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Posted 3/4/08
Spear Pillar

One of the greatest sights in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games, is now one of the newest Brawl areas in the game.
This one has 2 main levels on it, its like a double Final Destination, two long platforms,
At the begining of the match you will see either a dark blue or a dark pink color fog, depending on the color is the pokemon that will apppear, Dialga or Palkia, when one of those 2 appear, things will start happening while you Brawl.

1. Shoots a ginat beam on the stage in a random area
2. Turns the stage a different angle, either to the right or left
3. Time will slow down along with all the Brawlers
1. Crumbles away the middle of the higher platform, making it a large bottom adn two smaller ones on top
2. Turns the stage completely upside down
Shoot massive Razor Wind attacks in any random direction

The most common appearing is Dialga, then Palkia, the most rare to find on your battlefield is Cresselia
Posted 3/4/08
Port Town Aero Drive

Built just like Mute City, except this one is on major steroids.
Like in Mute City, your little platform races right on the track, landing from time to time, this one is a lot more complicated!

As you race along, you will find manyt hings in the background, near the middle of the race your single platforms morphs into a big platform and 2 smaller ones, the problem with this one is that when on those 2 smaller ones, there is a possibility you you being hit by something up there. Becareful of the F-Zero drivers themselves, they can and will do massive damage. You will even find yourselves hanging upside down because there are loops on the racetrack

Posted 3/4/08
Castle Siege

Castle Seige first takes place on top of the castle, you can see fireballs in the background destroying the castle, eventually they succeed adn teh castle begins to fall apart, all Brawlers fall to the nest part of the castle. The main hall has many little floating platforms in it, plus a nice big statue that you can destroy. Once you have destoyed the Main Hall you find yourself falling to the Underground. The Underground part of this stage is bulit like Final Destination, plus all the lave fun of Norfair

Look the Main Hall

We are falling to the Underground!
Posted 3/4/08

Another changing stage, and this one changes a lot! Each one is based on a micro-game from WarioWare, these mini-gaems will appear at random and after each one you go back to the original WarioWare stage. If you win one of the Micro-games you will be rewarded with an item or your damage being healed a little
1. Arrow Space, Dodge all the arrows that are falling from the sky, they do pretty descent damage, the first one to get hit by an arrow loses
2. Blowin' Up, The object of this area is to blow up the most party poppers in the area, to win
3. Sole Man, Dodge the giant's foot, this one has 2 twists to it, not only do you die from the giant stepping on you, you also lose the micro-game
4. Crack Down, While standing on the platform, watch for the giant in the background, when he swings his hammer and shakes the groud you better be in the ari because, if you are not you will be sent flying up and you will lose the Micro-game
5. Lose your Marble, Everyone must hit the chunk of rock, getting the statue out of it, the one to get the last hit on the chunk wins
6. Kitty Cover This one pretty plain and simple, try to stay the longest under the umbrella because the rain here actually does damage to you
7. Crazy Cars Dodge the cars, the first one to get hit by a car loses the Micro-game, a warning sign will tell you when it comes and which direction, be careful as the cars can jump!
8. The Knocker You need to stand completely still, even though little statue guys will come and beat you updont move the control stcik or anything, the first one to do something loses
8. Dance Dance Dance This one is also pretty simple, there is a guy named Jimmy in the background, when he points you better go in that direction or he will do some damage to you and you lose the Micro-game
Posted 3/4/08
Distant Planet

Everyone is shrunken down to the size of a Pikmin, so this mutli-layer stage is a lot bigger. Although it seems like fun there are many dangers of being this small
1. The Weather. When it begins raining, the slops of the stage become very slippery so it will be very hard to get back up there.
2. Predators. Those big red beasts from the Pikmin games come to the left and right of the stage, first they stand there for a little bit, giving you another area to Brawl on, but sometimes later, they will start biting doing descent damage
Posted 3/4/08

Another pretty basic stage, with its main flat platform, and 1 floating platform that moves back and forth. But here is the interesting little twist, depending on the Wii's internal clock, is what the background is going to be. The background will be Day & Night, and sometimes when you Brawl at night you will get a nice concert in the background
Posted 3/4/08
New Pork City

One of the biggest stages in Brawl, also one of the moslty deadly. With its multiple platforms everywhere among the towers. Besides the slopes and the biggness of this stage, its pretty basic, nothing really happens comes out.
The one thing different in this stage, there is a beast called the Ultimate Chimera, its a nasty thing, if you happen to run into one, its almost a guenteed KO, it will send you flying!

Your in big trouble!

See ya Lucas!
Posted 3/4/08
The Summit

The summit of Icicle Mountain is what it is.
After you battle a while on this mountain peak, you will break the ice (literally) and the peak of this might mountain will start sliding down Icicle Mountain. Evetually after sliding down a while, you will hit the freezing waters. The rest of your Brawl will take place here. i would not recommend going for a swim, even though the frezzing water does not do dmage to you, there is something else!
If this big fish senses you in his water he will out and eat you! I mean literally eat and KO you

Not a good time for a swim Dedede
Posted 3/4/08

Another pretty basic stage but this one has 5 floating platforms instead of 2 like many others. This one also has that new Brawl twist where you can destroy the land. After the main and floating platforms are destoyed from attacks, you will continue your battle on the clouds. But eventually the ground will come back. Thats basically it for this stage

See what you did Samus!

You can easily throw someone through the clouds
Posted 3/4/08

A retro stage based off the first Mario & DK game, called 75 meters. With its any platforms and moving elevators its a pretty interesting place. But watch out for the little pixel guys walking on the stage, they can be deadly. The mostly deadly of them is pixel DK himself, if he attacks you, and you have more then 20% damage, there is almost a guerentee KO in your future. This guy means buisness, someone to stay away from, but it will be nice to throw an enemy that direction

Watch for these

Pixel DK means buisness!
Posted 3/4/08
Mario Bros.

Another retro stage from the very begining of Nintendo, is the Mario Bros. stage. with its many levels
It's really hard to KO here, getting a KO is very hard here since the platforms cover a lot of the area, the only way to KO someone upwards is to get them to the top. Just like in the original Mario Bros. game there are those crabs and turtles, they can cause damage to you if you touch them, but like in Mario Bros. if you hit them underneath, they will turn over, then you can now use them for projectiles. The all-poweful POW box is also here like in the roiginal game, when a player hits the POW box it will make all crabs and turtles turn over and making all enemys bounce upwars slamming htem into the floor.

Turtles and Crabs!
Posted 3/4/08
Flat Zone 2
No pic yet

While you are brawling you can watch these old Game & Watch games in the background, some of them effect your Brawl! Here is the list of the 4 games

1. Fire: With an ambulance to the right and a building on fire on the right. The firefighters come out and bring out the trampoline and ask you to rescue people in the firey building. You can bounce on thier trampoline to rescue somone on the building, the firefighters thank you with restoring your damage a little
2. Lion: With 3 platforms right stacked above each other, you better watch out, near the bottom of the stage there are lion tamers, waking anything near them with thier chair. If you get in their way, they will hit you and do massive damage
3. Chef: Has multiple platforms floating above and a chef on the bottom. This chef will fling out some foods that you can eat to restore your damage. The chef can also really hurt you, but this chef can also be flung away by a powerful attack
4. Oil Panic: This game does not effect your Brawl in any way except maybe help you a little. This game is placed at a gas station, with 3 platforms floating above each other
Posted 3/4/08
No pic of normal stage

PictoChat is the most changing coarse in the game, it starts off as a small flat box. Then at random moments 1 of 26 pictures will be drawn, there is no specific order, so you may even get one, twice without getting a different one, here is the list of the 26 possibilities for PictoChat
1. Skate Ramp: You are able to jump onto the ramp and the board, but be careful on the ramp, the board can and will do massive damage if you get hit
2. Flag: These flags add extra platforms that sometimes bounce up and down on the sides of the stage
3. Evil Eyes: Two evil looking eyes staring right out of the screen, all these do is give you 2 more platforms
3. Lines: 5 random lines are drawn in a diagnol pattern, this takes away a lot of jumping space
4. Human: This one is a simple human head and a hand, just more rigid platforms to brawl on
5. Boat: You can float in the water that the boat is in, and swim in it, you can also stand on the boat itself
6. Tower of Bricks: 3 levels of bricks can be stood on, great for high jumping, these are solid lines, so if you get caught in them when they are drawn, you will be stuck until they go away
7. Ladders: 2 ladders are on the side of another platform that is drawn right above you, you can jump onto the platform or use the ladders
8. Umbrella: A simple umbrella that you can stand on
9. Spikes: Random spikes will be drawn somewhere on the stage every so often, these spikes do massive damage if hit, and great blowback ability
10. Whale: The whale and the water is shoots out of its spout can be used to stand on
11. Swing: While you stand on the swing itself, the swing will swing back and forth, causing you to go with it if you dont move
12. Blowing: A cloud with a face is drawn, and starts blowing wind, the wind makes you move to the left a lot, so you better keep moving
13. Tree: The tree has three branches and bushes of leaves on it the you can stand on
14. Staring Eyes: These eyes are drawn, then a diagnol line is drawn right in between them ,this line is solid so you cant go through it
15. Dog & House: A little house a dog are drawn, then some land draws over the are where you fall off, so the only way KO-ing someone when this happens is straight up
16. Raft: A raft is drawn, all this is, is just another platform
17. Pine Trees: 2 pine trees are drawn, these have pointy ends so they are hard to stand on, but the top you can easily stand on
18. Clock: A giant clock is drawn , the minute hand and hour hand can be used as other platforms, but these platforms move like the hands on a clock
19. Rocket: A rocket will fly across the stage, massively damaging and burning anyone who touches it
20. Fireballs: Two random fireballs will be drawn somewhere in the air of the stage, these fireballs do descent damage and have greta knockback ability
21. Big House: Only the roof of this house is solid so you cant jump through it or down it, but you can stand on it
22. Platforms: Many little plaforms will appear, this causes people who jump a lot some problems, but you can stand on these plaforms
23. Pirhana Plant: A single pirhana plant will appear in the middle of the stage, it does not do anything unless you touch its mouth, it will do a lot of damage
24. Ferris Wheel: Like in the original DK stage in the original Smash Bros, there is a single spinning wheel in the middle of the stage
25. Arrows: 4 arrows will come out of the ground, the points of these arrows can do a lot of damage so look out
26. Springs: Springs will be placed near the bottom of the two areas you fall off of, these springs will bounce you back up, but i would pay attention to when they disappear because you might fall and continue falling
Posted 3/4/08
No pic yet

Like a different version of Poke' Floats, you stand on mutiple differnt leaves, while leaves come and go. the leaves can change if someone hits them. Elektroplakton will come out and knock around some leaves for fun, these elektroplakton dont hurt you but are extremely annoying since they like to destroy leaves you are on
Posted 3/4/08
Shadow Moses Island

The stage has 2 platforms built right above the main one, the two towers on the left and right can be destroyed, widening the brawling area. Once during the brawl a Metal Gear will destroy the background and does stuff in the background, these Metal Gears do not effect the battle. One of the three Metal Gears that might show up are, Metal Gear REX, RAY, or GEKKO

Also as an added bonus, spotlights will come around and if they hit an opponent dead on, they will be stunned staring at the screnn, causing them to be open to an attack

As another added bonus here, if you are Snake, you can do a taunt and you will get an easter egg (i have no idea what these easter eggs are)
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