Nakajima Yuuto 100Q Answered!
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Posted 3/4/08 , edited 3/4/08
Nakajima Yuto

What do you call your mother by? … Mom (embarrassed). I’m embarrassed!
Charm point: Mole under my left eye.
One word to describe your personality: Annoying/Loud.
Dominant hand, dominant foot: Right. But lately I’m trying to prepare myself if I ever break my left hand so I’m practicing using my left hand to use chopsticks.
Eyesight: both 2.0
Weakness: I get teary eyes when someone touches my nose hard.
Your little pride: I can play the drums!
Health problem: My left breastbone sticks out.
Type of underwear: Boxer briefs
Sleeping clothes: Pajamas. Of course I tuck in my shirt in my pants! In “nobuta wo produce” Akira who was played by Yamashita kun told me if I don’t my stomach will get cold. So does that mean Yamashita kun also tuck in his shirt?!
Sleeping pose: Like the symbol “dai” 大
How long do you bath? Normally 20 min. But yesterday I was tired so I was sleeping in the bathtub for 30 min. but my father got worried and came to wake me up.
Where do you wash first? Neck.
Best mimic impression: How Kamenashi kun talks.
Favorite place to shop: A shopping mall in my hometown.
What do you often buy at the convenience store? Chocolate
Most expensive thing you ever bought: a Guitar
Treasure: Sunglass I got from TOKIO’s Matsuoka kun, concert costume from Koki kun, and the necklace from Kamenashi kun.
What you can apologize now: I don’t have any because I apologize right away.
Favorite fashion item: sneakers.
Hair cut you want to try: Skinhead/bold
Hobby right now: Volley ball. Ever since I got to be special supporters for world cup volley ball. I really like watching the game.
Favorite phrase: Don’t give up!
Favorite song: MATCHY with QUESTION?’s “Mezamero! Yasei”. Right now I’m trying to copy the drums by listening to it, it’s fun!
Favorite movie: Star wars and spider man
Favorite manga: Naruto
Favorite ramen: Salt ramen
Favorite TV show: “Bakushou 100 pun terebi! Heisei families” (100 min of roar of laughter television! Heisei families.
Favorite food: Horse sashimi (Raw horse meat cut into thin slice), Liver sashimi (Raw liver cut into thin slice), and Offal (Entrails and internal organs of butchered animal)
Least favorite food: Shimeji. (native east asian mushroom)
Favorite emoticon: *smiley face* ^_^
Most afraid of: Zombies
Recently cried about: Last year’s summer when he had a Jr concert at Odaiba meridian. I almost cried during the last song.
Recently laughed about: When my mother was driving we went through a bumpy road. When the car was in the air for an second, my mother and I laughed about how it felt like a zettukyou machine. (ie: roller coasters, some ride with fast speed and
Recently happy about: Many of my friends bought the Hey! Say! JUMP CD.
Recently angered about: When we were taking photo shoots Morimoto made a pose but he moved too fast so I cautioned him not to move.
Recent dream: I dreamt about me losing my wallet and Yama chan helping me find it.
Recent JUMP moment: Last night, when I frolic.
Recent CAMP moment: When I was in grade 3 or 4 with my family. I haven’t gone lately because my mother is afraid of bugs.
Recently shampooed: Last night.
Favorite type of girl: Kind girl who I can depend on.
Favorite haircut for girls: Anything with black hair.
Favorite fashion for girls: Jeans or dress.
Favorite action by girls: When she puts her hair behind her ears.
Ideal date spot: Movie theater
Ideal kiss situation: What?! I don’t know anything about that! But, I want it where there is no people around. The other day I saw a couple kissing in the middle of the road in Shinjuku. Yama chan and I were shocked.
How would you confess to a girl?: Simply, I like you, so please go out with me.
Confession from a girl: Anything is fine but my heart will beat fast if she says it timidly.
What would you want to be called by your girlfriend? Yuto
Number of confession: Zero
What would you not want a girl to do?: Putting on her make me in the train.
Ideal gift for a girl: Necklace or bracelet.
A phrase from a girl that would make you happy: It’s not a phrase but when she smile/laugh at what I did I think to myself “yay!”
A phrase from a girl that would shock you: Ew!
Your girlfriend is late, how long would you wait? Till she comes.
When was your first love?: In first grade. The person was from the same class as me.
Proposal words: I’m going to make your every day happy so please marry me.
When would you want to get married? In between 26 to 30 years old.
How many kids do you want?: 3. In orders of girl, boy, boy. Females are tough so I want my first daughter to grow up right then I’ll let her settle down the little brothers.
Anything you want to say to your feature wife?: Please take care of me.
Name for your kids: I want to decide it when they are born. Actually, I name my kids when they get older so I can ask them what they want to be called.
What does you family call you? Yuto and elder brother from my little brother.
Memorable family vacation: My grandfather’s company’s foster home was in Aruizawa. I used go ski when I was in elementary school.
Favorite home cooked meal: My mother can make me anything so, I don’t have that certain something. Everything is delicious.
What was your breakfast today?: Rice & tofu and seaweed miso soup.
First ever memory that you remember: When I was a baby I remember taking a picture in the house while my father was holding me.
Child hood dream: Rescuer. I admire the job where you risk your life to help others.
A serious injury you ever experienced: When I was in grade school, a plastic bottle that my friend threw hit my head and got a cut above my left eyebrow. I didn’t feel any pain at all but I freaked out when I saw the blood coming down.
Lessons you took as a kid: soccer, Karate, and English.
Favorite place at school: Class room porch. Because the sunlight beams down and it’s warm.
Favorite school lunch: Fried soybean floured bread, Yakisoba (fried noodle), Fruit punch, sweetned boiled fish sweet potatoes
Least favorite school lunch: Nothing really.
Favorite school curriculum: Physical education, national language (Japanese), science.
Least favorite school curriculum: Math
Favorite field day activity: Kibasen (Pyramid with three person, the person at the top try to take the opponent’s hat who are also in three person pyramid) and Kumitaisou (group gymanstic exercise. ie pyramid.)
Least favorite filed day activity: None, I love all of the activities!
Committees involved in: In grade school I was in charge of creatures. I took care of Japanese killifishes and some plants. But now I’m in chairman ship of student life.
How do you spend your break time? Facing my back towards the porch .
The longest phone conversation: I never have long phone conversation. The longest would be 2 min.
How many times to you mail in one day? There are times when I only 1 or times I get 13. In an average I get 5 to 6.
How many numbers are in your cell phone? 122
Place you want to visit: I want to go to Hawaii once more! Long time ago I went as a work but I want to go there again as a vacation.
Most respectful person: The person I can respect the most would be my office senior, so it would be Takizawa kun. He have a cool smile and great acting. I respect everything about him.
Person you want to see the most: Johnny Depp and Daniel Radcliff.
Most desired thing right now: Electric drum. I want one to practice at home but the ones I use at concerts are too big.
Most respectful senior: Takizawa kun!
If you were to become the prime minister of Japan: Make train charges and taxi charge half the price it is right now.
What would you do if you become a girl? Put on make up. I do when I’m doing photo shoot . I’ve never done mascaras so I have some interests in them.
You won $3 billion, what would you do? Give $1 billion each to my parents. With the left over 1 billion I’m going to buy something my little brother want and drums. With the left over money I would like to save it.
What would you want to be if you were reborn? I want to become a lovely, charming existence like tree sparrow.
Your house is on fire, what would you grab out? Cell phone and wallet.
The last day of earth, what would you do? Find my true love. I want to love for once before I die.
Who do you want from HSJ to be your boyfriend? Yama chan (Yamada)
Who do you want from HSJ to be your son? Keito. Because he’s so calm, I don’t think he’ll be a hassle raising.
Who do you want from HSJ to be your older or little brother? Both Chi (Chinen). He’d be cute if he was my little brother and I want to know how it would feel like if I had him for an elder person.
What do you want to say to the members? Let’s aim at our dreams kindly and happily!.
What do you want to say to yourself in 10 years? Don’t waste your life!
HSJ’s number one goal: Big star!
Tell me if there is any mistakes ^_^ There are some typos but i hope you get the point.
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Interesting read . Erm , shouldn`t this be in the music section ... ?
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