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Character Storys


IM Kona-Chan... im from Konoha born as a part of the Aburame clan (Shino is my cousin ^_^)

when i was a child, i was playing when i got lost and accidentally went to the Uchiha clan's place.

I saw this girl and she gave me her sharingan eyes before she passed away.
before she did, she told me to use the sharingan for good and help sasuke avenge their clan.

Thats why i joined ANBU.. to find Itachi Uchiha and help Sasuke-kun avenge his clan.

I also learned to control puppets as i was trained by Kankuro and i perfected the chidori with the help of Kakashi-kun ^_^

I often dress like Konan from Akatsuki to spy on Itachi Uchiha, which made some believe that me and Konan are the same person.

Honor is the one thing i would never give up ^_^


My name is for now hidden but everyone calls me Serg......

I was in the anbu since I was a kid I went up the rank a lot faster then normal ninja's.
I had the Sharingan Bloodlimit since a while but I'll till you that story latr....

I am now the Sergeant for my abilities and outstanding Leadership thats wat the Hokage of the village said to me..... Shikamaru's Father Tought me the shadow possession justsu way..... since we are anbu that Hide and protect the village might as well learn this move... I'm mostly a taijustsu Hand to hand combat person and I also kno the drunken Style but seriously if you find and I'm drunk you might want to run away as fast as you can.

Once in the east side of the village a boar came running at me when I was drunk and I flicked it with a finger to the other side of the forest near the mountains ..... and trust my thats far and the boar only got there in 3 seconds even I don't kno my own power...

I dont remeber my parent's faces and my village (so I also didn't know that I was a Rinnegan bearer).All I remeber was that I was adopted when I was 4 years old. The person who adopted me was very kind but her family didn't like the idea of a unknown girl joining their clan so they treated me coldly. Being the descendant of Rokudou Sennin(which nobody knew), I was one of those rare prodigy. but this fact only made them hate me more, because I did better than the clan's children. I graduated from the Academy at age 7 and this was also when my Rinnegan activated. I was amazed by endless possibility of the Rinnegan, but kept the Rinnegan a secret in fear that they might try to use me for their gains. But when The cold treatment was also given to my benefactor I decided to run away. I ran away when I turned 8. I became chuunin at 10 and became Jounin at 13 but soon joined the ANBU at age 14 and so time flew and here I am^^

I know that most shinobi becomes anbu first before they take the Jounin exam, but I wanted to be different so I took the jounin exam first cause I know that after I joined the ANBU i would never leave it


Well, my name is Sam.
I come from a small village, in a unlocated mountain region.

I lived with my Brother and my Uncle. I used to train with my brother under my uncle, and learn many different styles. I used to study alot, using books and scrolls my uncle would bring back from a neighbouring town. Which helped me advance myself a bit for my age, as they were old but knowledgeable books.

I used to help out with gathering food, and keeping an eye out, which was also training, although I didn't know it at the time.

One day, the weather was a bit abnormal. The wind was strong, and it started to rain heavy. I didn't take much notice though.

I asked my uncle if me and my brother could go to the town to have a look around, since I got some money for helping out. He said, ok but be careful. He had a strange look in his eye, but I didn't think nothing of it.

So off me and my brother went. We arrived at town, and had a look around, I saw a couple of strange looking people, but didn't think nothing of it as I hadn't been to town before. On our way back, I could see smoke, and flashes of light.

I was only 8 at the time. I asked my brother " Onii-chan, what is that? ", he just stood there, with a shocked look on his face. I started to get worried.

He started to run towards the smoke, and I realised it was where our house was in the mountains. My brother turned round and said " Hurry! ", I started to run faster, we arrived at our house, it was on fire, but there was strange lightning bolts near it.

We realised it was those 2 strange looking people from town, we hid and watched, then we saw our uncle being beaten by these two guys. I was about to scream as my brother coverd my mouth.

After they left, the lightning stopped, and the fire died down a bit due to the heavy rain. We ran over, but it was too late, our uncle had died. We couldn't wait around long incase the guys returned, it seemed as if they were looking for something. We gatherd what we could, and headed off towards Konoha to seek refuge.

We made it about 2/3's of the way, when we noticed we were being followed, it was one of those guys! My brother held him off and told me to go on ahead while I had the chance, so I ran hoping my brother was going to be alright.

I arrived at konoha, and collapsed from exhaustion, and was picked up by a konoha guard and taken to the hospital. When I awoke, I noticed a few medical ninja's doing some strange techniques on me. After I was released, I overheard a conversation, it was about someone who had died a little ways from the village.

I realised it was my brother. I dropped to the floor, as I couldn't believe what I had heard. I went to the forest to take a look, and couldn't see nothing, and started taking out my anger on my surroundings. When suddenly a passing Anbu member came and had a look.

He asked me my name, and took me to the Anbu base, when we arrived I had to do a few tests, and after I asked them what this was all about. They told me I had exceptional abilities, that was when I found out about my Byuakugan.

So from there on, I went under vigerous training, and became an Anbu member within the following year. They gave me the codename " Blazer, or Blaze for short ".

I later found out after doing some intell gathering missions, that it was the akatsuki which had attacked my brother and my house. I decided to build myself and one day would avenge my dead brother and uncle.

when I was a child I lived with my family,, never knew that I had bloodline or something that refer to ninja...
but suddenly a war begin at my village..
my whole family were killed there..
and there're many ninjas attacked me,, when I saw my body full of blood...
I have strange feeling,, my heart was beating very hard then something bad happened to those ninjas,,,
when I was getting back my consiusness I saw those ninjas were dead..
then I realized that I was different from the other children...

so I begin to practiced my bloodline power and the other tech,,
then I became a ninja...

I continued my life,, lonely,, and full of sadness..
I always search peace but never found it....
but now I want to forget my sorrow.. trying life with full spirit..

When i was five orochimaru attacked my village. The sound ninjas and orochimaru gave no mercy, everyone was killed...Except for me, I was alone for almost two years. Then i made friends with a kid from the uchiha clan, we ended up being on the same team when we were genin. On one mission my closest friend from the uchiha clan got killed. Befroe he died he gave his sharingan to me. And then once again i was alone, i had no one

I was reccommended to joined Anbu when i was twelve. Ever since i have joined i have been waiting for the mission that had anything to do with the men that killed my first and closest friend, and a mission that had to do with capturing or killing orochimaru so i can avenge my village.

Name: Aburame Sanji

the real thing (LOL)
cousins: shino
Kona-San (animefigures)LOL peace bro..

i'm actually one of the few ANBUs of the clan
same with that of Kona-sama
but we do not actually know each other that much because guess we were
trained privately cuz of of course, extraordinary talent!!!

my private trainers were the Third hokage and my uncle (Shino's Dad)
it should have been jiraiya but his toads keeps eating my bugs whenever he summons them (LOL)

I am still vying to be an ANBU and i want to become one for several reasons
first: the third hokage advised me o become an ANBU to protect my identity
(because one of my bugs is evolving as a JInchuuriki) haha!!

i'm still working on my outfit guy
its hard to look like an anbu when you are an aburihime
because our trademark is our jackets...

though i'm still a newbie and still vying as an ANBU I'll work hard to be promoted to a rank


hi im DMX i was trained by uchiha madara in the art of from the rinnegan clan mine was the second most powerful in the village.i was given the curse mark by orochimaru but now i can control its power.i was taught the dragon flame jutsu by sasuke and the lightning blade by kakashi also the rasengan from the 4th hokage and demon controling powers from the 1st hokage.As i was 8 i became a rouge ninja and was a bounty hunter when i was 12 i came to the leaf village after that i wanted to quickly rise threw the ranks to become a assasonation anbu.I have this thirst for blood.I've killed many people through my journey.I was nicknamed silentxdeath because i will cause enemies to have a silent death.I know the drunken fist so never give me sake.I like blood shed blood match don't be around me when i snap.That's when my inner demon comes out and goes on a killing rampage.

While training a storm was approaching but I continued with my training.All of a sudden i was struck by lightning then realised that I could control the lightning and wind I stopped the storm heavy winds. I met my friend at the training grounds for sparring we fought at our toughest level of taijutsu soon realised that he started coughing up blood I knew I was to strong for him and he gave in.He vowed to beat me in everything.Out of no where itachi attacks him on his way home I saw him. With the little bit of srtength he had left he gave me his clan's forbidden scroll and his last words were kill that guy for my revenge. I'm going to wipe out itachi and sasuke. If u try to stop me, " I will personaly send u to hell ". I was convicted as my friends murderer I was sent to prison for 1 yr. I found hidan doing his rituals I attacked him but he kept coming back so i ran away.I will send the akatsuki to hell starting with itachi then hidan. I was trained by Kimimmaro he helped unlock my second bloodline ability from the Kaguya clan. Then all of a sudden I had a flash back, I was with my mother she was apart of the Kaguya and father had the rinnegan,. I was able to unlock curse mark level 2 when combined with my demon side a evil aura arises from me and i become Darkness!!!!!!
I just woke i decided that i would train in extreme heat. So i went to a nearby volcano to train. I trained at the top of the volcano i practiced all my abilities. I stopped trianing to rest and looked in to the volcano then i was pushed in by kidomaru and sasuke. I saw them after they pushed me they tied my hands and feet up then I landed in the lava.They thought I died but i was able survive by awankening my inner demon. After that i wanted to kill both of them:fury:.I climbed back up went home for a relaxing bath. I went to the hokage if there were any missions.She said there is one mission but i needed three more people. So got my friends Patrick, Kai, and Ryan. We went on the mission to find this ninja named Keith he was a assasin he was the most wanted criminal since me. We found him in the woods with his gang called the assasins. I was the leader of the mission and i told them to wait for my signal to commence the plan. But Ryan got impatient and started the attack he was wounded and had to withdraw.I covered for him while he was going back I told them to go back to the village. I slaughtered his whole group and caught Keith, then took him back to the village b ut then he had slipped poison in me and only he had the antidote but i didn't let him go i took him to the hokage then when i got home i collasped. Now i go to hell then up to heavan and they both grant me a new life i have the same powers except i had holy and darkness powers they have great effect on my enemies. I have more power than before so watch your back or if u make me mad ur dead. So i went back to Keith the hokage got all the info she needed now i can torture him. I tortured him by attacking with both holy and darkness and i killed him. The hokage was not mad but glad i killed him.That made me wonder but i said naw forget it.

Hi,I'm Imani.
My life's complicated since I was alone in the beginning.I spent my life going from one clan to another,searching for anyone who knew me or my past.I was devastated to find no one who knew.I was tortured by those who took me for a toy and labeled me as one of the untouchables as though I was a some kind of illness passing by waiting to kill all who were passing.And that's what I became.Doing dirty work to earn pay,Killing,Taking children from they're crying mothers then slaying them infront of the mother and leaving her helpless across the floor,Running into the night thinking those people deserved it.Only to find myself alone again and with a bad reputation.I cried myself to sleep and thought to myself that All of this was just a dream and would be over one I opened my eyes,but it wasn't and I was stained with darkness and dressed myself with the question of who am I................................

I wore a bag of wieghts on my back filled with all the hopes,dreams,suffering,and last requests of those who were my subjects.My last resort was the impossible.There were to many to choose from.I tried so hard to think nothing of myself and those around me.I gave up on the quest to know who I was and started on a mission of who I would become.I had a bloody and sick background so no one wanted me around and the people from before who had ordered me o kill now feared me as a monster. I spent days roaming in the forest trying to will my exsistence to become something.I devoted my time to building up my strength and speed.My body became numb to where.A snake could bite me and I would shrug it off.Years passed and my name became TA-NA-E-KA,Which is a tradition for young children to go out when they're 11 into the woods to fend for themselves with only clothes on there backs and many didn't come back.They looked at me with awe for I had survived as a child for so long and had to kill by the age six.I had come so far into this world.So I lived with these people for 6 more years until I was taken off guard and drugged.My body was still not strong enough for this new kind of pioson,so I thought I was gonna die.The people who did it were relatives of many of those who I'd killed and wanted revenge.I plead to them saying"I've changed,I've changed.........."They took me far away from the village I had started a new life in and threw me off a cliff tied to a tree so I would sink into the river,but they were dumb and the log rotated slowly so I was able to get air.I woke up not tied but sitting in front of a strange masked woman.She spoke once and I couldn't understand.She spoke again and I was able to follow"If it isn't Imani daughter of the cheif.We thought se was dead"I almost kicked her at the news.She later told me the clan had been destroyed and that they were anbu so I asked to join..............................I found in the end it didn't even matter who I was but who I am and that's why I'm here today

Okay my name is Reina and i was born in the village of the mist. I was born to a family of ordinary ninjas nothing was special about them. But i was different i was born with special abilities and my parents fear this. So everyday i would come home from school waiting to be beatened by them because they already viewed me as a monster. So everyday i feared coming home cuz i knew what was waiting for me...i knew the terror that was there... so i hanged out with a bunch of people who i viewed were good influences to me. They too were like me thrown out of society for what they were....different. Then one day i snapped i couldn't take it anymore i killed my parents...and it felt thrilling, that i thirsted for more. I killed everyone that i viewed as my enemies and enjoyed it so much! I couldn't stop it was like my addiction. But i knew i was doing this cuz i was sad that no one wanted me. Out there i was hoping to find someone who knew or felt the pain i was in...When i was 8 years old Ouka found me laying there on the road wasted. She knew i was waiting for death to fall upon me because my sadness was so deep and scarred. She walked up to me and put out her hand waiting for me to grab. I was thinking what does this crazy woman want? I slapped her hands out of my sight but she of course refused to give up. I knew this was never going to end so i took her hand and she took me with her to places i would have never dreamed of. I was happy but i still feared my power so Ouka took me with her to go training with her. I was so afraid i was going to kill her with my strange abilties but surprisingly i lost. She told me that it would be better to reveal ur feelings then to keep them within. So i opened myself a little to her and told her my story...she was silent for a moment then out of no where she burst out laughing! She told me i was just like her but my life was so much better then hers. Ever since she told me that i felt a little bit happier about myself and so i joined the Anbu base when i turned 13, now instead of thinking about my dark past i look for a better and bright future within the Anbu!

I was never really the favorite in my family. I was beaten and yelled at and sent out into town to steal food and money for my family. I was never appreciated or loved, never looked at kindly or ever had a friend, but i didnt mind, i guess in reality it help me get through the day my village was attacked and family killed. I came into town, the town i grew up in and the only reason i woke up in the morning. The streets were clean and the trees were always full of leaves, even through the harshest of winters, and during spring the fruits were ripe and juicy. I came to the town from the woods where i would go and think, and everything was on fire, bbodies littered the paths, the streets that were always clean were now covered in blood, the trees which i admired for there ability to withstand nature were aflame. Screaming reached my ears from all over, and i saw people jumping from rooftop to rooftop. I didnt know what was happening or why, all i knew was that a man was walking towards me from the end of the street. His eyes met mine, and i saw myself dieing, i couldn't move, all i could do was watch him come towards me while pictures of my death flashed through my head. Suddenly i could move and i saw the man on the floor dead, a man with a mask on his face standing over him, the man looked at me, raised his hand and i passed out...


Nine Tails (Kyuubi),
Kyuubi no Youko
(Nine-Tailed Demon Fox)

Jinchuuriki: Uzumaki Naruto
Tale in the Legend of the Tailed Beasts: This is a bijuu in the shape of a nine-tailed fox, and the strongest of them all. The reason he is so powerful is simple: Kyuubi has an unlimited amount of power, earning it the “King of Bijuu” title. The power is generated by Kyuubi’s Fire Seal, and as a result, after battling for 100 years with Yamata no Orochi, it becomes exhausted; but Kyuubi continues standing, able to fight. It is also pretty cunning and smart.
Situation in the Ancient War of the 9 Gods: Battled 4 times; All of them victories
Wins: Nekomata, Houkou, Raijuu, Yamata no Orochi
Fate: In unclear whereabouts, Kyuubi continues to kill all the people on his way to find the one who awakened him, and the one who managed to seal him before. (That being Yondaime, probably) Yamata no Orochi didn’t tell Kyuubi, though, that the one who awakened him was the Eight Tails himself.
Japanese Myth Appearance: Kyuubi no Youko is the strongest (S Level) Bijuu of the Japanese Myth. Its body has a red fur; Kyuubi represents the element of Fire. Its abilities are incredible. Because it has never been defeated by any youkai, its total strength is unable to estimate. His tails create cyclones by spinning quickly, and Kyuubi proceeds to rip its enemies with its huge claws. At the same time his fur may shoot fireballs similar to meteorites endlessly, instantly destroying villages. In the ancient Bijuu wars, a challenge results in Houkou being severely wounded, and Nekomata nearly dying, but ending up being rescued by his master, Shinigami (God of Death). Yamata no Orochi depended on the Kusanagi no Tsurugi to fight Kyuubi, but was defeated and the sword received a cracked hole, courtesy of our kitsune.

Ability: Fire element attacks, Flaming claws, and other things depicted above
Bijuu Strength Ranking: 1st
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 1st
Symbolic Element: Fire (God of Fire)
Origin / Discovered in: Hidden Altar of Gods in Kobe
Personal Notes: Interesting how he searches for the one who sealed him. Also, it would be nice if Oro was the cause of Kyuubi’s awakening – the reason Kyuubi attacked the village may very well be because it’s the place he was last seen.
More info about Kyuubi: The Kyuubi is an intelligent demon that is capable of speech and has a scathing, sadistic personality. However he has also a sense of fairness and sarcastic honour, as he sometimes helps Naruto when he is in a difficult situation. This could be for purely selfish reasons, however, for it is speculated that if Naruto dies, then the Kyuubi will die with him. It seems likely that the Kyubi has some concept of a loathing respect for Naruto and even more so for the Fourth Hokage.

Like the tanuki (racoon), the fox has long been considered an animal possessing supernatural powers, but the fox is less amusing than fearsome. stone foxes are often found at the entrance to shrines venetrating Inari, the guardian god of cereal crops. in the medieval times, the white fox was believed to be sacred, and it came to be regarded as god's messenger.

Naruto grew up lonely and many of the villagers treated him cruelly just because of this. Naruto, however, does find out about this extra chakra during the fight with Zabuza and Haku, when Haku "kills" Sasuke. The chakara of the Demon Fox seeps out of Naruto easily overpowering Haku. Later, Naruto tries to tap into these vast resources with the help of Jiraiya.

Naruto does see Kyuubi in a dream-type thing and tells his that in exchange for staying in his body, the demon fox must give Naruto his chakara. However, Kyuubi laughs at the idea that Naruto has the guts to threaten him. Though the demon fox does agree, because if Naruto dies, he dies. Whenever Naruto experiences extreme amounts of emotion, the nine tail fox demon's chakara is released.

Kyuubi is one of the tailed demons of the ancient world. With each swipe of its tail forests could be leveled. When Kyuubi attacked Konoha, Yondaime Hokage gave his life so it could be stopped and imprisoned within the young baby Uzumaki Naruto.

The power of the Kyuubi has affected Naruto in several ways physically. When Naruto's body becomes injured, the power of the Kyuubi will leak out and heal Naruto's body at a very quick pace. Also, when Naruto experiences emotional experiences the chakra and power of the Kyuubi begins to leak out and turn Naruto into a more feral individual. At first he had little control over the ability to draw on the Kyuubi's chakra, but the Sannin Jiraiya taught Naruto how to reach deep inside himself and convince the Kyuubi to give him extra chakra when needed. This large amount of additional chakra allows Naruto to perform Kage Bunshin on a very large scale and also summon the Toad Boss Gamabunta. Kyuubi remains a reluctant prisoner within Naruto, stubbornly saving Naruto with his chakra only out of necessity to protect his own life.

The Akatsuki criminal organization has expressed interest in obtaining the Kyuubi from Naruto for their own diabolical ends, though they have yet to accomplish this goal. Demon imbued persons are called "jinchuuriki" by Akatsuki, literally "the power of human sacrifice". This seems to stem from a life being lost when the demon is imbued into the individual. For Naruto, Yondaime Hokage gave his life to imprison Kyuubi.

Yamata no Orochi
Eight-Tailed Snake

Areas Found: Dark World, Underground;Caves,ruins etc.....

Special Powers: Power of Darkness and Death

Situation in the Ancient War of the 9 Gods: Battled 5 times; 4 Wins, 1 Losses
Wins: Shukaku, Isonade, Kaku, Raijuu
Losses: Kyuubi
Bijuu Strength Ranking: 2nd
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking:2nd
Symbolic Element: Devil
Origin / Discovered in: An old battlefield in Osaka
Ability: The legendary sword: Kusanagi no Tsurugi; summoning of evil spirits

There is the story of the killing of the Eight-Headed Serpent by Susanoo. According to the legend, a local town had been living in fear of the Serpent, and the townspeople offered the sacrifice of a young girl each year to keep it appeased. Lord Susano heard about the town's dilemma, and became determined to slay the beast. He exterminated the serpent by serving it alcohol, and then cutting off its heads while it was intoxicated. Between the Kagura performances, this one is the most famous.

A super Snake of Eight heads and Eight tails, attached to a single body. Has a deep brown color. It definitely is the biggest bijuu - the lenghth of it is over eight mountains. Originally, it was weaker than Houkou and Nekomata; however, that was 1000 years before a brave warrior tried defeating it with the Kusanagi no Tsurugi. In the process, the sword’s power is absorbed instead by Yamata no Orochi, thus greatly expanding his power. He continues though to be able to use freely the sword in his belly.

Yamata no Orochi is a Snake bijuu. It has crimsom red eyes, eight heads and eight tails (also depicted to having trees and vines growing around them) and has the power of the Demon world, a symbol of evil. Each head of Yamata no Orochi represents a symbol: Soul, Ghost, Evil, Devil, Monstrous, Kill, The Afterworld and Death.
Its powers were originally weak, the members of the Kusanagi clan, when attacking it, acted carelessly, using the legendary sword Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Oro’s sword). Because of that, as a consequence, Yamata no Orochi takes the sword from them, absorbing the power contained inside, and becoming an incredibly powerful creature, and finally storing it in its body.
With the new power, Yamata no Orochi releases an insane amount of dark energy, awakening the other Bijuu and becoming arrogant. Yamata no Orochi proceeds to defeat many of the Bijuu, but when it battles with Kyuubi, it is defeated. The cause of this is simple: Kyuubi has an unlimited amount of power, making even a hole in the Kusanagi sword. As this happens, it shows how tremendously powerful Kyuubi is, deserving of the “King of Bijuu” title. Not even Sarutobi and Enma (I’m not sure how those two are into the legend) could scratch the Kusanagi no Tsurugi. (That makes connections to the Oro x Sandaime battle)
Legend also depicted it as having a power able to rival Kyuubi’s [in quality], but the fact is, Yamata no Orochi’s does have a limit.

Yamata no Orochi awaits a genius of the Yagami clan, which is the arch enemy of the Kusanagi clan. The purpose is to awake it [Yamata no Orochi], in order to fight Kyuubi again.
Since Yamata no Orochi’s power inherits in the Yagami Clan, If the heir appears as the first genius in 1000 years that is able to awake Yamata no Orochi’s ability, it will be completely restored. Once the process is done, the genius with such crucial task will be destroyed due to the true body of Yamata no Orochi resurfacing, which has an all-new power. It won’t be found before the decisive battle with Kyuubi, and will be able to kill no matter of thing, destroy any type of place, and attain infinite vision (as Kyuubi has). The core of Yamata no Orochi’s power is in a kind of forbidden sealing jutsu. As soon as the Yagami clan heir comprehends enough of it, a bigger, much stronger power will surface in the grasp of Yamata no Orochi.

Tale in the Legend of the Tailed Beasts: Raijuu, a bijuu in the form of weasel, has four legs and very sharp claws. Its cry sounds like thunder. It was originally the god of Thunder, but because of Yamata no Orochi’s power, it was transformed into a beast. Raijuu can release a huge amount of eletricity for battle assistance.
Situation in the Ancient War of the 9 Gods: Battled 5 times; 2 Wins, 3 Losses
Wins: Shukaku, Sokou
Losses: Houkou, Yamata no Orochi, Kyuubi
Fate: A ninja called Sarutobi , in the legend, effectively eliminated Raijuu by using the technique “Kinjutsu: Raikiri”. What actually happens is that the technique counters the lightning released by Raijuu by cutting it, making the beast receive its own attack, and become severely wounded. He then is sealed by Sarutobi with the “Tool of Power: Hidden Thunder Prison” into the seal in the Thunder Shrine.
Japanese Myth Appearance: A species of weasel with golden yellow fur. The whole body’s fur grows upright. Its six tails take a lightning shape, just like the ancient God of Thunder.
Ability: Fire caused by lightning, Lightning Thunder, Lightning bolts, Lightning elemental magic arts; Raijuu may also fly about as a ball of lightning / fire,Can move very fast,a great increase in agility,recovers from wounds very fast, it has claws that are very sharp, sharp teeth and can control electricity
Bijuu Strength Ranking: 5th
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 4th
Symbolic Element: Lightning (God of Lightning)
Origin / Discovered in: Underground the Thunder Shrine in a town in Kyoto
More info about Raijuu:
Raijuu is also depicted as the companion of Raiden, the Shinto god of lightning. While the demon is generally calm and harmless, during thunderstorms, it becomes agitated and leaps about in trees, fields, and even buildings
Another of its peculiar behaviors is sleeping in human navels. This prompts Raiden to shoot arrows at Raijuu to wake the creature up, thus harming the person in whose belly the demon is resting. Superstitious people therefore often sleep on their stomachs during bad weather. Other legends say that Raijuu will only hide in the navels of people who sleep outdoors.

Shichibi (Seven Tails), Kaku
(Also read MUJINA)
looks like a badger with seven tails.

Jinchuuriki:? not yet revealed

Kaku is a bijuu in the form of badger. Its Kanji is also read as Mujina, which is the name the Japanese subspecies of badger receives in some parts of Japan. It has seven tails, and is the smallest bijuu out of the nine; though it is the most cunning and stealthy. Kaku hunts its prey underground most of the time. It kills by crumbling/destroying the piece of land that is under its target, making it fall right into his open mouth. Above land, whenever he is around he can transform into any type of creature. . Kaku is very difficult to bump into.

He is a talented little creature. But also extremely cunning.
master of camouflage. The badger that lives in the ground. Very elusive.

Ability: Transformation, Clay, Earth elemental magic arts
Bijuu Strength Ranking: 7th
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 3rd
Symbolic Element: Earth (God of Earth)
Origin / Discovered in: Underground Sacrificial Altar in the Nagoya outskirts

Situation in the Ancient War of the 9 Gods: Battled 4 times; 1 Win, 3 Flees
Wins: Sokou
Escapes: Nekomata, Isonade, Yamata no Orochi
Fate: Kakus storehouse of clay in a hole is found, and is burned by warriors. Kaku is unable to transform, and is defeated by the brave warrior Ikkyo Soujin, who proceeds to seal it with the Tool of Power: Remnant Earth Altar into the seal in the Earth Shrine.

More info about Kaku: Mujina (貉) is an old Japanese term for a badger. In Japanese folklore, these animals were avid shapeshifters, and one of the forms they were purported to take was that of a faceless ghost. This particular sort of monster is often referred to by English speakers as a mujina, but the Japanese know them as nopperabou.

Gobi no Houkou, takes the form of a dog in Japanese mythology. This demon has not featured in the Naruto series as of yet.

Houkou is a bijuu which looks like a five-tailed dog. Each tail of this creature represents one elemental power: Wind, Water, Earth, Lightning and Fire. They can cause catastrophic damage when used. Houkou will willingly destroy the nature to obtain the power he desires from these elements. He was once badly injured when he and Nekomata challenged Kyuubi. Strangely enough, he is the god of Illusion. Houkou lives in a giant, ancient tree.

Fate: After receiving a severe wound, Houkou runs away to one of Japan's islands, and hides in a place near Kyushu’s Volcano - a giant tree, to heal his wound. But the tree's concrete position is not known by anyone.
Japanese Myth Appearance: A species of dog, with 5 long tails. Has a white coloured body. Each of the tails possess one of the five elemental powers, that used simultaneously can cause a big earthquake.
Ability: Attacking using mixture of elements; Houkou is skilled in each kind of element ability, and can also create instantaneously each kind of natural disaster.
Bijuu Strength Ranking: 3rd
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 5th
Symbolic Element: Illusion (Being the god of Illusions)
Origin / Discovered in: Near one of Kyushu’s volcanoes (Akase Lava Volcano, probably)

some peopl think it's Itachi's because him and the jinjuuriki are masters of illusion.

I'll add this to my previous report
since we are competing
I don' intend to give up the houkou
as an anbu I"ll succeed in this mission

then here it goes

Houkou was a canine spirit in traditional Japanese folklore, with 5 long tails and a white colored body. It lived inside a tree and was spiritually connected to it. Each of the tails possessed one of the five elemental powers, that used simultaneously could cause an earthquake. Houkou was also known for creating illusions to scare away trespassers or those who would harm its tree. Houkou is similar in many aspects to the Inugami, (translated as dog spirit, or dog god).


Beast Form: A huge white haired wolf with five tails each representing an element (from left to right: Water, Air, Thunder, Earth, Fire). His eyes are green and the kanji of Illusion rest in his forehead.

Human Form: A beautiful man with white hair and green eyes, this male is also tall (hovering 1.98m)


Chakra becomes white as the conjunction of all elemental chakras creates an bean of pure light. The powers of the beast change according to ranks. In all of them taijutsu is forbidden and Ninjutsu is restricted to the ones created by the elemental chakra of Houkou.

Ichi Tenshu: Chakra triplicates and the first two tails (Water and Fire) appear. The soothing charms of the Tsukigan are increased and you can combine water with fire to do Jouki jutsus (Steam) or Bi-elemental Jutsus.

Ni tenshu: Chakra increases nine times and the second pair of tails appear (Air and Earth) you can combine them to do additional jutsus as Mokuton (Water+Earth) Hyouton (Water+Air) Suna (Air+Earth) and Maguma (Earth+Fire). The soothing charms of the Tsukigan are further increased, and both speed and control of ones chakra increases dramatically, aditionally the voice of the user can be projected into victims heads driving them insane

San tenshu: Chakra increases 12 times and the last tail appears, the raikou Tail, all combinations are allowed and the soothing charms of Tsukigan are increased to huge times, speed and chakra control is near godly and one can play with another's mind.


Taijutsu masteries and raw strength diminish with each step of the form, becoming almost inexistent on the last form. Additionally the exposure to each of this steps causes much strain in the body and a person must stay in bed for rest for days even weeks to heal completely after using one of the steps for more than a established time

1 hour for Ichi Tenshu

30 mins for Ni Tenshu

10 mins for San Tenshu.

Four Tails : Sokou
Takes the form of the turtle
Tail in the legend of the tail beast: Sokou is a Bijuu that looks like a reptile. It was a creature that lived near Mount Fuji. Because of the toxic ash and the volcanic ash, he was transformed into a half-rooster, half-snake monster. The rooster and snake are husband and wife in Souko's body. Everything around it withers away or dies, because of it's poison. According to the Legend, whenever he hibernates in Mount Fuji, the snoring he causes will make the volcano erupt.
Situation in the Ancient War of the 9 Gods: Battled 4 times; 3 losses , 1 flee.
Losses: Shukaku, kaku, Houkou
Flees: Raijuu
Fate- Sokou was sealed by a master of the demonic arts, called Yamazaki Ishiro, with the "Tool of power: Netted Moon Cage" to the seal in the Mount Fuji's base. Sokou becomes unable to send out his poisonous gas from the mountain for all eternity.
Japanese Myth Appearance: A Four-Tailed rooster / snake mixture. The lower part of the body is a snake, while the upper part is a rooster. Crawls instead of walking ( just like a desert scorpion *cough* hiruko!! Sasori). Most of the body parts have an orange tone. Lives in the Mount Fuji.
Ability: Controls Poison, poisonous gas, venoms, and so on.
Pre-tailed chakra state: A purple chakra aura forms around the jinchuriki. He gets a bit more powerful, but it isn't that much more.
First tail-The Jinchuuriki starts shaping into a rooster-like creature. The Chakra aura becomes thicker and a tail appears. The Jinchuuriki has now a natural use for poison.
Second tail: The Purple shape is now much more alike Sokou's form. The influence of the Bijuu is started to be felt and the opponents have a hard time standing near the jinchuuriki due to the poisonous gasses that surround him
Third Tail: The chakra aura gets more solid and a third tail appears. Now, even the flesh of the jinchuuriki becomes unstable and starts to change a bit. The poison surrounding the jinchuuriki is even more powerful. He is also becomming unaware of what surrounds him, becoming extremely hostile to anyone.
Fourth Tail: The jinchuuriki has no control of himself. He fully looses his control and he's now half-snake and half-rooster. The body takes the true shape of Sokou with all of it's powers.
Bijuu strength ranking: 9th
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina ranking: 6th
Symbolic Element: Poison
Origin/Discovered in: Close to Tokyo, Mount Fuji
Personal notes- it reminds you of sasori
More in Sokou: If you remember, Sokou is the oriental counterpart of the folklore creature Cockatrice. Souko doesn't have wings like it, though.

Two Tails-Nekomata
Nibi No Nakamata-Two-Tailed Demon Cat
Host:None,Formerly Yugito Nii
Rank:Unknown (most likely Jounin)
Power-Fiery mouth blasts AKA Fire Breathing
Nekomata drawback are currently unknown right now...
Status:Currently captured by AKatsuki
Relationship with jinchuriki-Yugito was a kunoichi from the hidden cloud. LIke Gaara and Naruto,she was an active part of her village. She appeared in her twenties. She contained the two-tailed cat demon called an ikiryou, or "living ghost". She was defeated in battle by Hidan and Kazuku. Atkatsuki then removed within the Nibi in Yugito, thus killing her.
History and Myth-
In Myths the Nekomata ( forked-cat) is said to be an older cat that has had its tails split in two. Reportedly large in size, these cats are said to have the ability to manipulate the dead like puppets and have been associated with strange fires and occurences. This may be related to the Nibi's ikiryou nickname and fire breathing abilities...
Tail in the legend of the tailed beast- Nekomata is a bijuu in the form of a cat, and posses the power of death. This Bijuu lives in a place called "Forest of Death" in Hokkaido, to the north. His appearance is a black cat monster (depicted with huge,black angel wing). He's the Death God's pet. Nekomata feeds on the dead people's spirit, and can summon these to fight for him. He uses a third eye at the top of its head to consume the spirits.
Situation in the Ancient War of the 9 Gods- Trying to dominate his enemies, Nekomata formed an alliance with Houkou, and attack Kyuubi. They have a disasterous defeat, and Nekomata is rescued by the Death God, escaping death by a hair's breath. Battled 3 times; 2 wins, 1 loss.
Losses: Kyuubi
Fate:Nekomata ends up being killed by Kyuubi later, and in that instant his spirit is summoned by the Death God. The body was kept in a shrine in the Forest of Death, sealed by the Death God himself.
Japanese Myth appeareance: A species of two tails black cat, with slight more pointed ears and bigger canines.
Ability: Death; may control a deceased person's spirit ( May be related to Gaara) as well as the different dark beast.

Bijuu strength ranking: 4th
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina ranking: 8th
Symbolic Element: Darkness ( God of Darkness)
Origin/Discovered in: Hokkaido's "Forest of Devils" (different of Forest of Death)
Pre tailed chakra state- The jinchuriki begins to make more chakra. Her Chakra begins to flow better, and her eyes turn black. With this transformation, the jinchuriki gains a huge boost in ninjutsu attacks' and get's an enormous speed.
First tail: The jinchuriki gets a tail on her rear back letting him with pointed ears and slightly bigger canines. The user has now an unhuman speed and it's ninjutsus are stronger. The jinchuriki isn't mentally affected yet, although the bijuu starts to get an effect on how the jinchuriki feels.
Second tail: The jinchuriki loses control of herself. Nekomata completely possesses the jinchuriki's body which turns to Nekomata's body itself and can do what it want's on it's own. The black cat with the pointed ears and big canines appears also does the third eye on the top
More Info on Nekomata- it is said it can walk erected. The original Bijuu was a old cat,depicted as a fat, old lady's image also. People knew of it, and in fear of having their cats turned into monsters, they cut its tails to prevent the transformation when the time came - a bifurcation. By gesturing with its tail (and walking erect), Nekomata can animate and control the dead to do their bidding, or even dance for their amusement. Sometimes it eats its owner, then changes into a human appearance, waiting for the next opportunity. Nekomata eats the person it hates, but if the person is even more wicked, the crueler the cat becomes. When it sees the person, Nekomata won't differ the good and bad anymore, and injures the person as much as it can. There is also a good Nekomata in the legend, that turns into a young girls appearance to approach the society; with a very docile nature, likes eating fish, has a beautiful body, and like depending on others. Otherwise, the Nekomata's appearance becomes of an old woman, that displays bad habits in public and always has an air of dread around her; which around people for an extended period
can cause disease and pestilence.
Nekomata can also do other magic, but their most well-known and common power is that of animating the dead and manipulating them to whatever ends the particular Nekomata wishes. A Nekomata must be appeased by attention,food, and respect, and while many are fickle and turn their attention at moments notice, they do not tend to forget when they are insulted and by whom, holding grudges. To gain revenge, these Nekomata usually controlled the tormentors' dead relatives, haunting them until the Nekomata was appeased with food, apologies, and attention.
All it's jinchuriki's are females....

One Tailed (Shukaku),
(One-Tailed Demon Raccoon)

Jinchuuriki: Sabaku no Gaara (Extracted)
Tale in the Legend of the Tailed Beasts: Shukaku is a bijuu in the form of Raccon Dog (Tanuki of the Japanese mythology). Before, he was a priest that lived in the Desert of Nara. Because of the dark power released by Yamata no Orochi, and under the heavy assault of wind and sand, he transformed into a racoon dog (His actual form). He has a playful and extravagant personality, resembling the Tanuki nature. Has a pretty active sexual life. Shukaku lives in the souls of people killed by the wind and sand (This actually resembles the case of Gaara’s mother). The violet (blue in the anime) tatoos represent his title of God of Wind.

Situation in the Ancient War of the 9 Gods: Battled 5 times; 1 Win, 3 Losses, 1 Flee
Wins: Sokou
Losses: Raijuu, Nekomata, Isonade
Escapes: Yamata no Orochi
Ability: Sandstorms, has the control of Wind and Sand manipulation.
Bijuu Strength Ranking: 8th
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 9th
Symbolic Element: Wind (God of Wind)
Origin / Discovered in: Nara Desert
Personal Notes: Shukaku is represented as the reincarnation of a Sand Priest in the series (which would be the poor guy transformed by the Sand and Wind.)

Fate: Shukaku is defeated by a Nara Monk called Oraga Nakashimu with a type of magic art. Then, the monk proceeds to use the "Tool of Power: Antler
Teakettle" to seal it into the seal in the Wind Shrine.
Japanese Myth Appearance: A species of Tanuki, Yellow body

More info about Shukaku:
About Tanuki:
Tanuki have been part of Japanese myth since ancient times. The mythical tanuki is reputed to be mischievous and jolly, a master of disguise and shapeshifting, but somewhat gullible and absent-minded.
Tanuki in folklore:
The current humorous image of tanuki is thought to have been developed during the Kamakura era. The wild tanuki has unusually large testicles, a feature often comically exaggerated in artistic depictions of tanuki. Tanuki may be shown with their testicles flung over their backs like a traveller's pack, or using them as drums. Tanuki are also typically depicted as having large bellies. They may be shown drumming on their bellies instead of their testicles, especially in children's art.
During the Kamakura and Muromachi eras, some stories began to include more frightening, man-eating tanuki. The otogizōshi story of "Kachi-kachi Yama" features a tanuki that clubs an old lady to death and serves her to her unknowing husband as "old lady soup". Other stories report tanuki as being harmless and productive members of society. Several shrines have stories of past priests who were tanuki in disguise.
A popular tale known as Bunbuku chagama is about a tanuki who fooled a monk by transforming into a tea-kettle. Another is about a tanuki who tricked a hunter by disguising his arms as tree boughs, until he spread both arms at the same time and fell off the tree. Tanuki are said to cheat merchants with leaves they have magically disguised as paper money. Some stories describe tanuki as using leaves as part of their own shape-shifting magic.
Statues of tanuki can be found outside many Japanese temples and restaurants, especially noodle shops. These statues often wear a big, cone-shaped hat and carry a bottle of sake. Tanuki statues always have a large belly, although contemporary sculptures may or may not show the traditional large testicles. These exaggerated features represent fertility and plenty.

Bijuu Strength Ranking: 1st
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 1st

Bijuu Strength Ranking: 2nd
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking:2nd

Bijuu Strength Ranking: 7th
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 3rd

Bijuu Strength Ranking: 5th
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 4th

Bijuu Strength Ranking: 3rd
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 5th

Bijuu strength ranking: 9th
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina ranking: 6th

Bijuu Strength Ranking: 6th
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 7th

Bijuu strength ranking: 4th
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina ranking: 8th

Bijuu Strength Ranking: 8th
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 9th
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