whereby I actually disliked in its' main series. Therefore, a total Alternate Universe - this story will be.

Pairings: Auel/Lunamaria & Athrun/Meyrin

Chapter 17 - The town of Diocula (2) ...


Cosmic Era 73, October 14

GMT: 08 00 hours

Venue: Town of Diocula, ZAFT Military Port

The Minerva entered the port of Diocula Military Base, exactly at 08 00 hours on the dot. Approximately, ten minutes prior to their official entrance - the news of the Chairman arriving in town had reached the fellow CIC officers working on board of the Minerva's bridge.

Upon the Captain's agreement to let the majority of the bridge crew members off-duty while they entered port, Meyrin Hawke was more than willing to let someone else filled in for her position while she headed off for some exploring in town. On her way to the cafeteria, she was met up and joined by the companionship of her only childhood friend on board - Athrun Zala.

They had only just set foot within the cafeteria entrance, when she noticed the sudden staggering of the fellow blue-haired Coordinator upon the sight of something that was being shown on the big screen of the Minerva's Cafeteria. Following the shocking gaze of her friend, Meyrin frowned upon the sight of a red 'Haro' bouncing about on screen before it switches to an image of Lacus Clyne having a concert - outside.

/Funny ... I don't recall anything about Ms. Lacus returning to the media world - let alone, holding a concert for the ZAFT members on Earth. Moreover ... there's something strange about this particular sight ... What exactly was it, though? / Meyrin frowned, as her eyes flickered between the shocked Athrun Zala and the screen of Lacus Clyne dancing and singing - using the palm of a ridiculous, Pink ZAKU as a stage.

Since Meyrin was not standing particularly close to the blue-haired pilot, thus she had failed to catch the sudden slip of the name 'Meer' from the former's lips. However, gathering from the former's expression of absolute shock and disbelief and probably there was a hint of terror lying underneath those emerald orbs of the usually stoic pilot - Meyrin knew there must be something strange going on behind the scenes that she, and probably the rest of the ZAFT Military had no idea about.

Nonetheless, she would not pressed the former into telling her the details now. For she knew, if the former had the intention of telling her - it would be only a matter of time before the stoic Athrun Zala approached her for a private discussion or conversation of sort. Until then, Meyrin would wait.


GMT: 08 30 hours

Venue: Outskirts of Diocula Town

Lunamaria Hawke had been in the process of making breakfast for the three 'Extended' pilots and herself, when the green-haired 'Extended' pilot strolled into the kitchen with his precious laptop in hand.

"That guy never leave his laptop for a minute, does he? " Lunamaria could not help but comment as Sting Oakley kept his eyes on the laptop screen, while biting into a slice of french toast for his breakfast.

Stellar Loussier glances up upon the mention of Sting's name, but once realized that the question was directed towards Auel Neider, instead of her - went back to her usual task of day-dreaming. Although, it had been approximately two weeks since Lunamaria had been hanging around with them - Stellar had never paid the fellow red-haired Coordinator any attention, other than the necessary.

Lunamaria was more than grateful to have the rest of the 'Extended' pilots leaving her alone, with the only exception being Auel Neider. However, seeing as Auel Neider had been one of her past accquitance - despite the fact that they were now supposed 'enemies', Lunamaria had to agree that spending time with the fellow 'Extended' was more comfortable than spending her free time with Sting Oakley or even Stellar Loussier.

Especially, when the former had said nothing but threatening words to her since their first meeting with one another. The latter, on the other hand, aside from asking her random questions from time to time had ignored her existence, completely. At least, with Auel - Lunamaria could still behave like 'herself' and converse like a normal human being.

"Sting, is there anything new?! " Auel Neider asked, knowing full well that the fellow green-haired 'Extended' must have been looking out for information on the internet using the laptop that Neo, their Captain had provided it for them to pass their time prior to the former's departure.

Sting Oakley looked up to his fellow team-mate, before slanting his gaze over to the silent redhead with her back-facing him. The former was trying to gauge if he wanted the fellow Coordinator to be around when he revealed his latest discovery, but after a while - he shrugged and told his fellow team-mates, uncaringly.

"Words has it that the Minerva had just entered port, a while ago. Also, there's a rumour of the Chairman had arrived earlier on with escorts to conduct a well-wishing visiting trip to his fellow loyal members of the ZAFT Forces. Along with him, the Chairman seemed to have brought along the most famous pop-idol from the PLANTs - wanting to entertain his soldiers with a local concert ... or something of that sort ... That was all that I had managed to find out, using the net. "

Sting Oakley summarized, keeping his eyes upon the still silent redhead whom had paused in her movements for a while, before continuing with the task of cleaning up the dishes.

Upon his fellow team-mate's words, Auel Neider snuck a glance towards the redhead washing the dishes by his side and noticed the frown upon the former's face. However, nothing else as hinting enough to reveal what the fellow Coordinator was feeling exactly, at the point of time.

Lunamaria, meanwhile, was busy digesting the piece of information being relayed by Sting Oakley - the fellow 'Extended' pilot whom detested her sheer existence with a raw passion of dislike. Thus, she knew that the former was actually testing out for her reaction - henceforth, she could not afford to react carelessly. Otherwise, Lunamaria had no doubt that she would be on her one-way ticket trip to hell - immediately, after wards.

/So ... the Minerva's here, eh ... I wonder how Meyrin's doing ... / Lunamaria could not help but thought about her shy, and timid little sister whom was trying to cope with the stress of her, not being around on the Minerva.

/Let's hope that she was not being hit on by Shinn - if I ever found out that Shinn had any intentions upon my little sister, I'll personally kill him and feed him to the sharks outside! / Lunamaria Hawke thought, her frown deepening in reaction to her latest thought that entered her mind.

The rest of the breakfast time had passes by uneventfully, and that - caused Auel Neider to heave a sigh of relief towards the end of the breakfast session. Ever since his decision to abduct Lunamaria back with him from the Armoury One, meal-times had always been covered with tension. It was no doubt a common fact among all that Lunamaria was a Coordinator, and a fellow member of the ZAFT elite pilots squad. Therefore, neither of his team-mates' had bothered to hide their displeasure of being asked to keep an eye on Lunamaria's actions.

Thankfully, Lunamaria had yet to engage herself in any of the verbal arguement with his fellow team-mates' - regardless of what they had said in order to bait her into fighting them. After all, gathering from what he had recalled of his shared past with Lunamaria recently - the former was never one to not retaliate when insulted. That was the initial reason behind how they had first met up with one another, when they were still young.

Without knowing, his eyes had slanted towards the redhead unintentionally. However, that little action of his had not escaped from the fellow Coordinator's keen sense of observance and thus, he found himself being forced to provide the former with an excuse for his unintentional actions.

"Well ... I was wondering why you had yet to bash Sting up - yet. Gathering from what I had known about you from my memory of the limited past with you ... I distinctively remembered that our very initial meeting was an indirect result of what happened, after you bash a fellow Natural boy up after he make fun of your kind ... " Auel Neider commented, eyeing out for the redhead's reaction intently.

To his utmost surprise, Lunamaria had not reacted that agitatedly that he had initially predicted. Instead, all the redhead ever did was to shrug nonchalantly and responded simply that she was no longer five years old. Moreover, they were all young adults now, and should learnt to solve things without violence. In addition, she was not that dumb to try bashing up one of her kid-napper for such an idiotic reason.

"Excuse me? But did you just claimed - insulting your kind as an idiotic reason?! " Auel Neider, asked in disbelief.

Lunamaria looked at him strangely, before answering. "Well ... that's true, isn't it? Anybody with half the mind would know by now that the Coordinators' and the Naturals' are at war - aren't they? Therefore, insults being directed to one another in general were pretty much normal - isn't that the case? So, wasn't it kind of stupid and ridiculous to simply get into a verbal arguement or worst still, a fist fight when someone or somebody attempted to insult one of your kind? "

"... " Auel Neider stared speechlessly at the calm and logic redhead standing opposite of him, "Since when did you get so matured? " He blurted out, without thinking.

"Oops! I didn't mean to ... I swear! " Auel hurried to clap his hand over his mouth, upon the sharp gaze being directed towards him by the redhead.

The staring contest lasted for another minute, before Lunamaria sighed and looked away from him.

"Auel ... people grew up, sooner or later ... You grew up too, as compared to the time when I had first knew you. That time, you were crying because you were being bullied. Now though, it was entirely another case. You are no longer crying over something that silly, aren't you?! So why bother to know the reason behind our changes - if it was one for the better in terms of ... I don't know, for one-self? "

"Oh ... " An awkward silence hung between them, before Auel muttered an apology in an oddly toned of voice. Lunamaria smiled half-heartedly, before nodding her acceptance of the apology - for she knew, Auel had never apologized to anyone aside from herself.

"It's alright, I guess ... by the way, do you think we can head out into town - later on? " Lunamaria suddenly brought up the subject of venturing into town, and that caused the silent Auel Neider to snap his eyes up at her, in alertness and suspicion.

Refraining the urge to roll her eyes simply at the fellow 'Extended' pilot's reaction, Lunamaria commented.

"I didn't say I'm heading out alone, did I? I said - 'We', specifically hinting that /You and I/, both head out - together! Do you have a problem with that?! Besides, its' not like I wanted to contact my allies or whatsoever, I needed supplies for myself! I doubt, you had any of those feminine items lying around?!

Wait, don't tell me to borrow those from Stellar's wardrobe! You and I both realized it by now, that Stellar and me, had different sizes! Besides, unlike Stellar - there is no absolute way for me to get your Captain to buy those things for me! " Lunamaria finished in a huff, her face red from embarrassment and irritation.

Auel Neider appeared stunned for a moment, before smirking and commented cheekily. "Oh, so I know about the difference in sizes between Stellar and you? "

Upon noticing the playful quirk of an eyebrow on Auel's features, Lunamaria glared hotly and retorted. "Well, you did know - didn't you?! After all, you did walked in on me ... while I'm changing, did you not?! Don't try to fool me, I've seen it! I just choose to maintain my silence about that particular incident, as for Stellar ... Don't tell me, you had never seen hers' before! "

"... Alright, alright ... I give up! Although, I'll have to consult Sting's opinion though. Go on, wait for me in the room - I'll go and seek permission now ... " Auel finally surrendered himself, when he find himself losing the staring contest between Lunamaria and himself.


GMT: 10 00 hours

Venue: Military Port of Diocula

"Athrun? Athrun Zala! Are you alright? " The concern voice of Meyrin Hawke broke into Athrun's train of thoughts, bringing the said Coordinator back to reality.

"Erm ... Yeah? " Athrun responded, sounding utterly lame as he had failed to catch on to whatever the redhead had been trying to tell him - previously.

"... Athrun, do me a favour. Stop zoning out on me, will you?! This is going to be the last time that I am repeating my words. " Meyrin Hawke commented, sounding rather weary of Athrun's distracted behavior for today.

"I apologized. " Athrun Zala responded, while Meyrin merely sighed in response. Whatever was bothering the fellow pilot, the former was not going to reveal to her - unless there was absolutely a need to do so.

"Athrun, we need to get off-board. The Chairman is here, and he's asking to meet up with the Captain and the Minerva's pilots - but Shinn had went off earlier with Vino and Youlan. With the concert going on going, calling them on their mobile phone was not exactly an option available too.

For, they would have missed the sounds of the phone ringing - therefore, the best way was to head out and locate them, individually. Are you alright with that? " Meyrin asked, quirking an eyebrow up at the stoic pilot.

Athrun Zala nodded, still appearing to be distracted - but at least, he was listening to her words now. Meyrin nodded in response and began leading the way towards the outside of the fleet.

The sight that met her very eyes upon stepping off the fleet nearly caused her to faint in shock, they were practically surrounded by mountains of people crowding about the stage, or rather that ridiculous Pink ZAKU.

"... Was there really a need to be this exaggerated? " The words were out of Meyrin's mouth before she knew it. "Oh my gosh ... its' so stuffy here, I need some fresh air ... " Meyrin proclaimed as she promptly pretended to lose her balance and leaned towards the silent blue-haired Coordinator by her side.

Once she was certain that Athrun's hand had reached out to stable her from falling, and that the two of them were close enough for a private conversation - still feigning faint, she murmured. "That Lacus Clyne's a fake - right? "

Athrun Zala appeared stunned for a second, but soon nodded in silent agreement to Meyrin's statement. Certainly, Meyrin would be able to notice the difference having just met the real Lacus Clyne back in ORB - barely two weeks ago.

Realizing that Meyrin would probably want an explanation out from him - concerning the impersonator of Lacus Clyne, he slowly removed themselves from the crowd and towards an isolated area - without that much people crowding around.

After checking the environment to see that there were no signs of eavesdroppers, Athrun spoke in a hurry. "Yes, you are right - that Lacus was an impersonator. Don't ask me why, that I'll relay to you - another time. "

Sensing the arrival of someone else, Athrun Zala hurry to cover up his last statement by speaking aloud. "So where do you think Shinn and the others were loitering around? "

"Hey! We aren't loitering around, as you put it ... We were just crowding about the stage watching Lacus Clyne in action! " Youlan interrupted, as the trio reaches both Athrun Zala and Meyrin Hawke whom seemed rather relieved by the fact that neither of the newly arrived trio had caught on to their last conversation.

"Oh really? " Meyrin eyed Vino with an evil smile, and that caused the un-nerved Vino to blurt out in fright.

"Yeah, that's all we were doing! Besides' she's so hot and lively, which guys have no fantasies about being her boyfriend?! It would be good to have a girlfriend like her ... its' just too bad that she's already engaged to ... " Vino fell silent upon the sight of the blue-haired Coordinator standing next to Meyrin Hawke, aloof and stoic.

Clapping a hand immediately over his mouth, the flaming hair technician hurried to placate Athrun by apologizing. "Sorry, I didn't mean it ... it just slips ... I guess ... "

Meyrin Hawke, whom knew by now that the engagement between Athrun Zala and Lacus Clyne had long been annualled and that the real Lacus Clyne was now engaged to the best friend of Athrun Zala, smirked inwardly as she kept her eyes upon the stoic pilot for the former's reaction to Vino's apology.

Much to the surprise of the technicians duo and Shinn Asuka, Athrun Zala merely smiled in response and said unfazingly. "Its' alright, no offences taken. "

That caused the technicians duo to drop their jaws in shock and surprise, while Meyrin hurried to hide her smile behind a fake cough before turning to Shinn Asuka and informed the former that the Captain and the Vice-Captain had send them both out - in search of him. Just then, the Vice-Captain of the Minerva had reaches them and informed them that the Chairman had send someone to retrieve them and the Captain for a luncheon gathering at the hotel prepared specially for the Chairman's arrival and usage.

"Well, off you go ... I'll be seeing you guys again - later! " Meyrin said, as she attempted to usher the group off to the venue where the Captain was patiently awaiting their arrival.

However, before she could turn back and head towards the Minerva - the Vice-Captain stopped her by commenting that she, too had been summoned by the Chairman. It was probably a meeting session to discuss the fate of her elder sister - Lunamaria Hawke's current missing status.

"Oh... I see ... " Meyrin responded weakly, before turning back to Athrun and Shinn and said. "I guess, I'll be joining you guys for the trip - too ... "

~ to be continued~

Date started: 25/02/08

Date completed: 27/02/08

Date edited: 27/02/08
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Title: Gundam Seed Destiny (AU) - A love that will never be change

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T

Notes: My latest GSD fanfic - where I shall totally change parts whereby I actually disliked in its' main series. Therefore, a total Alternate Universe - this story will be.

Pairings: Auel/Lunamaria & Athrun/Meyrin

Chapter 18 - The first sign of Jealousy at work ...


Cosmic Era 73, October 14

GMT: 12 Noon

Venue: Town of Diocula, Duncan Hotel

Upon arriving in front of the hotel where the Chairman had been assigned to stay during the former's period of visiting, the group of five were immediately ushered towards one of the most posh and luxuarious restaurant situated within the hotel - itself.

Once they stepped into the restaurant - they found themselves being led towards the balcony seatings that was isolated from the rest of the dining area. Over there, they were met up by the sight of the Chairman whom was eyeing out at the scenery in deep thoughts.

"Chairman! " The sound of greeting coming from the newly arrived group brought the former's attention back to reality, as he turned to greet his fellow young soldiers with a gentle smile of his own.

"Aa... Gladys Captain, its' been quite some time since we last met ... " The Chairman said, directing his words towards the female Captain of the Minerva before turning to observe the rest of the gathered members.

Sharing a nod with his most trusted subodinate, Rey Za Burrel - the Chairman shifted his glances towards the newly re-enlisted 'FAITH' member, Athrun Zala.

"Aa... Athrun Zala, its' nice to meet you again. So how has life been treating you, so far? Lacus, too was actually dying to meet you - she had been expressing her displeasure at me for sending you off to Earth, instead of staying where she was ... " The Chairman greeted, with a warm smile but it only caused the usually stoic blue-haired Coordinator to shift uneasily from time to time.

Not knowing how to respond, Athrun Zala plastered on his typical business look and saluted the Chairman with respect as he spoke. "Thanks for the concern, Chairman. I've been fine ... "

The Chairman stared at him for a moment, considering his vague response for a while - before moving on towards the redhead standing behind Athrun Zala, quietly and awaiting for some signs of acknowledgement from the others.

"Oh, so you must be the younger Hawke sibling that was assigned to the Minerva? " The Chairman asked, eyeing Meyrin Hawke briefly before shifting his glance away and look back at Talia Gladys, again.

"Yes, Sir! I'm Meyrin Hawke, the younger sister of Lunamaria Hawke and the CIC officer for the Minerva - Sir! " Meyrin responded, formally with a respectful salute towards the wiser man of them all.

The Chairman nodded in response to Meyrin's answer, and turned towards her with a stern and serious expression. "I assume you know the reason behind why you had been ask to join me and the rest for this meeting? "

Without hesitation, Meyrin had nodded in response. "I believed it has something to do with my elder sister's situation - am I right to assume that, Chairman?"

The Chairman nodded solemnly, and decided to cut chase and went direct to his point of conversation. "According to our latest investigation, and a full-scale analysis of the incident over at the Armoury One - We have every reason to believe that your sister was no longer with us ... "

The Chairman paused for a moment, to observe the reaction of Meyrin Hawke. Somehow, aside from the slightly watery eyes of the former - the fellow green-uniformed CIC officer had shown no other reactions to his statement.

"Anyway, initially we had tried to understand the situation better using the visual camera images situated in the warehouse 6. Unfortunately, the visual image was beyond salvation for the attackers had damaged it - prior to their taking actions. Therefore, the only sound we could have distinguished was through the recording device implanted within the survillence camera.

Although, we didn't exactly see your elder sister being shot - but most of the staff situated about that area had failed to survive. Let alone your elder sister, whom had the misfortune enough to stumble upon the hijacking act by chance. "

The Chairman seemed to be debating if he should continue to speak, when the fellow younger Hawke sibling broke in - respectfully.

"Sir, its' alright. I believed in your judgement, would it be alright with you - if I decided to keep my elder sister's possessions on board with me? After all, we no longer had any living kin up on the PLANTs. Besides, I'm prepared for the worst when my sister's status had been classified as 'M-I-A'. "

Appeared to be satisfied with Meyrin's response, the Chairman moved on to address the remaining pilot that had yet to be acknowledge. After Shinn, too had been greeted - the group of five had been assigned with seats along the rectangular dining table situated in the middle of the balcony.


Meyrin Hawke ended up seating herself in between Athrun Zala and Shinn Asuka, whether was it done on deliberation or by chance - she had no idea. Somehow, she always seemed to be the one caught in the middle between those two.

With a sigh inwardly, she tried her best to concentrate on the luxuary dishes sitting in front of her instead of paying those two any attention. Ever since the Chairman had informed her of her elder sister's misfortune, both Athrun Zala and Shinn Asuka had been shooting her looks of concern as if fearing that she might collapse any minute.

Thankfully, the Chairman had decided to shift the conversational topic away from the usual greeting session and moved on to the more complicating matters - such as the war, and the reason behind the war happening.

Meyrin was very much relief to be left out from the conversation, despite being a soldier she was never one whom enjoy dwelling on the political reasons behind the war. Therefore, she was more than happy to be dining in peace while the Chairman engaged the rest of the members present in that particular discussion of war politics.

Due to all the discussion that had been going on during the luncheon period, it took the whole group two hours to get through a meal. Nonethless, neither dared to complain - for it was the Chairman whom was dining with them. Even as the group departed from the restaurant, the Chairman was still busy making conversation with the group - leaving Meyrin Hawke alone to her thoughts.

Henceforth, she was among one of the first to notice the pink-haired figure skipping down the pathway looking absolutely happy - heading for the unsuspecting figure of Athrun Zala. "Oh my ... " Meyrin whispered, as she tugged discreetly at the sleeves of Athrun Zala's elite uniform.

Athrun Zala looked up just in time to find himself being tackled by the over-enthusiastic Meer Campbell, the impersonator of Lacus Clyne. Meanwhile, Shinn Asuka and the rest of the gathered group members merely looked on in shock as the infamous Athrun Zala was being tackled by his supposed fiancee, in public.

Meyrin Hawke was probably the only one whom knew anything about the Lacus Clyne before their very eyes, being a fake. She was also, the only one whom noticed Athrun Zala's discomfort of being tackled down by a Lacus Clyne look-alike. Still, she could do nothing but look on in silence.

Hurrying to remove the hyperactive Meer Campbell off his body, Athrun Zala send a look of pleading towards the amused Chairman. Since Athrun Zala had pleaded with the former, it would be kind of ridiculous to pretend oblivious to the scene - therefore, the Chairman had intervened, politely. That causes Athrun Zala to heave a sigh of relief, while the Lacus Clyne look-alike pouted in unhappiness.

However, that soon was left forgotten as the Chairman began to inquire the pink-haired Coordinator on her performance for the day.

In the meantime, Meyrin was caught between amusement and irritation. Part of her had wanted to laugh aloud upon the sight of the utter torturing expression on the blue-haired pilot, when the fake Lacus was hanging all over him. Yet, another part of her was kind of irritated by the lack of actions taken by the blue-haired pilot.

Logically, Meyrin understood that Athrun was probably allowing the impersonator of Lacus Clyne to do as the former desires - due to the Chairman and the others' being present. However, that still does not means Meyrin had to see it - too. Although, Meyrin knew whatever Meer does to Athrun and how Athrun Zala had reacted was none of her business - the fact that she had to witness that still irked her to no end.

The question now was - why was she so irritated by Athrun Zala's lack of actions when the impersonator of Lacus Clyne was practically sexually harrassing him in public.

That was perhaps, the reason why when the Chairman had informed them to stay over-night at the hotel and that they would had their days off respectively for the next few days that follows. Meyrin had stalked off immediately for the information counter to collect her room keys' not wanting to linger on, any longer than necessary.

Rey, meanwhile, had volunteered to head back to the fleet for duty - leaving Athrun Zala with no choice but to go along with the Chairman's arrangement.

For a while, Athrun Zala debated if he should went after Meyrin - somehow, he was a little concern about the younger redhead whom seemed to be disturbed by something. Yet, he had to discard that notion of his when the Chairman had specifically told him to stay behind for a private discussion.

With a sigh inwardly, Athrun Zala had no choice but to oblige to the Chairman's request - while trying his very best to maintain his best temper despite Meer trying to stick herself on him, until the Chairman ordered for Meer to stay away for a little while.


GMT: 16 00 hours

Venue: Town of Diocula

The 'Extended' trio with the addition of Lunamaria Hawke was taking a tour about in town, when Sting Oakley claimed the need to be off somewhere, leaving Auel behind to keep an eye on both Stellar and Lunamaria Hawke. When in reality, Auel Neider was more than aware of Sting Oakley's reason being nothing more than an excuse to escape from the fate of venturing into the female lingerine store.

During which period whereby Lunamaria and Stellar were busy picking out their ideal lingerine attires, Auel tried desperately to avoid scanning about the store with his keen sense of sight. Instead, he opted to stare up at the ceiling - trying to appeared unfaze by the number of weird glances being directed his way from the various female customers in the store.

However, that too was not working very well - for every few minutes that passes by, Stellar would come to him with a few selected lingerine garments and started asking for his opinions. Good gracious, how he wished he could have just told Stellar to stop asking him for opinions when it come down to selecting undergarments for herself.

Yet, that would meant he had to explain to Stellar all over again, about why she should choose these things for her own sake instead of basing her selection on others' opinions. That would be a chore for him, thus - he choose to maintain his silence and placate the blonde with a half-hearted response each time around he was asked to input his opinions.

While standing by the side of the store entrance-way, as he waited patiently for the two female companions of his to complete their shopping - his eyes eventually landed themselves upon the figure in black. His lips quirked up into a wry grin upon the sight of the said female's attire, the former was dressed up like a typical doll from the western countries.

The black knee-length, one-piece dress endowned with layers of laces and ribbons was indeed doing a very good job at disguising Lunamaria Hawke. The said Coordinator had initially being rather against the idea of dressing up in this manner - but after much coaxing and threatening, the former had obliged with reluctance.

Sting even went to the extent to get a bottle of coloured hair spray that will temporary changes one's hair colour, for the sake of disguising Lunamaria Hawke. For, they feared that if they were to simply allow Lunamaria to venture out without any forms of disguising - the said Coordinator might be recognized by the fellow ZAFT soldiers that were hanging about the town. They were, currently, roaming about in the territory of the ZAFT Forces.

Since Lunamaria had no civilians' clothings available for her usage, she was usually borrowing clothes from Auel's wardrobe. However, seeing that Auel's attire was hardly deemed suitable for a trip into town - Auel had taken the extra mile to "borrow" a set of clothings from one of the owner's walk-in wardrobe.

Now, Lunamaria Hawke was spotting on black-hair rather than her usual striking red hair. To enhance with the disguise, a black and white headband was decorating her hair as well - making her seemed younger than her usual age. As if sensing someone gazing at her, Lunamaria looked across the room and found Auel's eyes within seconds.

Auel flinched inwardly upon the sudden narrowing of Lunamaria's eyes, but forced himself to remain unfaze by the former's gaze. Instead, he opted to smirk openly at the infuriated female Coordinator before diverting his gaze upon Stellar Loussier, the blonde whom was now having trouble deciding between a white and a pink lingerine material.

"Stellar ... I think you should go for the white one ... " Auel could not help but comment, before turning back to the still glaring Lunamaria Hawke and added. "You - on the other hand, the black one would be a better choice over that red one which you had been eyeing for quite some time. "


Lunamaria Hawke flushed crimson and threw Auel Neider an annoying glare, before snatching that black lingerine material off the rack and headed for the cashier counter. On her way over to the cashier counter, she took Stellar with her together with the small basket of selection made by the blonde and herself.

Informing the blonde to wait for her outside of the store with the fellow pale-haired 'Extended' while she would paid for the expenses - the "former" redhead tried to calm herself down by counting seconds.

By the time she re-emerged from the store entrance-way heading for the awaiting duo with the bag of purchases, Lunamaria Hawke was no longer blushing crimson and was looking her usual aloof self, again.

The group of three were passing by one of the more isolated alleyway when a group of lower-ranking ZAFT officers attempted to 'hit' on Stellar. Since the blonde was currently kind of pre-occupied with the various stalls selling interesting artifacts, Auel decided to intervent "kindly" by "rescuing" those ZAFT officers from a fate worst than death - that is, if Stellar decided to snap, right there and then.

Apparently, those officers were rather unhappy about Auel stepping in and thus a commotion broke out - attracting the many others' attention. Among them, was Vino, Youlan with a group of Minerva's technicians crew.

However, at that point of time Lunamaria was not paying the surrounding enough attention - all she wanted to do was to get Stellar, Auel and herself away fast before the other ZAFT officers arrived at the site in full Military force.

Yet, somewhere along the point of time - someone from the gathered crowd must have dropped a sack of potatoes on the ground. Thus, that resulted in Vino - whom was busy trying to see what was happening and failed to take note of the surrounding to slip and fell atop of Lunamaria Hawke.

The two then landed in an awkward position, with Vino's hand being placed directly on top of Lunamaria's chest. First, there was the recognition and the shock - before the shock gave way to anger and embarrassment.

Without warning, Vino was roughly kicked off from her body by Lunamaria, herself - whom then hurried to pull herself together and re-adjusting her attire. Her face was still flaming red when she recalled the earlier awkward position, and thus she ended up glaring death glares at Vino.

Inwardly, Lunamaria was thinking up various ways to slaughter Vino about taking advantages of her - when she realized that the other party had failed to recognize her due to her disguise. Just as she was about to regain her cool composure, she noticed a blur passing her by and before she knew it - she was staring at the sight of Auel bashing up the poor, innocent and utterly bewildered Vino.

Thankfully, Auel had enough sense to only punch Vino twice before heading back towards Lunamaria and Stellar - leading them away from the gathered crowd.

"..." Throughout the journey back to the resort house, Lunamaria was staring at Auel with a peculiar expression on her face.

Stellar, on the other hand, had clearly dismissed the previous incident without giving them much thought. Instead, the former opted to spend the traveling time back to the resort house in silence and uses them to observe the beautiful scenery that passes them by while they were on their way back.

Sting Oakley, whom had re-joined them soon after the incident of Vino being bashed up by Auel - had obviously heard about the commotion but had miraculously enough kept his comments to himself. Although, the former had been shooting Auel and Lunamaria strange and weird looks through the rear-view window, all the while until the car was steered into the driveway of the resort house that the group were staying for their period of time spend in Diocula.

~to be continued~

Date started: 28/02/08

Date completed: 28/02/08

Date edited: 29/02/08
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