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Posted 3/4/08
Green Hill Zone

This area is a little on the smaller size, it has a big round dip in the middle of the stage, perfect for a lot of Sonic's attacks.

There is a little checkpoint that is always moving, if you hit it hard enough, it will spin causing descent damage to anyone around. Also if you hit the ground hard enough, some of the ground will fall down in the form of blocks

As another added bonus, when you use Sonic's taunt you will see Tails, Knuckles, and Silver run through the loop in the background
Posted 3/4/08
The next 10 stages told here are stages returning from Melee, they have the exact same features as before, they just look better now

These are the rest of the stages
Posted 3/4/08

The temple is back, returning as one of the biggest stages, right next to New Pork City and 75m. Just like in Melee, there are no extra hazards, just the bigness of it
Posted 3/4/08
Yoshi's Island

The steep mountains of Yoshi's island is probably what brought it back. Just like before, the blocks in this area spin when hit, so you can move right through them
Posted 3/4/08
Jungle Japes

The darkness of Jungle Japes returns supporting DK and his new Brawl buddy Diddy. With its 2 side platforms that can help save you
Posted 3/4/08

With its several platforms on the buildings, and the danger of cars hitting you, no wonder it was brought back
Posted 3/4/08

The giant ship makes its comeback in Brawl, battle on the massive ship and dodge other ships that might want to blast you off
Posted 3/4/08
Rainbow Cruise

The one Melee stage im surprised they brought back. The Great Sea is based off this Melee stage, so i wonder why they brought this back!

This stage is a lot of fun for those people who like moving a lot, after your ship crashes you must keep moving along the wierd platforms in the sky
Posted 3/4/08
Green Greens
<----- I know its the Melee pic, im looking for the new Brawl pic

You cant have Kirby's pink without the green!

This stage comes with a nice long main platform, and 2 smaller ones. With blocks blocking the way to the other side, with the occasional bomb blocks there. The tree of Green Greens will start blowing wind in a direction blowing everything that way
Posted 3/4/08
Big Blue

The fast scrolling stage from Melee is back, with you starting on the big blue ship and then surviving on the smaller ships. This place is a lot of fun to move around on.

Start up your engines!
Posted 3/4/08

The other Melee stage im surprised they brought back, since Norfair is like this one exactly

Just like in Melee, they have the 3 platforms, 2 of them you can destroy the connection to. With the lava at the bottom, that might save you from being KO-ed but it does a lot of damage
Posted 3/4/08
Pokemon Stadium

Im as in shock as the rest of you, even though there is Pokemon Stadium 2, they still brought this back, i guess a lot of people like the original changes of this place

Like in Melee, it changes from Water, to Rock, to Grass and Fire
Posted 3/4/08
All right there you go, all 41 stages in Brawl

When they get the pics of the other places, i will edit them into this
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Posted 5/6/08

Moonlight15 wrote:


A retro stage based off the first Mario & DK game, called 75 meters. With its any platforms and moving elevators its a pretty interesting place. But watch out for the little pixel guys walking on the stage, they can be deadly. The mostly deadly of them is pixel DK himself, if he attacks you, and you have more then 20% damage, there is almost a guerentee KO in your future. This guy means buisness, someone to stay away from, but it will be nice to throw an enemy that direction

Watch for these

Pixel DK means buisness!

how do i earn this lvl plz tell me!
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