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Posted 3/4/08 , edited 3/4/08
This was thanks to our mod: lonehunter88
Doumo arigatou!

There finally, it's that time of month when I upload the super-duper pics of this group! This time the response was overwhelming! Thanks sooo much!
You guys so rule!


Uploaded by mikaakira!!! Thanks a lot!
whoruagain's comment: I really love this picture!! This is the only picture of it's kind! A solo of Saya! I like Saya a lot in this one! She looks so pretty and feminine! I just love this picture! Arigato for uploading this! You rule! ^___^

methuselah's comment: OMG! I love this pic! Saya is so pretty in this pic! I'd give it a 4 billion and 3 out of 10 if i could. ^ ^ Thanks mikkakira for uploading this pic!

lonehunter88's comment: Great Picture! Saya looks so pretty and innocent! Love the lilies too! ^^ Thanks for the hard work! Otsukaresama deshita!

This totally awesome picture was uploaded by CrashAriMP5N2O
whoruagain's comment: This picture just rules! And I know that he went through a lot of trouble to get a solo of Saya, so thank you! I love Saya in this picture, she looks so happy and the background in so peaceful! Wow! Thanks a lot for uploading it! ^_^

methuselah's comment: This pic rules! It's so beautiful! Saya looks so peaceful and cheerful! Kawaii! I love this pic! Thank you, CrashAriMP5N2O for uploading this awesome pic! We love you!^ ^

lonehunter88's comment: This has to be the best picture I've seen of Saya! Wow, the scenery and background! Saya looks so beautiful and gracious! Thanks for the upload!

This one was uploaded by kdizzil187
whoruagain's comment: This is one of my all time fav pics! Really! It's just so beautiful! THe artwork is amazing and it is complelely fantastic! Thank you sooooo much kdizzil187. You totally and completely rule! ^___^

methuselah's comment: I love it! It's so bloody and cool! This picture completely matches Saya. This looks like hand drawned, which makes it so nice! Thank a lot for uploading this pic. This is one of the best pics

lonehunter88's comment: This is one cool picture! The background colours make Saya look beautiful in her combat stance ^^ Thank you Thank you very much

Okay this picture was uploaded by a bunch of people and it is a super picture of Saya and Haji and even though there is a similar picture already up...this one totally deserves to be up here too!
This was uploaded by: CrashAriMP5N2O, Moonlight_Wolf, akabane_kuroudo, reevaxsan...Thanks you guys!
whoruagain's comment: This picture is so sweet! I love the way she and Haji look in this one! It's totally cute! THanks a lot!

methuselah's comment:

lonehunter88's comment: This is another nice scenery picture.. Hagi and Saya look so serene and at peace.. Just beautiful! Thank you!

This was also uploaded by kdizzil187!
whoruagain's comment: Okay this picture was chosen because it is just SO ROMANTIC! Gosh, I smile everytime I look at it! I love the way Haji is so protective of Saya! And well I love Haji (hehe)! So thanks a lot for this lovely picture!

methuselah's comment:

lonehunter88's comment: Wow picture! I'm surprised Saya isn't blushing though.. hehe.. Hagi looks great against the cool background! Minna Otsukaresama deshita!

Guys the response this time was amazing! Thank you so much for all being active members! There were a lot of other pictures I wanted to choose but since the limit is migh just see some more of your pictures up in March! And before I forget for March the #1 picture will be the best picture of HAJI!!! Woohoo! And I will not choose just any picture! So get searching for a good one!
That's all for now!

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