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A Simple Love (completed)
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F / Cali
Posted 3/10/08 , edited 3/10/08
When Roxy got home, Rann was waiting for her.

Rann: "Roxy, your mom and your dad went to your aunt's wedding, so i'll accompany you for the next 2 weeks"
Roxy: "Well, I'm glad its you... We are going to have tons of fun"
Rann: "So, lets start with guys."
Roxy: "What about them?"
Rann: "Who are Seph, Drew, Daniel and Jack to you?"
Roxy: "Nosy... where did you got those names?"

Rann waved a book, as a matter of fact, its Roxy's Diary.

Roxy: "Rann! Thats invasion of private property"
Rann: "Roxy, you read mine, so its just fair... we're even"
Roxy: "Alright, Seph, is my guy. Drew is a nerd whose gone missing... and uhm.. he likes me. Daniel, his Sal.. remember that dork when we we're kids? And lastly, Jack is one of those guys who just pooped out of nowhere and scares people, is that enough 411 for you?"
Rann: "You are such a flirt!"
Roxy: "Look whose talking... You know.. its takes one to know one."
Rann: "Alright, whatever, lets continue this discussion tomorrow, as of now, i need my beauty sleep"
Roxy: Nytnyt.

The next morning, Rann woke Roxy up.

Rann: "Roxx, hurry and get up, I'm gonna need you today"
Roxy: "For what? I'm going to school, how can i help you?"
Rann: " Exactly, from now on, I'll be going to your school"

O_o Roxy stood up with a very shock impression.

Roxy: "No way!"
Rann: "Way!"

And so, the girls went to school.
The bell rang. Roxy run towards Seph. Jack saw her, and immediately put his arms around Seph. "Dude, i'm clearly straight, i love girls.. and that includes my Roxy" Seph said while backing off. Nath saw them and put his arms around Jack. "Dude... I'm stra.... GAY!" Nath took his arm off and run O_o
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F / in the void
Posted 3/10/08 , edited 3/10/08
jack: (confuse)..wat da heck he's change since last time i was here....
Seph and roxy look at jack... from laughter to serious face..
Roxy: last time u were here?...just who are you?
Seph: drew? that you?
Roxy: (slaps jack) could you..
Jack: so it's really true you really did not remember me..i thought u guys were just playin' around..
Roxy: remember what? (she looks at seph) know 'em?
Jack:..9 years ago . it was us,sal,you,seph,nath and anni...we were young, we use to play tag behind's nath's house.until one day..
Roxy: tell us something we don't know!!
Jack: i am telling you something you don't know!!! How can i tell u these things if i did not know you!!! ( roxy was shock to realize) let me continue.we were playing tag as always,but i step on the bear trap we set days before..u remember yet?..(yelling) i was rush into the hospital losing alot of blood!!!! mom told you i was dead..but was I ?!!!!.Suddenly this so called nerd shows up three days after i dissapear!!!..who do you think that nerd was..i may have lost my memory from the fall after that trap set off..but my heart certainly did not
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F / in the void
Posted 3/10/08 , edited 3/10/08
Roxy clasp her hand around her mouth gasping fo air she ran outside...Seph who was overwhelm by anger,could not hold in any longer snap..He threw a punch to jack..
Seph..wat hell is wrong with you? how could you..ur heart? did not?..(he was shaking from anger..he continued to slug jack)..
Jack: go on i deserve it!!..i finlly got my memory back after i saw sal...i remember everything!! seems her heart was already stolen by you!!!! what am i suppose to do!!! huh?(sobbing as he push off Seph) the worst you knew how i felt about her from the begining how could you!!! I confided in you!! ( he hesitaed to hit Seph)
Seph: in me?..u know better than any1 else..for me friend comes first.

The fight was intense and emotional.Jack hesitated to hit Seph, because he felt that if he hit him their friendship would be over. It was a tough decision for him to make..none the less he deciede not to hit him. " traitor" Jack called him, with that he left. As each thundering foot step depart..Seph called him " jack!!! jack!! " but Jack ignored him..Their figh was loud enough for the other class to notice. As Seph look around he sees student and teacher gathering.

Seph: Why did you not stop him?Why!!!!
Teacher 1: that was little can we?..u know better than us...
Seph: supposely dead right? (wipe the tears off his face) sir would you mind if i go home?

Surprisingly enough the teachers agree..As Seph departs Nath comes out of hiding..
Nath: i knew it...damn dust won't come off my eye,
Student: and that sob?
Nath: somebody punch hurts i can barely breathe i'm not crying i'm gasping for air so hard that i make a sound

meanwhile Jack who was at the nurse office tendering his face...
Nurse: little jack? you were drew?..why did your parent say you were dead?
Jack: my parents are a famous figure here..their prde got the better of them...I'm leaving thanks for the bandage

jack left the room and wanders...he sit near the lake and start sobbing..Nath came in behind with a cheerful face
Nath: yo!...jack-o-lantern...
Jack: see that's y thought they remember me..they cal;led me that last did you find me?
Nath: this was our favorite spot when we were kids,besides i think he reminesce about the past..
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F / Cali
Posted 3/10/08 , edited 3/11/08
Without knowing, Roxy followed Nath. After Nath left, Roxy popped out of nowhere and say "Drew, Jack, or whatever your name is, please don't do this again. You know, you really made us worry about you. Even Seph looked for you. oh.. Marra, Daniel,Nath, Anni and Rann too... Even I, looked around just to see you." She said quietly. "Oh, Roxy. Everything I told Seph.. was...." Jack responded, "Was a lie... right?" Roxy interrupted.

Jack: "Actually..."
Roxy: "No, Jack, everything should be a lie."
Jack: "Roxy.... I don't wanna force you... but I really think that I should tell you the truth. Roxy... Wo Ai Ni"
Roxy: "You.... you... can't just possibly....."

Jack suddenly kissed Roxy. Both paused, but didn't stop. At the exact time, Seph was wondering around, if his going to appologize to Jack. At that moment, Seph saw Roxy and Jack kissing.
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F / Cali
Posted 3/11/08 , edited 3/12/08
Marra and Anni suddenly popped out of nowhere and scared Jack and Roxy. Apparently, both got scared XD

Marra: "Roxy, we have to talk"
Roxy: "Marra, can we talk about this later?"
Marra: "Anni, help me with this."
Anni: "Well, Roxy.. Seph..."

Rann suddenly came and screamed "Roxy! Everybody! Seph is at the nurse's office, his fist is bleeding!!!"

As all 5 runs towards the office, Jack told Roxy, that no matter what happen, he will always be by her side. Roxy and Jack's arrival at the nurse's office made Seph really pissed. He automatically run without turning or looking back.

Jack: "Whats with him?"
Anni: "Broken hearted."
Marra: "Anni, please don't be so vulgar"
Anni: "What? just saying the truth"

Roxy looked at Marra and Anni with a confused face, After, she run to look for Seph.
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F / Cali
Posted 3/12/08 , edited 3/12/08
After looking for almost 2 hours, Roxy finally found Seph, standing in the hall way.

Roxy: "Seph... What.... Wha.... What.... Were you doing just now?"
Seph: "Roxy, No lies. Stop pretending. You are clearly cheating on me with Drew or Jack, or who ever he is!"

Roxy hugged Seph.

Roxy: "I wouldn't like this ending, but i think we should..."
Seph: "Have our separate ways"

Roxy bowed down and cried.

Seph: "Roxy, Stop it. Its been really great. The time we spent together was remarkable.. But I've been suffering from guilt since, i know that Drew/Jack likes... i mean loves you more than i do. He clearly deserves you more."
Roxy: "Seph... why?"
Seph: "Ever since we were kids. i've been jealous of him. his always the center of attention.. specially, your attention."
Roxy: "Aw, Seph..."
Seph: "Don't thank me, just go ahead and go to your man."
Roxy: "Seph... You are awesome, someday, you'll find her"

Roxy ran to look for Jack. After talking to Roxy, Seph was approached by Rann.

Rann: "Seph.. are you..."
Seph: "Yes, couldn't be any better"
Rann: "Seph..."
Seph: "This strange feeling suddenly fired me up. But after seeing you, after so many years, I feel like I'm going to jump in joy"
Rann: "I... I... I don't get it."
Seph: "Rann, Roxy's not the one that I wanna spend my entire life with... Its you Rann, Its you."
Rann: "But... You just broke up."
Seph: "Rann, I know it kinda feels awkward, but having you by my side makes me forget all of this things."
Rann: "Even Your love to Roxy?"
Seph: "Even my love for her."

Rann kissed Seph...

On the other hand, Roxy found Jack. Roxy was so happy that Seph let her go to find her happiness.
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F / Cali
Posted 3/12/08 , edited 3/12/08
Graduation comes. Roxy's still with Drew and Seph's still with Rann.

Roxy: "Rann! How are you love birds going to spend your life after college?"
Rann: "Roxy, I think we should all go to Italy."
Roxy: "Good Idea."

2 years passed by. Rann, Seph, Roxy and Drew went in a double date. At the restaurant, they saw Anni with Nath, and Marra with Daniel and a baby XD

Roxy: "Is that you.... Marra?"
Marra: "Roxy! How you've been?"
Roxy: "Fine... is that baby... Your's?"
Marra: "Not just mine, its also Daniel's"
Roxy: "No kidding?!?!?"
Marra: "Yes, no kidding"

With a shocked face, Roxy took the baby and carry it.

Daniel: "Her name's Roxy"
Rann: "It couldn't be..."
Daniel: "Well, it is. We wanted to remember you guys after graduation, so we named the baby Roxy."
Roxy: "Aww.. thats sweet of you two."

Anni stood up.

Anni: "I have an announcement."
Drew: "Don't tell me.."
Seph: "Your getting..."
Rann: ".....Married?"

Nath stood up from his chair and nod his head with Anni.

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