If I can't go abroad Japan,, I should find another way.
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Posted 3/4/08 , edited 3/4/08
I live far away from Japan. But I can't resist it that i really really want to talk to him. If i can't go to japan and meet him face-to-face,, then i thought that he might have an e-mail address or any account on the internet. So that, i could send e-mail to him.. does anyone know his email address or does he have any messanger?? like MSN or Yahoo messanger???
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Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/5/08
i think things like that are not supposed to be posted in puplic such as e-mail, cell nr ect..the only one who knows it are probably family and close friends of his. but something u can do is to send him a fan letter to the "family club"( i do that ALL the time..)..he´s not going to answer it coz he´s not allowed to so no need to write your e-mail,address and so on.
i´m sorry if this sound harsh but it´s the truth...i also REALLY REALLY wanna have some kind of personal contact with him but it´s not possible >__< the only chance to be his friend is probably to go to the same school as him...and that´s not going to happen to any of us i guess ^^;
Posted 3/6/08 , edited 3/7/08
yeaa, like rainiestar said, it's pretty much impossible to meet him face to face!
and it's not like you can anyway, it's harsh, but it's reality, now face it.

closing this.
-kattunlove, mod
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