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love story of our lives
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Posted 10/7/08 , edited 10/8/08
Episode 1- Eye Clashing, When We Meet

from Chanel to D&G, Bvlgari to Prada, Fendi to Gucci... Ney's eyeglasses is one of his most precious collection. satisfies his hobby to collect eyeglasses and because he inherit from his great grandfather of being near sighted only. he cant see at afar but with his eyeglass, he's satisfied enough to guide him to see all the things he wanted to see at afar. he doesnt even care if the people in hi-so world calls him the "dorkiest man" in town, he doesnt even care if the people call him "geek" because of his intelligence that he shows in business circle. he doesnt even care if he's one of the list of the most powerful men in business. the only thing he doesnt want is the people around him is to look him down, like as if he doesnt do anything.... and there's only one person who look down on him.

role model of the hi-so world and especially for women, grew up as a spoiled little girl when it comes to her dad, but one of the famous business woman in business circle, also known as the "eye of the tiger" with her beauty and brains but definitely dangerous... Rissa surely knows how to capture any businessman's heart when it comes to her deal... definitely CLOSE DEAL. but she's really weak when it comes to the poor mass of people in the society. she doesnt care if the other people call her a 'snob', bitch and etc... because she's only focusing herself in their family business which her great grandmother is the main founder of their business. being one of the best debaters in business circle... she really doesnt want someone to look down on her. she will not stop until she gets what she wants...

Ruenreng's mansion:

Ney just came back home from the charity work, he's always present whenever there's charity work to do. he cant even stand watching the fellow children got sick and the poverty that he sees everytime he went to the site, he cant stand watching the people hungry and only eat once a day. as he got inside from their mansion, he kissed her mom and dad who were sitting at the living room... saying that he just came back.

Ney's mom: so how was the people there? (referring to the site where Ney does his charity work)
Ney: it was good.. i had a good time playing with the children there and i also met the leaders of the small village.
Ney's father: did you read the newspaper today about the NP telecom's (Nuengphirom) new proposal?
Ney: yeah, i have read it.
Ney's father: what can you say about their proposals?
Ney: well, its so-so... anyway, it doesnt even matter if they have their proposals that will launch this month. their target market is always the "Class A" (hi-so people).
Ney's mom: what about us? our target market is also the hi-so people...
Ney: (he sat right next to his mom) mom, of course we are.. but im also concern about the "Class B and C", i've already pass my proposals to other chair members and i also gave it to you... dad, the papers...
Ney's father: yeah, i've already checked it. it's a good proposal and we'll surely make it big... of course you know... our rival in telecom business. i dont want to be look like succumb them...
Ney: dad, when will you stop this? you know that i dont like to see our business as competition to any other business rivals, especially to them (referring to Nuengphirom family)
Ney's father: and you have to know that all this time... our business and their business is always a competition.
Ney: but-
Ney's mom: ok.. stop now you two... son, there's an invitation from Hawaii... i believe its from Ruan. (she gave him the invitation letter)
Ney: i see... i believe, this is his wedding... this coming... (he opened the wedding invitation) oh, no! what date is it now?
Ney's mom: why? its 23 today...
Ney: i better start packing... mom... can you just prepare me a formal suit for the wedding... i have no time already...
Ney's mom: oh, okay... when will you go to Hawaii?
Ney: the day after tomorrow! (shouting while running at the stairs).


NP Telecom Company:

Rissa: ok, meeting dismiss... (packing her things and called her secretary to bring all her things to her office and remind the secretary to put her things at the table carefully.)

then Rissa's dad was calling her, so she answered the call.

Rissa's father: baby, where are you? im at the golf club with our business clients... are you done with the meeting?
Rissa: yes, dad... im done. im about to go there.
Rissa's father: so how was the meeting?
Rissa: its already settle. i told them that i'll be gone for a couple of days because you told me to go to Hawaii to meet the other chair members... i also called Mr. Smith to booked me for hotel accommodation.
Rissa's father: that's good to hear, at least you've already settle everything... thank you, baby!
Rissa: dont thank me... you owe me a lot... i need vacation next month and you promised...
Rissa's father: ok... once i promise, i always keep my word.
Rissa: thanks, dad! i'll just call you if im there already.
Rissa's father: ok.

after the talk, she called her designer to prepare all her dresses for her travel to Hawaii the day after tomorrow. she wanted to make sure that everything is settle, even upto her dresses. she even told her maid last night that to packed all her things and even her essentials.


day 25.... the flight schedule:

While waiting for departure, Ney suddenly felt wanna go to the bathroom. he always get nervous when it comes to planes, eversince he was little he got the phobia in riding airplanes... he rather takes for a ride in a ferry boat than a plane, but he knew that if he ever rides in a ferry boat just to go to Hawaii, maybe when he get there... his friend already had a baby.

he went to the restroom while holding his brewed coffee that he bought awhile ago. when he suddenly bumped on to his mortal enemy in business, none other than Carissa Nuengphirom, the vice-CEO and the owner of NP Telecom Company.

Rissa: S***! (looking at her dress, her new dress that she ordered to her designer got stained by Ney's coffee) what have you-! (she looked at him shockingly, it was none other than her mortal enemy Iñigo Ruenreng the vice-CEO and the owner of the RC Telecom Company)
Ney: (he gets his handkerchief and was trying to wipe out the stain) im so-
Rissa: Ewwww! dont touch me, you DORK!
Ney: i... i... im sorry...
Rissa: you think your sorry can forgive you of what have just done!
Ney: but i didnt- (trying to offer his handkerchief, but she refuse)
Rissa: dont give me that crap! i might get infected with your DORKiness... i couldnt even take seeing your face!

she has no choice but to change and before she went to the restroom, she stepped on his right foot... though Ney wanted to fight with her, it was already too late because she went to the restroom right after. everytime he meets her, he could only hurt her from his mind. he even killed her for how many times in his mind... but in reality he cant do it. he just simply respects her for some reason... because she's a girl.

when the his flight schedule was on board already... he hurriedly went to the departure area.


he was trying to get nap on the plane while waiting for other passengers to come. then suddenly a familiar voice waking him up, then when he opened his eyes, as the woman turn her face to see him....

>you, again!.... why are you-.... (then the flight attendant told Rissa to sit down already...)

Rissa: Excuse me, do you have any other vacant seat aside from here (pointing her seat and was looking at Ney at the same time. which she dont want to be seated right next to him...)

Flight Attendant: Im sorry, ma'am... but as you can see... we dont have vacant seats anymore...

she has no choice but to sit right next to him... she couldn't believe that they're both going to the same destinations... she was trying to speak louder to let him hear her...

Rissa: with all places! i guess its my bad luck to meet the person i hate most... to sit right next to him... tsk.. tsk.. tsk..
Ney: why dont you sit on the floor, so you dont have to complain anymore???? (he lay down again to get some nap...)

after he said that she felt annoyed and then she stepped on his foot again...

Rissa: (she whispered)DORK!

>>> Next Episode- 2 Aloha! My Enemy
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Posted 10/7/08 , edited 10/8/08
Episode- 2 Aloha! My Enemy

he just arrived from Thailand, his friend hugged him when he showed up. Ney's best friend since in middle school way back in Thailand never change, Ruan was wearing an all white shirt, he was just simply wearing a thin white sleeves-unbuttoned shirt. Ney was looking at his friend from head to toe.

Ney: this is what you're going to wear on your wedding???
Ruan: yes... am i handsome now??? its a beach wedding anyway... my future-wife and i wanted to feel the scenery of the sunset later...
Ney: Ru... i just brought a formal suit... i dont have any beach attire caus-
Ruan: (tapping his friend's back) dont worry we can buy some before the wedding starts...

meanwhile, Rissa went out right after she arrived and checked in to her hotel room. she wanted to go shopping right away because tomorrow will be her busy day. she have to meet all the chair members and investors of their company. she strolled around and visit the local boutiques in Hawaii. suddenly, with all places she saw a familiar face at afar. it was none other than but the one she seated right next to her at the plane awhile ago.

Ruan noticed Rissa at afar.

Ruan: Ney... that's Rissa, right? (then Ney get his eyeglasses to wear it again to the girl that Ruan sees)
Ney: (he was half-naked because they're trying to buy some shirt for him... when he already saw the girl...) with all places again...
Ruan: Carissa Nuengphirom... i could still remember our high school days....

Ney had a flashback as he remembered their high school days:

Rissa was one of the most popular girl in school, her group of friends always praise her because of her own unique and style when it comes to fashion. aside from being prettiest girl in school, she's the only girl who can debate with the group of geeks in their school.

during their election of student council, Ney didnt won as President of the school council because Rissa got the highest votes. after the election Rissa confront him.

Young Rissa: too bad you didnt won... you probably didnt won because they might get infected with your.... oh, nevermind. arent you going to thank me? because of me... they allowed you to be the vice-president.
Young Ney: thanks but 'no thanks'...
Young Rissa: arent you ashame? even in business... WE(referring to their family business) are always on top. what about your business?
Young Ney: what about us... WE(referring to their family business) are also on the top...
Young Rissa: but what i mean is that... our business always in first rank. we always lead first.
Young Ney: its just a rank anyway... every year it change... besides i dont care about the rank. if you really want that rank, its all yours... (then he walked away from her)
Young Rissa: you're just saying that because you cant accept the fact that even here in our school, "Nuengphirom" always win.

Ney cant forget that time Rissa confront him. but he doesnt care anymore because eversince she's always like that... arrogant, boastful, snob and so proud to herself.

His friend Ruan called Rissa and he approached her. he was pissed because Ruan has to approach his mortal enemy.

Ruan: Rissa... its me Ruan.
Rissa: oh, Ruan... how are you? (while looking at him, she realize that Ruan was not the same person she met before... he was not the dorky and geeky type anymore... but rather a "macho" man. then she looked at Ney again, while Ney looked at her too)
Ruan: im good.. im getting marry today. (he said happily)
Rissa: thats good! good for you...
Ruan: yeah, Ney's my best man...
Rissa: i see.. that's why he's here...
Ruan: yup! what about you? what are you doing here in Hawaii/ are you here for vacation?
Rissa: no.. im here for work. i have a meeting tomorrow with other chair members and investors...
Ruan: i se- (then Ney finally bought the shirt for Ruan's wedding and then he approached them)
Ney: let's go?
Ruan: oh, ok... mmm... Rissa, why dont you attend my wedding later at sunset?
Rissa: (she wanted too but when she looked at Ney's face, she get irritated) nevermind... i have things to do today...
Ruan: oh, ok... i'll see you when i see you! (he smiled as he said goodbye)


experiencing and witnessed the beautiful green sunset or also known as "green flash" only in Hawaii, Ruan and his wife took pictures with the green sunset as their background.

[the "Green Flash" sunset is said to be that the person you're watching with, is the person who really cares for you and meant for you.]

for Ney the scenery is breathtaking, he noticed that everyone's attention at the beach side were at the scenery of the sunset. from Ney's standing, at his right side, five meters away from him... because of the scenery even Rissa couldnt take her eyes on the green sunset, she get her camera and took pictures of the scenery... then she took a picture of herself.

[imagine the scenery when Rissa took picture of herself, at her back she didnt notice that it was Ney at afar who was watching the scenery.]


the newly-wed couples were having fun at the disco bar while Ney was drinking and talking with some other friends at their table. while at the bartender, Rissa sitting and drinking her cocktail drink 'cassanova'. she was watching the people at the disco bar dancing with sound of the ukelele melody.

after awhile, Ney get some drinks at the bar when she suddenly bumped on to Rissa. he was trying to ignore her but he couldn't because while she was insulting him infront of the people... the effect of how many shots already of tequila. he couldn't resist but rather than to fight her back because of harsh words, he kissed her suddenly. Rissa was already drunk and when Ney kissed her, she kissed him back... they didnt care anymore when the people already watching them. after the kiss, the people around them clapped their hands believing that they're couple, the the bartender gave them again another shot for their celebration until.. they got drunk.

even the newly-wed couple Ruan and his wife cant believe of what they saw.... the thought that the 2 mortal enemies finally reconcile with each other and even make up infront of others.

>>>Next Episode 3- When I Woke Up Next To You
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hey, when's the next installment of this story? I'm waiting for it.:-)
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