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Posted 3/3/08
HiHi ! Fortunatly for me , this group has rise up to 23 members. Maybe that's low for some of you but hey yo , its about time. Of course, as i wrote. We need "leaders" So that we know which horoscope you are. You can tell us what is your loves and your likes and i;ll post it up . Notice: Limited to 16 people only. First come first serve basis. This might be lame and everything but .. This isn't going to be just a group. Write your hates and likes , Your wishes and so in this topic ! Ciao~
Posted 3/21/08
Well.. That's not low for me...
I love comics, novels movies and tv series. So you can say I love stories.
I hate bavarian (Is it the correct spelling) donuts, flowers, imported chocolates, and friends who don't care much.
That's all I can think of.
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24 / F / behind your door...
Posted 4/5/08
I'm taurean and I like anime (preferably Bleach and Chobits), drawing, religion, novels...^_^
I hate...uhmmm...(nothing's coming in my mind...)

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