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Posted 3/3/08

The basic battlefiled with its main platform, and 3 floating platforms

The background changes over time, from day to night then back to day again
Posted 3/3/08
Final Destination

A regular flat battlefield, with nothing special to it, the background changes as you change you warp through dimensions
Posted 3/3/08
Delfino Plaza

The Delfino Plaza stage is a continuously moving stage, first you start off on the floating stage, then you continuously move through the town. Hitting one of the 8 areas in the town

1. A seperate island right off the coast of Delfino Plaza
2. The dock with a little water gun and 2 bouncy umbrellas on the side
3. The main front of Delfino Plaza with a fountain in the background, pretty flat
4. On the rooftops right above the fountain, as listed in number 3, with one big toped roof in the middle with two lower ones on the side
5. Another fountain stop with flat in the middle, with 2 staircases on the side
6. On top of the Shine Sprite Tower, an arc built platform
7. Off the other side of Delfino Plaza, another seperate island
8. A couple of stone pillars far away from Delfino Plaza itself, shown where you battle is only 2 pillars on the side and one in the middle
Posted 3/3/08
Luigi's Mansion

Another stage with the new Brawl twist, where you are able to destroy the area.
You start off on the top of the mansion, after attacks destroy the 2 pillars holding up the level, you drop to the next level, you do this about 3 times until you reach the bottom, once there it will just be a flat platoform.

Once all the levels are gone you end up with this
Posted 3/3/08
Mushroomy Kingdom

A side scrolling stage, where like Icicle Mountain in Melee, if you dont keep moving you will die.
You go through a lot of the Mushroom Kingdom from the begining in a desert, to the end in a underground cave

Posted 3/3/08
Mario Circuit

A single flat area with the occasional platform popping up, right on the finish line of the Circuit. Every so often Shy Guys in the race will come running by on the flat area on the bottom, or jumping the jump right above you.

Shy Guys come to race, and do a lot of damage to you

See they want to hit you

Doesnt mean you cant send them packing, YOU CAN!
Posted 3/3/08
Rumble Falls

Another side scrolling stage where if you dont move, you die! Every so often you will see a big SPEED UP on the screen, you better have a Bunny hood or fast climbing skills because the stage moves to its next area quickly. It moves to 3 different areas.

Speed Up

Speed Up some more!
Posted 3/3/08
The Bridge of Elden

Pretty simple and flat when you first start off, but wait a couple minutes, something will happen!
King Bulbin will come out every so often (from the Twilight Princess game) and throw a big bomb in the middle of the stage, this bomb cannot be destroyed or picked up, eventually it will blow causing damage and blowing a big hole in the middle of the field and minor holes in other areas. Other little minions will come running out causing damage to random players. A little while longer a Twilight Portal will come out and place a rock the forms into the missing part of the bridge

King Bulbin appears!

He blew up the bridge!
Posted 3/3/08
The Great Sea
No pic yet

Built sort of the same as Rainbow Cruise in Melee, its a boat open on the sea, you drift along the water nice and smooth
Every so often a huge storm will bring a ginat cyclone to engulf the the ship. Making so if you get sent upwards you can easily get KO-ed. One the storm is over, a nice rainbow will appear in the background

Just like in Rainbow Cruise, the ship must sink eventually, and thats what happens, the ship goes to shore and hits a bunch of rocks, the ship starts sinking and you will finish you battle ont the rocks, but if you survive a little more while another ship will come and take you back to the sea
Posted 3/3/08

Basically Brinstar on steroids, I mean this place is hot!
Like in Brinstar, sometimes instead of dying, you will fall in lava that will do damage to you.

Here is where the steroids kick in, every so often lave waves will come from the back, left, and right of the stage, burning everyone who touches it. For the really big waves, there is one capsule that comes out of the ground randomly, once the big lava wave is close enough, whoever is in the capsule at the moment will be safe as the capsule closes it. Massivly burning everyone else. So while you wait for the wave to common, its a battle for the capsule
Posted 3/3/08
Frigate Orpheon

Built like Battlefield, it has a simple platform and floating little platforms, you can see the Parasite Queen in the background!
When the power goes out, get ready to jump because the whole field will turn directly upside-down! so now you have to deal with the opposite of your directions while trying to remain alive!

If you dont jump right when its about to flip, there is a possibilty the gravity might not take you to the floor and you could be sent directly down or directly up!
Posted 3/3/08
Yoshi's Island

Has a basic structure, except the little platform on top turns different angles every so often, another thing about this stage, is the longer you Brawl, the more seasons it goes through. First you start in Spring, then you make yourself through Summer, Autumn, then Winter, these changes dont effect the battle what-so-ever

Autumn Brawling

Winter Brawling
Posted 3/4/08
Battleship Halberd

Another moving platform stage, but you dont move a lot, the background does.
First you start off in the warship's loading dock, then you move to a floating platform, watching the warship gly right by you in the background. Eventually you land on the ship's deck, watch out though, the ship does not like you on board, so every so often it will fire its big cannons at you

Look how mighty it is!

All hands on deck!

Helberd does not like visitors
Posted 3/4/08
Lylat Cruise

Also built like Final Destination / Battlefield, its pretty flat with 3 floating platforms
Lylat Cruise has one of the most changing backgrounds in the game. Throughout the whole time your brawling, the Lylat Cruise has a mission its on. Lylat Cruise will take you to verious places. All these different backgrounds dont effect the battle at all.

Helpful Hint: : While on this stage and being Fox/Falco/Wolf, if you use your taunt move, a thing called an easter egg will pop out that you can use. At the moment i have no idea what these eggs do
Posted 3/4/08
Pokemon Stadium 2

Built like the original Pokemon Stadium, this one comes with newer transformations.
Instead of Fire, Rock, Water, and Grass like the previous one, this one has transformations of, Electric, Flying, Ground, and Ice

Ice Form: You run much faster on the ice, and you slide a lot more which could be dangerous

Ground Form: The ground form is built like an excavation site for fossils, there is one big mountain one the side, with a building on the other with 2 little platforms, the mountain takes up a lot of the stage, so when it goes ground you dont have a whole lot of room to work with

Flying Form: In the flying stage, its like walking on the moon, your able to jump a lot higher then normally, which could also be dangerous, if you jump to high, then an opponent smashes you upwards, your in trouble!

Electric Form: The electric form of this stage is one of the simplist ones, this one is merely flat with 2 floating platforms, every so often, the pokemon Electivire, comes out and charges a generator behind you, this will move the locations of the 2 floating platforms to somewhere else on the stage
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